Trump Accused of Rape (Again), Doesn’t Make Headlines

Trump Accused of Rape (Again), Doesn’t Make Headlines

There is a new section all assault allegation against Donald Trump. Uh, in addition to the, what is it, 12 or
16 that already exist and this is a really bad one. This is an allegation of rape. Now, I think because of the creeping normalization
that we’ve experienced in the United States under Donald Trump for the last couple of
years, it’s crazy. I have to mention this, but even one instance
of something like this for Barack Obama would have been a 24, seven scandal on corporate
and right wing media for weeks at least. But it was almost completely ignored by the
Sunday morning talk shows and got relatively little coverage over the weekend. First of all, uh, we are talking here about
magazine advice columnist and former Miss Indiana University. He, Jean Carol, who has accused Donald Trump
of attacking her and raping her at a New York department store in the late 1990s. Um, the, uh, Carol says that she ran into
Trump in the fall of 95 or spring of [inaudible] 96 at the Bergdorf Goodman department store
in New York City where she says he attacked her in one of the dressing rooms, uh, claims
that Donald Trump pressured her to try on lingerie, grabbed her arm to pull her towards
the rest at dressing room. And then I will read her quote and I warn
you, it is extremely graphic and disturbing quote. The moment the dressing room door is closed,
he lunges at me, pushes me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly and puts his mouth
against my lips. I am so shocked. I shove him back and start laughing again. He sees both my arms and pushes me up against
the wall a second time and as I become aware of how large he is, he holds me against the
wall with his shoulder and jams his hand under my coat dress and pulls down my tights. I’m astonished by what I’m about to write. I keep laughing the next moment still wearing
correct business attire, shirt, tie, suit, jacket, overcoat. He opens the overcoat unzips his pants and
forcing his fingers around my private area, thrust his penis halfway or completely. I’m not certain inside me. This is an allegation of rape. She’s alleging that she was raped by Donald
Trump. Now Trump has denied it, says he has no idea
who the woman is. A picture has since been published of Donald
Trump with the accuser Eugene Carol and close to total silence about this on the big five
Sunday talk shows, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox all have the Sunday talk shows. Mike Pence was interviewed. Bernie Sanders was interviewed, uh, no mentions
of the new rape allegations against Donald Trump. So a couple of things to talk about here. First of all, if the corporate media, we’re
all as liberally biased as Donald Trump and Republicans and Trump’s sycophants claim corporate
media to be liberally biased, this would have been a topic of discussion yesterday, period. Number two, the hypocrisy of Republicans who
uniformly jumped behind any allegation no matter who makes it against Democrats. Like for example, against Bill Clinton, Juanita
Broaddrick in 1999 or whoever else, they now are ignoring more than a dozen allegations
against Donald Trump. If this is mere politics, why couldn’t some
of the allegations against Bill Clinton had been given the same benefit of the doubt as
they are providing to the allegations against Donald Trump? Uh, but in any other presidency, it’s really
important to understand that this would be front page news, nonstop period. Now, I would also be curious to know, asking
all the people who hated Barack Obama and thought he was the worst person in the world,
that he had committed all sorts of crimes, that he was, in some cases a shape shifting
antichrist that he was planning to declare martial law and suspend the 2016 election
to try to stay in power indefinitely. Why is it that no one thought to concoct sexual
assault allegations against Barack Obama? I mean, not only are there not sexual assault
allegations against Barack Obama, uh, there are not even, uh, what we could call political
sexual assault allegations against Barack Obama. And for those who say, this is a tactic that
the left uses against Republicans, fake sexual assault allegations, why were there no sexual
assault allegations against Republican President George W. Bush? So the point is, it’s not based. In fact to claim every president has sexual
assault accusers and they’re widely understood to be fake and attempts to take down presidents. No. Most presidents do not have sexual assault
allegations levied against them and Donald Trump having 12 or 15 or eight, I don’t even
know what the number is at this point, including remember child rape allegations, which I have
covered, but have not received nearly enough attention. This is different. Okay. It is not even remotely reasonable to say
presidents, they always have all sorts of sexual assault allegations against them. Know Barack Obama didn’t, uh, George W. Bush
didn’t. Now, as far as the corporate media coverage,
is this not getting coverage because even the reporters and the media have become totally
numb too and desensitized to Donald Trump’s treatment of women. Is it that they have calculated that there
is little upside to covering the 17th or the 19th or whatever allegation because the first
12 or 15 or 17 didn’t get traction? What do you think is going on here? Is what’s going on as shocking and disturbing
as that or is there something else that is preventing this from getting coverage?


