100 thoughts on “Trudeau earmarks $1.1B to COVID-19 science, as Sask. plans to reopen”

  • What does Ramadam have anything to do with this covid lockdown? The first words out of this betrayer's mouth is "Muslim Canadians". What ever happened to Canadians Period – not Christian Canadians, nor Judaic Canadians or Pagan Canadians or anything else. Who cares about "iftar" or whatever. Ramadam Mubarak are you kidding me Mr. Prime Minister. Canada is a secular society last time I checked. Furthermore before anyone leaps on their high horse, I , personally practice a faith and I would Never Ever dream of imposing it on ANYBODY. GOT THAT!

    This P.M. acts more like a goody goody social worker than a leader. The citizens of Canada need decisive strategies for small business owners, health care workers of all stripes, farmers, truckers, and hospice management etc. Plus a plan for eventual release of non-infected people to normalization.

  • Look. I am very pro immigration and in peace times, I am okay with foreigners working. When they come to Canada to work, they contribute to other sectors of the economy, so it is usually a neutral or positive benefit to the economy. But now is not the time for migrant and temporary workers. Canadians are absolutely willing to do this work, BUT we have to stop letting companies underpay and not provide benefits to their employees. Can we start to have a real conversation about a living wage, and full time work? We need to return to a time when a family can meet their basic needs with some small luxuries (like 1 modest outing per week) on one full time salary. And getting a full time job shouldn't be next to impossible in the manufacturing or production sectors.

  • This is dumb. This is foolish. Why haven’t we started serology testing yet!!!! Not even on a sample basis.
    Without that serology testing, we dont know how bad this virus is.
    Studies in California as that this is just a bad flue, and all we really need is treatment for those are badly affected. NewYork study says 20 % of the population there has been infected.
    Before we spend any more on bankrupting the country we should find out how bad it is. If it is certain groups that need help, then let’s focus on that…seniors.
    What is going on now is incompetence from a directorship point of view!!!!!!

  • gurinder singh says:

    Their tossing way too much money around. Deficit has increased so much making it the most deficit in Canadian history.

  • Come on people will they actually help businesses with rent? Giving a loan is not really helping… some rents for businesses downtown Toronto is over $15k per month… petty $40k is just a laughter… any real money to expect maybe ??

  • I'm a huge skeptic of so Government and politicians. I've never heard a politician, especially world leader admit a failure. 33:00 is a very interesting, as honest thing as can be heard from a leader today. Trudeau has alot of faults, but he did say at the start he would help Canadians, in this situation he is doing well in comparison to allot of other countries.

  • I am a 72-year-old who need help and never got it yet! I have been leaving comments with Prime Minister Trudeau begging him to look into helping senior citizens and people on disability who are on fixed income. First of all, I would like the Liberal Government to help us senior citizens on getting assistance on our medications. None of the heart and diabetic medications is covered under our pharmacy plan. Second of all, unless you are blind to the price gouging at the food markets, prices on meats, vegetables, or anything that are edible are on the rise every week. So please HELP!

  • Spend thrift isn’t he. If he went back to work maybe he wouldn’t spend all our money. Recent studies on hydroxychloroquine looks promising, 90% effective with little to no side effects and has been around for decades. I won’t be injecting anything from new studies, why are we spending billlions of $$. They did this during SARS and the vaccine killed more people than the virus

  • Justin have a plan. Hell he now dropped it on the provinces for them to open because he's a coward and always waits for someone else to do the heavy lifting.

  • Mexican Highlife says:

    Why do I continue to feel that our Ottawa Government is milking this crisis for all its worth? Is there something advantages for Ottawa in keeping this perception of a national emergency going for as long as possible. Just how many deaths have we had compared to other influenzas, etc? What is the mortality rate and is it all worth the sacrifice we are making. Is our government making a mountain out of something considerable smaller? Can we ever get on top of this infection if our airports are casual about returning residents and does it matter anyway? Shutting the country down for an extended period is hardly an viable option, is it? Has our government simply over-reacted to a flu infection?

