True Creepy Stalker Horror Story Animated

True Creepy Stalker Horror Story Animated

when I was around 14 years old I always went on the Internet and I had this app called discord after a while of having discord I met a boy named Luke we started talking for a while and one day he asked me what I looked like without thinking I sent him a picture of me he told me that I was beautiful and that he loved my long dark hair and how I did my eyeliner I just said thanks thinking nothing of it around a week later he told me that he loved me and I felt the same way about him we had so much in common Luke was very good-looking too he had a different style from normal people he wore a mask and always wore the color black a while later I realized it started becoming too much for me he would always ask me personal questions like where I lived and I told him I lived in California he also lived in California and said he wanted to run away and meet me he said that our relationship was going to get real we kept talking every day and he got so overprotective and with texts to me every few minutes one day I was home alone because my parents were on a trip to celebrate their 20th anniversary I didn't mind until it became nighttime it was so dark outside and it gave me the chills I decided to close all the windows and make sure that the doors were locked i sat in my living room and watched some TV after around 20 minutes I heard a knocking sound coming from the window behind me I realized I didn't pull the blinds over it and that some kids were probably playing tricks on me I got up and went to the window as I got closer my heart kept beating faster and faster I looked out the window and no one was there so I just closed it with the blinds and sat back down after that I got a message from Luke he said let's meet up now I told him I was busy and that I couldn't but he said that I wasn't and that he could see me I felt so afraid and told him to stop scaring me because I was home alone which I really shouldn't have told him I asked him how he knew where I lived and he told me that he looked on snapchat and found my exact location so he could meet up with me whenever he wanted I was so afraid I heard a knock on the door and a teen boy's voice tell me to open the door it sounded so attractive and I knew that it had to be Luke I stayed still and didn't know what to do it was home alone and no one could defend me when I'm alone I texted him and told him to leave me alone now look knocked again and said he wasn't going to leave I finally got up and opened the door there he was standing there ever so tall he smiled and bit his lip and invited himself in I told him several times to leave but he didn't listen then he went quiet and I tapped his back he ripped his mask off to reveal all the scars he had around his lips I froze in shock and told him to please leave now he was so angry I didn't even care then he smiled creepily and ran downstairs to the kitchen and I ran after him he was holding a knife and then ran after me I ran outside hid in the bushes and called 911 as I could the police arrived quickly they found him but what was even more creepy was that he seemed irked at me when they talked into their car they called my parents shortly after and told them everything and they came home I never want to stay home alone again it creeps me out I deleted discord and blocked him before I did having an internet boyfriend haunt me forever and I will never forget the creepy smirk you gave me


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