100 thoughts on “Trump Accused of Rape (Again), Doesn’t Make Headlines”

  • Michael Knapp says:

    I guess there are so many accusations that we’ve become numb to it. Trump is such a turd human being. I believe these women a 100%. It fits his MO PERFECTLY. He has no respect for women – they are to be used and discarded.

  • Jeff Lombardi says:

    This is why the Josie Smollett stuff is such a big deal. Every time somebody makes up a story it hurts a future victim from coming forward because they won’t be believed.

  • Audrey Muzingo says:

    Here's my problem. E. Jean says she didn't want to report it to police or call it 'rape' because she thought it was nothing compared to experiences of other women. In fact the first interview I saw, she cited women at the Mexican border. My first reaction was appreciation of this perspective, the apparent selflessness of it. And I know from research that sexual assault doesn't scar all victims equally; some are more resilient to it, just by their nature. I also find it unfortunate that we draw such arbitrary lines denoting severity, those lines being genitals. If we compare this incident to the one described by Christine Blasey-Ford, this was far worse because there was penetration, whereas B-F's clothing wasn't even successfully removed. By the way, I know this is going to sound like accusing E. Jean of lying, but I just can't picture the mechanics of what she describes, if she and Trump were both standing upright and her tights (which tend to be, you know, TIGHT) were only partly down. Maybe her memory is just foggy and there was really only penetration between her thighs. But you see, it doesn't matter because by E. Jean's own sentiments, none of it was as bad as what other women have gone through.
    Obviously what B-F went through traumatized her deeply. I was in a very similar situation when I was 13, but with two crucial differences: There wasn't a second boy, and the one holding me down never put his hand over my mouth. In fact he kept pleading for my consent (while grinding on me and not allowing me to get up). The part about Kavanaugh covering B-F's mouth is the most terrifying part of her account, to me. That's the part where he let her know, "I KNOW you don't want this, I don't care, and nobody's going to save you" (same goes for his buddy turning up the music).
    It would be very interesting if someone would ask E. Jean what she thought of B-F's account. Because here's what's wrong with her dismissal of her own experience: 1. Saying it didn't traumatize her only affirms in predators' and predator-sympathizers' minds that rape isn't so bad (certainly anything "less than" rape isn't). 2. If she cared so much about other women, why not report Trump to police so it might stop him from assaulting other women?

  • Emperor Of Uranus says:

    There he was, "cocked and loaded" again. This guy is the worst. He is a criminal, a traitor, and the icing on that cake is that he's also a rapist. Impeach this asshole already. A new scandal comes out practically every day with Donnie Bonespurs. A whole bunch of women have already come out about their experiences with Donnie "Grab 'em by the pussy" Bonespurs.

  • Trump is a child rapist he raped a 13 year old girl for fuck sakes. That’s The leader of the free world everybody

  • She had a full segment on CNN yesterday morning.  Trump's weak defense was I never met her, even though there are pictures of them together.

  • Typical Trumpsky: his actions are according to his “lockerroomtalk”.
    Greedy Old Perverts and FoxFake are sharing the same moral bankruptcy.

  • Its because no one cares. Women are all liars, and apparently to a large group of scared men… women accusing men of rape is rampant. (When it's not) so they don't take seriously even if we are above 15 separate women (who did not know each other). If he weren't president he'd be where bill Crosby is.

  • Tell me why after years go by that women come fourth and make allegations ? Trump is rich and women can be gold diggers! Simple answer!

