Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About “Voter Fraud”: A Closer Look

Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About “Voter Fraud”: A Closer Look

-President Trump is becoming
more lawless amid a power grab at the
Justice Department and in a recount in Florida. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Trump has always seen the law
not as a constraint on his power but as a tool to protect
and enrich himself. Today, for example, he attacked
Democrats for saying they’ll investigate him now
that they control the house tweeting, “The prospect of
Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the
Stock Market big headaches!” And last week he said
that if Democrats in the house use their power
to investigate him, he’ll just turn around
and investigate them. -Are you offering an “My way
or highway” scenario to the Democrats?
-No. -You’re saying that…
-Negotiation. Not at all. …if they start
investigating you, that you can play that game
and investigate them. -Better than them.
-Can you compartmentalize — -And I think I know more —
And I think I know more than they know.
-No. [ Laughter ]
No, you don’t. Trump’s like a Gotham City
gangster who thinks he can outsmart Batman and ends up
dangling from a gargoyle. “Bad news Batman,
I also have a utility belt — Oh, son of a bitch! Oh. Oh, I’m upside down again. Oh, that back fired.” Grifters always think they can
outsmart everyone else, and that’s what Trump is —
a grifter who surrounds himself
with other grifters. Right now as we speak,
Trump is being sued in Federal Court
for defrauding investors. He just appointed an acting
Attorney General who advised a firm accused
of scamming customers. And his candidate for Senate
in Florida, the state’s governor,
was involved in one of the largest Medicare frauds
in American history. -President Trump,
three of his adult children and their company are now facing
a new lawsuit over allegedly conning consumers
in a “systematic fraud and pattern of racketeer.” -Matt Whitaker, the now acting
Attorney General after Jeff Sessions was fired,
he is now linked to a company referred to
as scam. -Rick Scott earned his fortune
in healthcare administration. He served as the CEO of the
Colombia Hospital Corporation. Scott resigned in 1997 amidst
a fraud scandal encompassing Medicare, Medicaid,
and other Federal Programs. -Man, if these guys
weren’t in politics, they’d be selling fake Rolexes
on the sidewalk in Times Square. “Of course it’s a real Rolex. The extra X is for extreme.” [ Laughter and applause ] Trump’s entire career has been
built on scamming people. In fact, even in the closing
weeks of the presidential campaign, Trump was personally
involved in a scheme to break campaign finance law
by paying hush money to hide his alleged affairs,
as we learned on Friday. -“The Wall Street Journal”
reporting federal prosecutors have evidence that Donald Trump
played a central role in paying off women during
the 2016 campaign who claimed they had
affairs with him. -“The Wall Street Journal”
reporting that during the 2016 campaign Donald Trump
closely coordinated with American Media Inc.
chairman David Pecker to silence two women who claimed they had
affairs with Trump. -You know, there’s a lot
that’s hard to believe about the Trump era,
but, one thing I will never get over is the fact that
the President asked a friend to help him cover up an affair
with a Playboy model and that friend’s last name
was literally Pecker. [ Laughter and applause ] It’s like the worst screen play in a freshman
creative writing class. “I need a name for the guy
who covers up the sex stuff. Oh, I know.
I’ll call him Rex Penis.” [ Laughter ] So prosecutors now have evidence
that Trump personally violated election law during
a presidential campaign, which makes it pretty convenient
that he just installed an acting Attorney General
Matt Whitaker who is very much a Trump
loyalist and much like Trump, Whitaker also has a history
with fraud. -Whitaker later joined
the advisory board and was first paid
in October 2014 for a company that has since
been shut down and slapped with a $26 million fine
by Federal Authorities. -World Patent Marketing billed
itself as helping investors secure patents,
and Whitaker was hands on. -It’s a unique design
that’s going to help… -Showcasing a hot tub invention
in this post from the company. -That’s right, the new Attorney
General of the United States was involved in a scam
selling hot tubs. Not only does this
administration keep adding grifters,
the scams keep getting worse. [ Laughter ] Our next Secretary of State
is going to be a guy who forges signatures based on baseballs. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] How did Trump —
how did Trump pick this guy? Well, Whitaker basically
auditioned for the role by going on TV and criticizing
the Russia investigation. In fact, at one point Whitaker,
who now oversees the Russia investigation,
said the infamous meeting Donald Trump Jr.
had with the Russians at Trump Tower in 2016,
totally fine. -If you have somebody that you
trust that is saying you need to meet with this individual
because they have information about your opponent,
you would take that meeting. You certainly want to have
any advantage and any legal advantage you can,
and one of those main advantages is to know what your opponent
is either — You know, I mean, all sorts of
things that could be happening. And Hillary Clinton, there was
so much smoke around her. -There was smoke around her? Trump has so much smoke around
him he looks like he’s been hanging out on Willie Nelson’s
tour bus. [ Laughter ] So on Friday, reporters asked
Trump if he had picked Whitaker because he saw him
on TV attacking the Russia investigation,
and Trump made it sound like he’d never even met the guy. -What do you think of all this
criticism of Matt Whitaker and the calls to recuse himself
considering what said — -Well, Matt Whitaker,
I don’t know Matt Whitaker. -So there you go. Trump says there’s
no conflict of interest, because he doesn’t know
Matt Whitaker. And if Trump says something,
then you know he also said the exact opposite. -In “The Washington Post”
