100 thoughts on “Trump calls out Iran’s Ayatollah: ‘Abandon terror and Make Iran Great Again’”

  • You may have six wife's ,,,but you'll never take our freedom, come to britain, us welsh will show ya what the dragon stands for ,we exhale fire in ya faaaccceeee ha !!!!!

  • Machiavelli Plato says:

    You would think he is friends with Iranians and have Iranian interest in his heart; total hustle and con. Typical childish bullying characteristics in a schoolyard altercation.

  • FYI: list of country without Rothschild central banking system:
    1. Iran
    2. North Korea
    3. Cuba
    List used to be longer country like Iraq, etc…..

  • ントプトラエルディア says:

    Middle east spend billion of dollars for military to earn oil meanwhile in Japan we spend billion dollars for biodiesel research so basically less violance and smarter

  • Bless ya trump but those in power know no other way of life they have lived the war path all their lives and enjoy the way they live..the regime must go for the people to embrace the way most others live and how the younge people wish too !
    I pray for peace for them and Iraq other countries thus threatened by similar warlords.
    Fair warning.

  • Brandon Marshall says:

    Funny how everything was going well with Iran when we had a deal with them. But Trump ripped it up because his ego couldn't allow anyone taking his glory. Even if it was done in the past. He's an idiot. I'm ashamed every day that this orange duck is our president.

  • She made me laughe when she said "how do we continue to keep Iraq independent". If America get control of Iran they get all the middle east oil supply, thus controlling the world's economy. They will completely suffocate Russians Southern sea border. And they will own almost every major trade route in the middle east. They will also be able to launch missiles, nukes, air craft from anywhere in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, much of Africa. Getting scary.

  • Trump is a failure. He can't keep his own FBI director from launching investigations against HIM and he's trying to make up for it by killing off Israel's enemies. No wall. Demographics is destiny. Who cares what else he does?

  • Trump should stop trying to mollify dictators with promises of a "great" economy and just do what needs to be done. Eliminate them! These fanatical, egoists will never be changed by any promise of economic wealth. They want absolute power and that's all they want.

  • Stewart Professional Services says:

    The regime in Iran has an opportunity 🌞 to demonstrate the reforms. Leading the rest of the leaders right where they wanted to go.🤗 Oil is back at 60, settle.🛢️💰🎎

  • The patriot1776 says:

    Just how hurt were they, was it worth going to war over! Did u have your ears closed when President Trump said he wants to pull out of the region and for Iran to be a great country, what part of this do you not understand! It does not matter what the President does your going to hound him l9ke the dogs u are

  • Joseph Mosesean says:


  • Dank knowDaShit!!!!! says:

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  • Captain Awesome Productions says:

    Trump wants to start a war with Iran, the US shouldn't be in the middle east. We have done nothing but destabilize their governments and give power to extremist groups, meanwhile our own citizens are terrorizing each other because of their ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

  • That's right Iran, listen to good ol' Donnie. Change your ways, religion and whole political infrastructure to suit the USA. Then and only then will you be happy. Oh, and when the US has control of your oil fields

  • How come we didn't shoot any of those missiles down??? Shouldnt our bases be protected like Israel. ( iron dome) I thought we were better than that! All bases should have active missile defenses. I hope North Korea didn't takes about that Iranian strike on us.

  • Morning Star VS The Satanic Whore House says:

    Americas practicing terrorism through "gang stalking electronic harassment", stop this first Trump

  • Today: Iran got first McDonald's and Starbucks.👏
    Today: Iran lost first McDonald's and Starbucks. 💥

  • What terror does Iran even commit exactly? Lol they are the ones who led the fight against ISIS. People always just say Iran is a nation of terrorism but it’s never backed by anything

  • Iran’s just gonna continue ringing the US doorbell and running away until we eventually decide to bring a shotgun to the front door.

  • turd tRumpo giving advice how silly he is a Special Education president not fit to walk into the White House. He's a stupid mean little bully.

  • Tyrone Williams says:

    People are protesting here as well(if you area gonna report, report both sides)and everyone knows American'ts are bullying anyone who don't agree with there way of life.. "witch" is worshipping Satan and his many pagan festivals..Trump so badly wants to bring in team America (-uck yeah..commin to save the mother-uckin day!.. before we were sent back to warn the people,GOD SAID!..they are all actors…how fitting, this is how the world will end. .. peacemakerservant1

  • The World just can't get along. What good is power if it's no good to you. You're still the same ol same ol. Stop it people. No more war PLEASE!!!!!

  • ROFL – absolutely NO political history background whatsoever. Hey, let’s instill our American ideals on other nations…that’s always worked in the past, right?

  • AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6 says:

    Why is the serpent people trynna convert the Iranian/N Koreans people into into some Central Bank assess?

  • AllNightLemonade 01 says:

    He just needs to Stop
    Grasping At straws

    Stop Trying To stir things up

    Stop making Yet
    FOR A WAR!!!

    Stop pretending
    You’re going to Help

    Just Ride out your
    Last days as
    3rd impeached
    And try Not to make
    Anything worse for Us


  • Your great leader that told you he would get out of the wars just is starting more for oil. Enjoy being sellouts you fucken opite addicted wag slaves in a dying industry.

  • Apparently iran dosent have to say and apologizes to canada for intentionally downing a commercial airliner with 53 canadians that had nothing to do with thier other conflicts, wft! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE…….

  • I would to God that all the decent People of the world would stand up and assert their natural, unalienable, God-granted Sovereignty and "Gaddafi" or "Mussolini" the tyrants of their respective nations who are usurping their power and abusing them. Government depends upon the consent of the governed, and I hope the People of Iran, the People of Hong Kong, the People of China, the People of North Korea, and all peoples free themselves of their abusive despots and replace them with leaders who will serve them as is right and just and good. Read the Bible. The Lord didn't want to appoint a king over Israel, but when He did, the king was not appointed to oppress the people, nor was he appointed to cultivate them to suit his personal ambitions. Consistently you see the Lord appointed authorities to "feed the flock," to serve their people, to make sure things were just and fair, to ensure the vulnerable were not being oppressed, to keep their people safe, and to ensure their people were not being abused. The ruler was to protect and serve his people as the Lord intended him to, and not to serve himself of them. And corrupt kings who refused to feed the flock but instead oppressed their people were overthrown by the Lord often in interesting ways that sent a message. Who the hell do these tyrants think they are?! The Lord loves those common people whom they are oppressing, and He will not remain silent forever. In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God!"

  • President Trump is absolutely right ! Seriously though I have always wondered why iran can't play nice in the neighborhood of the world , they just don't know how to be nice with their neighbors , iran , try being nice it might just work for you and make iran a great nation . try being nice and being a good nation , a bright light to the world and not a " Rogue " nation , quit listening to those Dictators running your country and get some people loving people in office , those mullahs are bringing you down !

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