Trump blasts GOP lawmaker who may delay House coronavirus vote


100 thoughts on “Trump blasts GOP lawmaker who may delay House coronavirus vote”

  • UrbanExplorer1000 says:

    The number of people ill from coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is now doubling every ninety hours. If this continues at this rate, by the second week in May, we will all have, or have had, the disease

  • Maybe Easter Sunday is the day that the virus will just “miraculously go away” like Trump said at his rallies. Bloody idiot.

  • translation: get the slaves back to work and let grandma die, we have money invested in the stock market goddammit

  • This bill is nonsense vote buying and an excuse for congress to get a pay raise and add pork. Trump should not sign this disaster that will badly damage the US.

  • They want to get back or they HAVE TOO get back. Lucky at you, ypu dont make enough money so people HAVE TO get back to work.
    Did u get heat from the dark hats?
    Did they get u? Looks like to me …
    We c ….

  • Willfully ignorant people in the comments. Trump can't wave a wand and make hospital beds, masks or ventilators. The US isn't communist china where the government controls all production and can force people to stay home and weld the door shut. Production takes time to ramp up and now that it's fully engaged we are producing tens of thousands of test kits a day as well as other needed medical supplies. The fact is the virus isn't as deadly as it was first made out to be and we now how to think about that we do over the summer months to not only revitalize the economy so millions more people don't lose their job but also prepare for a second round of Corona.

  • It's long past time to bring back the Sedition Act! The only reason why it keeps getting removed from the books as the Democrats keep throwing Tantrums and now you know why. Every socialist should be drugged out of their hidey-hole and strung up. they are completely incompatible with their delusional cult nonsense with our concept of freedom of religion and they are totally incompatible with our constitutional representative Republic. they openly seek to strip people of their constitutional rights as far as I'm concerned that voids any rights that they personally have

  • Trump is running our country like a corporation. Unfortunately, the regular citizens are the lower-level employees that he will sacrifice. Wake up people, new york is the HR department, don't think other parts of the country are not likely to become the next new york? you are only a couple weeks behind, look at New Orleans. The worst time in the USA since FOREVER!. good luck my fellow Americans. I ain't voting for Trump, we need a candidate not from the 1%, please!.

  • President Trump needs to work with Tom Fitton & Judicial Watch & ORDER the DOJ & FBI to honor their (Judicial Watch) requests immediately! Do it now for justice sake & the Americans who voted for you. Knock off the delays now! ?

  • Most of these comments show that this has made Americans more ignorant instead of waking up. Wow! If you only knew what was really happening.

  • Michael Idarecis says:

    Why is everyone mad at Thomas Massie? Let these congressmen come and do their job and show up! Trump would want GM workers to go to work so should the congressmen to vote.

    Praise Jesus,

  • A Republican lawmaker is insisting on a recorded vote on the relief bill.
    Representative Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, said on Friday in a series of tweets that he would insist on a recorded vote on the $2 trillion stimulus package, delaying its passage.

    (This would require each Representative to stand by their vote and be tallied.)
    If even one member asserted that the House lacked a quorum and called for a recorded vote, the House would have to cease its business until 216 lawmakers arrived.

    Mr. Trump said Mr. Massie should be booted from the Republican Party.

    New York Times

  • Grant Hutchins says:


    Whitehouse FINALLY pulled the trigger on the “Defense Act” to order certain companies to start making PE equipment. Hopefully, as an older American living on investments, we may all see a bump in the stock market tomorrow, at least for a bit.

    If I were a little more brave, I’d start buying indexed ETFs. While no one can predict when we’ll hit the bottom, it’s a near certainty in coming months (years, even) buying indexed funds at bargain prices will eventually pay off in spades for anyone with the current cash on hand (and the guts) to ride it out and buy when prices are low.

  • So it is no longer a Dem hoax, or a media stunt, or a foreign sneak attack, or a lefty beat up to embarrass the orange Potus? Don’t forget the Fox favourite of Obama sneakily undermining his successor, or Hilary creating a pandemic of emails. We now confront a virus that will not listen to lies, so we need those liars to shut up and let experts do it right. The first person to get out of the way must be the golf cheater president.

