Trump Blames Democrats For Scheduling Impeachment Hearing During London Trip | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Trump Blames Democrats For Scheduling Impeachment Hearing During London Trip | MSNBC”

  • McConnell has been sitting on his thumbs and 270 bipartisan House Resolutions there on his desk. There is a reason that America is running behind every other capitalist country in the world. The Republican dominated Senate has been controlled by the super-rich. It has not been in their best interests to see the general American public get a living wage, affordable housing, universal health care, controlled threat of death or injury through indiscriminate use of firearms, continued social safety net, continued conservation of our National Parklands, and preparation for climate changes already under way. McConnell and Putin managed to put in place a person who was incapable of even reading the reports and graphs put before him by his experts. His response from the very beginning was that he was "bored" by these National Security briefings he was getting daily. He couldn't be bothered to stand in the mist with other world leaders and honor the fallen on Armistice Day. But now the military is supposed to believe that he has their back? Russia has been America's enemy for 70 years, but now, Trump wants our men to fight and die to secure Putin's exclusive oil trade routes to Europe. Trump doesn't care if that means we turn on an ally and they lose their homeland. Trump's bottom line is about what's in his own personal accounts. Americans and America are simply a means to an end. The Trumps and the McConnells have had every advantage, and yet, they have betrayed our country. They will continue to use every minute left in office to undermine and overthrow our government. It's important that we have the courage to act as Americans to preserve our country.

  • It's obvious to anyone not brain dead they're trying to undermine potus. At least, these people should be tried.for sedition and treason.

  • Democrats LOVE socialism, Marxism, and communism. They have much more in common with Russia and China. Lebron the Dems social warrior hero is in bed with China. Most of us are not fooled by all this DemWIT nonsense.

  • The radial ttump, is scared cause he doesn't want to go with the big boys in prison. He's trying his hardest to stay out, he's running just like he ran like a POS from Vietnam. 🐔💨💩💩💩💩💯

  • THIS CLOWN isn't even a republican, he's always been a 🐔💩💩 and always will. All he knows is to talk BS. But when it all comes back, he's gonna be crying, just like a little baby.. 😢😢😭😭🍼🍼🍼🍼

  • So he thinks he the cop judge and jury, case over, yes right. He'll be out one day, that Will be the day he'll be crying, I bet he goes to bed CRYING, and can't sleep so he tweets. Ha!!

  • Poor President. The Democrats are conspiring to make him look bad. Such a victim. Let’s have a Moment of Silence for this great under appreciated man.

  • It’s crazy what goes on i this country I think both sides are crazy the far left is insane tho the news is so bias and bought. I don’t put it past trump to do shady crap they all do. But I watched the whole thing I didn’t see any hard evidence there is 0 chance he will get impeached like the Russia thing what a epic waist of tax payers money And msnbc like fix and cnn is such brainwashing garbage and these people should all be in jail for there bs !

  • "the do nothing democrat" said the fat slacker who has always lived thanks to Daddy's money and does not know what to work means!
    i call this an irony

  • So little man had a choice, go visit Nato (which he hates and calls a Hoax or meet with Dems in public as he requested and hate just as much as Nato?

  • Isn’t it a continuation of the Russia BS?
    What democrats are doing to the country sounds like a fictional political movie. Let the man some will lose money under his policies, it’s better than American citizens losing their jobs, homes, their lives to drugs, . So democrats EGO politicians is hurt. . Think s out all the citizens and what they lost

  • ma,ma gee's gospel says:

    Trump's is a Major Whiner and Complainer, And the funny thing is he causes all his troubles, Then he gets mad because people want to hold him Accountable ! 🙄

  • Good work Chump you almost strung together a sentence. Maybe keep practising and one day you will. Don't forget to pack yourself a few boxes of tissues.

  • One reason why the U.S. will never be the greatest country on Earth?

    Internally, it's always Us vs Them, Dems vs Reps, Greasers vs Soces.

    How can you expect to be #1 when half your country's citizens treat "the other half" like #2?

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    London is very familiar with stories like this but here, the media just refuses to cover these stories which are daily events.

  • America, with all the smart, intelligent and sophisticated people in your country, this is the BEST you have? OMG! Good luck.

  • Bar should be impeached too, & removed from office, Current and former law enforcement officials have said that, when presented with information about a possible plot to undermine the U.S. election, they had a duty to investigate, and it would have been wrong not to have launched an investigation.

