Trump calls Democrats’ impeachment inquiry ‘bull s—‘


100 thoughts on “Trump calls Democrats’ impeachment inquiry ‘bull s—‘”

  • If its "BS", like he says, then why are he and his office cooperating? I look forward to watching all these videos once he's impeached and removed from office.

  • Lady of the Woods says:

    We don’t like Nancy we’re tired of her so he’s not influenced how we feel about her. He’s just agreeing with our feelings about her

  • Trump is an incredible force of change and prosperity. Impeachment is a blessing of further public intrest into Trump. More people than ever will wake up to Trump's message of relative greatness with confidence in the future. His accomplishments speak for them selfs. Trumps enemies have chosen to ignore the people and have embraced economic tyranny to push their former and current debt slaves to continue supporting the empty subsidized working life time expectations. The markets religh on long term expectations and compounding intrest. It's no surprise debt works the same way backwards.

  • did he miss this part of the constitution?

    Section 4: Impeachment
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The Constitution also allows for involuntary removal from office

  • he doesn’t look tired because of his Sudafed addiction. Did you guys see that story and picture? Also, a producer from The Apprentice says Trump crushes and shorts adderall.

  • *Democrats in NY and California Have Power because of the Corrupt Party Itself. Took the Majority because of the flooding of Illegal Citizens that already live there. More like a Communist States.*

  • That a boy! There is nothing better than saying it like it is. If you can't speak the truth get the hell out! I would rather shock you with the hard cold truth than tell lies . I love it.

  • Thomas Strocchia says:

    We the people made Trump. If you have a problem with that, There is election in 2020 bring your best Socialist democrat. To get humiliate.Democrats will cloud the water with impeachment, Fake the polls, Fake the news, Cheat on votes Call us every name in the Marxist play book. You Democrats will never understand. WE THE PEOPLE, Oh and: My mama dont like you and she likes everyone!!..

  • Let the democrats and fake news whine about the BS comment. THE PRESIDENT IS RIGHT.Why don't all these whiny wimpy fakers who want to put on their air of elitism and sophistication go take a hike. The same scums who think it is okay to lie, smear, slander, make up false charges and do phony investigations, jump up to judge the President. Just mad because he is not the little chihuahua who puts his tail between his legs and hides in a corner. Glad to see this President PUSH back at the slimy rats whose moral outrage is so choreographed!! DONALD TRUMP IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER.

  • He didn't say anything wrong. that's REAL and common language. AND IT FITS the slander that the demoncratic party wastes our TAX PAYERS DOLLARS to attack the hardest working president of all time.

  • matthew nicholson says:

    How can these people call themselves a news organization? They just blabber out straight up lies! And bring on a fake dem uncle tom

  • Reality isnt A choice says:

    No proof ,
    Can't win the election on your own Merritt.
    🖕💩 ,

  • Biden openly bragged that when he was Obama's Vice President he used the $1 Billion of U.S. loan guarantees to extort the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Biden's son. It doesn't get much more clear cut evidence of Biden's corruption than that. That's like a black mailer bragging about his blackmail crimes. Don't try this at home kids or YOU will go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail.

  • Do you want these lousy Democrats wishing hardship on the american citizens for a bad economy to be running the country ? The answer is of course not. These dangerous politicians need to be voted out. These hostile Democrats that are hostile to us and our Constitution gotta go.

  • We understand President Trump; he says what he means and means what he says. That's why we trust him and why he is so popular.

  • Please Thank You says:

    There's a deep state government in the bubble of Washington that does not have the American people's interest as their concern.

  • Joshua Chalmers says:

    No matter the state of the future economy, America will re-elect one of the greatest, if not the most efficient and reliable, Presidents in United States' history! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I do not need people to analyze speeches, videos, posts, etc. for me — I come from a generation where we were taught to THINK for ourselves, research, ask questions, and use discernment based on Biblical principles that NEVER CHANGE! It is quite simple . . . if man's standards do not match the values set down on the pages of God's Word — IT IS WRONG!

  • Remember folks ALL Reps are up for election/re-election November 2020, therefore all DemonRats and RINOs can be voted OUT! Vote and make a difference.

  • Tammy Bruce is a great journalist. I could watch her ask great questions all day.thanks for all you do for our country. Trump 2020 keep fighting the good fight.

  • What ever happened to the wall Mexico was going to pay for? That's right another made up lie by our President.Compulsive liar ,he tells lie after lie after lie.

  • Giuliani better watch his back or they'll find him hanging like Epstein. The first words out of Trumps mouth will be , it was killery it was killery.Just like in the Warriors when the gang member shoots the leader and starts yelling its the Warriors the Warriors did it

  • This president is the best and he is taken care for all Americans ,Somthing that Barry Obama and demonRats never did that’s why Trump will win again Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️👍👍demonRats think people are stupid

  • I always wondered, what it would be like to talk to people in minnesota of Norwegian descent, and say I'd vote for Trump. Would their attitude change?

