100 thoughts on “Trudeau says emergency wage subsidy will be extended”

  • What about the push towards mandatory vaccinations!! Where does the PM stand on that? WHere does the media stand on that? When are going to dig and see what is really going on and WHO is the man behind the curtain!!??

  • Liberal liars!
    The Canadian coalition for firearm rights will be filling a lawsuit against this Govt.'s hate towards Canadian law abiding firearm owners. I support this lawsuit!

  • How much money has the government printed in the past two months? How much more does it plan to print? Can anyone comment intelligently on the long term impact that will have on the economy?

  • Rosie Zazzara says:

    personal choice yes was given to me yet they offered no pay and gov.offered no response for part time low income min.wage workers

  • Mitch Holder says:

    My fellow Canadians, now would be the time to enroll yourself in cub scouts for next fall – yer gonna need the training.

  • stimulus??? that requires money over and beyond monthly needs… people need EXTRA spending money to be able to be spending a stimulating level of funds..

  • Abigail Jean-Marie Fletcher says:

    Reporters please reference strippers and dancers escorts how this industry is ignored completely

  • Terry Mckiernan says:

    what happens to the working older generation you increased working age but now a lot of us have lost those jobs and now we have nothing to go back to. most jobs are not looking at the 60s and over but some of us need to work . what happens to us.

  • Justin's low skilled immigration policy is what's driving the wage gap. While our high skilled, high wage jobs were being shipped overseas, the liberals and their state run media were reassuring Canadians that we would all find jobs in the up and coming "service industry". As it turns out, these service industry jobs are mostly all low skilled, low wage jobs that are being filled by low skilled immigration. Justin created this mess and fixing it will require that he forsake his virtue signalling ways. Not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  • So many people here bashing immigrants. Excuse you! Most of us had 2 to 4 jobs and paid thousands of dollars in taxes before this whole pandemic blew up. A large majority of us still going to work as "essential workers" while some of you have been collecting welfare checks at home. My parents never enjoyed EI benefits in their almost two decades in this country because we work nonstop. Immigrants built this country.

  • CBC is a propaganda machine for the liberals. Just like when Goebbels minister of propaganda during the thirties and forties of Germany. Much the same spreading lies.

  • Force lucero says:

    Artemisia annua, donne des très bon résultats mais personne en parle, et la médecine des premières nations personne en parle, évidement car là la nature es oublié….

  • Proud Canuck says:

    There is a lot of ignorant people making dumb comments here. Read something about economics before you start giving your dumb opinions. Trudeau is doing exactly what Europeans are doing. It's the only way to do it. I would like to hear about your solution instead of your useless bitching. The CONServatives and Russian Bots hope everything goes bad for Canada, but you're wasting your time. The Tories will NEVER win again because Canadians have seen how they have no clue about running a country.

  • Tourism is taking a huge hit, some areas such as the one I live in are very reliant on tourism. I've lost all my bookings all through the summer, even if things open up again I'm concerned it will flare up worse than before. I'm a senior I can't take the risk. I was reliant on my B and B for income and their is very little else in this community for me to support myself. Just like so many here and other communities like this one, the rug is completely pulled out and I have no idea where to go from here.

  • Lovely Pariah says:

    Appreciated the interview with Rebecca Zirk, the hair stylist. She reminds your audience of some important questions to ask, details to consider (e.g., issues with wage assistance distribution, how to obtain PPE [where, gouging], how to properly use PPE without training).

  • Cryptameria?? says:

    I think JT is doing the best he can. I didn't vote for him last time but he has it next round. Haters gonna hate

  • There are people who still do not meet the needlessly stringent requirements for neither federal nor provincial economic aid. COVID is affecting everyone.

    While those greedy corporates are pampered, over-exploited workers are cruelly being punished for speaking out, even before this pandemic. Our legal system is broken — there is no justice for the vulnerables.

  • Conservatives blame Trudeau of emptying the cupboards. But they forget what are the cupboards for in the first place.

  • Could not stand listening to this “deputy prime minister”, a position that was vacant from 2006 until Nov 2019, elevated by the current government led by Trudeau at a cost of $270K to Canadian tax payers

  • the Unrepentant says:

    Have you ever had that sinking feeling that you are being taken for a ride? COVID-19 conveniently arrived at a time when the dollar was projected to collapse. Oil future contracts for May dipped below zero dollars. Business is shut down. At the same time unprecedented amounts of money are being paid out that even in a red hot economy might prove impossible to repay. SARS-1 that was the predecessor to SARS-2 that we title COVID-19 simply ran its course taking out those that otherwise would have died from seasonal influenza. COVID-19 is more aggressive but targets the same audience. Each successive wave of virus that is held back returns with greater virulence. That 100 million dollars are being allocated to food banks is a prelude to a dismal future. With production shut down expect food shortages. Tensions are rising. A staged shortage of bread, when there was actually a surplus of wheat and plenty of flour, precipitated a general strike and takeover of Russia by the Soviets in 1917. Citizens reacted emotionally giving no thought to the motives of those who organized the event, tightening the snare on their own demise. This shutdown is a thinly disguised pretext for takeover and transformation of society.

  • Aidan Fisher says:

    nothing is free. ur income tax will just go up & u will b tax more this yr & for infinity actually w all d "aid" given out every day. unless money grows on trees in soya sc tourduc baby's backyard??

  • Thank you Mr. Justin Trudeau for sharing your words of encouragement with us in this difficult time we are facing today… And yes, I agree with you, Canada will soon be stronger then ever… patience!

  • Ban 5g = Contact tracing… & Huawei! Trudeau and Tam = TREASON
    What happened to “We might have to go Digital Currency”… Planting the seed Early Éh!
    Why did Japan, Australia and New Zealand ban 5g?

