Trump Challenger Says Fox News Is LYING To Public About Impeachment

Trump Challenger Says Fox News Is LYING To Public About Impeachment

Former Republican representative Joe Walsh,
who was a avid tea partier back when he came into Congress, who has now seen the error
of his ways allegedly. And he’s primary Donald Trump in 2020 but
nonetheless, Mr. Walsh told CNN just a few days ago, that outlets like Fox news and pretty
much every other conservative media outlet out there are absolutely lying to the American
public about the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Joe Walsh is correct about this. Fox news and all these other conservative
outlets are out there lying about what’s actually happening. They’re lying about the testimony. They’re lying about the fact that quid pro
quo probably isn’t a crime at all. It is a crime. We have lots of evidence that the president
did it. We now have lots of testimony telling us that
the president did it, and yet these media outlets want to act like it’s some kind of
deep state coup orchestrated by the Democrats to oust the president of the United States. Now, Walsh has admitted that he does in fact
support impeachment. But again, he’s a little dismayed about the
fact that when you talk to people who watch Fox news or listen to conservative radio,
they don’t support it because they don’t think the president did anything wrong. Here’s a quote, uh, from his CNN appearance
the other day. The vast majority of the American people understand
that when it comes to Ukraine, Trump did something wrong. But those people who listen to the opinion
shows on Fox and those people who listened to my former world conservative talk radio
have no clue because they’re being told every day he’s done nothing wrong. It’s dangerous. Walsh added. Now before we start thinking of Joe Walsh
has some kind of Republican hero who’s turning on Donald Trump. Let’s not forget that. Just a few weeks ago, Walsh came out and said,
listen, I support the policies of this president. Absolutely. I liked the things that he’s done. I just don’t like him personally. So Walsh is essentially not that different
from Donald Trump. Same horrible policies just wrapped up in
a more presentable package. And that’s not okay folks. That’s the thing, like, yeah, he’s right about
Fox news lying. He’s right about conservative radio lying
and all these conservative websites. They are lying about impeachment, but Joe
Wall still supports all the things that president Trump has done. He supports his immigration stance. He supports the tax cuts for the wealthy. He supports trying to repeal the affordable
care act and kick millions of people off their insurance because they have preexisting conditions. He’s okay with all of that stuff. He just doesn’t like who Donald Trump is. Personally. Joe Walsh stands no chance whatsoever in any
of these primaries against Donald Trump, or at least the ones where he’s even allowed
to be on the ballot because a lot of States had said, no, we’re not going to do that. We’re not going to have any kind of Republican. Primary trumps the incumbent deal with it. So Walsh has a 0% chance of securing this
nomination, even if Donald Trump were to be impeached and removed from office before the
first primary begins. That’s how bad Joe Walsh and all these other
Republican challengers are doing right now, but much like a blind squirrel, he did find
a nut here, and he is right that, yeah, Fox news is poisoning the well of public discourse,
but at the same time, that is exactly what we would expect from this state run propaganda
outlet that at this point only serves to run defense for Donald Trump.


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  • Fox News Lying? Farron, tell me it isn't so. One of the pillars of our great nation shown to be false prophets. Next you'll be telling me that President Trump only cares about himself and that he's hurting the country.

  • Well, it's good, at least, that it's a right-wing ex-Congressman saying it… (shrug) it might sway 2 or 3 of the yokels. And, yeah Walsh is still a right-wing jerk, and I don't want him within a mile of elected office anywhere.

  • Sorry, but I can't roll with Walsh now that he seen the light. Won't forget his tea partying hating Obama bullshit that he spewed when he was riding Trump's dick.

  • The thing is, Farron, that if Joe Walsh goes against Trump as an independent presidential candidate in 2020 even though he won't win he will however draw votes away from Trump.

  • Charles Vincent Formoso says:

    It's sad for me that my dad believes in the Fox news lies and right when I told him they're not a reliable news, he didn't care and started blabbering some conspiracy that every other media is own by Democrats
    I like him better when he talks about cars instead of politics

  • Fox is doing what?! Thanks 'Captain Obvious', anyone who listens, watches, is dependent on one source of information, IS A JACKASS.

  • Conservatives are a hive mind. They don't care if he did something wrong. As long as Trump is pushing their agenda and ideals, they will throw away laws and their own rights to support him. To conservatives, their party is the American people. Everyone else is the enemy which they would gladly exile, eliminate or silence if there were no consequences to doing so.


