Trump Attacks Fox News

Trump Attacks Fox News

>>Fox News released the results of a new
poll today. It’s an impeachment poll showing for the first
time I think with a Fox full at least majority support for not only impeaching Donald Trump,
but also then removing him from office. And Donald Trump received that new poll from
Fox, with all of the grace that you would expect.>>He took the poll and then he took Fox News
and he took him by the woodshed. And we know where that goes. So look, he tweeted about them. He’s not a fan of them. But this time, him casting them aside in favor
of another right wing network was as direct as I’ve ever seen it. So let’s talk about a couple of his tweets. He says from the day I announced I was running
for president, I have never had a good Fox News poll. Whoever their pollster is, they suck.>>No, we got to stop right there, hold on,
we’ll get to the rest of it. But first of all it’s so telling in so many
different ways. First, you never had any good polls from any
news organization.>>Rassmussen.>>I was going to say that, except Rassmussen
whose polls actually suck, cuz they’re not accurate. But every other polling organization agrees,
you are not popular. So now, why is he so mad at the Fox News poll? It’s not just cuz he’s unintelligent. I know that’s my go-to explanation, and right
99% of the time, and still true here. He really doesn’t understand what a poll is. But mainly because he assumes corruption. He does projections, so he thinks, why aren’t
they rigging the poll? Why is Fox News being so mean to me? Their pollster sucks coz he’s agreeing with
all the other pollsters, when in reality if he was doing his job right, he’d rig the poll,
so I look good.>>Yeah, yeah, if he’s saying this pollster
is bad, and then tweets out Breitbart polls that show him with 97% approval, it’s not
polling accuracy that he’s really concerned about there.>>Yes.>>But let’s continue with the tweet. But @Foxnews is also much different than it
used to be in the good old days. With people like Andrew Napolitano who wanted
to be a Supreme Court justice and I’ve turned him down. He’s been terrible ever since. Shep Smith and Donna Brazile, who gave Crooked
Hillary the debate questions and got fired from CNN and others, Fox News doesn’t deliver
for us anymore. It is so different than it used to be. Well, I’m president.>>Also, let’s remind ourselves that he is
president. And he writes things like their pollster sucks. Yeah, well, yeah, I’m still president.>>Yeah, whoever their poster is they suck.>>So like I said, though really fast, it’s
very direct. It’s get rid of Fox News and then, well what
should we watch instead? I’d recommend the dark crystal prequel series
on Netflix. Very good. I’ve been trying to get Ben to watch it. He has a different idea. He tweeted almost immediately after that one. Thank you to OANN One America News for your
fair coverage and brilliant reporting. It is appreciated by many people trying so
hard to find a new consistent and powerful voice. See you tonight at the big, you can just watch
The Voice. See you tonight at the big rally in Minneapolis. And somebody was watching this exchange and
noted it. It is someone who’s known for fairness and
brilliant reporting. OANN turned their entire front page into Donald
Trump loves then. It’s not only the headline there, but you
can see it’s their trending topic.>>That’s how most journalists behave, sort
of, yeah, when people say that they’re, when a politician, when the powerful thank then
for their coverage, they’re always like, sure, that’s great. Let’s brag about that. Let’s put that, that’ll be our headline tomorrow
morning.>>Yep.>>So I think there are a couple things worth
mentioning real quick. First of all, Andrew Napolitano, I guess it
was last week, and I don’t know, again, this would be one of the things that you can say,
when Mitt Romney said something publicly, regarding the courage, which we’ll get to,
and Lindsey Graham. When Napolitano said that Trump had confessed
to a crime, at the point where he said he admitting encouraging the Ukrainians to look
into Joe Biden and his son. That’s a stunning moment. Like maybe it was because Napolitano tried
to get on, Napolitano had told his friends. Politico reported that Napolitano told friends
that he was on the short list back in 2017. And so maybe he’s bitter, I don’t know. But still having a the most prominent legal
analyst at Fox News suggests that the president had just committed a serious crime was a significant
moment. Then the story that broke today, reading from
the New York Times today, is it turns out that last night, Wednesday night, William
Barr met privately with Rupert Murdoch. And given Trump’s clear frustration of Fox
News as we know, cuz he’s tweeted before, did not start this morning. So I imagine what William Bar was saying,
hey, we’re going through this difficult impeachment inquiry, and we desperately need spun coverage
in our favor. I mean, I don’t think we need to interpret
what likely happened there. How do we mend this relationship so that you