  • Okay ReadyPlayerOne. says:

    Get prepared folks because you are going to be taxed up your arse on your income tax. Stimulus spending is another way to “pay your tax later in the future aka…tax deferrals

  • What about cerb ?? I'm from New Brunswick and I work in Newfoundland the company I work for laid off everybody and they don't know when their gonna open plus we don't know if we are even going to get a call back ?

  • Maryjane Kapteyn says:

    Why is no one talking about single parents who may be single income earnings and are struggling to make ends meet on one income. Further, who can’t return to work without affordable and safe childcare.

  • We are not gonna let Bill Gates makes billions from vaccines and we have to lose our health after losing our wealth

  • Parwin Beautiful beautiful voice Payman says:

    Mr Trudeau you’re sooooooooooo good for every business l think you forget about small business I have vary small business I don’t know how i pay my rant all bills can you help me please Thank soooooooooo much

  • 3 million Canadians unemployed. Every single CBC employee needs to be unemployed and be standing in a soup line.

  • Audio Production/Music Production Course says:

    Why I should pay double taxes for 2019 and for 2020 in 2020 while others don't work and sitting on subsidies.

  • Please do a story on the outbreak at CFB NB. A soldier traveled to Justine trudopes home riding and broiught the wuflu back to a secure NORAD base. The media has covered outbreaks on US aircraft carriers and false positives at North Bay postal facilities whoich is spreading false information. Why no story on the outbreak at CFB NB?

  • Angela McCloskey says:

    This is defo NOT a good idea, reopen Canada, the ppl cannot affford for their PM to literally BREAK the country by throwing out money that they do not have!!!!! Stop the insanity now, before its to late!!!!

  • The CBC bootlicking squad for Princess Tru"duh"eau is sickening on how they support this lying incompetent failure of Canada!

  • The best part of The Morning Show with Justin is either how he can talk for so long without saying anything or the fact that if you listen closely, you can almost hear the wind blowing through his ears. I can't decide.

  • RECCE Patrolman says:

    The dictator of Canada now controls CBC by making them dependant on him financially. The dictator can go visit his family in another province but you may not. The dictator is morally superior to you so do not question his actions. Make sure your ideals are in line with the dictator and life will be sunny. Do not challenge the Canadian dictator and his regime's ideology or their will be no place for you.

  • Charles Yuzicappi says:

    When will Trudeaus regime help our agriculture and energy sectors, create jobs for Canadians instead of foreign low wage workers, and secure ppe from reputable sources not China???

  • Eleni Shouftas says:

    I dont think the question about workers who don't feel safe and staying home, and getting CERB has been really answered. I guess it was answered cryptically because the answer was no.

  • Another task Trudeau seems to be performing for the Globalists is the dissolution of Canada.
    To not be allowed to travel from province to province, as drug-addict and psychopath (allegedly) PM of Ontario advised yesterday, is a 'de-facto' break up of Canada. Note that citizens of other nations can enter Quebec. But citizens of other provinces cannot.

  • Any 'wage subsidy' will go into the mattress.

    Trudeau and his 'handlers' are murdering the economy.
    Closing provincial borders means the de facto break-up of Canada.
    As Trudeau said: "Canada is the first post-national state." He was proud of that fact!

  • Steve Ujfalussy says:

    ALL pensions across the board should be made the same. Seniors, Veterans, Unemployed, and I'm sure there is more. They want to put this system in place but can't even get that right.

  • Kevin Morrow says:

    Keep spending Trudeau, yes so we can see this country collapse under your stupidity. Rule 1 never let an actor run a country. Its not working here or the US.

  • This loser Justin Terd-eau, is not going to tell me to sit isolated in my place if thing are going negitively again. He had his chance and now I'm done. He's nothing but a control freak.

  • Mark Naccarato says:

    Put everyone back to work! Trudeau’s father killed this country by losing our sovereignty over our money, now his son will finish us off. This controlled and paid for institution called the CBC, will never tell you the truth. They are in the pocket of who pays them, Trudeau. Makes me sick. You do not live in a free country. Truth hurts.

  • Whitecap madness says:

    2 years ago, veterans were asking for more than Canada had to give.
    Then he blows billions, on everything else……

  • I’m disagree reopening!!!
    Corona is very fast move to ppl
    Most ppl they don’t wearing mask with take the skytrain and bus
    Very dangerous
    Reopening is those expecting good news will get a rude shock.

  • I would like to know why real canadians are to be home and work visas for imagrants are working in meat factories and Tim's. Thanks to Trudeau.

  • I hope the vaccine becomes mandatory for everyone and is accompanied with a microchip to verify vaccination. I can envision a future where we scan the microchip in our wrist before being allowed access to grocery stores or workplaces.

  • Markus Buelow says:

    Who will pay for that ? Your children get taxed or sold to CCP ! He just pleged 800 million CAD . To the CCP WHO . NEVER SAID THANK YOU TO.TAIWAN FOR SENDING PPE TO BC . WHY ? PRAISING THE CCP CHINA? THEY SEND US INFECTED PPE MASKS 95. NOW THEY GOT THERE MONEY THRUE" WHO"? HE SAID WOULD NOT PAY .!

  • A lot of people don't know this but Justin Trudeau is from Pakistan he's bringing all his family here to Canada the Canadian's will have to move out of Canada because there's no room for the Canadiens he wears his funny little hat to bed for he got from Pakistan he's something else is me he's something nobody gets his pink guy any credit… someone told me the other day to try to use a washer on the highway you couldn't use it because Trudeau's family was praying in the bathroom they couldn't get in he's something else is me

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