    Trump and FOX news should tell people that Jesus is the anti-Christ cause they'll believe anything that comes out of his mouth and from FOX news

  • Trump has trashed his brand with his presidency – his previous customer base would have been non partisan. Now only his base would support his brand and most of them would be too poor to frequent his businesses! So his only option now involves political corruption to garner a shady source of revenue to prop up his crumbling ‘empire’! Just wait until he is no longer President and has NO power! He’s going to join the ranks of his base on the social ladder!

  • No shit Einstein, whats amazing is that America allows FAKE NEWS like Fox News to confuse and only confuse and bamboozle their audience of white folks, smfh. Amazing how only these people buy into such nonsense just as they do with trump, smfh. Boy does it speak volumes of who they are..

  • Tell us something new about this anti America station that only interviews republicans to scared to go on any other network because it simply exposes their lies… Republicans are truly menaces to society.

  • Its Official: President Trump has tweeted More Words than James Joyce's "Ulysses".
    That is the headline on Its a Time publication.

  • I was unfortunate enough to spend a half day with Joe Walsh. He really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact, he's dumb as a box of rocks. Back then, he had some skewed beliefs, the same Tea Party bullshit that we all know.

  • Sharon Bodimeade says:

    So, if trump was impeached and removed from office, would he still be able to run again? Or is it just after being impeached that he can run?

  • Joe, did u just discover this obvious truth in 2019 and rushing to alert us? Or are u just trying to boost your campaign bid? ?

  • They know but these people that voted for Trump are bullies like Trump and Don't care because they think Trump will do something for them for being loyal worshipers.

  • Relaxation Station says:

    Much like dedicated Nazis, staunch Trump supporters have completely unwittingly been convinced that The Hideously Corrupt Trump Presidency, and the entertwined Global Populist Movement, is a last stand of sorts for the white race.

    These subtle and covert white supremacists have been convinced that the world has become far too diverse and they have been made to believe that a global economy is a proposition in which they are losing so they dream of taking the world backward to an imaginary time when whites supposedly had all of the social, economic and industrial advantages as opposed to forward to a time when everyone on earth is able to put all of our heads together to solve the world's greatest challenges!

    And they secretly dream and covertly scheme to bring all of the white races global military, industrial and economic resources together to make one grand push to accomplish white global conquest before other races are able to achieve the same levels of military, industrial and economic capabilities. Hence, the sudden obsession with having major political and economic ties to Russia who adopted these global white supremacist ideals from Nazi Germany when Russia successfully invaded and conquered Nazi Germany and captured, meticulously analyzed and inevitably adopted Nazi Germany's ideals as its own.

    White Supremacist ideologies are invariably hollow and likewise invariably sell to woefully inconsiderate and unthinking people.

    The ideology that is often referred to as "White Genocide," which would far more accurately be described as "White Self-genocide" is an excellent example of this.

    The halfbaked, completely nitwit ideology of White Genocide asserts the idea that, the white race has a zero birthrate which mathematically projects the white birthrate to be so low that the white race is mathematically theorized to eventually cease to exist and it is further theorized that everytime that, invariably, a white woman has a child with a non-white, idyllically a black man, then she is theoretically committing genocide against the white race because she has become a participant in a totally non-existent Negro Plot to completely eliminate the white race.

    Now of course, being astoundingly hideous and totally inconceivable inconsiderate none of these White Genocide Propagandists have even remotely considered the fact that white women in particular and white people in general by far spend exponentially more money on birth control, medical self-sterilization (in the form of tube ties and hysterectomies) and by far spend more money globally on adopting, all too often kidnapped and / human trafficked, non-white children as opposed to birthing their own white children and exponentially more money on idiotic ideas like Other-hood (as opposed to motherhood) parenting like becoming cat and dog moms and dads instead of birthing and raising white children of their own, than non-white people ever thought of…

    These modern self-sterilization and alternative parenting and family trends are in fact by far do exponentially more to lower the white birthrate than white women having children, whom could easily become white again in a second generation, with men of other races, not to mention legions of white women absolutely refusing to have white children at all, which is something that white people are wholly and solely doing to themselves as a race.

    Let us remember that, even though Hitler was able to convince several generations of so-called Aryans to proudly die completely needlessly as Nazis, even Hitler himself and the entire Nazi Propaganda Machine was not able to successfully convince white people to breed and birth the military fodder that was projected to have been needed to fight an infinite war for global conquest… Simply because, mass-human reproduction is just not a white thing, not even a totally government assisted and financed white supremacist thing.

    This is in fact what Trump and his influencer and covert financier underworld Russia has over President Trump and his GOP Cultists!