  • Pelosi a lazy dirty parasite who is pure evil and should be in jail along with all the other twisted machines in DC who have destroyed America

  • People tend to trust other people who occasionally uses a curse word. Trump uses it to emphasize things, and to get people talking about what's going on. People line up to see him. Democrats can barely fill a town hall with promises of giving them their own tax money back!

  • I'm a red-blooded white man. This is why I like Trump… He can cheat on his wife and nothing happens, he can grab random women's pussies and nothing happens, he can use his presidential power to make money deals on the side to get richer, he doesn't like the poor, he can lie on national tv and no one thinks its wrong, he can curse in front of kids watching his rallies and parents don't care. He is the definition of power. What white man don't want power like that. Trump 2020!!!

  • Being it is Nancy and Adam behind this latest political coup attempt…I wouldn't be surprised if the behind the scenes drivers weren't Styer

  • the deficit was number one talking point during Obama,,, now it means nothing..highest deficit in history…fox news don't know how to spell it now..Russian's are buying the republicans,,,

  • If Democrats are really wise and want to diminish the chance of Trump getting re-elected, they better off not keep pushing for the impeachment idea. Americans maybe ignorance at times and too busy with other things in life but certainly not blind or stupid..Politicians never understand the fact that constituents want to hear more about who did something good for the people rather than pointing finders who may have done something bad instead. Old tricks don’t work anymore after used too many times.

  • The Right Wing vs. The Left Wing Words are neither good of evil. They are tools of expression. Words like a gun; neither good nor evil. It's all about the heart of the person using these tools that determine the goodness or evilness of these tools.


    To all you Liberals & "holier-than-thou" crowd:

    ******** "EAT YOUR HEART OUT" ********

  • Lol a lot people in the comment section saying he tells it like it is but he lied to y’all at least four times during that rally 😂😂😂…..smh poor sheep stuck in the matrix

  • Talk like like an average American? Omg! Are you kidding me!?!? Haven't you guys ever watched Jerry Springer, Cops, or Fox News? A lot of Americans are plain ole idiots! I want my president to be a lot smarter than the average American. I don't want a president that sounds like Homer Simpson. Oh smack…we already have one!!! 😂🤣..

  • 7 wings as Eagles says:

    You know a politician is lying when they say Washington is broke. That was true before Donald Trump was elected. Washington was working just fine for for the establishment in. Donald Trump has finally broken Washington and given what was the people's back to the people. These politicians in Washington don't like it. because it no longer makes Washington lucrative where they have put all their effort all their life into.

  • It is and there is a broader movement at stake here opposed as some revival or attempt to reform the status quo. Why couldn't they just wait until he leaves office like we do other Presidents to criticize policies politely and patriotically without fearing complete alienation on either side. Voting him out is apparently not possible and neither is allowing him to go another 4 years. There's obviously a bigger political picture here and essentially morale plays a big role in discrediting Trump for having the nerve to speak the way he does against the establishment.

  • I rape torture & kill evangelical christians says:

    This isn't a speech. It's a diatribe. Angry, empty, hateful threats and accusations. {Yawn}

  • Just like Judas sold out Jesus to the Pharisees, Trump sold the Kurds and Christians in northeast Syria to the Turks to be slaughtered. Trump, you have blood on your hands! Shame on you Trump!

  • Okay. I used to be very conservative, served in the military, still living in a rural small town, and I actually voted for this guy as president. My views drastically changed when I got deployed. Got to see how these tyrannical governments treated their people. And when I came home, I kept seeing it. Here and now in this country. Trump is a lunatic, and he has done VERY little to help our country. He has done almost nothing to help the middle class american who he was fighting for during his campaign. And when I talk to people I merely ask why they support him. They say things like, "because of all he's done for us." What exactly has he done for you personally? Or they say "He calls it how it is." So he says a lot of nothing, and you eat it up. Yet those who see his corruption, those who see the harm he is putting the people of this country in are the sheep who are brainwashed by the media. Yet most conservatives love to say things like fakes news, or make america great again. How do you think you're not brainwashed? You love to spout all this rhetoric that Trump personally says but can't explain what it means. You say he has done so many great things for this country yet you can't give me or anyone else actual facts regarding his presidency. So just like I ask Democrats and anyone else their views on politics, what makes you believe that Trump has helped this country at all?

  • Roseanna Martin says:

    Tammy that's because half of the American people are brainwashed by the fake news and demonicRat elite globalists , duhhhhhhhhhhh

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