Trudeau urges world leaders to pull together for COVID-19 vaccine


100 thoughts on “Trudeau urges world leaders to pull together for COVID-19 vaccine”

  • Gerald Gallant says:

    Is there a more coward leader on the planet??? What a little child this half man/woman thing is leading our country… useless

  • Jack Cameron says:

    Trudeau is a globalist. He is taking our freedoms. Guns. And soon Chinese companies will have more rights in Canada than citizens. Think is is conspiracy? Look up the terms of the TPP agreement Trudeau supports.

  • FEAR exaggeration FEAR FEAR….introduce new words and catch phrases "the new normal, social distancing, stay safe, self-isolating…" provide shepherds for people to follow…fear fear fear, encourage obedience and reward those who follow diligently with positive attention and those who don't with shame and public mockery…fear fear fear; have a savior come up with the solution that the shepherds have been begging for! PROBLEM–>Reaction–> SOLUTION; they do this EVERY FREAKING TIME!

  • While a growing number of countries are seeking answer of what the WHO knew and how they were influenced by China and that a larger number of countries will be seeking compensation from China. Our globalist leader justin gives the WHO $830 billion and not a negative word out of our media. SHAME ON U CBC, and how can u so called journalist that work for our crown corporation live with yourselves?? U were good unbiased journalists at one time.

  • Bonnie Jackson says:

    So easy to judge and criticize. Noticed how President Obama and PM Trudeau have aged so much. As a grandma I no longer demand purity in jobs that require compromise.

  • Jillian Jacques says:

    Funny for someone who was using government funding to pay for his kids private education to have such bold opinions about keeping a roof over Canadians heads during times of uncertainty. ????

  • The most frightening thing is that Justin Trudeau might do to the entire world the same thing he has done to Canada.

  • Annette King says:

    After my daughter almost died from the MMR vaccine years ago, I am against vaccinations. I beg our government to do more research on vaccinations and not put all faith in what Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have to contribute. There are many other scientists and doctors out their who have very different views

  • Dawn Hoffman says:

    I hope he gets the message we won't take the vaccines…period….it should say something when more people dislike the news than like .

  • It doesn't matter how hard TRUDEAU washes his hands. Leaders will not shake it. He is a transparent fraud to his countrymen and the world.

  • Farren Rohana says:

    If the attack on BG on Instagram from over 1 million people doesn't tell them a great many of us are NOT getting v accines they are quite daft!

  • From reading all these comments Canadians should be proud of their resilience and awareness for these are times that need heaping doses of both. The stark reality is that world globalists(Gates, the WHO, the NIH, CDC….and so many others in various countries) have had an agenda for one world government which further lines their already overflowing coffers, at the total expense and in abject disregard of all human dignity, rights, freedoms and liberties. This is not about the advent of a virus but rather a well laid out plan that has been organized for a very long time.
    But people need to continue to become fully informed and with that knowledge stand up for their rights and demand that their elected leaders who work for them do that and lead, protect and defend their constituents. Things happening today will permanently alter what quality of life we will live tomorrow. Every evil must come to an end.

  • Trudeau wastes taxpayers money and send it to WHO and P4 Lab in wuhan China. He is a supporter of CCP against all Canadians!

  • 400-600k people died every year from flu with FLU VACCINE worldwide! People have been working on the flu vaccine for decades!
    Vaccine is NOT the magic wand you wish for!
    Put focus on protecting seniors nursing homes. Let people do their business. Of course you are not doing that because all you capable of is throwing tax payers money to show your hopeless virtue signals.

  • Tony Faulknor says:

    ‘World leaders’? That’s funny, what do you lead at, lying to people? I cringe every time one of you ‘World leaders’ hit the airwaves, trying push that poison you know full well, is inferior to hydrochloquine and covid organic, but none of those facts prevent from you lying, lying and lying, do they?

  • Tony Faulknor says:

    ‘World leaders’? That’s funny, what do you lead at, lying to people? I cringe every time one of you ‘World leaders’ hit the airwaves, trying push that poison you know full well, is inferior to hydrochloquine and covid organic, but none of those facts prevent from you lying, lying and lying, do they?

  • Robert Saint says:

    Open up but use common sense. Do your own research don't read headlines and you will be fine.
    Maybe build up your immune system eating well:)

  • If It Is Anything Like The Flu Vaccine You Can Stick It…Most Of Us Can Fight This Off Just Like The Flu…Bunch Of Bull People.

  • The politicians are so consumed with “GLOBALISM ” they don’t know what’s best for their own citizens. Locking in the strong and healthy along with the vulnerable.
    Big mistake or done on purpose. Mistakes can be forgiven, planned oppression will be resisted!

  • Christopher Robin says:

    Above all, don't forget to keep sucking up to those CCP bastards who are responsible for this crisis.

  • Lila McDougall says:

    Trudeau is not a leader. The man liver behind closed doors only popping his head out for a few minutes each day to lie to Canadians. The world leader laugh at him and hsve no respect for him. Csnadians are waking up.

  • johnathon johnson says:

    They haven't invented a vaccine for any corona, hell they dumped 100s of millions and years into SARS, and nothing, the vaccine is a scam and lie.

