4 thoughts on “TRUM’P BREAKING NEWS 11/13/19 | Breaking TRUM’P Fox News Today November 13, 2019”

  • If they are not GOD those DEMS will fucking lie there ass off ! Look up HR1111 Bill. THIS IS THERE REAL AGENDA ! TWICE ITS BEEN PUSHED TO PASS IN D.C. and turned down.

  • Trump has nothing to worry about, his sheep will not listen to or watch the hearings and form their own opinion they will rely on the likes of Hannoity, Ingraham Carlson, Dobbs and Co to tell them what to believe, helped of course by their carefully edited videos, and the GZoP have shown they have no intention of impeaching a GOP president even if he is a self serving, treasonous lying moron. God help the USA if Trump wins a second term and has no need to worry about getting reelected.

  • 🤫🤫🤫🤫 Minority and ppl of color have been saying the police process is unfair and bias. What did America tell Us?
    Well Same here,we need to show support for the house.😁👏👏👏👏
    Good job House Lives Matters….🤣

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