Travel Friendly Video Marketing Gear - Turn Your Cellphone Into A Video Marketing Or Vlogging Rig!

Travel Friendly Video Marketing Gear – Turn Your Cellphone Into A Video Marketing Or Vlogging Rig!

hey miles here miles Becker calm and in this video I'm going to show you my vlogging rig which is essentially the camera the lighting and the microphone that I'm using to create these YouTube videos and I've got it kind of dialed in a way that it all fits together it's really compact it's extremely lightweight which makes it incredibly travel friendly I've got a couple of speaking engagements coming up in Asia this fall and winter and my goal has been to downsize my video equipment and my gear to pretty much as small as possible so it can fit in my backpack along with my clothes and minimize what I'm having to carry with me while still giving me that kind of production quality that I really desire now when you're doing video whether it's a vlog or just talking head videos like these there's two main components aside from the video itself that really enhance and make your video pop right it's lighting and audio most people don't realize that when you feel when you're watching a video they like wow that felt that was really a good production it's because they've taken time to dial in their audio and to dial in their lighting now all of my talking head videos are shot on cellphones and that's exactly what I'm going to show you here so this is kind of a perfect cell phone vlogging rig once it's all together I'm not going to show you the pieces I'm going to put it all together and show you how it fits together and all of the components that I'm using for this you'll find a link in the description that will take you to an Amazon cart and it's got all of the different individual items I don't remember their exact model numbers and whatnot I'll give you what I remember off the top of my head but no the description will have the precise exact components that we're using so the first piece is and I've got it all in front of me here so if you see me look down and reach down I'm just grabbing them to show you the first piece is what's called a grip now a grip is something that's designed to hold the camera and you can kind of build off of it in order to create your rig right there are some grips that are very expensive being they were Kickstarter someone can go to $300 this thing I believe was under $50 it's made by mobo again links going to be in the bottom and for the example I'm shooting on my Nexus s my Nexus 6p and for the example I'm going to show you on my wife's iPhone s E and some of these parts are not i phone friendly and some of them are iphone friendly and i'll distinguish which is in which isn't so the first thing we do here is it's really simple this grip has a little spinner on top it's got a spring in it so I slide the phone in it and then I just simply tighten down on the top and what it does is it physically grips the phone and this is kind of designed to be able to be held it gives you a better way to hold your camera so if you're out walking around you're taking shots you can do it this way and obviously you can do the selfie shot this way and this added piece on the bottom adds a little bit of weight it's just a better way of holding your camera versus the kind of like wobble cam this way but that's not how I use that this is just the starting point the next piece that I add on to this is a little tripod a flexible tripod so this lower weighted portion unscrews and it has a tripod mount on the bottom and this if you saw my video where I was at Old Faithful doing the marketing lesson from Old Faithful this is essentially the rig how it was set up and any time I'm not walking around in nature taking a video this is how it's set up now I use this job or Joby Mike it's Jo py is a gorilla pod you're probably familiar with it it's a very common vlogger set up here and it's the good old selfie shot right you kind of hold it out at arm's length you really get a nice frame shot you can keep an eye on what's going on behind you and for a lot of my videos that is enough this also works and I use this the same way on a standard tripod like I'm on a tripod right now I'm using a reveille which is kind of the Amazon cheapo special I am going to upgrade my tripod to something that's lighter weight and even more compact I'm probably going to go with a Manfrotto but it's going to be literally like 10 times as expensive the Ravelli tripod it's on the $20 tripod this is about 3035 if I were to do this again I would get the one that has a ball head so I can swivel the head and make it vertical but that's kind of another story I'm going to set the starting point to our rig down now and we're going to talk about microphones because that's the next component that we need to take care of and the first microphone you've probably heard me talk about this one before it's the iRig mic lab now this is a really simple lavalier microphone that plugs into the kind of earbud pork in your camera right into your cell phone so I'm actually using it now I'm going to stand back and kind of get on my tippy-toes and you can see it's right here it's pinned on to my shirt I usually pin it on just below the shot so it's out of the shot but what it does is it really helps kind of limit the echo and it's a really simple setup it does have a cable on it so this is what I use this is Android friendly it works on Android it's also iPhone friendly up through the iPhone 6 and 6s level the iPhone 7 got rid of that little earbud port so if you're on an iPhone 7 you got to use something different which I will show you in a quick minute here but this microphone I think is $35 and it's great for what it is for its price point it is outstanding it's not a professional level microphone but it is hundreds of times better than the standard cell phone audio and really being able to limit that and kind of control that audio takes your videos to the next level it performs really well in a slight breeze and in the wind as well I was pleasantly surprised with it so what I'm using right now I'm in a very echoey room right now you probably get a little bit of the echo but if I unplugged it you would be like whoa you're in an echo chamber dude so controlling your audio is important now let's talk about the next one the iPhone friendly one this is made by sher and this is a new microphone if you saw the episode on this channel where I interviewed my wife Melanie about social media marketing this was the microphone