Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 30, 2018

Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 30, 2018

Welcome to Democracy Now!,,
the War and Peace Report, I’m Amy Goodman. “A fantastic job”—that is how President
Trump is describing his administration’s response to the catastrophe in Puerto Rico
following Hurricane Maria a year ago. Trump made the comment on Wednesday, a day
after Puerto Rico adjusted its official toll from the storm to almost 3,000—that’s
46 times higher than the earlier death toll of 64. During his brief comment, Trump made no reference
to any of the deaths on the island. President Donald Trump: “Yeah, I think Puerto
Rico—I think we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico. We’re still helping Puerto Rico. The governor is an excellent guy. And he is very happy with the job we’ve
done. We have put billions and billions of dollars
into Puerto Rico. And it was a very tough one. Don’t forget their electric plant was dead
before the hurricane. If you look back on your records, you’ll
see that that plant was dead, it was shut, it was bankrupt, it was out of business. They owed tremendous amounts of money. They had it closed up. And then, when the hurricane came, people
said, ‘What are we going to do about electricity?’ That wasn’t really the hurricane; that was
gone before the hurricane. But we’ve—we’ve put a lot of money and
a lot of effort into Puerto Rico. And I think most of the people in Puerto Rico
really appreciate what we’ve done.” President Trump was responding to a reporter’s
question about the death toll of nearly 3,000. In addition to not mentioning the new death
toll, Trump also lied about the status of Puerto Rico’s electrical system. The island only lost power after the storm. Soon after the president spoke, the mayor
of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz, responded on MSNBC. Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz: “This is like
telling somebody that’s gone through a fire that it’s their fault, that they didn’t
run fast enough. No, it is your fault, Mr. President. Shame on yourself and your administration. You led us here to die because you were more
concerned about the political spin than about the human reality that we were dying. And now that number, 2,975, will follow him
wherever he goes for the rest of his life.” The Washington Post is reporting the Trump
administration is increasingly denying passports to U.S. citizens of Mexican heritage, throwing
their citizenship into question. The Trump administration has even begun jailing
some passport applicants who have official state-issued birth certificates, because the
government is questioning their paperwork. In other cases, Americans of Mexican heritage
have had their passports revoked while abroad, preventing them from coming home. In one case, the State Department denied a
passport to a 40-year-old Army veteran named Juan who had a birth certificate showing he
was born in Texas. According to the Post, Juan’s passport was
rejected even though he had spent three years as a private in the Army, then as a cadet
in the Border Patrol. He now works as a state prison guard. The New York Times is reporting Education
Secretary Betsy DeVos is preparing new policies on campus sexual misconduct that would bolster
the rights of students accused of assault, harassment or rape, while lessening liability
for institutions of higher education. The new rules would also narrow the definition
of sexual harassment and only hold schools accountable for conduct occurring on campus. H4 university infiltrates student sexual assault
groups Baylor University has been accused of infiltrating
sexual assault survivor support groups on campus. According to PR Week, Baylor’s director
of student activities, Matt Burchett, joined the sexual assault survivor support groups
and pretended to help them organize demonstrations and vigils. But in fact Burchett was gathering intelligence
on the groups and helping water down their critiques of the school. The Christian school is run by Kenneth Starr,
who led the investigation of President Clinton in the 1990s. Texas police officer Roy Oliver has been sentenced
to 15 years in prison for fatally shooting unarmed 15-year-old African-American student
Jordan Edwards last year in Balch Springs. Police body cam video shows Oliver, who is
white, fired his assault rifle into a car carrying five black teenagers. One of the car’s passengers says the officer
never even ordered the boys to stop driving before opening fire. California lawmakers have approved a measure
to require 100 percent of the state’s electricity to come from carbon-free sources by the year
2045. If Governor Jerry Brown signs the bill, California
will join Hawaii as the only states with goals to phase out fossil fuels. Earlier this week, Brown said the state must
“confront the apocalyptic threat of irreversible climate change.” He made the remark after a state study revealed
rising temperatures in California could lead to up to 11,000 additional heat-related deaths
in the state every year by 2050. In September, Brown is hosting the Global
Climate Action Summit. Democracy Now! will be broadcasting from San
Francisco the week of the summit. President Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday
that White House counsel Donald McGahn will be leaving his post this fall. Trump’s announcement came less than two