people get in line?>>Right, but you know what, maybe that’s
a little bit of good news. Because that meeting happened on Wednesday
and Fox News hosts continue unabated. So maybe Murdoch said no, we are not going
to slant our coverage. I mean, it’s already massively slanted, but
we’re not going to give you an extra break. And that’s why Trump might be even more furious
today.>>Maybe, my hunch is he can’t restrain himself
that today was the day but it’s true. The poll didn’t come out today. Isn’t that the impeachment poll?>>It came out yesterday.>>Yesterday, so but I mean, so the poll came
out yesterday the meeting was last night and yet he’s tweeting about it today. Which suggests that whatever came out of that
meeting, unless it was just a friendly meeting among friends, and they didn’t talk politics
and->>It didn’t work.>>It didn’t work. That’s right, yeah.>>So you were sort of jokingly saying, like,
this is totally what a serious news organization would do. I mean, I think rational people would look
at if a news organization is getting praised by a politician, then probably they’re not
being as critical as maybe they should be. But it feels like an increasing number of
people just view politics as a series of cults of personality around leader figures in politics
and media. And especially when it comes to people like
Donald Trump. I had author Jason Stanley, who literally
wrote a book of how fascism works. He looks at it entirely through the lens of
loyalty, loyalty to the leader. And so this is an incredibly effective way
to discredit an entire news organization for people who believe that loyalty to Trump is
the only thing that matters. It’s not like, they don’t need to win awards,
they don’t need to break stories, they don’t need to have a big investigative reporting
team. They need to demonstrate the most loyalty
and get the literal thumbs up from Donald Trump for that loyalty. And that’s potentially all it takes.>>And we know that that’s what Trump values
more than anything in his organization. What he’s valued throughout his career as
well.>>Yeah, the same thing for mob bosses. They value loyalty over competence and it’s
actually a rational thing to do. Because if they don’t have loyalty, they’re
gonna go to prison. In the bank robbers not as competent, they’ll
live. So, and Trump being a lifelong criminal values
loyalty more than competence. That’s why he is the most incompetent administration
anybody’s ever seen.>>But they’re loyal.>>But they’re loyal until he fires them,
until he throws them under a bus, etc. But two more things about Fox that are important. One is that poll is damning. So 51%, didn’t just say he should be impeached,
they say impeached and removed from office. That means, convicted in the senate. Now when a majority country is there, by the
way that also justifies exactly what we’ve been saying all along. All you do is start impeachment proceedings. When Nixon’s impeachment proceedings began,
only 19% of the country wanted to impeach Nixon. By the end he had resigned. So we made the argument as progressives, Nancy
Pelosi, for God’s sake, get to it. Because one, you present the evidence and
it’s talked about 24/7, otherwise it gets buried. And, and two, Trump unravels and makes more
mistakes and acts in a way that is more damaging, and that’s exactly what happened. And immediately the polls are already at 51%
impeach and remove, even if it’s a Fox News poll. And so, and then the last part of that is
the reason Trump is so mad is because once you burst that bubble, then he’s in a world
of hurt. Because his posse watches Fox News and if
Fox News is maniacally saying that white is black and the sky is green and not blue and
the grass is blue and not green, they will believe it. They will believe it 100%, I mean, we just,
the last three years has been a case study in that. But if half of them are saying the sky is
actually blue, they might actually look up and go, wow, it is kind of blue, isn’t it? And so if Trump’s gonna go down, that bubble
bursting is going to be an enormous part of it.>>The only logical reason for no Republicans
taking a genuine Justin Amash, that taking a genuine stand against him. And that doesn’t just mean criticizing him
publicly or tweeting publicly and critical of him. That means stopping in politically, that means
someone who would actually say I’m gonna be voting against my interests, because I can’t
have him have any more political power. And I hope people understand that. I want to restore conservatism to the Republican
Party, and as soon as he’s gone, I’m back, but right. And the reason that nobody has done that,
we have to believe, other than being craven blind followers of the dear leader, is that
they see that 90% approval among Republicans and realize that their own political careers
are in jeopardy if they do that. I think they’re mistaken. But that’s what they think. But that number doesn’t have to drop from
90 to 50. That number just has to drop to 75, 73, 72
for them to think okay there’s wiggle room. If we lost 18%, 18 more will come.