that we are testing now this is about a two hundred dollar microphone if my memory serves me correctly and sure if you're not familiar with sure-sure is an industry standard microphone for musicians the shure 58 XLR microphone has been used by singers and vocalists and rock stars for 30 plus years it is the industry standard for musicians so this is you're really getting into kind of like super high quality professional stuff now as we open it you'll see it's a very nice and compact setup and what I like about this one is it doesn't have a cable and it actually fits into the phone now it's got a big kind of fuzzy windscreen on I'm gonna take that off real quick and you're going to see that it is able to be kind of turned and angled it's got two microphones so it's got a left and a right so it's really really powerful for picking up great stereo kind of input and you'll notice it's got a Apple lightning port on the bottom so I'm gonna bring back in my rig and here's my rig and I simply plug it into the Lightning port here snaps in and that's it so one of the real real benefits of this is that I'm now free from the microphone and if I have other people around me I'm able to kind of really get a great audio sound without being tied into it which is pretty fantastic this microphone I believe it is like I said about $200 this is the one that we tested I'm using this for my podcasting when I'm doing just audio podcasting we're also testing this for our my wife and my business we sell mp3s and this is literally the new mic that we're using for that entire business it is one of the top quality mics I've ever had it was between this and a road and I'm really thankful we went with this mic because it is fantastic so at this point we have one more component we have to dial in and that is the lighting and before I had to really tall lights that stood on their own separate tripods which meant I had to carry not only two big lights but also the tripods and the cords etc now at this point I have found a new light from the same manufacturer and this is it it is much smaller much more compact you can see it's very thin I've got the battery on the back the batteries are sold separately with this company it's I believe 300 or 360 LED lights and it is a really really simple setup but it's really powerful at the same time listening can go blinding I've got it set really low so you can kind of see it work this is not set full blast but you can tell it really even on a low setting is kind of really common credibly powerful on the back you can see when you turn it on you can see that it's got this entire gauge you have two different color temperatures you just spin the dial to increase and decrease it as you choose and it's really getting the lighting dialed on your videos is really a way to get it to a professional level to where you really look great and oftentimes when I'm out in nature if you see my videos in nature it's the fact that I've got a light running that really is taking those shots to the next level because I'm illuminated and then in the background you can see all the nature illuminated both things get picked up the cat by the camera really well and that's what makes kind of a professional looking production from a very standard simple cell phone so how does that work with the cell phone rig well it's actually pretty special the mobo has what's called a cold shoe on top of it and this is a cold shoe if you've ever seen on like DSLR cameras how they got the spot for the microphone or the lighting on top those are generally hot shoes which means they have power since this is a cold shoe it means there's no power so I simply slid that in and I tighten this down and at this point my rig is complete now I'm generally not going to be walking around with this it's a little bit heavy but it's not out of control I very well could I also like to set this on like I said a standard tripod so it's just standing up but this is the move you simply get it going you get your temperature and your lighting dialed and this is ultimately a professional level vlogging rig or YouTube marketing rig that will break down and fit in a backpack it's super lightweight it's really high quality it really makes your videos pop to that next level and this is exactly what I'm using when I'm on my Android foam which I'm on right now I don't use this mic I do use the iRig mic lab the light was probably about 75 dollars plus the cost of the battery the mobo kind of grip in the middle I think was somewhere around the 30 to 50 dollars 30 to 50 for this the microphone the iRig about 35 I think this was about 200 so you can kind of piece it together as you see fit for your particular needs if you're on a budget there is a really easy way to do this on a budget but all in all this is what I'm using creating great results the videos are coming out absolutely fantastic and it's amazing when you take just that little bit of time and energy to really kind of dial in your lighting in your audio that quality goes up to the next level and as a content creator myself I honestly look when you're putting out videos that you like the quality of it just feels better you're more engaged you're more energetic with it I think this is a perfect digital nomad setup if you're someone who travels full time like my wife and I do you know you're always kind of got mindful of how much space and how much weight am i taking up right so this is really the most compact and those professional rig setup that I've been able to come up with so that's it if you enjoyed the video give me a thumbs up here again you can find the different items of the specific items on Amazon in the link in the description if you're using different components or if you have questions of these components hit me in the comments below I'm happy to connect with you there and answer as best I can and if you think you've got a setup that's superior to this let me know what you're using I'd love to take a look at your setup I've got a couple of months before I head over to Asia and if I need to fine-tune this at all I'm always interested in in geeking out and my lighting in my mics and learning a little bit more about what you're using and I just hope this has been helpful for you took me a long time and a lot of research to dial all these components together to really minimize the the space and the weight of this and I hope you found that to be helpful and if you have any questions let me know look forward to connecting with you on the next video be well