  • It did make headlines but of course we heard the repeated denial from t-rump in his usual rhetoric "not my type" …next shit show after these messages…

  • Wait For the Blackout says:

    but he is an almighty Gerd he is in DC and on my tv at same time, travels dimensional pertals, Cleetus, Billy Bean you take my perc's you dicks?………….his base

  • Wait For the Blackout says:

    What about that girl back when he and Epstein apparently used to go to poor areas and pick up underage teens and gang bang them after drugging them etc, that sued him in 2016 and the jobless druggie redhats threatened her life on social media?
    PS he admits to partying down with Epstein on many occurences

  • Wait For the Blackout says:

    Can we fucking please push the fact a good chunk of his cult is lazy, white trash , that at times self harms to get disability or cheats anyhow, and another chunk is retired people, and that opiates , lazy sloth living, and excessive booze contribute to this, and the opiates some states have legal pill mills, sadly that give you pain pills for a premium price if you need them or not ….(American Fix book 2018)

  • Have you guys seen this crazy lady? She was on cnn saying rape is sexy. Even Anderson cooper had to cut to commercial. She’s just advertising her book that’s coming out next week. You lefties are getting too radical and desperate

  • Thadeus Dangerfield says:

    Is there no mention to the fact she is not pressing charges due to fact she "doesn't want to take away from sexual assault of migrants" trying to come to the USA?
    That sends my alarm bells ringing as a baseless or superficial allegation before the election


    IM AN AUTHOR ON NARCISSISM – and I would be shocked to the core of my being if I found out that Trump had not killed a girl in some sexual encounter.

    My experience of very high-level narcissists says 100% he has.
    All those cocaine and sex parties on yachts out in international waters…….? No fucking way did 100% of those girls make it back to shore.

  • Blinging Constantly says:

    What's going on is it's 2019 and he's been in office for almost three years. This dunce is super late.

  • No mention about her-making a book just now. How come all the accusers are rabid socialists ? Hmm just a coincidence? I don’t think so. You are not fooling people anymore with 20th Century propaganda tactics

  • Betty Veronica says:

    Trump is a crime boss. People are afraid of what will happen to them if they're not loyal to him. It's all about him, not about the country, not partisan…but him. Everything else aside…The fact that he does NOT care about anything, nor anyone besides himself is disturbing in and of itself. The reality is that this is allowed to continue is worse.

  • Why bother talking about a claim that isn't credible? Oh wait. It can be used to villify Trump. Let's talk about it then.
    The media talked about most of these claims and they were all discredited. Maybe that's why they're focusing less on this one.

  • I'm not going to assume this is a false allegation, but I do need to ask the question, why on Earth did she wait SO long to come forward? A rape is an emergency situation, requiring immediate attention. Yeah, there's investigation, and it's painful, but so is murder, even more so, but no one waits for that to be investigated. We've got these victims advocates trying to mollycoddle victims, when we need people to strengthen victims enough to put these rapists behind bars. When a woman is raped, and decides not to involve the police, she is tacitly allowing that rapist rape another woman. My aunt was raped in college, and the man who raped her had raped before. We only found out years later, more than 30 years when he was finally arrested, that his previous victim didn't report. If she had, they would have found the guy, and my aunt wouldn't have been raped. Women, if you're raped, it's your obligate moral duty to report this to the police, or else the next woman raped by the same man is partially your fault.

  • Jill Sherwood says:

    This despicable “small man”, mega maniacal sociopath, has a “base”….. that do not care how evil he is, how many lies he tells or will condemn him for anything. His base has no respect for our country.

  • facite non victimarum says:

    Too bad not one of the women who were sexually assaulted or raped was armed and used her Second Ammendment rights to use deadly and legal force against her attacker. The world is much better off when rapists are eliminated while committing the crime.

    If your mother, girlfriend, wife, or sister killed a sexual assaulter should she go to jail? .

  • Not gonna say he's a rapist until we know for sure, but would I be surprised if he was? No. Is that cruel to say?

  • Creeping normalization may be part of it, but I think the real issue is corporate media. Corporate media does little else in the midst of political scandals other than defend Republicans in every way they can. Corporate media would not exist without Republicans, and Republicans adore giving corporations massive benefits because the corporations protect Republicans in turn.

