100 thoughts on “Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Briefing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)”

  • Esoteric Pilgrim says:

    It’s nothing but Newton's Third Law :- “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Mother nature have given enough for all its creation to live a better life. The exploitation & concentration of nature’s resources, for the benefits of the Nations, politicians, & rich are the reasons for all the problems we face now.
    Other words 3rd law of Newton. Let us go back to the RELIGION OF LOVE,which is the only solution. May God bless us All brother & sisters .

  • Trump is already patting himself on the back for saving lives with the ONLY 100,000 to 200,000 will die not 2 million. When the reality is he has yet to do anything other than run his 'political rallies' thinly disguised as Task Force press briefings. That is when he was NOT directly espousing the virus was a hoax, blocking emergency funds, supplies and equipment to the states, not allocating FEMA and otherwise preventing a national response to fighting the epidemic. So thank the Republican party for his horrid president and the entire failure of response to this virus. I do NOT see McConnell or any of his ilk stepping up to help. I do however see innumerable Republican Governors NOT shutting down their states, still going about business as usual – all of which is going to lengthen the pandemic and increase the number of illnesses and deaths. And likewise, this failure to act responsibly will keep the rest of us in our homes that much longer. So again thank the Republican party for this disastrous response to a pandemic.

  • Coronavirus is so messing with my head I dreamed i lived in Wuhan and was worried that I neglected my mom and she died. When I woke up I realized that she’s been dead and gone since 2004. 2 weeks it’s not gonna hit the peak. Italy thought so the day after almost 800 because it dropped down to below 700. Until two days ago it hit 800 dead. STAY HOME PEOPLE STOP THE SPREAD.

  • Helen Lindsay says:

    Apparently trump has implied that the virus can be transmitted via the internet.Does the imbecile really believe this.And what have you ever done for the country other than take take take.

  • So we must die because China created this biochemical weapon. This was released around 10/17-29/2019 during a Military Olympics Games. For past 4 years China had many opportunities to cause war. In the documentation I have found China wanted to win the "GENERAL WAR" instead of fighting the good fight as the old way with guns not biochemical weapon. To me the report indicates they are creating a system that will tell who will live or die with their data base. As a data base software engineer this is considered advanced AI. I do know that the media tells lies about BATS. But the COVID did not come from Bats. To me I know China have an advance data with COVID but will only give "BASIC Data" info in their own words. They planned this not just to win the "GENERAL WAR" to for population control.

    They also used "6" on their website and they said that there where 6,000 characteristic for the 666 and in their propaganda department they basically planned this weapon. There will be no cure for this because in China's own words they dont want to give the antidote due to " LICENSING " . I do know that China's President have a biochemical lab in his name. So this makes since that he do what he wants while other people are looking away. We have lost a lot in the world I lost my business. So, I am sharing the truth about this so called War Crime that China have committed.

  • Mirella Jakimoff says:

    Just for clarification – if you look at the data and compare the economy, education and health provided by the government to its people USA ranks 12th 26th and 25th respectively so in fact "we have the best" is and untrue statement only to believed by people who do not think for themselves

  • Sir
    Lock down the area strictly
    Then we can possibility recovery early…..and we can control the transmission of the virus and early recovery we can save financial issues

  • I watched this man go from a man on reality television to a hero for our American Nation! Thank you Trump you are my president! I am so proud of you! God bless you and God keep you safe and strong! You made me proud to be an American. Both of my parents were born in Mexico and I am so happy they made it to America.

  • All Colors BD says:

    May Allah protect us all. Without Allah, no one can save us. Everyone remembers God more, read prayers, recite the Quran.

  • so many infected, so many deaths, at a level the world has never seen before. the greatest numbers no other administration ever achieved in the history of this country. such a great man, leader with a vision. let us make america sick again.

  • Army… police
    ..weapons…atomboms ..missiles …great positions poor …no rich .. nothing infront of Corona ………Prayers and medical angels are working infront of corona ….

  • I am amazed (but gratified) that he finally saw the light. Kudos to Fauci and Birx for persuading him. A gargantuan task.

  • Magdalena Aggari De Guzman says:

    Increase your immune system. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to get vitamins and minerals. You will need vitamin A, D and C. Sleep and rest well. Your body has 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 360 trillion viruses. Dr. Shiva, bioengineer at MIT has another perspective on how to deal with this virus.

  • Samiullah Abbasi says:

    Please refer this doctor for corona virus Pakistan doctor
    Corona Treatment Possible in Pakistan || Dr. Jan Alam || Russian Scientists || EyeComm Studio

  • We know you signed it, I think I heard you say it 4 times now because you don’t want us to forget that, and thanks congress for finally working together to accomplish something though not perfect that may help some people stay in the business. Corporations don’t hold monies to pay shareholders, pay the foot soldiers, the ones that actually do the work to keep them rich, please use the funds to help our communities to recover, people need money to spend and pay their bills in order to help the economy recover.

  • Krist Dongelyan says:

    If Donny sticks the landing on the virus response in the next 30-60 days, 100% he deserves another 4 years.

  • So glad for th US Trump is now at last in line with reality. I wish you all health and best wishes from the Netherlands.