25 thoughts on “Travel Friendly Video Marketing Gear – Turn Your Cellphone Into A Video Marketing Or Vlogging Rig!”

  • Hi Miles great video as always. Can I ask, what do you use to edit your videos and can you recommend any good tutorials? Thanks ! Ben

  • I use LED flood lights from Loweโ€™s and I cover them in white Walmart shopping bags and creates a very soft affect like a soft box. They were great and are crazy cheapbut they are not battery operated of course.

  • Hey Miles, your amazon link in the description doesn't show the items in the list that you created. The list is empty. Check it.

  • Hey Miles, thanks for sharing! I came here specifically after asking myself, "I wonder what video gear Miles Beckler uses?"

    Curious though — in your redirect link in the description, it just shows the iRig. It would be awesome to see the other gear you use on Amz. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep crushin!

  • david patrick green says:

    Hey miles, love the video as always. I do have a question how to use an external mic when recording video on an Android because the native video app on my Samsung S8 Plus defaults to internal mic and there is no option to change that. I think that is pretty standard at least across Samsung phones. Does the iRig specifically compensate for that somehow?

  • pushREC - Robert Zinke says:

    Hey Miles you might want to look up the "Aputure M9" Light as itยดs TINY and has an internal battery that can be charged with a simple USB cable (power bank or car)

  • Tonester's Tips says:

    Thanks for the info Myles. I've done video production work in the past with traditional equipment, and I've been wondering how vlogers do it today with their cell phones. A couple of comments and questions.

    That light looks so bright and so close, it looks like it would over expose the video. I assume the cell phones make their auto adjustments for exposure so that's not an issue? I know with traditional equipment, it was always a chore to get the lighting right, to not underexpose or overexpose.

    Also, I"m amazed that your lavalier mike is what you were using in the video. It sounded pretty good but still heard the echo. Is there ever a problem with audio levels during recording? Do they ever come out too low/muffled or too loud that they distort the audio? I know there's no way to monitor the audio single coming into the cell phone. I would imagine, depending on background noise and location, cell phone shooting might require retakes for audio levels. I know with the video image, you can see it as your filming but for the audio, you have no idea what you're getting until you listen back.

    Just curious.

  • Jonathan Kjeldgaard says:

    Hi Miles. I want to sell websites, but how do i create a new website for a business, without having a week, while i'm designing the new website, where their old/current website is out of function. Is there some way with wordpress, to remake an entire website, change template etc, and then instantaneously activate the new website. What would you do if you were making websites for clients who already have a website? Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • AWESOME info Miles. Can I change the subject a little? I got your email today and watched Jay Abraham's video that you shared. I never ever thought about the difference between a customer and a client before. THANK YOU for all the deep information that you share with us. Today, Tomorrow and yesterday. You truly are an authority in the internet marketing field. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank You!

  • John Mackenzie says:

    Miles this is awesome…. I just bought a desktop mic, but need to buy a mobile rig…. time to copy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ohhh, keep up the GREAT work. I follow 10-15 thought leaders in Online Marketing and I find you to be amongst the top 2-3, and really an expert in your space. Really cool and authentic

  • I was watching it on my TV. ?? Very helpful, Thank you Miles!

    I was at a workshop where they taught us to use handphone to record for Udemy Courses. They suggested a Tripod, use the back of phone camera for higher resolution & a bluetooth wireless mic. Still prefer your one where you can walk around and talk. Cheers! ??

  • Cheers Miles. I enjoyed that. Funny because I was in the shop just today mesmerised by the new GoPro action gear which is mind-blowing – especially the camera you can wear on your wrist.

  • Harry Stockton says:

    Miles, perfect timing my wife is looking to start her channel and I was getting ready to go look at your old setup when I saw this. Thanks as always and will definitely use your links for what we purchase. Question, can your irig work with the iPhone 7 if you have the audio jack extension cable that fits into the lighting port? Thanks again. Also round love to hear Meline do her next guest video on Instagram like the one she did for Pintrest.

  • Zackery Gierlach says:

    Hey Miles ? great vid but Can this be used for recording videos at home or is their another setup that you use…. also what software do you use to edit videos … thanks for your time

  • So Sayeth the Know It All says:

    Great video Miles. When I take video with my samsung 5 camera, they come out skinny vertically with the black on each side and not full screen like yours? And you even have 1080p ๐Ÿ™‚ Is mine on the wrong setting or? Thanks

  • Russell Semenov says:

    Miles, during the shoot – as you're looking into the camera (phone), and the lighting is sitting on top, isn't it blinding you? Especially if you're shooting longer videos?
    Wouldn't you rather set the lights either behind you or on a side?

  • Very helpful info Miles. I've wondered about these components and appreciated you sharing what you've landed on with equipment. This will speed up my decision and research on what to use for one of my businesses that will launch soon.
    As a side note, last year I spent several thousand dollars on a FB Ad course and while I learned some nuts and bolts about the "how to's", I've actually learned MORE practical info from watching your videos. For the last month I've been diving into your videos and can't thank you enough for the great content. It's making a difference in my business already! Keep them coming. I look forward to each and every one that comes out next. Thanks for being so generous and honest about sharing! Blessings bro!

  • Ivan Mrลกiฤ‡ says:

    Just read that Jason scammed you out of your money…guy always looked like a dirtbag to me anways. Also, you should start making some video on creating an authority niche site ๐Ÿ™‚

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