Trains News Wire video April 8, 2016

Trains News Wire video April 8, 2016

hi trains nation welcome to another episode of trains video newswire I'm Steve swinging with trains magazine and this is drew Halverson senior graphic designer for trains drew is filling in for Jim and Brian and David were all out on the road on assignment why can't we get on assignment we're stuck here I don't know what's up with that I guess I didn't pull it out of the pull the right number out of the hand or something like that that's coming up that's coming up we got numbers in the head here in just a minute but we wanted to give you some of the top stories from changes newswire this week and we wanted to talk about some of those of course if you haven't heard already Amtrak's Palmetto got into an accident last Sunday morning struck a backhoe killed two crew members very tragic it's it's the kind of thing that we don't like to see but we're seeing a lot of recently that is true that is true and it's it's nothing that the railroads obviously don't enjoy it we following the industry don't enjoy it but it's it's one of those sad realities I think these accidents do happen you know it's it's it said so we're following that we're going to have a story this coming Monday on on what we know what we don't know and what should have happened if all the pieces fit together correctly if Amtrak's positive train control system if all the flagman were in place what would have normally happened and then piece together what didn't interesting thing that just happened a little earlier today drew the Department of Justice filed with the surface transportation board filed motion against Canadian Pacific in their bid for for Norfolk Southern the third bed right that well what number is the most recent it's it's a third bid but Canadian Pacific wants a kind of a special trust degree okay so that they can cut hunter Harrison loose to go take over NS in the meantime sounds familiar yeah it's not strange the the the statement from Department of Justice said something the effect of why let's see p scramble the eggs before the deal is done that was kind of weird why should like that you're you're a farmer you're in a farming yes I you get that reference we raise eggs but yeah so true what what kind of stories caught your eye this week so far well a whole bunch you know and he's where a lot of good stuff yeah you did a good job this week keeping the site up today what we all know rail traffic has seen a dip this last quarter economy's been rough on everybody knew but it's interesting to see the numbers you know actually how many car loans and whatever's got there I see it's like a dip dip of oh yeah yeah I have 13.8 percent carloads fewer than the same time last year so that's that's across the board inter models up which is good but you know coal coal and other energy way down so we don't like to see that but there's a lot of good stories too you know there's a short lies was pretty good yeah this came from Robert Scott out in the Pacific Northwest Robert Scott good friend of the magazine to see a new shoreline pop-up Jenna seen Wyoming in this case the Olympia in bellmore taking over a lot from Tacoma rail they recently severed an 11 year deal with BNSF out there but so when we have these tough times it's good to see short lines jumping in and in business picking up small ways step into the breach absolutely there was one story is going to mention to you see what opinion you had on it we just got word this week that RJ Corman railroad group has repainted a Baldwin switcher that's great red bright fire engine red or rj corman red colors and they've restored it to chill like new and they're running around in East Texas so that's really can't go wrong can't go wrong with bright red diesels and in my opinion that's what I thought yeah that's what I thought CD thinks the same thing I think yes yes they do Kansas City Celtic bright red bright red speaking of bright red yeah what do you when you go out there on Kansas City well infrastructure improvements again we talked about the positivity exactly in these tough economic times kcs it's gonna put 20 mil into I think it's five or six different states I mean no this is going yeah no I mean Arkansas Louisiana let's see see if you got it right Oklahoma Missouri and Kansas track upgrades you name it mm-hmm it's going to be beautiful good stuff um I wanted it wanted to mention something else too we had a really interesting story from Haley Enoch in Texas on Mexican farmer who have blocked firm at main lines which is kind of unusual and strange so they're getting just beyond that now but you know they were shut down for was it almost two days you know almost two days today's that affected all cross-border traffic tourism you name it mmm that was a big deal yeah it's kind of kind of unusual we haven't seen that stuff here in the States but it does happen in Europe quite a bit well you know drew it now is that sort of the the fun and frivolous part of the / the broad don't want to all right have to pay some bills what we're going to do here is we're going to talk to you about the about the live streaming events the gym Rin is at this weekend in North Carolina and Jim is following what locomotive he ever heard this before it's called the 611 or something six love know it's a steam engine right just yeah okay steam engine yeah Thomas and Friends uh no Norfolk and Western number 6 11 it's going to be stinging on the loops yeah in Western North Carolina but we're going to hold off just all the details on that but you can find out everything you need to know on trains