    Just today, we learned that the New York Post deleted its two articles about the rape allegations, under the direction of a pro-Trump editor. That's all you need to know about the state of corporate media to know the situation is fucked and we need serious trust busting and new regulations.

  • No way. Not the man that said" l just start kissing them. I dont even wait. When your'e a star you can do anything. Grab em by the pussy" no way he did what she said 🤔

  • Indy Visualist says:

    Gee is it creepy normalization or is it because the victim told Anderson cooper that the rape was not sexual, we should not judge it as having to do with sex, but then said she thought most people think that "rape is sexy". Then shilled her book on why men should no longer be in control.

    If this were an allegation made against Barack Obama, no news press would have reported it and the woman would end up in a looney bin.

    Also there were several credible allegations against Clinton which were all routinely ignored. It was not until one of the women he was sexually harassed, produced a blue dress with his semen stain on it, so that the DNA evidence proved it. Even then Clinton was not impeached for rape but for perjury.;

    Gee why were there not allegations on Obama or Bush…..
    Well possibly because the DNC was not corrupt enough to pay off the mortgage's of women who would "come forward".

    This is all BS and lies and everyone knows it. You Proglydites are sad, sad people!

  • Hmmm i don't know. It happened a long time ago and we don't have sufficient evidence. We need an investigation but doubt it would happen.

  • Are you regretting covering the story in this way, now that you’ve seen the Anderson Cooper interview?

    Jumped the gun again David, which shows you seek to confirm your bias—yet the smoking gun always seems to be out of your reach.

  • Uniqueness Entertainment says:

    I don't get it Bill Cosby go to jail for stuff like this which she probably didn't do but then Trump does it and nothing happens. Injustice.

  • This is why we need an independent news source. GOP will back a child predator, so protecting Trump is nothing new.

  • Trump still has Putin's help / money and they can put the super hurt on all the nation's for profit news media and that media is terrified .  Sort of a McCarthyism twenty first century cyber style .  Trolls / Bots go ape now .

  • Gravity Priest says:

    If it is true that is terrible…One suggestion though, it would be helpful to law enforcement if you did not wait nearly 2 decades to bring it up. If you wait years before reporting crimes and in this case even decades it is likely that it will not be taken seriously enough. I believe her because of who we are talking about only…Otherwise I would highly question a story from many years ago that is that detailed. If you are raped please (please) report it within the next several days/months or even the next year or so no matter how scary it seems to report…There is a much greater chance of conviction that way is all I am trying to say here. Wait nearly 2 decades and it becomes hard for people to even gather evidence to help convict that person.There are women who report rape right away and that is probably the best example to follow. So many sexual predators would be behind bars if they did not get to walk around freely after committing such a sickening crime. Yes I know I have never been in the shoes of a woman in that situation…I just really want rapists to get caught and immediately know they just ruined their lives.

  • only thing i found intresting that she is coming out w this now but hey if its not a fake allegation then good that she spokeout better late than never

  • Don't forget the "jane Doe" case accusing him of rape (she was 13) for which she had a material witness (the procurer who stayed in the room while trump and a real estate friend raped her) which disappeared from the media during the campaign…..

  • What you talking about 'corporate media has ignored this', trump's accuser was just telling Anderson cooper "rape is sexy" and that she doesn't want to pursue this legally even though she claims she may have DNA evidence and the mayor of New York( who is running against trump) even offered to have NY police investigate it. Furthermore several other corporate media companies aired the Anderson Cooper clip with her unstable 'rape is sexy' comment omitted. It is a false equivocation to compare trump to Clinton in this regard, as all the Clinton accusations were very similar in nature, and furthermore rapy bill never had the same level of derangement syndrome that trump did. Horribly misleading takes like this enable trumps 'fake news' rhetoric. You are doing a disservice

  • Drax Thy Conservative says:

    She said on CNN with Anderson cooper that all women have rape fantasies and that they are sexy(paraphrased)

  • Patricia Masuda says:

    What bothers me the most is that even if there was irrefutable evidence of his assaults, in fact even if he confessed his guilt, his supporters and the right would still stand by him. Total idol worship.