this morning, it says that you talked
to the Attorney General’s chief of staff about replacing
the Attorney General. Apparently according
to the post, you talked to Matthew Whitaker. Anything to that story? -Well, I never talk about that,
but I can tell you Matt Whitaker is a great guy.
I mean, I know Matt Whitaker. -Of course he knows him. If anyone looks like they should
be friends with Trump, its poor man’s Telly Savalas
over here. And on top of everything else,
Whitaker’s appointment itself might be illegal. Whitaker wasn’t next in line
at the Justice Department, and he’s never been confirmed
by the Senate. Last week two prominent lawyers
wrote an op-ed arguing that Whitaker’s appointment
was unconstitutional. And one of those lawyers has a personal connection
to the White House. -Kellyanne Conway’s own husband,
George Conway, a self-described conservative
co-authored an op-ed in “The New York times,” calling
Whitaker’s appointment as acting AG unconstitutional,
illegal, and invalid. -That’s right, one of the
authors of the op-ed was George Conway,
the husband of White House counselor
Kellyanne Conway. And this isn’t even
the first time he’s criticized Trump in public. What’s that marriage like? “Honey,
can you pass the chicken?” “There is no chicken.” “I’m looking right
at the chicken.” “That’s not chicken,
that’s alternative meatloaf.” [ Laughter ] Trump was asked — [ Cheers and applause ] Trump was asked on Friday
about George Conway’s criticism, and he decided
to attack the husband of one of his closest advisers. -Was Kellyanne’s husband wrong?
-Who? -Kellyanne’s husband
wrote the — -You mean — you mean —
you mean, Mr. Kellyanne Conway? Why don’t you ask Kellyanne
that question, all right? She might — she might know him
better than me. I really don’t know the guy. -Okay, so he definitely
knows the guy. [ Laughter ] But Trump, of course,
is no expert in marriage. In fact, after that talk
with reporters, Trump started to walk away
to get on his helicopter and forgot that he left his wife
standing by herself off camera. -I’ll see you in Europe. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -“No. No, you. No, that’s the polite way
to do it. You take a big bendy arc. In olden times that was
considered chivalrous. Goodbye, everybody.
Goodbye.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, at least — at least
he went back for her. Melania, one.
Umbrella, zero. [ Laughter ] It’s obvious that Trump wants
Whitaker to rein in the Russia probe and the special
counsel, Robert Mueller. But when he was asked
about Mueller on Friday, Trump claimed he wasn’t even
thinking about it. -[ Indistinct talking ] -I haven’t ruled out anything. I haven’t even thought about it.
I’m thinking about the world. -The world? [ Scoffs ] Globalist. You should be thinking about
America first. [ Laughter ] Of course there is — there is one other thing
on Trump’s mind, and that’s the recount
in Florida where the GOP candidates
for Governor and Senate Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott
are narrowly leading. After Election Day,
officials were still counting mail ballots
and provisional ballots, which is totally normal
and happens in every election. But Trump and Scott have been
lying and spreading baseless conspiracy theories about
nonexistent voter fraud. -Every Floridian should be
concerned there may be rampant fraud happening in Palm Beach
and Broward County. -Any evidence of voter fraud?
-Wait. Well, you take a look
at the past. Take a look at the past. And all of a sudden
they’re finding votes? You mean after the election
they’re finding votes? -Yeah, that’s when you
find votes, after people cast them. “I planted seeds in my garden, and two weeks later
I’m finding flowers? Fraud.” And then today Trump tweeted
that the vote counting should just stop, because his
candidates are ahead. -“The Florida election should
be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large
number of new ballots showed up out of nowhere,
and many ballots are missing or forged. An honest vote count
is no longer possible-ballots
massively infected. Must go with Election Night!” -Hey man, you don’t get
to just stop counting the votes, because you’re ahead. Trump’s like a guy who starts
a game of horse, scores one basket,
and says, “Actually, we were playing H-,
so I win. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] I’m the winner, you’re –” Trump was then asked
if he had any evidence that there was fraud
happening in Florida. And since there is no evidence,
he had no answer. -You notice the votes
never go the other way? They hire lawyers,
and the votes don’t ever seem to go the Republican way. -Do you have evidence of fraud?
-Although I hear — Well, I don’t know, you tell me. -All right. We’ll tell you.
No. You don’t have evidence
of fraud in Florida. In fact, I’d be shocked
if you even knew which state Florida was. If you asked him to describe it,
he’d probably say it’s the one that’s shaped like a…
-Pecker. -So, Trump doesn’t have any
evidence of voter fraud, but don’t worry, he’s putting
his best people on it. -“As soon as Democrats sent
their best Election stealing lawyer, Marc Elias,
to Broward County they miraculously started
finding Democrat votes. Don’t worry, Florida —
I am sending much better lawyers to expose the FRAUD!” -Oh, you’re going to send
your lawyers to look at ballots
like this guy? [ Laughter ] I’m not sure he’s your best bet.
I mean, look at him. He looks like he just got
kicked in the… -Pecker.
-So… [ Laughter ] we have to — we have to get our Pecker jokes
in now while we can. The guys lying about nonexistent
voter fraud are the ones who’ve committed actual fraud. A grifter President
put a grifter in charge of the Justice Department,
and is trying to get another grifter elected
to the Senate. But like the grifter he is,
Trump always abandons the people who serve him,
whether it’s Attorney General, his personal fixer,
or even someone as close to him like his own…
-Pecker. This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


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