  • KY and WV have no cities above 500,000 WV has none Over the prosed 50,000 so these States got $0.00 from the stimulus bill but the sanctuary cities get tens of millions. You were all upset about your check. Give us yours and you take our $0.00 and then call him names. Devil Trump is no gambling, cursing, mocking, two Corinthians, womanizing, Vodka dealing, who wouldn't boink my daughter on my lap God to me. Like he said, I knew he was a snake.

  • The Orange Telly Tubby – Donald McDonald – Commander Bone Spurs
    The Orange Telly Tubby – Donald McDonald – Commander Bone Spurs
    The Orange Telly Tubby – Donald McDonald – Commander Bone Spurs
    The Orange Telly Tubby – Donald McDonald – Commander Bone Spurs

  • Hey everybody! Look a talking orange colored pig. Well….except for the talking part. Drool..sniff..slur…lie…sniff…stink. What a moron.

  • SENDING $100 to Rep Massie campaign – from outside of his district – if you care about freedom you will do the same

  • scumbag Trump wanted a blank check for that stimulus plan so that he can filter millions to his own hotels and golf courses.
    His plan got shot down so now there is oversight and 'guardrails' as to where the money goes. Trump is such a crook

  • Stay 6 Feet Away from Everyone and Anyone people…Don't Obviously Shake hands
    Or Elbow ?
    Or Foot ?
    Or Anything
    Pretend EVERYONE Has Covid19
    If u want to be safe…Thats what I've been told…
    Masks Don't really help much unless you have the Virus…
    Stay ? ? Unless you're seriously ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Then go Try to get Help…

  • Definition Poopersmith: A bias Sean Hannity, Fox News interview, or a Trump administration official, whereby interviewer or official must bend-over-and-let-Trump ram his bung hole… Poopersmith!

  • Massie is a hero with enough balls to stand up to unlimited corporate bailouts which are going to create HUGE problems down the line.


  • Father God, please infect Donald Trump with the Coronavirus. After a long and painful illness where he suffocates have him expire. Then consign Donald Trump's soul to Hell were it burns in that terrible lake of fire whilst being tortured by Satan and his minions forever and ever. This we ask through Lord Jesus Christ from whom all good things come. AMEN!

  • Rep. Thomas Massie is also the only member of the house who voted against the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act which rebuked China for it's treatment of protesters in Hong Kong.

  • MURDOCH and FOX are the real evil.

    America is now #1 for Covid-19 infections.
    A few weeks ago there were just 15.
    Trump said it was under control.
    Trump said it would miraculously disappear.
    Trump said America was on total control.
    Trump said it was all a hoax.
    Trump said the fake media was politicising it.

    Trump is Murdoch’s gift to the world. Wrapped up in 24 hour PR machine that is dedicated to lies and distortion, and paid for by the toxic 0.1% profiting from his crimes.

    The Fox team and Trump are now guilty of costing American lives due to their lies, distortions, and total misrepresentation of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Currently the number of deaths are in the low thousands, but soon this will be in the tens of thousands, if not a lot more.

    We watched them blame CNN, the Democrats, and liberals for causing “hysteria” about Covid-19, saying it was an anti-Trump hoax. Now their words have come back to bite them.

    But they aren’t apologetic. They aren’t confessing their error. The don’t have the decency to say they got it all wrong. NO, they just double down on the lies and continue to deceive.

  • States shut down their economies and the Feds bail them out. Shouldn't the states be passing their own bills? Massie has a brass pair to make that argument. Why should poor rural states that aren't shutting down pay for California and New York?

  • They needed to get everyone of them on record so the slime ball that would have tried to lie and say they weren’t for all the excessive spending can’t get away with it!

  • Can anybody count? 1,300 covid victims versus 60,000 dead during regular 2018-2019 flu season? Even if casualties reach the level of regular flu, there is no reason to call it pandemic. It looks more like green new deal in making thanks to CNN fear propaganda. No travel, economy shut down, no emissions. Greta's dream!