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  • Zokizzy Foshizzy says:

    But I thought Fox was full of "great people". I can't wait to see Trump call Fox News fake news. Ohhhhh the delicious irony.

  • Trump is responsible for 95% of the content and views on this channel. You should be bowing down and kissing his boots, John Iadarola. You bow to your master, and I wanna see some tongue while you’re down there.

  • Does Trump think the Fox diehards will leave Fox for him? The last thing Trump needs is Fox turning on him, his support will plummet. Ah well, popcorn time!

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  • Actually I think the GOP donors are key to how the they might end up voting. The moment that the donors start to realize there's no winning with Trump now or for the GOP in the long term if they don't stop supporting him they will pressure the party to put aside any current political interests and salvage what can be salvaged. In the meantime they will probably put all their efforts into securing the Democratic nomination for either Biden or Warren (no matter what she may claim, the big giveaway is how friendly the corporate MSM is being to her), or any other other centrist candidate, and ensure that it isn't Bernie. They can live with that for the moment. The status quo doesn't hurt them.

  • my dad (an old white cuntservative male) watches One America News

    …those people are CRAY-CRAY…like paranoid schizophrenic CRAY-CRAY… 😲

    they have a "real-time illegal immigrant people counter" that they'll flash up on the screen every now and then that is meant to show how many are crossing the border at that exact moment…they think 500 immigrants are crossing EVERY 10 SECONDS…

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  • The narcissist and corrupt illegitimate President’s emotional state is suffering greatly and is on full display for everyone to see. 25th Amendment, I doubt Pence would call for that though, he’s just waiting for the Senate to force to vote against him on impeachment.

  • The narcissist and corrupt illegitimate President’s emotional state is suffering greatly and is on full display for everyone to see. 25th Amendment, I doubt Pence would call for that though, he’s just waiting for the Senate to force to vote against him on impeachment.

  • The narcissist and corrupt illegitimate President’s emotional state is suffering greatly and is on full display for everyone to see. 25th Amendment, I doubt Pence would call for that though, he’s just waiting for the Senate to force to vote against him on impeachment.

  • Frank Campolieto says:

    I find cowardly, republican minions amusing. When oversized mentally disturbed and diminished brain function Trump, calls you into office, you just don't break out into hysteria. If everyone just laughed at him, guaranteed he would sit in a room somewhere, trying to lick his own balls.

  • I wish someone would find Putin’s book that trump is obviously reading “HOW TO CONTROL AND DESTROY A NATION”.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Shep Smith just announced he's leaving Fox News. Sadly because he's one of the few people that actually care about the truth.

  • trump stooge, barr had a meeting with fascist propaganda chief murdoch and now it appears the subject of the discussion was Shep Smith who was fired by fox. I hope Shep gets a job with a real news network and keeps up his great work.

  • Barr meets with Fox News brass and just like that……Shep is announcing he is leaving.  I would be my left nut She was told by Fox news he needed to tone down the anti Trump news.They are one person away from a full blown propaganda network

  • And I heard today – whether or not it is true I don't know, that Lindsay Graham wants to have the republican senators pledge loyalty to Donald Trump – Not to America and not the Constitution, but to Trump.

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  • He spoke against them because they used a biased poll to fool people. This is the same exact poll which predicted a Hillary landslide in 2016 that never happened.

