Trump campaign flies ‘socialism destroys Ohio jobs’ banner over Dem debate site

Trump campaign flies ‘socialism destroys Ohio jobs’ banner over Dem debate site

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — President Trump’s re-election campaign is once again taking to the skies over a Democratic presidential debate site to highlight the Democratic presidential candidates’ “socialist policies ”The campaign started flying an aerial advertising banner over Otterbein University in this suburban Columbus, Ohio town, which is the site of Tuesday night’s fourth-round Democratic nomination debate  WARREN, BIDEN BATTLE FOR TOP SPOT IN POLLS ON EVE OF DEBATE “SOCIALISM DESTROYS OHIO JOBS VOTE TRUMP,” read the advertisement. The banner was visible starting at noon EST and the Trump campaign said it would fly the banner until 6:45 p m., with a short break during the afternoon. The Trump campaign flew similar aerial banners at the previous Democratic presidential primary debates   President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign flies a banner reading “SOCIALISM DESTROYS OHIO JOBS VOTE TRUMP” over the skies of Otterbein University, site of Tuesday night’s fourth round Democratic primary debate, in Westerville, Ohio on Oct 15, 2019  The president, his re-election campaign, and the Republican National Committee have long accused the Democrats of making a “far-left lurch toward big government socialism ” “While Democrats will use the debate stage to paint a glamorous view of their socialist agenda, Team Trump is here to expose the truth behind their job-killing policies and remind Ohioans what’s at stake in 2020,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement  The campaign also placed a full-page ad in the Columbus Dispatch, the major daily newspaper in the Columbus metropolitan area  THE LATEST FROM FOX NEWS ON THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN “DEMOCRATS WILL KILL OHIO JOBS,” screamed the headline in the newspaper ad  While many of the Democratic candidates are proposing progressive polices as they run for their party’s presidential nomination, only Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont openly describes himself as a “Democratic socialist.” Fox News’ Tara Prindiville contributed to this report


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