Triple amputee back behind the wheel

Triple amputee back behind the wheel

Come on in! Reporter: Christine Caron’s
back at the hospital that taught her
how to walk again. But believe it or not she says
the skills she’s learning now are even more exciting. This is getting my life back. It’s freedom. Reporter: She’s being taught how
to get back behind the wheel. The mother of four lost
both of her legs and an arm from a rare infection
caused by her dog’s saliva. With months
of rehabilitation, she took her first steps again
and moved home. But since then
she’s had to rely on family to drive her everywhere. Caron’s taking
a driving lesson using a one of a kind
contraption built by the Ottawa Hospital’s
rehabilitation centre. I got it. So I’m pushing the cup forward. Reporter: When Caron
pushes down, a metal rod
pushes the gas pedal. She uses this handle
to turn the wheel. So in the headrest of her
vehicle we have three buttons. So one is for
the left turn signal. One is for
the right turn signal, and the middle one
is for the windshield wiper. You know your automatic
reaction is to use your legs, and your brain says,
“No don’t use your legs.” So then your body goes–
[screams] For a second. Reporter: Her driving instructor
and occupational therapist both say it’s the last step
to her recovery. I want to cry. I’m so happy! I’m so excited!
This is– We’re almost at the end. It was so good today! Reporter: Ashley Burke,
CBC News, Ottawa.


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