website TRN trains there's a slider box in the home page and then if you click under videos you can find big big streaming big steaming he's out there right now right yes doing at jitters out Jim's out there now he's preparing for the live stream so Jim if you see this video between now and when you have to get up at 0 dark 30 have a cheerwine on us it's it's going to be interesting and it's nice to see 611 you know rumbling up in the mountains it is that's another thing we've noticed over the past few years all these restoration projects to see big steam back on the rails is really good oh it is it definitely is and in this particular location it's going to be nice to see and that that brings us to to the trivia portion of our broad okay okay now last week last week and this is what the head is for last week we asked you are lucky audience members who can actually I thought to shake the head you get to see excuse me we asked you about three railroads three railroads in the United States had a tunnel motor tunnel motor is what you use and you know tunnels to not suffocate your crew members with exhaust and and we asked you which railroad had them first and the correct answer is i would say southern and it is southern all right Southern Pacific had them first and a few of you said AMD yeah we know email covers everybody but it's the railroad that we were talking about and so the lucky winner chosen at random so these are all correct answers these are all correct answers okay you can actually have here but well this is a this is a Catskill Mountain Railroad okay cool we go talk yeah lots of stuff going on right here to pick a name of the hippo I pick okay raise it up I don't want to see in that okay all right pick a name drum roll bottle rolling and the winner is f Douglas best f Douglas Bess you graduate smartest person to answer the question because drew pulled your name from this hat what does he get what does he get he gets to be mentioned in lavish terms on this broadcast and you have so congratulations the the the question for this week when you see this video put your comments respond your comments it higher down down a lot of the videos right down here so yeah you haven't done this before you don't do video milk it's down here the comments section don't send us an email put it in the comments section below so everyone can see and argue with you and and if you don't do it there put it on the back of a twenty-dollar bill put it with my name and send it in a dress name and and we'll be glad to be glad to entertain mr. graphic designer yeah exactly i could use the 20 probably cut this true that's true or not so this week's question is Jim Rin while it's more of a statement Jim Rin is going to be in Western North Carolina and his old stomping grounds Western North Carolina and I don't know how to yeah I'd southern accent down there jam is the other way in Appalachia I know that and Jim is going to be following Norfolk and Western 6-11 a steam engine the steam engine on the loops what famous railroad owned the loops that's the question put it down here the blank railroad or the blank railway owned the loops if you haven't been to the loops the loops are very cool as in there once not long enough yes but very very picturesque I mean really railroading in action like you've never seen before especially if you're a Midwest guy like me or we're all New Yorker like you're exactly you're going to see it climbing upgrades and you're going to see you gonna seem all in the same grades insane grades multiple vantage points and this thunderous diesel engine sound crawling up through that he should have gone through the mountains shook the hat like that that was also born like that was lavish I can do that next time yeah good next time it's really cool because the train wraps around you as you stand right in the middle in volutes yeah no we're not it's not Chicago not in da loop we're talking about the loops so so there's that so the question one more time question one more time is gym or in and 611 are going to be appearing on live streaming camera from the loops this weekend what railroad owned those loops okay entertaining and well we don't want to go back to the 1850s but ok the beginning so anyway so put your answers on the comments section below also down will print them out you'll cut them up put them in that exactly okay exactly and there's a special bonus video that I'm putting down below just above the comments you can see from wheel rail interaction where i'll be going to in nevada in May really fabulous let's talk about April though too i wanted to get to this April thirtieth april through maker rail we're going to get that next time next time okay i guess you'll have to wait until next time wait till next time same bat time same bat channel for everyone at trains magazine i'm steve i'm drew be safe out there I don't want to be to be correcting you this excuse me I say it's not your leg right here can anyone take this guy seriously I don't your annotation policy is just in the garbage can taco policy was my question I don't even know it was my question why frankly he asked me the question Oh interrupting I don't need to do this I don't belong we're near a railroad Xandra have no idea who he is I have no idea what I'm saying next question thanks for watching this trains newswire video if you enjoy what you saw please consider watching some of our other full length videos big boy on the road to restoration heavy hauls 611 in steam they're all available from our website kalmbach hobby store com


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