Trump Blows Up After Fox News Reveals Truth


100 thoughts on “Trump Blows Up After Fox News Reveals Truth”

  • keith cunningham says:

    Fox must distance themselves from trump. The more it becomes evident he's gonna lose, their backing off support.

  • Omg Joe Biden ??‍♀️ People… STOP voting for ppl who are familiar to you. Start RESEARCHING the other candidates. Biden fumbles over his words.. has political ties to the GOP. Seriously.. if Biden is the dem candidate. I'm not voting at all.

  • Trump is losing control over his own private broadcast. It makes him mad that they see the light. He still has both his nuts in hannity and gutfeld hanging in with him. ?

  • 200 republican pukes dont like the truth cant wait when he loses & goes to jail I want to see there ugly faces when this happens ugly 45 ugly supporters then we push are agenda down there throats fuck em ?

  • Been saying it for decades, Trump's only good at burning bridges, not building them. Everybody eventually turns against him.

  • You 2 are serving up such tripe! Listen to yourselves. First, I thought "REALLY!"…then I realized you are both so left winged, and slanted/you can't even get out of a corner. Won't listen to this ever again. Pretty sad.

  • These American union workers were ordered to not cause a disturbance, or protest. Maybe they should ask their employers if and when they can hit the head? ALL AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOSE. THIS IS TRUMPISM, NO CHOICE WITHOUT PENALTY. TRUMP HAS WEAKENED AMERICA AND WE ARE IN DANGER .

  • digitalbookworm5678 says:

    Now, if only Faux would take one more baby step away and cover some of Mark Sanford's town halls and campaign events. ?

    The orange guy would
    have a stroke! ??

  • Fair to him is absolute adoration and kowtowing. When GOP Rigged Gerrymandering declares him the winner again, (steals it again) his own lying polls will prove in his mind he won fair and square.

  • trump could just resign and start his own news channel if he doesnt like the truth and want to live in his own reality with only his truth

  • Margarita Gomez Medina says:

    For Trump all migrants are second class ? latín black CUBANS chicanos ? blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA ? NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN ? SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE ???????

  • musiclistsareus says:

    There was a poll that concluded Megan Rapinoe would beat tRump in the 2020 election. Do you think he heard about that poll?

  • If trump's "IQ" was over 70 he could realize that media constantly telling everyone that trump will lose will actually help him. 2016??? That's all he needs for the younger gen to relax even more and then for the hateful to get nervous and pull auntie from nursing home and grandpa jimbob from the grave and into the voting booths. Don't underestimate the power of hate.

  • Hahhaahh All of you Social Communists in the Left Swamp Media will live to witness a certain replay of the 2016 Election Results. I guess its OK as long as Soros and the Green-burg Clan continue to pay you the big bucks to lie through your coffee stained teeth. but the result in Nov 2020 will be identical to 2016 and in the end your credibility will suffer a nasty Third Strike and in case you bozos haven't noticed that means you are Out cuz the Swamp will not be around to protect your sorry Colluding Asses from being charged with Conspiracy to Commit Treason. Wait for it little boys and girls of the Looser Left. Trump will win his re election in the Land Slide of All time. You people are the trouble with American and the day of reckoning is coming. All of you in fact are guilty of what you accuse Conservative of… F***ing Scum Bags & Bagetts. Wait For IT Lib-tards….!!!! Hooah..!!!

  • Clone Trooper Denal says:

    An administration that thinks talking about a recession will cause it certainly won’t let its state media tell any truth. He’s a liar that thrives by lying. Alternative facts are the only truth he wants out there.

  • Why does anyone listen to this idiot….sorry…. to this narcissist…..sorry… this corrupt individual. Holding a position doesn't mean the position grants you the legitimacy of the position itself.

  • A narcissist as bad as the moron can't take it when "reality" as we know it intrudes on his version of "reality" hence the anger and conspiracy theories that he espouses to his base. His condition is debilitating and he should be removed from office on that basis alone. But "Moscow Mitch" will continue to protect the moron, unless and until the people of Kentucky finally see Mitch for what he really is- a corporate drone, period.

  • Trump can't handle criticism or defeat because he far to arrogant about himself he's self exsorberant and delusional about his true self

  • Here's what we're getting while Trump is in office.

    American life expectancy has dropped for 3 years in a row since we elected Trump, something we haven't seen since the 1918 spanish flu epidemic 100 years ago.

    For the first time in history, American children and young adults are expected to live in worse condition than their parents.

    The tax breaks Trump allowed led to higher than average unemployment rates in the departments he promised to protect. This is due to people being replaced by cheaper computers and machines that can make decisions with little to no moderation, while costing essentially nothing in the long term. This is called automation, and its spreading like wildfire.

    His government rehire programs only work 0-15% of the time, which was also true before he was elected.

    Men 40-60 who are let go are far less likely to get another job, at a rate we haven't seen in decades, and are far more likely to commit suicide or use substances like opiates.

    More people now die by overdose or suicide than any other thing here, including car crashes, this wasn't the case only 5 years ago, before we elected Trump.

    Fear mongering is rampant, leading to shooting sprees fueled by the hate of minorities and "the left", and again, this is a problem that grew after we elected trump. Its like Columbine every day now and nobody gives a fuck

    We failed at making America great again, Trump lied to us, and I'm ashamed to be an American because of it. This is a huge problem, especially when nobody is willing to admit they are wrong or hold the president accountable for his actions.

  • Khari Siyavuya Netshilema says:

    Wow, Brooke is so beautiful. And about Trump? No, Secretary Hillary Clinton this time. He is going back to Trump towers before he goes to jail with his children.

  • I only turned video on because it said Fox reveals the truth??????? Fox???????????? Sorry Fox and Truth dont go together.