  • My PM you need badly haircut, please order re-open hairsalon, everyone needs haircut special you, ?‍♀️?‍♂️

  • Jamielee Burke says:

    He should be throwing that money at long term care homes and those with compromised immune systems. LET THE YOUNG HEALTHY PEOPLE CARRY THIS COUNTRY! LET US WORK! LET US GET IMMUNITY TO THE VIRUS!

  • Maridith MacDonald says:

    All the deaths from the virus is on Trudeau, Patty Hajdu, Dr. Tam, the Liberals, WHO and CCP hands. If the borders had been closed…fights cancelled from China….mandatory quarantines for returning Canadians….not sending 16 tonnes of PPE to CCP…all Canadians should be wearing masks and more…now everyone that's not essential workers are stuck at home….or people who are essential workers or have family are, are worrying away about their health and health of the rest of the family. Canada's economy is down the drain…unemployment is higher than the great depression. A lot of the businesses will never come back from this. There will be more homeless, suicides, divorces, domestic violence, bankruptcies etc. Taxes will go thru the roof and a lot less people that will be able to afford to pay them. Services will be cut as there won't be any money to fund them. For many generations to come will be paying off the debt for this virus.

  • Trudeau is completely incompetent and should be boarded on a plane with his family and all the liberal caucus and eventually more flights for all liberal clown supporters. And flown directly to China ??. Oh and give them all 2000.00 each.

  • The Trudeau Government’s best kept secret.
    In 2018 members of the same Mi’kmaq families of NFLD had their native status taken away. A point system was designed to determine if a child of the same family should keep or lose his or her status. Imagine a father and his children having their status taken away because the father moved away in search of work. While another father that decided to stay in the community keeps his status but so does his children even though they live in another province. This is one the greatest crimes against a First Nations people in the history of Canada and this story must be told. So many families have been destroyed by this act of cruelty and every little detail of how it came about must be exposed.

  • Get your facts right. Singapore did not see a 2nd wave or new wave. We've handled the community infections very well FYI. Local daily numbers are 21 and below. Fatalities are just at 12. The only reason Singapore had a surge in numbers is because of their large no. of migrant workers who live together hence speeding up the spread. Singapore has NEVER even had a FULL lockdown. It was a partial lockdown which has now been extended to June 1st. So no, Singapore did not make any mistake at all as they are still one of the best in handling this covid situation

  • Richard Fleming says:

    Terrorism is going to look like the apathetic or don't-give-a-fuck citizen, he may even cough to make his point..may even get a laugh out of the socially distanced line he just used the wind to infect.
    Socially Distance to be a Patriot.

    We are a Mosaic .Bound by National Pride & United in the Defense of National Sovereignty.

    ^This IS CANADA

    Translation from English to Jagoff

    We believe in Science. Fight or Flight
    We have the smart people working on the virus (That's FIGHT)

    "Relax, You're being paranoid" is not an option ..that's called "Doing Nothing"..that's how extinctions happen.

    You and me .. We DO FLIGHT

    Line up-Socially distanced and Comply for everyone's sense of safety

    There's no need to add to the Social anxiety AND
    .. Exhaling droplets into the wind seems like a bad idea.

    Stay off your phone-.your droplets, when you talk. are on everyone's mind around you.

    We survive because we have 2 different instincts attack & retreat- Fight or Flight
    There's a highly contagious pathogen in our communities…
    If your Brain doesn't go into flight .that's okay..
    Follow the lead of someone who HAD the correct Basic Instinct (flight)


  • I knew Trudeau was going to be bad, but I didn't expect him to totally destroy the country. These people deserve to be in jail.

  • If you don’t believe our country has a major education problem just scroll down the comments to see all the anti-vax proponents waving their colors proud

  • The opposition asked the liberal government if they would increase the CPP benefit by $110 a month in order to help seniors. Liberals answer: " No". The Trudeau government doesn't care about seniors. Thats obvious.

  • Where is any discussion with regards to the recent studies done by Stanford, and confirmed by University of Southern California with regards to severity of this corona virus?

