Trolls Breaking News – bodaciousboxxy, svetlana, anewhopeee

Trolls Breaking News – bodaciousboxxy, svetlana, anewhopeee

Trolls Breaking News – Boxxy as we know her
is back Good Evening and welcome to Trolls Breaking
News today’s topic is return of Boxxy as we know her, this was brought to you by thelynxmonster
and everyone else with internet access. Surprisingly her new video isn’t on AnewHopeee
channel and there is a reason for this. Her video is her response to herself, well not
exactly it is response of character boxxy to character Svetlana. According to what she
says AnewHopeee isn’t boxxy’s channel, only proper channel is boxxybabee or now her new
channel bodaciousboxxy. She says that AnewHopeee looks a lot like her but she is not the same
person. The worst thing about this is that people will most likely actually believe this. Boxxy is explaining to Svetlana that she didn’t
hack her account but the account of fake boxxy. And then she proceeds to compliment her hair,
cat and takl about other things that person with severe ADD would be interested in. Many
people are happy to see boxxy as they remember her, super fast talking girl with zero ability
to hold on a single thought. But her video brings a question where trolling
ends and entertainment beggins and that’s why Steve’s joining us. Hello Steve Hey Vol Jang, that is the big question, because
let’s face it, she is several different people at once, fake boxxy, Svetlana and real Boxxy,
people will believe her, because the most of the internet are people without brains,
which would sy that she’s trolling. But in same way her story has more holes than a victim
of necrophiliac and thus we can say that it was created for pure entertainment. Thank you Steve, and yes, it seems that Boxxy
is here to entertain us, although that a lot of people will get trolled just because they
are not able to put few facts together. Now we can look forward to the avalanche of new
boxxy remixes and photoshopped pictures and that’s what internet is all about. That’s all for this evening, stay tune for
more TrollsNews, please subscribe like and comment this video and thank you for watching. My name is Vol Jang stay safe under the youtube


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