  • It's not getting covered because the corporate media is secretly for Trump and has always been, he's good for ratings, money and tax cuts for the rich and another 4yrs of trump will insure the tax cuts remain in effect.

  • Kingston Hawke says:

    It's simpler than you're making it. People support Trump for whatever reason they have, and as long as he doesn't do anything to violate whatever that reason is for them individually, they don't care what he does.

    Christians want power to force everyone to live according to their religious beliefs. They don't care who he rapes or blows up as long as he hands them power. Cultural conservatives don't care who he raped as long as he promises to reverse the amount of Spanish they have to hear when they go out to public places.

  • Her credibility is diminished by the fact that she has waited 25 years before going public with this information. That is probably why it has received less air time then what it should IMHO

  • Dishonesty dishonesty dishonesty. Shame on you, did you even look at the claim and the context? The woman has a book out in a week and stole the plot from a law and order episode, YES to the exact department store.

  • I've yelled, screamed and complained about some similar allegations against this president, to no avail. He has a following that simply will not believe the allegations (or at least CLAIM they don't believe them), and friends in Congress (mostly republicans) who allow him to go unchecked. At some point you start to believe that it's useless, and the only remedy is to vote this horrible man out of office. But then you see some people that seem to see Biden or some other centrist politician, and not Trump, as the enemy and you just give it up as hopeless

  • Anthony Thomas says:

    Don't forget Trump boasted about walking into the dressing room of a Miss Teen USA contest to watch the undressed contestants. A Miss Teen USA contest FFS!

  • RoNīN GaīJīN says:

    Why the F was she laughing?! Who laughs during a rape? She didn't say, no stop?! It doesn't excuse it in any way but it sounds bad.

  • Cleetus Luckas says:

    Interesting how Obama was supposed to be a shape shifting anti- Christ that was going to declare martial law and be president for a 3rd term, yet it's "PERFECTLY NORMAL" to these SAME buffoons that believed and promoted such propaganda for TRUMP HIMSELF to DECLARE he believes he is automatically ENTITLED to a 3rd term.

  • Rodney Austin says:

    Is there any mention of her going off the rails and saying "I think most people think rape is sexy…"? This doesn't make headlines because she is crazy. The mindset that rape is sexy is crazy enough that CNN cut to commercial. Why did you ignore that? "The hypocrisy of Republicans…are now ignoring allegations…" Where is the evidence? This is front page news. Youtube her, Google the story.

  • Crypto Dunker says:

    Why is this not getting coverage? Maybe because it's just an allegation without any evidence years after the fact, like all the others. Why do none of the allegations come before he's a rich, powerful politician? Convinient huh?

  • Have you seen her interview with Anderson Cooper? They dropped the story because she was digging herself into a hole.

  • CaptainTedStryker says:

    According to RW sources, all of the accusers are "lying for publicity" to smear Donald's character. You know, his reputation of treating women with respect. As a female ally, he's right up there with Harvey Weinstein and Roger Ailes.

  • If this story came out during the campaign, I would have bought it. But why the hell would this story come out now? Especially at this stage when we're so desensitized to Trump's antics. It doesn't help her case at all.

  • Mymy Lastname says:

    He has an abnormal little penis and daddy issues. Don the Con has been a rapist for so long, and needs to be arrested.

  • I am shocked and dismayed, David. How can you possibly advertise for a company that digests books and gives you what the company believes to be the salient points? Every person should draw his or her own conclusions whether it be on literature or current affairs, no?

    Please cut your ties with Blinkist.

  • Zissou Moonshot says:

    I am curious why her reaction was to laugh… in a public department store would you not cry out for help? Surely staffers were nearby….?

    I hate Trump and believe he has assaulted many women, but this woman is selling a book…

  • The accuser is right. To Trump loving fucktards, him being a rapist is a positive attribute. A sign of masculinity.