  • Quebec,is Ridiculous,they’re putting so much man power into fining people who want to go into Quebec and then they wonder why they need the armed forces!!

  • Propaganda machine, never push or ask or I should demand some answers for all the decisions they make .
    No investigation journalist here

  • The anti malaria drug works ! I am a nurse and I  had Corona virus and took it and now I am recovered ! We need to give out the medication NOT vaccines
    My comments keep getting edited or deleted. I wonder why..

  • Lie. Lie. Propagandize. Virtue signal. Lie. Blame America. Lie. Blame Palestine. Ambiguous language. Omission. Lie. Propagandize. Virtue signal.

    End all funding to this disgusting institution immediately. Be ashamed of yourselves CBC.

  • Soto Markoulias says:

    At 35:08, this unqualified mannequin danced around and spoke his truth, he works to help himself and his friends, he governs to cover those in his circle. The corruption starts up top!

  • Killing animals is not essential work. You don’t need meat to live. The past deadly viruses were animal (meat production)related. swine flu? bird flu ? Now Coronavirus?

  • It's extremely obvious that Trudeau hates old stock Canadians. It blows my mind how so many people don't see it.

  • I'm sorry if I sound rude but I'm just going to say it and I'm wondering if am I the only one thinking this..I hope he gets the coronavirus and there's no ventilator for him in the hospital and he dies.. I'm sorry if that's really horrible to say but that's honestly how I feel.. I truly have no respect for him and I consider him a murderer..

  • Justin Trudeau substitute bhangra dancing specialist.The brains of Canada east. Where are the comments of the people that actually voted for him?

  • Deborah Tofflemire says:

    So where is the money going in these homes?Our parents are paying a lot of money per month. So where is the money going. May be we need to look at that?

  • Its been known for a few months now that people are contagious even without symptoms or even knowledge of having covid-19 going around spreading it all over the place so why aren't we all wearing masks?
    If we all wear masks we keep our droplets to ourselves thus greatly reducing the spread.
    Uber passengers, drivers, grocery clerks and those stocking the shelves with food, customers, the people preparing and delivering our takeout as well as the customer of the delivery, masks for all!
    Not N95 masks as those are needed for healthcare workers, just regular surgical masks for the rest of us who are front-line workers essential service workers
    we're protecting the public if we have those and the public who are going for these services should be wearing them as well and this way we're all protecting each other.
    why is this so difficult?
    It's such a basic straightforward course to take. Obviously it's not the Cure but it sure will flatten the curve if everyone observes this simple strategy, in addition to physical distancing, sanitizing

  • Bring back the Plague says:

    Wow, somehow canadian tax payer dollars just magically appear at the end of the money pot rainbow!! It's free money, why not spend like a kid who just stole daddies credit card???

  • Too many negative presuppositions embedded within questions. Agree that long-term care needs a second look, but to to walk away thinking all is bad and to base our understanding on a single interviewee is careless. CBC can do better!

  • 1.1 billion to 'Science'? To 'fight' something that actually has to work its way through the system for free? Bankrupting Canada even beyond bankruptcy?
    Alas, yes. And all this with a hobbled to non-existent parliament.
    Now, 'coming home to roost' are all the repercussions of electing someone who failed to reform the electoral system as promised, and who has no expertise in any field whatsoever, except high school dramatics, and a bit of blackface.
    This is, of course, exacerbated by a totally compromised corporate/state media the difference between the several networks being style and not substance.

    The truly horrifying factor is that the part-time PM is clearly part of the Gates/Fauci/WHO/Tam faction which, do not even accept the possibility of anything but a brutal and vicious lock-down (suspension of all human and civil rights) leading to the 'fast-tracked' massively profitable, Gates Vaccine.

    I would say that we are in an existential dilemma and the CoronaVirus, is at best, an excuse for the disastrous decisions being imposed on us, not the reason.

    The CBC is not even recognizing the tragic, mounting pandemic, of social and mental health problems caused by the utter failure of the Trudeau regime to address them, even though the event in Nova Scotia is staring them in the face. And though throwing money we do not have will muffle the cries of pain somewhat, it will only magnify the problems exponentially.

