Trump ATTACKS Danish Prime Minister

Trump ATTACKS Danish Prime Minister

>>Received the news that President Trump
has canceled his state visit to Denmark on the 2nd and 3rd of September.>>That is the Danish Prime Minister announcing
that Donald Trump will not be visiting Denmark. Now, the queen of Denmark had invited Donald
Trump and his wife, Melania, but he has decided that he’s no longer going to attend. Trump called off the September 2nd to the
3rd visit after Frederiksen, that’s the Prime Minister, called his idea of the United States
purchasing Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory rich in natural resources, absurd. Now, that word absurd also triggered our special
little snowflake, take a look.>>Now, Denmark, I looked forward to going,
but I thought that the Prime Minister’s statement that it was an absurd idea was nasty, I thought
it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do is say no, we wouldn’t be
interested. I thought it was a very not nice way of saying
something, they could have told me no. All they had to do is it say no, we’d rather
not do that, or we’d rather not talk about it. Don’t say what an absurd idea that is. She said absurd, that’s not the right word
to use, absurd. The prime minister used a terrible word when
describing something that we’ve been talking about for years with her country. You don’t talk to the United States that way,
at least not to me, and I thought it was not a nice statement, the way she blew me off.>>This child is the President of the United
States.>>It’s absurd.>>You don’t use a word like that, absurd. You don’t, well, that’s true, but-
>>He can’t handle women rejecting him->>God, he’s so pathetic.>>It’s absurd.>>Look, and if you are a follower of his
you’re so pathetic. This little boy who gets triggered anytime
a woman says no and he’s like it’s absurd, you can’t use a very not nice word. He literally said, that’s a very not nice
word.>>He tells it like it is, Cenk.>>And so we cancelled a diplomatic trip to
Denmark, to Denmark, because the President’s feelings were hurt. I thought the facts didn’t care about your
feelings.>>So right before the Prime Minister announced
that he will not be showing up, there were other politicians. And the former Danish Premier, Lars Lokke
Rasmussen, said the following of Donald Trump wanting to buy Greenland. It must be an April fool’s Day joke, right? So everyone’s-
>>That’s a very not nice sentence, very not nice. I don’t like that. My feelings have been hurt. I’m not going to go to Denmark, I’m going
to go to a safe space.>>So here’s my question before we go on to
other politicians clowning Trump. Now that Denmark really understands how unhinged
Trump is, if God forbid he gets re-elected, will they be more open to American refugees? Cuz it’s really hard to go to Denmark-
>>And get accepted there, they have very strict immigration laws.>>Well, Greenland, we now found out only
has 56,000 people on it and because of climate change, they’ve got a lot of new land that’s
opened up.>>It’s so cold there though, I know it’s
cold in Denmark too.>>Well, now there’s raging fire, so at least
to the summer’s hot.>>Disaster.>>So anyway, seriously that’s super depressing
for the planet.>>Yes, so let me give you some more comments. Now, even Right Wing politicians in Denmark
are clowning Trump, which I find fascinating. So Soren Esperson, who is from the Danish
People’s Party, he’s the leader of that party, and again, this is a right wing group, says
Trump’s cancellation is very, very shocking when it is about a very close ally and a good
friend. So even right wingers in other countries are
realizing this guys is crazy, unhinged, has no idea what he’s doing. I mean, to cancel a trip because you can’t
have your way with Greenland is something that he referred to as real estate deal, I
mean->>It’s insulting to the people who live in
Greenland to say the least, and with what money, Trump?>>Okay, so yeah, well he’s just had the deficit,
like he always does. If you notice he actually said, he did not
in that clip, but in talking about this overall he said now, the Danish people are a very
good people, I just didn’t like the comment that their leader made. Now, why does he say that? They’re Northern Europeans, so they are good
people, not like the people on the Southern Hemisphere, okay? And so he had to throw that in there. Okay, and by the way, it’s not like it’s Russia
or anything, one of his closest allies. He’s had a lot of issues with Northern Europe
politically, and normally when he has issues politically with people, he insults them to
no end. But he’s like no, no, don’t get me wrong. Those very White people up in Northern Europe
are fantastic people, I just don’t like the meanie words that their leader used against