  • Trump WILL be re-selected , he is doing exactly what his jew masters tell him_ the impeachment is a distraction and a message to Trump same as the Stoneman-Douglas school shooting hoax was _

  • there is information in misinformation.. it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to
    entertain a thought without accepting it – Aristotle

  • I will never understand why these traitors don't want to hold a criminal accountable like all other criminals. Is he gonna sick his nazis on you?

  • Republicans got many of the things the ACA protects removed from the law books. If the ACA is repealed and replaced with nothing HALF of US citizens will lose their healthcare with in 5 years because the costs will sky rocket. That is the Republican plan for healthcare, kill all the poor people and reduce the middle class to cash cows that prop up the wealthy few. They would rather kill millions than pay for their own healthcare.

  • FOX and others are State Run propaganda for the Right. But CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and multitude of other are a cross of Fruax left and most definitely pro corporations right wing AGENDA. And are just as State Run as the more obvious FOX. And don't forget NYT, WP, and multi fold others.

  • Disagree with you criticising Joe Walsh’s political ideology. The condemnation of trump is about his character and intellect! Trump is unfit for Office and has committed numerous impeachable crimes. Joe Walsh would presumably not abuse his position, like trump has, if he won the presidency in 2020. The impeachment is about abuse of power- which trump has been doing every second of his ‘presidency’. Opposing political beliefs, and agendas, is really not what this is about; it’s about corruption and abuse of power.

  • Deborah Longtin says:

    The fox line is pretty much this.
    There was no Ukrainian Biden investigation and the money was released to the Ukrainians. So it seems to be ok if the foreign country does not complete the favor and the funds are not held back (ultimately)

  • what is the difference between a turd that lies all the time and a turd that tells the truth half the time? one turd is slightly more honest.

  • Foxlink Hightower says:

    You know what's sad? That sounds just like my parents say it- they like all he's done, (whatever real good that may had been) they just don't like who he is. facepalm

  • You can go to Fox News YouTube channel and watch snippets of Hannity or Tucker, and you’ll see that they are blatantly lying not just about impeachment but all kinds of things. Walsh’s assessment is spot on

  • When Trump is impeached the base will scream "winning!"
    When Trump loses the election the base will scream "winning!"
    When Trump is put on trial for tax evasion the base will scream "winning!"
    When Trump is seen wearing an orange jumpsuit and spearing trash on the side of the highway the base will scream "winning!"
    I can't wait for the base to die off from lung cancer and heart disease. Give me an immigrant any day.

  • Hanniy's name came up in Ukraine long with Gulieanni,Igor,Vlad, toddlers lapdogs !!!!! They all are liars ,faux liars !! Nothing new for any of them Every time more news come out more bigger lies come from their "ANUS"

  • Everyone is hung up on quid pro quo. Just ASKING a foreign power to investigate an election rival is a crime. No quid pro quo needed. Wanna bet he gets away with it?

  • You want Quid Pro Quo?

    Listen to Joe Biden in his own words —-

    “You have 6 hours, if that prosecutor isn’t fired”…..

    And there is nothing wrong with trumps stand on immigration damn it —-

    You liberal fuckers aren’t happy until the borders are open—

    Listen, in the areas were there is border wall – there is no lawlessness there are no illegal border crossings…..

    We need a wall and it is finally being built—

    We need tougher immigration laws ——

    Tax cuts for the rich is what helps create jobs!!!

    Sorry guys but it’s the truth—

    How many jobs have you ever gotten from a poor homeless guy??????

    Btw I paid about 1700 less in taxes last year——
    I’m self employed—-

    Conservatives have better policies-

    Green New deal will KILL our economy

    Elizabeth Warren health plan cost 52 trillion—-!!!!

    Green new deal costs 93 trillion!!!

    Hate to tell you this – the world doesn’t even have that much money —!!
    Even if you take all the billions from the rich we still fall short!!!!!!!

    We don’t have ships and planes and trains that run on solar ….. so what then?????

    You people aren’t realistic

  • FOX is trying to diminish the morality of our fellow Americans & the ENTIRE world!! #VoteResponsibly #RememberAmericasMorality #RAM

  • What evidence of quid pro quo?? The President says there was none. The Ukraine President says there was none. The US ambassador says he had no knowledge of one. The transcript of phone calls has no evidence of
    I don't think you know what "Evidence" means.

  • Alabama Mothman says:

    Peas and rice, Hillary ACTUALLY colluded with Russia with the RUSSIAN dossier. Biden ACTUALLY did commit a crime in Ukraine with extortion of aid if they didnt stop investigating his crack head son. The biggest idiot in history (who you want to vote for) ADMITTED it ON CAMERA, IN PUBLIC. Now .. WHO is lying.

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