Trump Berates Peter Alexander Over Coronavirus Question: ‘You’re A Terrible Reporter’ | NBC News


100 thoughts on “Trump Berates Peter Alexander Over Coronavirus Question: ‘You’re A Terrible Reporter’ | NBC News”

  • atheendran mc athee says:

    Still this report not have more idea about what is happening in world , he must understand and must ask about the solutions and give positive support and question for top leaders like trump, I think president is the father of world leader and he is controlling all over world .plz give some respect , they try to protect America and all over world also ,plz don’t make blunder question …as a good reporter understand the situation , this is my opinion .God bless all patients and take care all people .we need to increase our immunity and eat lot of vitamins c food. ( don’t use meet ,egg ,alcoholic items-it Will create acidity(avoid acidity) & once in a weeks clean stomach and maintain blood PH 7.35 to 7.45 and keep proper digestion and keep positive and healthy body and mind …we can back smile life .. where there-is love , there is life …from India & kuwait with love all people

  • Nkakatakot pl ang dame ng infected at nmatay. Hala grbae tpos wl pang gamot. Kay napanuod p aman aq n pandemoc din n skit dati. Almost millions pl nmatay. Tsk tsk tsk. E bat ganun nd prepare america e d ba magaling cl pres trumph. ??

  • Biruin mu s napanuod q pandemic dati grabe tlg months lang hundred thousan patay tpos ng umabot ng yrs millions n. Hay naku anu b yan america p aman yan nd prepared. C pres. Trumph p pres db???

  • Peter, Peter, Peter STOP. Listen, it was not the question itself that led Trump to give you a harsh rebuke. It was the stupid look you made as you asked your low level question that irked Trump to go off on you. As a professional that you are, Peter, you need to give an honest reexamination of the exchange, then adjust your attitude accordingly. Or, get reassigned.

    Trump/ Pence 2020

  • Didn’t berate him…just called it as it is. NBC is horrible. And their little sister MSNBC is parody. It’s literally like watching the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Awful, untrue nonsense.

  • Trump said Americans are looking for answers and hope. That was the point of the question. I don't see the problem. ?

  • The supposed "journalist" did not make a question; he made a statement. The President was absolutely correct to tell him "He should be ashamed of himself" Enough with the so called journalists that nobody is paying attention to anyway.

  • FlyingOctopus31 says:

    Trump should have taken that opportunity to tell us that we are going to get through it together and we will try our best. But nooooo, he didn’t say anything like that. He even went back to talking about the malaria drug that he “has a good feeling” it would work. And he was saying that the Americans are looking for answers and hope? He could have totally given us hope with some inspiring words. But you know him…

  • A softball question disguised as a fastball right down the middle, but Trump along with the 2017 Houston Astros was listening for a trash can being banged. CHEATERS and DIPSHITS hate when you fool them, that is why they CHEAT in the first palce! COVID-19 was the best possible thing that could have happened to the Astros getting beamed. Don't think for one second baseball fans will forget. If MLB starts the season before November 3, 2020 when Joe Biden becomes the President-elect of the United States I hope Trump throws out the first pitch in the Astros home opener.

  • Nashawn Belton says:

    I'd like to see how trump supporters support him on this sorry excuse for an answer toward a reasonable question. He actually contradicts himself when the person who asked the question is trying to get a hopeful answer out of him the president answers that the american people are looking for hope, when he just replied that he thinks that he asked a nasty question and that he is terrible reporter.

  • Bella St.Claire says:

    Trump is the Nasty President, the Reporter was asking the right questions. Trump couldn’t or wouldn’t answer because he doesn’t really care what happens to the American people. It’s only about the/his money, the taxpayers money he knows very well how to weaponize against anyone that doesn’t fall into the Trump line. Regardless of what spin Trump and the Republicans put on the COVID 19 Pandemic Trump is responsible, he says as the President. At the beginning of 2018, Trump ordered the dismantling of every CDC department with the experts researchers doctors staff dumping all their resources into the trash bins of time when he shuttered their doors. I don’t believe in science and no money will funded by the already approved budget. Trump redlined out over $275 million dollars from those budgeted funds. He was warned and many opposed him, while Mulvaney’s precision butchering of every budget line item destroyed division after division under the HHS banner. Then the inevitable happened, a worldwide Pandemic swept over the country. Trump was responsible there were absolutely NO resources of any kind and, he’d kicked to the curb the only people who were capable of quickly ramping up those divisions Trump closed over two years ago. What happened to the money Donald? We know $315 million dollars has been paid out since your taking office for your Golf vacations to your own properties and your lavish parties at Mar A Lago. People are dying and lots more will die because you, the President, said their health insurance is too expensive. I have been working since I was 16 years old and paid into Social Security and Medicare. Those Trust Funds aren’t your money to decide who lives and who dies because you’ve mandated that coverage guidelines. It appears you figured out how you and your Republicans can make money off of this Pandemic, from the death and dying. Any means justifies end. Haggling over Pandemic appropriations budget is the perfect cesspool for your Quid Pro Quo business model according to Mulvaney. Moscow Mitch and your Russian Oligarch Diamond Dynasty Steve Mnuchin are your henchmen rangling over ways to get your money out it for totally unrelated political gaming for a police state. When people wake up they’re not going to follow your draconian plutocracy that starves them to death while the death eaters follow them or their loved ones to the grave. They’re not going to EAT CAKE!

