Trendy @ Wendy: October 21

Trendy @ Wendy: October 21

(applause) Yes! And we are back. Every Monday it’s all hot topics and Trendy at Wendy. Here is our friend, Macko Zuvo, who is ahh back on the show, looking beautiful Good to be here, thank you! As do you. With beautiful things to show us for Trendy with Wendy. One hundred percent. So everything we have here is from our friends at Rue La La. It’s cooling! It’s cooling! Yes! Let me tell you all about it. This is the Infused Memory Foam, Wellness Standard Pillow. It is cooling. It comes in four different scents, so there is the aloe vera, Scents? Yes! Scents! They’re very light though. Oh! Very light, yes, yes! Uh huh. There’s aloe vera, there’s eucalyptus, yeah, right! They smell great! (laughing) Okay. So the things about these pillows is it does have the removable cover, but it’s very soft, very breathable. These are really good! They’re really good, right? So it’s the pressure relieving memory foam, right? Yeah.
Yeah That’s what gives you that comfort. Uh huh. Gives you a good night of rest. Now these normally retail for $72. No. No. Wendy watchers are getting them today for 72% off, you’re getting them for $19.99! (applause) Worth it.
That’s the price. Yeah. Great price. So after you’ve slept, you woke up, you want to do your makeup. Mmmm brushes.
Let’s talk about these makeup brushes here. In containers.
In containers! This is the Zoe Ayla 12 piece professional makeup brush set. Yes, you’re getting twelve sets. Look at that big powder brush. So good. So of course you get the makeup brushes, but you also get the travel case and the container as well. This one. For root realness (laughing) You know, you know. You know.
Exactly. You know. Well that’s what we do with our brushes, we use them for our hair, we use them for our eyeshadow. The bristles, by the way, are hypoallergenic and antibacterial which is really nice. And you can chose from white or teal. There you go, get all up in there, yes! Looking gorgeous. All right, so these normally run retail for $59.99, but Wendy watchers, great news. You’re getting it for 50% off. It’s $29.99! (applause) This is good. Brows, right? Yes. It’s good. All right.
29 you said? $29.99 that is the magic price. This is worth it.
That’s totally worth it. Worth it. Well now that you have your makeup brushes, you gotta look at yourself in the mirror and take in all this beauty. So this is the Just Own It Spotlight HD Ultra-Bright True Daylight Makeup Mirror. Yes, get up all in there. This is the beautiful thing about this mirror, is that look at these lights, They are super bright, but the magnification as well, you’re getting Oh my gosh I see everything! And that’s the good thing, right? Oh my gosh. Oh I’ve got boogers, wait. (laughing) Please, please. No one can see ’em. Oh wow, no, these are beautiful. The mirrors are amazing. What’s also beautiful of course is the light and the fact that it’s portable. So you can put this in your bathroom or you can take it with you if you travel a lot for work, right? This is really good. This is really worthwhile. Absolutely. We were joking with you, but this right here, how much is this? So, this normally retails for $150. No! But Wendy watchers, you’re not paying that. 73% off this. Choose from three colors. $39.99! There you go. (applause) Yes.
This is good. It is. I’ve been using it all weekend. Obsessed with this.
This is really good. All right, let’s talk about skin care, ’cause really the key to having good makeup is your skin. Yes, that’s the infuser tool that you’re holding. Tell you about that in a second. This is the 50x,
It’s working. Apple and Grape Stem Cell Age Defying Day and Night set. Oh, all right. Yeah, you feel the vibration? Right here, yep. Yep, yep. So that’s the defying, Defy, defy. (laughing) Yes, yes, you gotta get the neck and the face. So what is this stuff? So this is the day and the night concentrate. So you use small amounts and you put it on your face in the areas that you need. So it like, it covers your skin day and night. Right here. Yeah. Like this right here? No, I’m not havin’ that. It’s like, get, go away, go.
Exactly. Go away. Go away! So the infuser tools really get that cream right in there. Exactly. So this normally retails, this entire set that you’re getting, day and age, Oh this is a known brand too! Yeah, Yes. And how much? So this normally retails for $500. But Wendy watchers, for the day and the night concentration, and the infuser tool, Just listen. 90% off. It’s $49.99 for the whole set. (applause) Right? Yes. Really really good stuff. All right let’s move onto our next item. So these are the ztech wireless airbuds with the matching rubberized charging cases. I love these! Aren’t they great? Yes! How fun are the colors? This makes it so easy to find it in your bag. Yeah.
Yeah. So, you’re getting the airbuds of course, so they’re bluetooth so you can always stay connected when you’re on the go. Whether you’re like walking your dog or you know, These are good. Just hanging out. No wires.
No wires! And that’s the thing, no cords whatsoever. And a cute case! That case is more than just cute, that’s where you charge your airbuds. So you’re always connected, all day long. Oh really? Yeah, yeah, yeah. How much is this? So, this normally retails for $79.99. No. But Wendy watchers! You’re getting it for 75% off it is $19.99. (applause) Happy holidays. And last but certainly not least, I smell diamonds! Diamonds, darling! All right, so this is the Suzy Levian 14k point two five karats total weight diamond studs. Now, I’m wearing them right now. Oh I’m gonna wear some too. They are super cute. Aren’t they great? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you just can’t go wrong with this piece. They’re ageless. They’re timeless.
Wow. And with the holidays coming up, these are a perfect gift to give. These will totally be a best-seller. Fabulous. Aren’t they great? They compliment you so well! (applause) (laughing) Uh oh. I love a good diamond piece. Me too. These normally retail for $1140, I know that’s a lot. You better stop. But guys, wait, these are real diamonds! So that’s why. Yeah, okay. But, Wendy wathchers, you’re getting them for 78% off. They are $249.99. See, this is worth it! Okay. Yes Thank you so much for being here. Thanks to our friends at Rue La La for these amazing deals. Go to before they sell out. Get everything. Treat yourself. (upbeat music)


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