    Let the people go!

  • Justin Terdeau, is the one who made this situation more complex, and out of control. He shut down Canada's economy, and made it impossible for any businesses to be stable on their own. He's going after another power grab, and must be stop! He talks to us like children, and spends money like it doesn't matter, but it does! I'm not waiting for more, and more months to go bye, while this mad man destroys our great country, and everything we hold dear. People need to contact their Premiers in each province, and stop this madness. Justin Terdeau, is on a power trip, and needs to be striped of his power. Are we going to wait until we have nothing left, and become completely dependent on the government to live. Oh wait, we are!

  • I'm not waiting until a vaccine is created to get back to normal. I won't take it anyway, so what's the point! Our Prime Minister, has no idea what the hell he's doing. I won't trust an incompetent fool like Justin Terdeau.

  • 30% voted for Trudeau in the last election, allegedly.
    20% support him now.
    46% of Canadians were clinically insane (prior to this hostage-taking).
    100% of the power belongs to Trudeau.
    100% of the media has been bought by Trudeau.

    100% of us are done.

  • Boom!… and the Trudeau-owned CBC has shadow banned me.
    Congratulations. You have turned Canada into a Hen House in Bedlam.
    Ideas are now prescribed and proscribed.
    And you call yourself journalists!
    Or do you any longer?

  • Wow the Johnathan Marchand part of this news session was incredible , what a brave guy !! …. I've only been anxious about getting seriously sick for a few weeks , this guy has to worry and fight everyday . Keep up the fight Johnathan you're a very articulate voice ,and I know you'll be a very effective voice for your cause as well .

  • "ahhh …. en français SVP " … isn't this translated from English to French the same way as it's translated from French to English ? …. kind of makes you wonder why this French journalist keeps asking for translation ?

  • To contain or head off the looming depression, our policy on the Wuhan Virus must change immediately. Two Stanford experts summarized the right approach as follows:
    The appropriate policy, based on fundamental biology and the evidence already in hand, is to institute a more focused strategy like some outlined in the first place: Strictly protect the known vulnerable, self-isolate the mildly sick and open most workplaces and small businesses with some prudent large-group precautions. This would allow the essential socializing to generate immunity among those with minimal risk of serious consequence, while saving lives, preventing overcrowding of hospitals and limiting the enormous harms compounded by continued total isolation. Let’s stop underemphasizing empirical evidence while instead doubling down on hypothetical models. Facts matter.

  • OMG! WTF! This is HELL! I can't stand this useless Prime Minister, Justin Terdeau. He's throwing around money like it will solve this problem. It's clear that Terdeau, is trying to destroy Canada. The only sure way to fix the problem is starting up the economy again. This inexperience, halfwite Terdeau, has no credibility what so ever. Justin Terdeau, and his underlings are responsible for all Covid19, related infections and deaths that plaged our country. Meanwhile, he's killing the economy, and destroying families. Justin Terdeau, answers to this issue is spend billions, apon billions of dollars. It won't work, and we will have to pay it all back. This monumental buffoon is a disgrace to Canada. He should be held accountable for everything he's done to Canada.


  • I have a question why is Trudeau making all these decisions on his own, why is the house NOT in session to debate these decisions is this not socialism?

  • Patrick LaBelle says:

    Why not stop giving $1.4 BILLIONS of OUR money to fund the clowns at CBC to pay for this? (Note that $1.4 billion given to CBC corresponds to $180 000 PER EMPLOYEE PER YEAR!). Money completely wasted. They could give instead $10 000 to one hundred and forty thousand families instead of paying for the garbage that the CBC puts out.

  • Canada is becoming a disaster zone. And the famine has not even hit yet.
    The state-funded (Liberal Party of Canada-funded) network continues to refuse to connect the dots between the GULAGization of Canada (the forced incarceration of every single Candian, without trial) and the biggest mass shooting in Canadian history.
    It is all just… not even a coincidence, the CBC would have us believe.
    Trudeau must resign!

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