  • . being elected by most of the people working in the oval office is just another job for 73 year old rich stubborn guy . nothing to loose …………

  • You people trying to politicize a pandemic is precisely the reason why Trump is going to be president for the next 12 years.

  • The Press is pure scum. I have to laugh when they say Chinese people will face hate because of the virus. That’s ridiculous. However, the Press deserves lots of hate. They are truly the enemy of the people.

  • Paul & Corrine Alexander says:

    The way in which Peter Alexander framed the question is both misleading, and accusatory (accusing the President of being untruthful in his comments on the drug that may be available to help}, so it is not surprising. Where did he get his statistics about the number and their actual emotions? I doubt ANYONE, Peter himself included, would not like to be presented with a question in such a manner.

  • Giovanni Sanseviero says:

    Chris Frazier:

    You understand that when Trump gets caught for hiding half the truths and then lying about the other half, it's the grilling of our free press that stops the US from slowly sinking to his authoritarian rule? Hannity may blow him every night, but I rather have this corrupt Putin wannabe-of-a-leader called out every day of the week rather than stroked via the FOX Network.

    Now, you may not like that—a supporter of Trump that may be vicariously living your failures through a loudmouth, superhero such as him, but that's not a good enough excuse for the better and growing part of the American population to just sit back and watch him turn our democracy into a failing, world-class reality show. Like it or not, when you support something like a Trump, YOU, in fact, became a goose-stepping comrade, not me.

    a Middle-Right Republican that will never support Trump again.

  • Yes we need hope of n being positive , agree wat the heck u got to loose !!!! Don’t need to spread fear to the public !!!!!

  • "What do you say to Americans that are watching right now who are scared?" This was an opportunity for Trump to give hope to the American people. A softball question. The opportunity was taken to hurl insults. Regardless if you disagree or not, this is not how a president, or anyone, speaks to another. School children know better.

  • It’s sad to see a reporter pushing so desperately for something to spin back against trump in a time like this. He answered the question properly to begin with. There was no false hope. Why does the reporter feel the need to cause a panic when there is no need? He simply said we’ve tested this drug on a sample size amount of people and it’s given positive results, I feel good about it. Anything to cause fear and make Trump look bad.

  • CL4W_LEUMAS Playz says:

    President Trump really Comforted me right there. I mean honestly how do we let a person like him be our leader

  • prabhat thakur says:

    Why Donald Trump always hate and uncomfortable with hard questions from reporters?

    This is sign of fascism…..

  • The hate from.this disgrace man who is not a leader more like a child with name calling all Trump supporter must be drunk

  • I know we live in a split country that sees things TOTALLY DIFFERENTLY but I see a reporter doing his job stating the facts this # of ppl dies, this # of ppl are infected and the American people are scared what do you have to say to them to reassure them? This moron can't even do that he is not a leader he is a terrible fraud who needs to be fired and is not capable of leading people and just answering a simple question to ease the minds of the American people. And for the right wing brain washed followers you are either delusional or in denial about his behavior. Wake up and smell the coffee. He is a TV host you voted for who has no political experience and is not capable of being the president of the USA

  • Elizabeth Halliday says:

    Excellent. This nothing-but-negative media barrage is nauseating. Focus on the answers and the information.

  • Terrance Coleman says:

    Everyone getting so bent outta shape but he asked a legit question. They ask all presidents questions like these. Go back and look at obama and other presidents. Some people are so excited by this man that he can do no wrong. He is the dumbest president in history and half the country voted for him. He can barely read and you think he is smart. Come on now stop lying to yourselfs.

  • Jennifer Hemmingway says:

    I've watched NBC all my life, and I've never seen disrespect reporters like Peter, just for doing his job. I don't have any respect for trump, I won't even call him president

  • I would ike to get in Pences' head to know what he is really thinking as he stands behind Trump every day and stares a at the back of his head… He looks like a person who is scared to show any emotion arounf a plastic dummy.

  • A doctor had me on three different safe Statin drugs a few yrs ago, all have been taken off the market as unsafe, I haven't seen a Dr or taken a pillmin Two yrs..feel great.

  • I can't believe trump called Peter Alexander a terrible reporter, shame on TRUMP, he knows nothing he don't even care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE, I can't stand TRUMP, he's rude, ignorant & don't know how to answer the reporter's questions, he is uneducated. PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON !

  • everyone seems so happy about this, how either trump is smart or the reporter is. did trump actually answer any questions?

  • What would his answrr have been? Im sure as vice president he would have provided a much better answer. Pence seems very presidential. Should the virus make trump sick this could be the Pence administration. i imagine his answrrs would be clearer.

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