  • Mary Zizakovic says:

    We need a leader in this country. I don't even bother listening to this puppet anymore. Waste of my time. They screen all of his questions beforehand. Wake up…do your research. Much bigger agenda here. Don't accept this "new normal". Its called Communism. We are already seeing it.

  • Mary Zizakovic says:

    Doctors get paid more $$$ to diagnose as Covid-19. Do your research. Covid-19 is another strain of the flu. No worse than any other year.

  • JC this fcker reads his speech like he's reciting poetry and can you pls stop switching back and forth from English to french?! Just stick to English cuz this is an English speaking country ffs… I'm sure the french news media will translate it to their language. So fkn unbearable to watch.

  • Why don't you erge people to eat healthy, build there immune system with vitamins and minerals as we'll with proper diet of fresh food, and get out for some fresh air. Staying in doors, washing yourself constantly and sanitizing only weakens your immune system then when the general public does go out there will be plenty more sick…
    When in contact with dirt and unclean things, your body builds natural antibodies to fight diseases.

  • Shottgun Fitness says:

    You fools ever look at your likes like a poll? Do the people want this?…looks like a no to me!

  • DaveTech Canada says:

    dislikes vs likes say it all. Make sure Gates and the political party people get the first shots, publicly. CRIMINALS!

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think a vaccine has yet been created for any Coronavirus after years of trying?
    It could be a long wait with no walk in the park.

  • Lot of people don't know this but Justin Trudeau is from Pakistan he was born there he has family there and he's bringing them all to Canada and also he has family in China he's bringing them here also he wears his little hat that he bought in Pakistan from his family he works at the bed when he walks the street he wears a dress so write this down five years from now let's Canadians have to move out of Canada because Trudeau is bringing all his family to Canada there's no room for us so we have to go to Pakistan to live at least it's warm there remember what I told you write it down our grandfather's will be sure happy about this guy

  • Stay safe ,Let's stay strong & fight this togeather ..?????? Trudeau is right while we fight to keep numbers down,So should others Leaders..Not happened in us

  • Our so called "leaders" don't want a vaccine. They are petty tyrants at every level loving their new found power to rule by decree. They see this as an opportunity to push their socialist utopia dream by destroying the economy, forcing everyone to be dependent on government and have everyone live in a state of constant agitation and fear. All so that we don't contract a disease with a 99.998% survival rate.

  • Screw Trudeau and his globalist plan. He’s lost the trust of the people. Not that he had it to begin with. He’s a traitor.

  • Dwayne Cuvelier says:

    Holy crap where did all you crazy Canadians or trolls come from? Apocalypse/Horsemen/Aliens your all nuts, you talk about CBC being a liberal puppet? Maybe your right, you lose all credibility and the argument when you attack Trudeau's looks and hairstyle and beard no beard, his suits or how he's stands or by calling him names, you are going to lose every argument if it starts with a personal attack, don't like him fine, me either, attack his policies his action or inaction, personally I would like to see Peter Mackay as next Prime Minister. this isn't the USA nobody wins an election here based on who insults the leader best

  • Still looking for the UN seat on the security council … I guess he spends his days Crying in bed because the situation is way too much for him … afraid to go out like real world leaders are we little potato head!!

  • The President of Tanzania tested a goat a papaya …put human names on the labels and the tests came back positive for covid19! Bill Gates sent some agents to Africa to test his new vaccines, they inject these poisons into children from the ages of 7 to 13, very successful they died on the spot!

  • Rosemary B-C says:

    If Trudeau has, indeed, been under house arrest (replete with ankle monitor and/or tracking chip) since the first week of March, why hasn't he been hauled off for a military or judicial tribunal yet? What's taking so long? Canada is burning while Trudeau is fiddling with his silly socks and hair!!!

  • Trudeau has been placed on HOUSE ARREST since Mid March for crimes against humanity by USA severed inditement and awaiting trial and also, awaiting trial SHERMAN MURDERS and money laundering awaiting trail. WAKE UP CANADA how much longer is this TRAITOR going to FOOL YOU ALL! Trudeau used $850,000,000.00 to WHO a FRAUD ORGANIZATION = Poisoned VACCINES = Mandatory Microchip EVERYONE! Bill Gates must be also ARRESTED he's the mastermind to depopulate society with poisoned vaccines. —– SHOW US YOUR ANKLES JUSTY NOT YOUR SOCKS — GITMO 🙂

  • Look up Dr. Judy Mikovits on utube or anywhere else and read what she has to say about the vaccines they have produced for the past 4 decades.

  • Justin couldn't urge himself to have a good bowel movement. Meeting world leaders while showing off your pink socks is no different than seeing a convicted child molester in a courtroom wearing a crucifix. It's disgusting any way you look at it. Stop pushing your own agenda . People are in trouble out here.

  • Blue The Dog says:

    I live in the middle of a bush. Thank God. What the hell would I need a vaccine for? The fact that Justin Trudeau got voted in is fact that city people don't know how to use their brains properly.

  • Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    What happened with the Sars Virus ? Did it go away on its own – or was there a Sars vaccine – I dont hear any thing about that ? Was the Sars vaccine dangerous?

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