me.>>So look, aside from the back and forth
and the high school drama that we experience with Trump on a regular basis, there are ramifications. Because think about how he’s alienated so
many of our allies through a nonsensical trade war that isn’t really well thought out, through
antagonizing our NATO allies. And then in this case, I mean, he has gone
after Denmark in the past, he believes that Denmark should contribute more to NATO. But in this case, you have politicians in
the country saying we can’t really rely on the United States, we probably shouldn’t even
really deal with them right now and focus on our European allies instead. In fact, let me give you the exact statement. This is from Morton Ostergaard. He is the leader of the Social Liberal Party
and he says it shows why we now more than ever should consider fellow European Union
countries as our closest allies. The man is unpredictable. Reality surpasses imagination.>>That’s true. So two things about that. Guys, it’s not just about Trump. When Trump does this it affects America for
decades on end because other countries rightfully think, okay, maybe now Elizabeth Warren is
president and we have a stable person to deal with as we did under Obama etc, right? But how do we know you’re not gonna elect
another moron like Trump soon? Because the American people apparently are
comfortable electing people who are incredibly stupid and so weak, and it’s a democracy,
and on any given year a Republican can win. And the last two Republicans have blasted
the world. George W Bush created anarchy and chaos in
the Middle East with that disastrous Iraq war and then created a global recession. I mean, and was also incredibly stupid. Don’t forget how dumb George Bush was. I’ve read three Shakespeares and a right? So you forget how dumb Bush was because this
guy overshadows him. He’s like an eclipse in stupidity, right? It just eclipses everything else and blocks
out the sun with it how unintelligent he is, which leads me to my second point. Within 24 hours, he cancels his diplomatic
trip to Denmark cuz they wouldn’t sell Greenland to them and call them a very not nice word. And he calls himself the king of Israel, and
the second coming of God, and the cabinet has not assembled for discussion of the 25th
Amendment.>>You think the cabinets going to do that,
Cenk? He’s surrounded himself with a bunch of yes
men.>>Yeah, so last night I came to a realization
that it’s not just that Trump is both hideous and preposterously stupid, it’s that the media
is gaslighting us by not saying it. They’re having a debate over it. So it’s almost like an abusive partner saying
hey, no, no, you’re the one who took the crazy pill. I see a guy who might be perfectly sane.>>My God, you’re so right. It feels like you’re in a relationship with
a partner that’s cheating on you, and you know it, right? You see the lipstick on the collar and go
but you got lipstick on the collar, right? But then there is the third party who is supposed
to be like the auditor of the truth, and they are like, I don’t know what you are talking
about, what lipstick?>>Yeah->>Yeah, it’s-
>>And they are like let’s have a debate over the lipstick and you are like, it’s right
there!>>It’s crazy.>>The guy called himself the second coming
of God, and media’s like let’s have a debate what? It’s gaslighting the whole country. That’s why people are so frustrated. It’s not just that Trump’s a bad guy, it’s
that they won’t say the Emperor has no clothes, the Emperor has no mind. What kind of a lunatic, when he’s President,
calls himself the King of Israel? I mean, if anybody else had done that everyone
would agree. If Obama had done it, Republicans and Democrats
would both say no way. Imagine for a second if Bernie Sanders did
it. Everyone in media would immediately say he
must get out of the race, he must get out. Bernie said he’s the second coming of God,
can you imagine? And he would be tarred, and feathered, and
taken out of town. But when it’s Trump, I don’t know. He said, she said, let’s have a debate about
it. You’re the crazy one if you think that he’s
mentally unstable.>>If you know for sure, right?>>Yes, no, but I do know for sure, someone
who says that there’s second coming of God and cancels a trip to Denmark cuz they wouldn’t
sell me Greenland and you called me a naughty word. That’s a lunatic, that’s a mentally unstable
person! And if you don’t say so you’re not objective,
you’re doing political correctness to cover for the insanity of the Republican Party.>>Yeah, you have your blinders on, and they’re
not even Peaky Blinders.>>I don’t know where that came from.>>I don’t either, but it was kind of fun.>>Right?


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