  • sad Child of a president How about you force pence the resign and then resign yourself so Nancy Pelosi can be president for what's left of the 2019 to 2020 And maybe you & pence won't be spending the rest of your life in Marine base prison in Cuba

  • Erasmus the blasphemous says:

    That is a strategic mistake on the part of trump.
    His base (not the tinfoil hat and racist crowd) are older, largely sedentary, very low tech savvy, not very bright, and made their money before the G.O.P. gamed the system.
    Yes you'll get your trailer dwelling wage slaves flocking to the other news source but they're in it anyway, that won't be enough.
    If Trump was "a very stable genius"
    He would transform into his most obsequious ass kissing and ball fondling repose on the Murdoch's
    Like he do for his sugar daddy big vladdy

  • Just in case it WASN'T MENTIONED, the Fox poll was BIASED and SKEWED. Most of the participants were democrats. Of course it would read 51%. And since pedos would side with the impeachment of President Trump, and since Disney bought Fox, of course the poll would show those results. Duh.

  • Well I am dying and dont know what to do

    I feel like I should just give up but for some reason I cant my entire body is messed up

    I dont know what to do about the ulcer

  • Sean Hannity is the Bagdad Bob at Fox. I wonder if he will say "I'm a Trump sychophant, but first of all, I'm an American." Or maybe he will be loyal to Trump to the end. That would be sad.

  • Hannity and Pence may have to get on their knees to please their master Crooked Trump, but Crooked Trump has to get on his knees as well to please his own master —— Putin!

  • Crooked Trump sent William Barr to visit Fox Fake News owner Rupert Murdoch yesterday and no less than a day later Shepard Smith is fired!? Coincidence? Please! This is a clear case of Crooked Trump getting pissed off as hell at Shepard for exposing his lies, crimes, and corruptions and fact-checking his lying ass! Every time somebody exposes his crimes or refuses to follow his orders to commit crimes for him, he fires them!

    Look at how many of his assistants have been fired already for not obeying his orders to commit crimes for him and these were the people that he had hand-picked into office!

  • Why aren't the Democrats impeaching Trump over taking money from the Saudi's (personally enriching himself), while helping them commit ethnic cleansing in Yemen? That's a violation of the emoluments clause in about the worst way imaginable.

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    And he got Shep Smith fired. Need to just start calling it 'Stroking Trump's Ego Propaganda News' STEP News – Fair & Balanced for Trump Who is Totally a Stable Genius and Whose Wisdom is Unmatched…. It rolls right of the tongue.

  • Wow…Barr has a private dinner with Rupert Murdoch, then Shep Smith suddenly quits 2 days later..? Something’s up with THAT

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  • Lol Fox News has been the "Donald Trump Network " The lights have been cut on and the roaches running and hiding. Why any person with an education or half a brain outside of corruption, I don't know. Many of the same policies would have passed with other Republican candidates from 2016, but you put in office the dumbest most corrupt president at the helm of the ship. Again, people running to save their political careers.

  • Bobby Dickenbags says:

    How sad your existence must be to watch news that you know only tells you the good things of the side you’re aligned with and deliberately leaves out the criticism.

  • Elizabeth Wallace says:

    When ur too much of a loser for Fox, Donny, well, it couldnt happen to a more deserving guy! Face it, prez, your narc temper tantrums just dont make everyone admire, adore & wipe ur * like before. Well its time to pull on ur big boy bloomers, call Giulliano's 2 Ukrainien thugs n see if u can leave the U.S with them. I know u took our troops out of Syria, took away 3 million deserving people's food asst. including a million school kid's hot lunches, committed treason, lied like a rug about everything, assured u will be impeached & realized u will NEVER be loved & admired like Biden & Obama. U think YOU had a bad week? Try being U.S. citizens that had YOU as President!! No one loves you, Donny, never did, not even the delusional losers that were ur base. Die, Trump, like all the Kurds u slaughtered trying to win votes on 2020 for urself. Burn in hell.

  • The problem is the more we focus on Trump Warren is getting more and more power with her LIES!!!

