100 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy pumps breaks on joining Trump legal team”

  • Gowdy puts in a good talk but very little action flows from it. I don't think he is the right man for President Trump he has on many occasions been unwilling to support President Trump with conviction. I don't think he has the courage.
    President Trump needs good honest men that have the courage of their convictions.

  • He probably had his family threatened if he did, like before. Makes ya wonder if the demonrats have something on him. Meanwhile, MSM stays quiet about their Antifa friends

  • Abdirashid Hussein says:

    You are truthful and honest. The unknown made a report call violence video games, movies unacceptable2019. He not only killed an innocent President Trump,all American different deversity but also ruined his life and the lives of his family. Sad. I pray for that American people different diversity and his family. I pray for the all Americans different deversity and his family. Thank you for your insight!! I pray and thank God for you!!I remember when I trusted the media to present both sides of the story and let us decide for ourselves but that was years ago.Right CNN watchers don’t care that CNN,New York times lies to them because they hate Trump,all American different too but Maybe it’s because CNN,New York times caused that hate to start with honestly, color of your skin has so little to do with this. My heart is broken that this American people different is dead fake history. If the President white man had been President black man and the woman white,black it would still be heartbreaking. When any of us can be safe in our own country, there is a problem all news association's misinformation, propaganda, mistrust of violence. It is just so sad a American people different diversity is dead unacceptable.We are not a fraid to use our term to save lives.

  • Gowdy is the man, be very afraid shifty Schiff and Nervous Pelosi!
    Love the media's outrage over a satirical video when they champion actual harm done by ANTIFA against Trump supporters every day of the week! The hypocrisy is beyond the pale as usual. But the narcists on the Left are insane! the insane want to run the asylum, we cannot let them!

  • At this point, criminal defense attorneys are needed. Say no to gowdy. Giuliani would be an awesome criminal def attorney for whomever needs one.

  • People have lost their common sense. Doesn’t matter if your on the right or left, the video is ridiculous. Everyone should condemn it. Stop paying so much attention to the political hacks that profit from dividing people.

  • Just what the President m3reds is some jackass who supposedly is a Trump supporter to put out anything that gives the media anymore to hold over his head. President Trump is doing just fine on his own lets let him make all the moves ok.

  • Trey Gowdy pumps brakes, what does this mean,? the heading does not make sense, unless fox means pumping brakes , if that is the case then someone at fox cannot spell

  • Click-bait.  Seriously, is it still "pumping the breaks" on something if you immediately respond to an invitation saying "I won't be available until [insert date]?"

  • Man, I had too much respect for Gowdy's forthright badgering style and his integrity to believe that
    he could EVER represent the arch criminal in the White House. May he never consider selling out!

  • Gowdy can't do this or that because he follows the laws. I guess the Republicans believe in laws and don't just up and change them to meet their current needs. Interesting strategy. lol

  • You can sense it in the air, gowdy and the all the other traitor pundits know that their political careers are over. It's what they deserve.

  • That video was totally stupid, dangerous and bad for our party. I can’t believe how many people I know that think it was a great idea. I was at the conference and plenty of people were laughing and saying it was “great” and “long overdue”. Wow… totally freaking bad.

  • DIY- Cheap Healthy Cooking says:

    Gowdy is a hollywood fake news reporter now.
    He barked a lot of things and DID nothing about it when he had the chance in office. Oh no wait, he did do somthing ya, he quit and ran away like a little girl.
    Gowdy is a waste of time and mostly money. Who cares what this nothing thinks or does.

  • RIGHT NOW, OUR TROOPS ARE BEING FIRED UPON, and our allies are being SLAUGHTERED thanks to Trump, and those who support him!
    If you still support Trump at this point, YOU MAY AS WELL BE PULLING THE TRIGGER YOURSELF!
    Happy now Republicans?
    That makes YOU as much of a TRAITOR as Trump!

  • Lol love Trey, dudes honest at his core. Would probably write himself his own speeding ticket. Chose on his own to be safe and sit out until January before joining the council. Wonder if he’ll still do media hits in the meantime like he was or if he’s gonna go dark until January

  • He's always straddled the fence. What is he Democrate or Republican? Best not to get his help, he might switch in middle of things!

  • Trump: "Trey Gowdy called me, says he wants to be my lawyer"!
    Trey Gowdy: No, I never called President Trump.
    Trump: "Gowdy said that because he begged me to be my lawyer and I turned him down". "Sad".

  • Collette Marie Gallegos says:

    Yet Antifa runs around batshit crazy, hazing physical assault on journalists while provoking and instigating other riot nation groupies to jump air flight 101, just to do a showdown from Florida into Portland, Oregon. And just remember how Portland's community peace officers allowed local CNN live media coverage to solicit these riot nation anti-fascist extremists, local Antifa members vs. the out of town far-right groupies to purge in street violence instead of policing the event that they had previously pre-anticipated days before the confrontational march off

  • I'm pleased to see Trey Gowdy may still have integrity – and is passing on the "consigliere job from hell" as politely as he can.
    I disagree totally with Trey's politics but have always respected his honesty.

  • oh thats to bad. now he will lose his chance to do his usual nothing at all. he did such a great job on "benGrasi",he did some great yelling at clinton. no convictions tho.and they only spent 7.8 million. i bet hes really proud of that. his best performance to date was yelling at peter strzock, which again did absolutely nothing.all the squirrels at fox just loved him.i guess its time for him to crawl back under his rock

  • Seven Nine Three says:

    No one wants to jump on to that dumpster fire. That’s a sinking ship.. Everyone’s ruined, getting arrested, or going to jail.. No thanks.. LOLOLL

  • stardust dragon says:

    Fox, you are no longer any better than the left. To fire, Gowdy, because he"may" join, Trump's,team,but you hire someone like, Donna Brazil!! Fox, you are now only have three people left, and you fire them, your ratings will join that of all the others, and you deserve it!! Fox,was created as a voice for republicans, because we had no one, and now you have joined everyone else. When you suspended, Judge Jeanine, because she spoke the truth about,Omar, and it wasn't bad,but it was the truth, and that is how we knew whose side you're on. Now, Gowdy!!

  • William Gleaton says:

    No that's not it at all he sees Donnie is about to be impeached and Trey has always been an opertunis and doesn't want to go down with Donnie that would ruin his so called image of himself.And he does love to hear himself talk.😎✌

  • Emperor Of Uranus says:

    I'm sure Jim Jordan would be happy to do it in Trey Gowdy's place if you provide him with some young boys in tights.

  • Sure he should join the lying treasonous GOP, he was part of it for years. Scumbag investigated Hillary over a private server, Trump has broken almost every constitutional law.

  • I love it, finally T. Gowdy is an incrediable lawyer, you only need to watch him in his last 3 years, I wanted him to be the AG, but in an interview he siad he could not was the dirt off himself to be objective in that role, He is an amazing man cant wait to see him in 8 years.

  • Trey u have to do something about the elites on Ellen DeGeneres and Kelley show. There out of control. Attracting bad people with hidden spy ware

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