  • Cycling Brain says:

    The only person from government I want to see is Dr. Fauci. He is a national hero because he has been able to successfully battle with the main opponent to mitigation from day one and that is Trump. I am happy for Dr. Fauci last achievement and I hope Americans recognize that this is really his accomplishment and not the president’s.

  • Arella Israel says:

    QUESTION…… Does anyone no were this virus came from ? Who is responsible ? This is obvious man made biological germ warfare. Is this population control ? This virus is in our air….it travels.,.. So even if we stay inside we have to breath the air.,…..

  • "Do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light."

  • Yea we def are learning ALOT!!! Not 2 beleive in ANYTHING U SAY!!! A month ago we had NOTHING 2 worry about, look at us NOW because of our incompetent MORALESS LEADER… He wants 2 use our people & thank them 4 his incompetence 2 take charge when we needed an honest LEADER… When hes reading off his paper, hes reading his rehearsed speech 2 manipulate people, when hes off script thats who he truly is…

  • Goodbye Trump, i really hope you will get voted out of office. The reputation of the US has been destroyed since trump here in EU.

  • الله ربي والإسلام ديني says:

    Thousands of people dies from the flu
    It's the same

    Ablution like the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said
    Read about what he said so you for your own health
    I wish for everyone in the world to be healthy
    In a number of hadiths, the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, explained the principles of quarantine in the clearest statement, so people were prevented from entering the town affected by the plague, and the people of that town were also prevented from leaving it, but rather making the exit
    Ablution: when we use the bathroom we have to use water then
    wash your hand first then your mouth 3 times then your nose 3 times
    Then your face 3 times
    Again your hands to your elbow 3 times, then rub on your head back and forth then behind your ears 1 time
    Then your feet and between your fingers 3 times then your hands again
    We do that five times a day every day before praying the five prayers in islam

    And God Almighty said: (And God would not torture them while you were among them, and God would not torment them while they ask forgiveness)
    And always drink hot drinks with lemon honey ginger and turmeric
    Day and night
    And don't be scared
    It will make your amunsimtms week
    Just follow the rules and love for others what you love for your self

    Expiation of bad deeds and sins. Charity, as stated in the noble hadith, extinguishes sin, as water extinguishes fire. Al-Motassadeq shade under the shadow of the Most Merciful, on the day there is no shadow except its shadow. Increasing money, blessing and developing it thanks to charity, and in the hadith: “There is no shortage of charity money.” [3] Protection for the servant from evils and calamities, and Ibn Al-Qayyim, may God have mercy on him, mentioned this amazing effect that is felt by giving his money even if he is an infidel or unjust. The supplication of the angels to the charitable ones, for there is no day except when two angels become one of the supplication of one of them, O God, give a hypocritical successor, and the other says, O God, give a handle to damage
    The Almighty saying: {Say: He will only befall us with what God has for us. ”

    The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, told us that becoming dates, is a beneficial protection against the effect of poison on the human body, and this was mentioned in the words of Al-Sadiq, the authenticator, peace be upon him.

    So if you eat 7 dates in the morning before eating anything it will protect your body from giting sick
    And anyone could surch it and ask the drs
    I just want to share to help

  • الله ربي والإسلام ديني says:

    Yemen is the only country didn't have the Corona virus
    They are poor but they eat healthy
    And the son
    And prying for forgiveness and patients

  • Melinda Kraft says:

    Germany is doing way better than the USA. USA is the worst worldwide. Look at the numbers on Worldometer corona website, it is tracking the numbers.

  • الله ربي والإسلام ديني says:

    The good news is that Corona will disappear from the Nation of Islam, God willing.
    Our brother Anis Abdel Qadir (imam of a mosque in Tunisia) says: One of the virtuous mothers told me directly that she saw as if she was praying in the honorable kindergarten and then began calling God to go this scourge. He raised his hands to the sky, calling and saying: Oh God, remove the epidemic from my nation.
    Pray on the Prophet of mercy, our beloved and intercessor, on the Day of Resurrection.
    O Allah, bless and grant blessings and peace upon our Master Muhammad, his family and companions

  • الله ربي والإسلام ديني says:

    # O God, remove the epidemic and calamity from us .. ? # And the temptations that appear from it and what the belly of God, we have awakened to the news, the certainty of the disappearance of the Coronavirus, the healing of the injured, the opening of mosques to the worshipers, and the security of all badness, O Rahman, Rahim ?

  • الله ربي والإسلام ديني says:

    Oh God, relieve us of the calamity and the epidemic and reached Ramadan, and we are at their best ..

  • Buddhi Chathuranga says:

    Please don't take this too easy. This is very serious and keep protect your adult relations from this virus and lease follow all medical advises and do everything against this COVID – 19.Stay safe everyone.

  • ART. DUX. OF. YAN says:

    Great president always giving us updates.just go easy on the scary tactics.we don’t want another toilet paper meltdown

  • Revenge of Bernei Mack says:

    "Coronavirus death rate much lower than previously reported, study says"
    By Jackie Salo March 31, 2020
    The coronavirus may not be as deadly as previously suggested, according to a new study that accounts for cases that were not diagnosed.
    The study published Monday in the medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases estimated that the death rate will be 0.66%, which is much lower than figures between 2% and 3.4% that have come out of Wuhan, China, according to CNN.