    We can not let Hillary 2.0 fool us intu the White House. Or the Swamp lives on.


    It's just a matter of time when Trump will be attacking Trump. You could hear something like: "I don't know him go ask him yourself."

  • I don’t know why we can’t have a parliamentary government—that way we could sweep out garbage like Dump instead of allowing him to stay at least 4 years doing horrendous damage the whole time

  • Funny seeing all the mindless liberals just repeating what they hear with no evidence……can't wait to see them screaching when the arrests and hangings start

  • Cenk, at least a mob boss has loyalty back to his peeps. It should be obvious that it has to go both ways if you don't want people to turn to law enforcement or competitors etc. You gotta feel like you were taken care of and valued, and that's why you are loyal back. Trump will throw even his most loyal supporters under a bus. He doesn't pay people, he sues them when they were the ones wronged. Trump is the one who would "rat" people out to save his own skin a million times over. That's what HE is. Disloyal… to his wife, to his friends, to his kids, to his not rich voters, to his employees and staff. He's a narcissist who lacks even the most basic understanding of healthy interpersonal relationships.

    The most frustrating part for me at least is that his loyal followers have no comprehension of what trump is actually doing to hurt them. There's lifelong farmers who've lost their family farms and would still vote for trump. This IS a cult. It's brainwashing through repetition and authority appeal. All the ingredients are there… trump is the cult leader who will steal all the followers money and then be the only one not drinking the cool-aide. That's trump. Conman, thief, compulsive liar, narcissist.

    On a lighter note… John, the dark crystal on Netflix series is amazing!!! I grew up on the original movie, as I'm sure you did. But holy cow they triple nailed it. I'm so glad they did the actual live action Puppets. I was mesmerized by the "making of" episode too. Wow… Just wow. Glad I have a fellow fan 🙂 I love me some fantasy and sci-fi 🙂

  • I can't remember if it was Kyle from Secular Talk or David Pakman who predicted this exact scenario – Trump "leaving" Fox and promoting OAN.

  • Collective Content Channel says:

    have any balls? Look up:
    1924 Democratic National Convention (Klanbake)

    Democrats in bed with the Klan. Just saying.

  • If Trump is trying to push Murdoch around it may not be a good idea. He and Putin amongst others put Trump in power. If Murdoch decides Trump is out he will be gone.

  • See over there in Syria Kurds getting their ass kicked , now Russia comes in and punks the Turks now watch the Turkish military run the other way

  • Randall Holloway says:

    5:20 but yea that's a great point since that means the poll came out, Dump didn't like it, he told Barr to meet with Fox news head, Barr said ruff ruff and they had a meeting. All in 1 day. That's how he uses his office and work day, think about that. And that's how ppl in his admin comply

  • Ricardo Almeida says:

    There's simply no way for Fox to win this one: either they fabricate their poll numbers to appease the orange ape, only to be later demonized when he loses in 2020, or they tell it straight, in the hope that his peanut brain recognizes the problem and addresses it in time (good luck with that…), but they still have to face his ire against… reality. Its a classic cautionary tale on the perils of backing certified losers.

  • So what!? The problem is that the Republicans are complacent in his crimes. The Government has Failed US! We must recognize this. The Checks and Balances put into place to protect us from Tyranny are being ignored and Nancy Palosey is is the worst Offender of them all! Trump can only do what We the People let him do! He has broken and continue to brake the Amalument Cluse Starting from Day 1! And they just keep looking the other way!!! Trump is a Snake that we let in the house and he as a will bring more! He is a NIZI!!!! That why he didn't condem the Neo NAZIS, because you can't denied your Truth!!

  • Were those real tweets from the President of the United States ? That's not even funny. It's disturbing, why would you guys ( USA ) decide to vote this man in ? He's clearly not intelligent, articulated or had ANY political experience. Not to mention he's a lousy husband and father to boot. It's disgusting that the leaders of the free world are now laughing stocks. Russia and China are killing us ( the west ) right now because of this POS. Nice move, 🇺🇸.

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