  • Why do they keep talking about a vaccine when dr Fauci has stated numerous times it will take atleast 1 year to complete lol

  • Rebecca McFadden says:

    If this had been a Democrat, everyone at fake fox would have screamed their stupid heads off. The scuttlebutt from Australia is there will be some layoff at fox, because Murdoch is losing billions.

  • Trump: "I had a really good conversation with the virus. It was a strong conversation. He assured me very strongly that it wasn't him!"


  • Rep.. Massie has been a strong supporter of President Trump, the Republican Party and the Second Amendment. I am a strong supporter of President Trump but if he continues to attack conservatives who dare to disagree with him, especially when they are standing up for the Constitution, then I will vote Libertarian in 2020.

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    We’ve written to the Pope to ask if the President can be named a Saint. He is performing miracles and is bigger than Jesus, and he loves each and every one of us like we were his own children. I cry now every time I see him, he is such a beautiful and highly intelligent man, who always looks very well groomed, and who really loves the little children, even the ones he put in cages (he did that because he loves them so much).

  • Trill Ville 504 says:

    When you can't lead a country and start blaming everyone else because you lack leadership. Trump everything is your fault because you're President.

  • Love the prez, but I don't agree w/him about Massie. Massie is a patriot and a brilliant representative…he gets it like few others do.

  • Massie and the GOP attended CPAC where the virus was spreading fast. Most of the Congress is elderly. Many of their lives were placed at unnecessary risk by this man's refusal to allow remote voting. Congressional leadership must remain extant to handle this crisis, no matter your politics. Is this man insane?

  • The biggest spreader of this virus was Fox New downplaying it and Donald Trump’s denial and lack of action until it was too late. Pathetic!!

  • Dutchie Lander says:

    These old scumbags are out of touch with the world and it's people. Off with his head is what i would say, but i think the French Revolution speaks enough for itself…just sparking an idea Americans.

  • Stop blaming trump people, your blame should be on the democrats. Also this needs to be pushed forward as someone who is out of work the $1,200 is needed now at least for me. You people who want to dig at trump and call yourselves conservatives might want to attack the people responsible China and the democrats also if Massie is so great then why is he still taking his pay?

  • Moscow Mitch, Rand Paul, Masshole Thomas….is Kentucky part of America? Unfortunately, yes. There must be something in the water that they drink.

  • Trump and his minions are so God dammed stupid, they don’t even know they are GLEEFULLY marching into the communist New World Order.

  • good for mr massie at least someone want to go by constitution large business dont deserve to be bailed out again .The American people dont want to be indebted to for any more bailouts. We would been better off with tax cuts or no payroll taxes until this is all over .

  • Gazelle Carlson says:

    boo on the vaccine…just have high quality anti virus diet and immune boosting diet..stuck with Trudeau in Canada

  • Djg Successful says:

    This is not the time to accuse or to make fun of the president Trump, I mean people need to be united so that we can all beat the invisible enemy together,… President Trump is open to advice about what we can do in this crisis, I mean if you can look at his transparency through the press conference he's doing almost every day, you'll figure out that this guy needs all of this to end. I mean people just need to stops partisanship and unite together so that we can win, this is not a thing that Trump himself has to defeat but that is a thing that all Americans have to defeat included Democrats and Republicans working together, this is not a presidential election but an attack against the American soil. So, instead of blaming Trump , I need people to bring their ideas like what they are doing in France and other countries of the world in order to win this battle. I am Decord and I am stopping ? this virus by respecting the president's guidelines and praying also. I'm letting it to others to also do their part. Thank you. ??????

  • Canadian Proud says:

    Looks like as the infected in the US means the indictments are being served. Couple more weeks to clean the streets.

  • Tara Reade.
    Ignored. Joe Biden is a rapist allegedly… You planning on stopping long enough to talk about it??!!!
    Joe Bye-done.
    Don't wait until the general fox. It won't look good. You aren't supposed to be part.of the trump campaign.
    Do the right thing.

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