Trendy @ Wendy: October 14

Trendy @ Wendy: October 14

(audience cheering) (upbeat music) Oh oh, oh oh. Hi, it’s time for Trendy at Wendy. Oh oh, oh oh. I’m here with fabulous products at unbelievable discounts as our friend Ashley Glazer. Welcome back.
Hi, hi. Thank you so nice to be back. Ashley lead me to my paradise please. Yes, so Rue La LA has amazing things for us today starting with our favorite, robes. This is from Linum. This is a leopard print bathrobe. So good.
So good, so plush. This is what I’m gonna do with mine. I’m gonna keep it the length that it is but then I need two more. Because I’m gonna get the bottom cut off. So you can connect it.
Connect it, I always do this with the same– I love that.
So I have a train yeah.
Oh. Yes.
Okay. Yeah.
All right, I love that. And for the price all of you guys can do that too. You can customize your robe, so this retails for $149.
It’s so plush, okay. And we’re getting it 77% off, at just 34.99. It’s so cozy. I’ll take three. (audience applauding) All right.
Three, yup. Next up these are from Foley and Corinna. This is a ring bag, they’re Vegan leather. I love the handle, how Wendy’s is holding it. I don’t have anything at home that looks like that so it’s super different.
It’s really cute. And then it has the adjustable side strap so you can pop on or off. So you can go like this or you can just ring it around your wrist. It comes in two different colors and it has the zipper compartment so you can fit lots of good stuff in there, it’s good for brunch, a night out, easy.
How much? Retails $78. Okay now.
Which is great, we’re getting it 64% off so it’s only $27.99. (audience applauding) It’s so good.
Get both colors yeah. This is a good one. For fall.
Okay. All right. So next up, these are from Body Glove. These are water proof and activity trackers. So I have mine on, it does 24 hour calorie count, walking, your heart rate. I feel like now if you can see mine. This would drive me crazy.
Mine is probably so high.
But I like to keep in touch.
It’s really light weight, you literally don’t even feel it. No.
I can’t even feel it, I forget it’s on. It comes in six different colors and it retails for 89.99. Okay. We are getting it for 65% off at just 35.99.
Okay, perfect. Prefect, okay, now.
All right, luxury. Now let me tell you Jackie used to be an intern at Wendy but now she’s in our main receptionist. And she looks gorgeous in this Avec Les Filles coat, this is a single breasted faux fur coat. It comes in tan like Jackie’s wearing, and black, it’s incredibly soft. It’s so luxurious, the length is perfect for jackets and jeans and a white T. Wendy you can wear it with a dress, you can do it dressed up or dressed down. I love the inside has like the houndstooth, you know when you take it off you want to feel really glamorous also. Yes, I love it nice one yeah. Me too and it gets thrown around. So it’s so gorgeous. The buttons are nice too.
It’s beautiful But you can always go to the trim shop and buy new buttons. I do that too with the seamstress and the robe and all my stuff. I would love.
I like all your customizations today.
Yeah, I customization the situation. How much is this?
So this retails for $450 we’re getting it 71% off at just 129.99. There you go.
(audience applauding) This is Vahdam Tea World it’s Private Reserve it’s loose herbal tea. It smells incredible. You can choose from–
It does smell good. You can choose from the two different sets. It’s one of Oprah’s favorites from 2018. I love a good cup of tea. There’s a tea for everything.
Look what it looks like. It looks beautiful. How do you make this is it doesn’t drip over everything.
You can put it in a tea strainer.
Okay. So then that way you can make it at home and you can customize your own amounts. There’s a glowing set and a chai set for you to choose from. And they just look gorgeous to give as gifts. I’m a huge tea fan.
I love tea. I like two bags instead of one I mean I only use one here ’cause we’re on a budget. But normally. Yeah, well now you can take all these home, Rue La LA has given them to you. Make as much as you want make it strong. I guess, so this, the gift sets retail for up to 59.99 and we are getting them 43% off between 22.99 and 32.99. This is such a nice gift for you or your friend.
It’s a beautiful gift, yes. This is really nice. This is really nice.
And they just smell good to keep open. So next up, this is from the Manuka Doctor, it’s the Holy Grail of their skin care set. Okay.
So Manuka honey is one of the most potent ingredients with bee venom so it’s good for brightening, tightening, acne, scars, refines the lines. These are four award winning products so we have the moisturizer, the primer which I used today when I was getting ready. Okay.
There’s an oil and there’s a targeted wrinkle filler. Wrinkle filler where? Yes this one.
Perfect. Although you don’t need it you look amazing. Okay. (audience laughing)
So the retail’s at, it goes for one. Did you put it in there I didn’t even see it. So it retails for $161.80 and we’re getting it 69% off.
Even that’s very inexpensive.
It is. because this is a renowned.
And they’re award winning. Exactly, but how much are we paying? So we’re only paying 49.99. You gotta get all of this stuff before they sell out. Thank you to our friends at Rue La la for these amazing deals. is where you go if you want to get something. Uh oh, hey. (upbeat music)


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