    In the months since, Barr, through Durham, has pursued information related to a onetime associate of Papodopoulos, a European academic named Joseph Mifsud.

    Mifsud was publicly linked to Russian interference efforts in late 2017, when Mueller revealed Papodopoulos had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the details of his interactions with Mifsud.

    Shortly after his name surfaced publicly, Mifsud told Italian media he did not work for Russia. “I never got any money from the Russians: my conscience is clear,” Mifsud told La Repubblica. “I am not a secret agent.”

    Since then, the professor has disappeared from public life, leading to a host of theories about him and his whereabouts. While court papers filed in Mueller’s investigation suggested Mifsud operated in Russia’s interests, Papadopoulos, conservative

  • Apples & Oranges says:

    Year MSNBC I only came out here to tell you I don't listen to you anymore you're full of it. Also as a democrat. Also as a democrat in California I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. I'm glad they showed their true colors I never realize they were so corrupt they should all be impeached that's all I have to say bye-bye back to Fox News where the truth is

  • Richard The god says:

    Is it just me, or does he sound dumber and dumber every day? He sounds like a dull 10 year old trying to lie about stealing candy

  • It's all just such a disgraceful, pitiful, hoax don't ya know. Yeah, maybe if he keeps repeating it he might actually believe it? Because I sure don't.

  • p8ently obvious says:

    Its not up to the foreign officials of otber countries to decide if trump is innocent or guilty of sny crime . He is subject to American law not Ukraininan law or whatever . Its up to Americans to decide his fate not the leader of the Ukraine.

  • hurricanenation56 says:

    Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad. Trump is bad.

  • The loss of power: "The pure insane grip of the tribe, and the absolute terror of being without it" (Jack Reacher). Someone once said you can run but you can't hide.

  • Unfortunately, Trump is correct. He is a cult of personality and a religion now so every single Republican has to either fight to the death for Trump or get primaried out. Sociologists will be talking about Trumpmania for centuries to come as he is literally a god in the eyes of the nitwits who worship him.

  • Trump is 100% guilty, he knows it, and we all know it. He behaves exactly how a person with no reasonable defense acts. Meanwhile, his lackeys continue ti spew communist propaganda.

    Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  • Trump April 2016: “And if it breaks up NATO, it breaks up NATO,” he concluded.
    Trump Dec 2019: “The NATO meetings is one of the most important meeting a President has to attend.”

    What’s changed?

  • I love watching you guys get all worked up every time he speaks! Best part is he's got another 4 years coming thanks to you guys! KAG 2020!

  • MSNBC & CNN pushing too much HATE dividing America. Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media is promoting it!

  • Have you noticed that have not said what the charge is it's a scam there is no whistle Blower all made up Dems and Obama used FBImspy on Trump 2016 Hillary is a racist crimnal

  • Tessmage Tessera says:

    LMAO… Trump has known about his impending impeachment for MONTHS. It is in fact Trump himself who is running away to Europe, so that he can be out of town when his impeachment hearings take place. The man is a total COWARD.

  • Why won’t he permit the minimum wage increase that they promised 134 days ago? The do-nothing president is a waste of space.

  • Run COWARD Run .The hearing could of been scheduled for a Sunday and trump would of said he would be attending a Church service but we all know any church he entered the walls would crumble .

  • Its not important
    No one is above the law 
    A Crime was committed  in China by Joe Biden and son that sold Military secrets  to China in 2013
    A similar Crime  was also committed  in Ukraine  in 2014 by the same players  
    Obama knew of both  but they didn’t  meet  Obamas  prima facia standards of a Crime so he never had them investigated  by the DOJ ,Eric Holder  and Eric   did not have enough  inquisitiveness  to investigate  on his own 
    The New Your Times  investigated  on their own  but only said that  it has the appearance of impropriety  but still nothing happened  UNTIL 
    Joe bragged about  the Extortion  and laughed at it in 2017 
    The Don took office  in January 2017  and these  Crimes of Joes  met his prima facia  standards  of a Crime 
    BUT the Dims 
    are out raged  at the Dons investigation  and are using the House as a weapon  against  the POTUS? Threatening Impeachment  and Censure ? 
    The Dims are being played AGAIN 
    “No one is above the law “ so says NANCY ???

  • “Trump blames Democrats”

    That’s all he does: well, that and evade the law, ignore the courts, flout international agreements, swindle, cheat – and of course, lie, lie lie.

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