Trump aide Kellyanne Conway asks reporter: ‘What’s your ethnicity?’

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway asks reporter: ‘What’s your ethnicity?’

If the president was not telling
these four congresswoman to return to their supposed
countries of origin, to which countries
was he referring? – What’s your ethnicity?
– Uh, why is that relevant? – No, no because I’m asking
a question. – My ancestors are from
Ireland and Italy. – Kellyanne, my own ethnicity is not
relevant to the question I’m asking. – No, it is because you’re
asking about, he said originally. He said originally from. – I am asking … – And you know, everything
he has said since and to have a full conversation. – So are you saying that
the president was telling the palestinian – The president’s already
commented on that. – To go back to occupied
territories – The president’s already
commented on that and he said a lot about this
since that one tweet. No, he’s put out a lot of tweets
and he made himself available to all of you
yesterday. – No, he has not.
– Yes, he has. He’s tired. A lot of us are
sick and tired of this country, of America coming last,
to people who swore an oath of office. Sick and tired of our military
being denigrated. Sick and tired of the customs
and border patrol protection people I was with, who are
overwhelmingly hispanic by the way, in McAllen, Texas,
sick and tired of them being – no, you don’t understand
because you didn’t go – being criticised, being doxxed
by a bunch of Hollywood D-listers who have nothing better
to do than sit on their asses on Twitter all day and try
to doxx brave men and women who are diving into the
Rio Grande to save people who are drowning, who are
taking other people’s babies into custody and diapering
them and feeding them and looking the other
way while people are running across with drugs. That’s going on.


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