50 thoughts on “Triple Your Internet Speed for Free”

  • Wow!..These are great hacks… Polarity.. tape.. more wires.. batteries. Makes me feel dumb for not trying any of this earlier… Obviously I'm outta the loop. 

    Got any tips on supin' up my Tesla?.. I could really use some more horsepower.

  • Don't you realize that this clickbait has given him over 4 million clicks? We're all laughing at him in the comments but he's laughing all the way to the bank… Smart guy!

  • Arthur McCluskey says:

    Lol i wish my god people fall for some crazy stuff but probably people hiding and corpertation send out daft stuff make harder find real tech stuff. Bet it is sorta possible load ps4 on ps3 but probably have to bypass hardware and software stuff stop people using other operating systems. ThIs balls trying to full us with magnetic forces. Emf eltcromagnetic force. All wires have a magnetic feild. Inslation tape dont conduct. Still not effect whats coming into your home even if it worked. He trying look shy to cover him ready braak into laugthing even he not that stupid or would not know how to say some of bull he saying.

  • John Suchsland says:

    Wow! I'll give him this. He made it all the way to the end with a strait face. This guy is a born used car salesman.

  • Dude, no matter how we laugh here at this swell guy – you can not deny that he has raised nearly 4.5 million visits !!! If this is not a record – what more to say!

  • Why did I just see this now and not before I upgraded my internet plan? Yes! I will not buy speaker wires anymore for my wiring. I'll just use my old electrical tapes and use red for positive black for negative. My sound transfer will be so fast and could run longer distance with zero loss.

  • no Muslim Isis scum says:

    utter rubbish!! This School kid knows jack shit. Is he making this up for his little project. None of these work….

  • I taped a AA battery to my modems processor and to make it more secure I taped a marble on either side of the -ve terminal of the battery. I only doubled my dl speed but the only catch is I can only access porn websites.

  • Increase your cable speed – This kid is ate up with himself and his importance: 1st – use 2 AA rechargeable batteries and wrap coils on ethernet cable – NOT 2nd – an equal part of raw ethernet cable wrapped at each end of an ethernet cable – NOT 3rd – Salt coating in plastic bottle and so on – NOT 4th Wrap foil around your ethernet cable, shine bright flashlight at end of the ethernet cable connector for 3 minutes – NOT and 5th I am tired, don't th;ink I will look for number 5.

  • 5 Subscribers With No Videos says:

    2019, I'm from the future. Now we have kat 7 Ethernet cables and most people use wifi to the point the some ISPs have blocked their ethernet ports in their routers.


    Wow works so good I don't even have internet and it worked for me because electrical tape allows internet to flow through the time space continuum sling shot itself around the moon and bouncing off the sats in low Earth orbit and directly into your full of shit 👍

  • janerik5 saaka says:

    what if i have 2 cables coneckted then do i need to tape 2 battarys on only one or 2 batterys to 1 end and to the conecked other side.

  • wayne mckinnon says:

    I was Stupid I Tried it I went from 37 mb to 35 and my up load was the same it was supposed to triple so I should of got 105 down load 35 So I guess I was a fool So don’t bother to try it and there is No reason to subscribe this fact person

  • This guy should know there are some people(like me) want to believe this video. especially people living in third world countries.

    I was also the one who believed him until I actually did the same things follow by this video. I should read the replies first before I act. I spent 2 hours and 3 dollars to buy only 1 electric tape because I eagerly want to increase my internet speed. Yes! I currently live in a third world country.

    If he did this just for fun, then he needs to warn that this is a joke at the beginning of this video for some morons just like me.

  • Aderson Torres says:

    You must be very lonely, it show from all the shit behind you, ever consider getting a job and meeting people?

  • firstname lastname says:

    use electric tape because it conducts electricity……….. WTF are you talking about!!!!………. it is used to INSULATE electrical connections, that or every time we touched a repair we would be killed…………… guy is an idiot

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