  • those replying to this are trolls says:

    another brain washed communist traitor spewing a false accusation for her 15 minutes of fame and a huge pay check from the communist traitor Marxocrats (democrats). Meanwhile that sack of worthless shit Bill Clinton actually raped many and that worthless harpy Hillary had minions scare those victims into silence. not to mention the long list of bodies who magically commit suicide in ways that are obviously murder but covered up in the wake of the Clinton Crime Family.

    Socialism is pure evil and will not be tolerated in the USA we patriots will rise up and stop it we are not giving up our guns either. 150 million innocents is the body count of socialism throughout history it always leads to government democide (that is when governments murder their own citizens illegally to maintain their tyranny). socialism is also pure and simple theft to support the lazy which is not morally acceptable period. the senseless slaughter of innocents by the socialist death panels in socialist healthcare countries is pure evil.

    you all push the lies and hate about Trump only because he is bring the USA back to its proper place and strength after the Marxocrat traitors attempted to divide and destroy it.

    you leftist scum are supporting and protecting pedophiles and supporting the sexualization of children which is disgusting, children have no place stripping for anyone especially not adults, and sex with children is never acceptable period.

  • Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

    Bush: Whatever you want.

    Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

  • confucius12012 says:

    No one is going to take you Pacman viewers seriously when you are easily, EASILY misled time and time and time and time and time and time again. You people are f'ing beyond GULLIBLE.

  • The media is too lazy and they know that once they open this can of worms they will be called to have the victims come on their show to be interviewed. They would rather devote their news time to the election and to the other events. Trump just came off of the Mueller investigation and did not get accused in that, so now he seems to be 'untouchable'- if the FBI and Mueller cant bring him to justice for all of the cr** he did, then why open the can of worms on national tv, it would just lead down a rabbit hole.

  • It's all right republicans he is grabbing a little pussy on the run,all of you knew that before you cast a vote for him.

  • Mirquella Santos says:

    Trump is white and super rich so next. Pedophile Moore admitted sleeping with children and nothing. Blacks even super rich blacks can't get away with such crimes and Bill Cosby is a perfect example.

  • russ horcher says:

    This absolutely happened. How could it not have? Multiple times, yet here we are being governed by the vile beast. Lifelong well documentation of extreme perversion and assault. This guy is right on the money!!!

  • Charissa Klingelhofer says:

    Are you really making this about politics? Really? I can't even, wow. Your channel just lost all credibility with me. This woman also stated in an interview with Anderson Cooper that rape is sexy, and a fantasy most woman have. And she wouldn't consider what happened to her as rape. She also stated she would not report this saod rape because it would be shameful for her to do so while all the immigrants at the border are going through far worse. Hmm, yes watch her interviews before jumping on an anti Trump campaign. It is an awful thing to falsely accuse someone and I wonder of it happened to you would you handle your reporting with such carelessness. Credible witness, yes like the sixteenth. This is the problem I have with political agendas in this country, it is shameful, and slander to accuse someone you hate of rape just to prove they are a terrible person. Identity politics should be illegal outlawed, it makes us look stupid as a country and weak as a people.

    Also, before you falsely accuse me, I am not a republican. They ignored it because she embarrassed Anderson Cooper in an interview, because she was obviously lying.

  • Idiots- CNN gave her 2 interviews, MSNBC- anyone who writes a book and has a bad thing to say about Trump gets air time. The lady was and is a lunatic, watch those interviews – one is scarier then the next. Trump is trump but the desperation is so blatantly obvious you are only giving him more power and success. Avenatti, The Kavnaugh Caravan, Michael Wolfe, Omarosa- you get the picture and each and everyone of these superstars of CNN have been proven to be what they are POS.
    And they want to know why people chant- CNN SUCKS, and fake news?


  • Ms Carroll should not have come forward if she was not prepared to follow it through mainly to support other accuses and to prevent a sexual predator getting away with RAPE.

  • This crazy old lady making this claim used the plot form an old Law & Order episode, where the exact same thing occurred. IN the episode a woman claimed she was raped in the elevator of Bergdorf Goodman.

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