Trump addresses Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit


37 thoughts on “Trump addresses Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit”

  • I had a fluff in Walgreens runway walk up to me yesterday. It wanted to give me crap about my Kent State shirt with the Kent State gun Girl Kaitlin on it. The liberty hangout. I turned around and he quickly sashayed away. I am a fighter President Trump…I respect his opinion but, I will do everything I can to stop people with beliefs like his…

  • The golf clubs in one talon; the cold hard cash in the other; grasped by the two-headed Eagle – Russia national pride symbol !

    HahahahaAHa letting someone other than WH officials handle the screen behind Chump is just plain dumb.

  • ? That “Presidential” seal is the ultimate troll and a testament to this administration’s lack of vigilance. Hilarious ?

  • Australian News says:

    HA HA HA 0:50 Trump stands next to fake presidential seal .
    The crowd of dumber than dumb Trump conservative students stood their filming it on their cameras.
    The guy that made this seal is now the KING OF MEMES. ROFL , LMFAO

    The image included a two-headed eagle, instead of just one head, which closely resembles the bird on the Russian coat of arms.

    The eagle is holding golf clubs in its left talons, instead of the traditional seal's clutch of arrows, and cash in its right talons, instead of an olive branch.

    The actual seal says "E Pluribus Unum", which means "from many one" in Latin, on the banner above the bird's head.

    The altered seal said, "45 es un titere", which in Spanish means "45 is a puppet". Mr Trump is the 45th president of the United States.

    In addition, the shield on the bird's chest has hammer-and-sickle symbols on it.

  • W Bryan Hastings says:

    This site's Pro-Trump censors keep deleting the embarrassing Fake Prez Seal comments, and new people keep piling in. Love it! ?

  • Wow , all the delusional praise for this idiot. America is lost and it will be a long time before it will ever be great again especially with all these sad brainwashed kids.

  • the program that used to make changes to the seal was written by a republican. hes done it before. Don't let their explanation fool you that it was an accident or a malfunction. It wasn't an accident. he knew what he was doing.

  • Charles Egerton Cameron says:

    How can anyone listen to this clown and take him seriously? His voice is idiotic. The content of what he says it petty and spiteful. He oozes sleaze and always has. Everything about him is fake, his skin, his hair, his marriage, his business, his presidency He's a lying cheating tax-evading turd.

    I can't listen to him speak without feeling his idiocy and terribleness is contagious, like he's a virus.

    Why do you people want to believe his lies so much? with the national debt ballooning and his ridiculous projects like the wall… do you people actually think this will work? that he has accomplished anything except dragging us back to the stone age?

    I know you hate modern liberalism, but you can't fight social progress. Trumpism is a stain on America and very soon it will be erased, and all his supporters will be forced back to the fringes of society where they belong. Especially when big-tech starts being more regulated, the far-right that is trump's base will lose its platform. -Hilariously, most trumpers call for big-tech to be regulated more. Not very libertarian, but don't worry, It'll happen, and the far-right will be the main victims, like Alex Jones already is. And the rest of society won't care AT ALL.

  • I listen to Trump more than God I think. I mean wow he's a true champion of heart, strength, compassion, and desire. I've never been more proud to be an American. I love you man.

  • No one gonna talk about the fake seal behind him with two heads(Russian seal) and the golf clubs and cash its holding

  • Naughty Nimitz says:

    Ooo… the Russian Eagle holding golf-clubs and a wad of cash, stating "45 is a puppet" is ACTUALLY REAL!!!

  • Thomas Norton says:

    Usually when you listen to Somebody speak it's because they have experienced or know something this little boy of privilege with no accountability has no life experience he's never accomplished the single thing I dare you to fact-check and show me one thing he's done everything he's ever touched has failed everything he's a phony he's a sleight-of-hand con artist he has no life experience and should just keep his mouth shut if he really wants to make America great again he should blow his brains out on TV and give back 208 million dollars he blew of taxpayers money on playing golf

  • Purple Flame Tarot says:

    Did any of these fool's notice he is standing in front of HIS personal presidential seal with the RUSSIAN COAT OF ARMS, not America's?! Speaking of Fake pResident!!

  • BlackStar19 GammaBurst says:

    These idiots did not notice the Russian coat of arms (double headed eagle), and the talons holding cash and golf clubs at 0.52. ?

  • Just_kickin_It says:

    God Bless President Trump, a true Patriot who fights for our American values and is an honest voice for us, The American People. ?

  • 1:04 hrs Antifa hitting people with bats, it`s why the young man who was in a car that was attacked with bats that panicked him in fear of his life when he had the accident Antifa caused. He should be pardoned eventually.

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