  • Trump is the antichrist get the word out.. his signs and lying wonders dont fool us. We will expose you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beol on the lookout for AI mark of the beast and enforced Sunday woship…

  • I know we need to have some people of color on the show but this chick sounds like a valley girl….find a smart black Ana please

  • Hahahahaha!!! How dare FOX tell the truth (for a change) Their only purpose is to serve as Trump’s lap dog, not to be honest.

  • James Braithwaite says:

    Most of the male anchors have been done for sexual harassment. Maybe that's why he liked them – something in common.

  • Please, i know you don't talk a lot about foreign politics but take a look of São Paulo covered in smoke from the fire in the Amazon florest, Bolsonaro is literally killing the biggest rain forest in the world and we need to make the world see what's happening.

  • The infant mentality of Donald Trump is starting to surface and woe to anyone who dares to print anything not showing a glowing approval rating of all things Donald!!!!!!,

  • Everyone KNOWS that the news polls ALL put out are FAKE. It's a proven FACT.  No matter how much you people spin it, we KNOW you are liars. Like Donald Trump, the American People are sick of you lying scumbags trying to manipulate the American people.

  • PurpleStikyPunch says:

    Trump has given more praise to Tyrants than he ever has to an American. Can anyone have any doubt that he likes Kim Jung Un, Xi, or Putin more than Obama? Hm, international dictators in perpetuity, or former American President… tough choice.

  • How can you expect the public to believe the polls. 30 show up for Biden. Thousands show up for Trump. Poll – Biden is ahead. You really think people are that stupid?

  • clayton mccormick says:

    so the fact that almost all the media is owned by a very small group that does not like trump does not have anything to do with these ridiculous poll results?

  • Mr. Trump has bullied and cajoled the media to lie for him and spread his lies all his life. Reporting the facts are foreign to him. He just expects the media to continue to back up his lies. Why should they? Why have they done it for so many years now? Got no answer. Anyone know why the media has been so gutless with him? Got the whole Republican Party kissing his a$$. Why????

  • Fox is starting to very slowly distance themselves from Trump? Hmmmm, what is their reason? Oh, I know, they want to stay on the air after Trump loses the election.

  • Trump better get his presidential act together if he expects to win! Oops, he doesn't know how to act presidential!

  • Lawrence Torres says:

    Fox news is trumps door mat they lie for him they kiss his ass, and how dare fox news says anything true about trump he want them to lie

  • Don't believe any media left or right both lie. If you see a story research it yourself after watching media is hoping you'll be lazy and just believe their BS

  • Fox news is going to vanish from lack of viewers because of false allegations told and fake news but hey they cant say they didn't stick by their boy till the end just like the party of lacking family values

  • I guess now Trump knows that there's a difference between facts fake news and opinion people like Tucker Carlson Ben Shapiro judge Jeanine with a funny mouth and all the rest of the clowns in circus on Fox News I'm good for Shep Smith and the honest people there I guess they had lost all their advertising people or at were at risk too so they decided they had to do something

  • He is terrified and desperate, he needs to stay in office or face the Rule of Law. The illegimate pig, the Putin implantation will face the Rule of Law.


    so Trump is mad at a poll, WOW, you guys are starting to pull things out of your behind to smear Trump, must really be feeling the fear/ TRUMP 2020

  • A big, fat baby resides in the WH and I'm amazed his 'supporters' don't see him for what he is. By the way, I love Brooke Thomas, intelligent, charming and so beautiful.

  • I've watched many of these Damage Reports, but have never seen that co-host. You need to take her off, her beauty is so distracting!!! LOL. Kidding, but seriously what a gorgeous woman that is. She seems equally articulate and intelligent. That just doesn't seem fair!!!

  • Ĺistening to.trump.screaming his loud mouth off.he needs to face realaility. People speak there minds about his performance. If you are a loud mouth racist. And shout others down you will.not get 're elected.back.into the white house unless the Russian government try and help hi. Fox news truth will always come out to the another decent person to.vo.into white house

  • Khaotic Kool Breeze says:

    As I have stated in a previous comment about Trump, he has a severe case of illusions of grandeur. I know that people want to believe in or trust the person whom they voted for. But, there comes a time when one must realize whether or not if the person they voted for is doing more harm than good for the country. And, that's what Trump is doing to this country, more harm than good. He's combative towards those who disagree with him, his language is extremely abusive, racist, sexist, insulting, instigating, & degrading, & he's a certified habitual liar. Wake up Trump supporters, YOUR president is putting US on a speeding bullet to hell. Please, try & talk some sense into him before it's really too late.

  • I cant wait for 2020 when they carry trump away in a white straight jacket doped up & drooling yelling i am president, i am god, i am the light, hee hee hee hee woo hoo Doritos im coming.


  • People are walking away from the Democrat Party! To hell with that! I will RUN away from their Fascism, Racism, Socialism, and Communist agenda and EMBRACE Freedom, inclusion, respect, and love — not their hate nor their Antifa Brown Shirt Nazis. Stop living on the Democrat Slave Plantation of lies, deceit and manipulation propped up by their brother Fascist Fake News Media that would make Joseph Goebbels Ministry of Nazi Propaganda look like Amateur Hour. There is no journalism — there is no honest news media — just a big Racist and Fascist Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. America better wake up now before it is gone forever. Candice Owens for President in 2024!!!!!!! She will honor our nation, our Constitution, our Freedom, and our People. Or, we can vote for the Racist and Fascist Democrat Hate Machine who has more respect for illegal invaders than their own American Citizens — Free everything for all illegal aliens!

  • Mademoiselle Minou says:

    Fox is on damage control in case he losses the election. Fox is polling Republicans not Democrats. They want a clean break.

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