    Researchers said the lower coronavirus mortality rate was determined by accounting for cases that went undiagnosed — possibly because they were mild or had no symptoms.

    To do this, researchers used modeling based on the number of detected cases among repatriated citizens who were aggressively tested for the virus.

    But in line with other studies, the researchers found that the majority of fatalities are among adults who were age 80 or older.
    see also
    Coronavirus may have already infected half of UK, study says

    “There might be outlying cases that get a lot of media attention, but our analysis very clearly shows that at aged 50 and over, hospitalization is much more likely than in those under 50, and a greater proportion of cases are likely to be fatal,” Azra Ghani, a professor at Imperial College London and an author of the study, said in a statement.
    Researchers noted the death rate for coronavirus is still “substantially higher” than the flu, which leads to death in 0.1% of cases.

    “Even though the fatality rate is low for younger people, it is very clear that any suggestion of COVID-19 being just like influenza is false,” Shigui Ruan, a professor in the department of mathematics at the University of Miami, wrote in an accompanying commentary.
    enlarged image

  • Taxpayers Paid Millions to Design a Low-Cost Ventilator for a Pandemic. 

    Had government officials insisted that Philips first produce the ventilators that taxpayers paid to design, the government could  be distributing them to hospitals now. 

    Instead, Philips is negotiating with a White House team led by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared KushnerToday, the government’s failure to obtain the Trilogy Evo Universal and the Press who are so afraid of becoming obsolete that they have turned themselves into a joke for viewership have done us All a terrible injustice. , to build 43,000 more complex and expensive hospital ventilators for Americans, which in the face of makeshift hospitals in parks, streets and fields, underscores the urgent need for simpler, lower-cost ventilators. 

    Today, the government’s failure to obtain the Trilogy Evo Universal and the Press who are so afraid of becoming obsolete that they have turned themselves into a joke for viewership have done us All a terrible injustice.

  • This raises questions about the government’s reliance on public-private partnerships, and the problem of leaving any kind of disaster preparedness up to the market and market forces that is not going to give priority to no-frills but dependable ventilators that’s not expensive.”

    In a budget document delivered on Feb 10, the agency told Congress, "This game-changing device, is now available at affordable prices to improve stockpiling and deployment” in an emergency,* Hailing the Trilogy Evo IT FUNDED as a breakthrough in its campaign for pandemic preparedness.

    In negotiations on March 10th, Phillips  agreed to a modification of the HHS contract — one that called for the company to produce the Trilogy Evo Universal “as soon as possible,” However, an HHS spokeswoman said Philips is only required to deliver the ventilators “as they are completed.” and also that Philips was only committed to meeting the original contract deadline of 10,000 ventilators by September 2022.

  • J Maximilian Suzuki Acosta says:

    We plebs should all die for the economy to preserve the wealth of those who fund and support Trump!

  • Dr Fauci sounds like a presidential candidate. Why no word about South Korea? They went through the same covid cycle – WITH NO LOCKDOWN!

  • Skander Cheilo says:

    USA is doomed and got 100% what they deserved! Ultra capitalism, liberalism, lazy politics,no health care, what did you expect? If saving your economy is your priority then have fun counting your hundreds of thousand of dead in few weeks..

  • Ivan the Misunderstood says:

    Task Force, look into the camera and speak to the camera. Stop putting on a show for the clowns in the Press and start speaking 'directly' to the people.

  • May God heal this world

  • Priorities USA should be applauded for exposing Trump's malfeasance in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic these past 3 months……..see link below

  • Listening to Trump prattle about containing the COVID-19 pandemic is like listening to him lecture on the topic of marital fidelity. Lowering income taxes and interest rates to combat the pandemic is as useful as a wooden frying pan.
    Just 3 weeks ago Donald Trump, Sean Hannity & Laura Ingraham were still calling the COVID-19 pandemic a hoax created by the media and Democrats. Now the hypocrites at Fox News are praising our inept president for his decisive actions. Fox News equates to State Run TV. It’s nothing but a propaganda platform for Donald Trump and the GOP.


  • can't watch these. his his gasbag rhetoric face makes me wanna punch it. guess i'll read about anything actually important he said later.

  • American people need to be exempt from paying school tax and property tax. Please write your reps and tell them to eliminate these extortion taxes. God bless ? Our POTUS and all front line workers.

  • The important thing is the Virus Load .
    Each time you go out , it multiply for 2 rates your virus load. And it added from the last time you ve been out.
    So it s very important to do not go out at all.

  • 45 has no clue about humans and the suffering. Sad. He sounds ad if he is about to pass out. He's being pumped with something

  • Trump, lying about the amount of testing you guys have done, lying about the chronic lack of PPE and lying about how bad this virus is going to be, yet STILL brain dead supporters back him, you deserve this America you have literally the worst person imaginable leading you but go all in rather than admit you have made a terrible error of judgement…

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