weeks after The New York Times reported McGahn has been cooperating with Robert Mueller’s
investigation. Three of McGahn’s deputies have already
left the White House, and a fourth leaves tomorrow. This will leave Trump with just one deputy
counsel. According to the Times, Trump had asked former
staff secretary Rob Porter several times over the past year if he would take McGahn’s
position, but Porter declined the offer. Porter resigned in February after both of
his ex-wives publicly accused him of domestic violence. In news from Florida, Republican candidate
for governor Ron DeSantis appeared on Fox News Wednesday and urged voters of Florida
not to “monkey this up” by voting for his Democratic challenger Andrew Gillum, the
first African-American gubernatorial nominee in Florida’s history. Rep. Ron DeSantis: “The last thing we need
to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases
and bankrupting the state. That is not going to work. That’s not going to be good for Florida.” During the same interview, DeSantis referred
to Gillum as an “articulate spokesman” for far-left views. Terrie Rizzo, the chairwoman of the Florida
Democratic Party, criticized DeSantis’s comments, saying, “It’s disgusting that
Ron DeSantis is launching his general election campaign with racist dog whistles.” In other political news, New York Governor
Andrew Cuomo and actor Cynthia Nixon sparred on Wednesday in their only debate before the
September 13 Democratic gubernatorial primary. Nixon is challenging Cuomo from the left,
running on a platform calling for Medicare for all, marijuana legalization and abolishing
ICE. During Wednesday’s debate, the two Democrats
repeatedly clashed. Cynthia Nixon: “He stole hundreds of millions
of dollars from the MTA budget for his pet projects that have nothing to do with it.” Marcia Kramer: “Ms. Nixon, time is up.” Cynthia Nixon: “He used the MTA“— Marcia Kramer: “Your time is up.” Cynthia Nixon: “He used the MTA like an
ATM, and we see the result. He has had seven-and-a-half years to avoid
this very avoidable crisis in our New York City subway, and he has done next to nothing.” Marcia Kramer: “Governor, would you like
to respond to that?” Cynthia Nixon: “Why would the next four
years be any different?” Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Marcia, Marcia”— Marcia Kramer: “Governor, would you like
to respond to that?” Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “My opponent—my opponent
lives in the world of fiction; I live in the world of fact. Let’s do—let’s just do a few facts,
OK? The subway system is owned by New York City. The subway system”— Cynthia Nixon: “The MTA has been controlled
by the state since 1965.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Excuse me. Can you—can you stop interrupting? Can you stop interrupting?” Cynthia Nixon: “Can you stop lying?” Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Yeah, as soon as you
do.” The United Nations has accused the Nicaraguan
government of repressing and retaliating against government critics following wide-scale protests. According to a new report by the United Nations
high commissioner for human rights, approximately 300 people have died and 2,000 have been injured
since April. The U.N. report accused the government of
carrying out extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detentions and torture. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein is the outgoing U.N.
high commissioner for human rights. Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein: “We’ve issued
a report calling for urgent action to address the human rights crisis in Nicaragua, where
the level of persecution is such that many of those who participated in the protests
that erupted in April, defended protesters’ rights or simply expressed dissenting views,
have been forced to hide, have left Nicaragua or are trying to do so.” Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega dismissed
the U.N. report, saying it has ignored violence carried out by anti-government forces. President Daniel Ortega: “The international
reports completely ignore the deaths caused by the murderous coup mongers. They want to rip up a peaceful population. The coup mongers have just come to kill public
servants, Sandinistas, to destroy hospitals and schools.” Brazilian President Michel Temer has announced
plans to send troops to Brazil’s border with Venezuela to deal with the growing number
of refugees entering Brazil. President Michael Temer: “I decree today
the use of the armed forces to guarantee law and order in Roraima state, naturally to offer
security to Brazilian citizens and to the Venezuelan immigrants who are fleeing their
country in search of shelter in Brazil.” According to the United Nations, more than
1.6 million Venezuelans have fled the country since 2015, with most going to Brazil, Colombia,
Peru and Ecuador. Venezuela is facing food shortages amid skyrocketing
inflation caused in part by crippling U.S. sanctions, which have cut off Venezuela from
billions of dollars of potential loans and some of its oil revenue. In education news, the Detroit school system
has shut off drinking water to all of its schools after tests found elevated levels
of lead in 16 schools. The announcement comes just before school
starts for 40,000 students in Detroit. And those are some of our headlines, this
is Democracy Now!,, the War and Peace Report, I’m Amy Goodman. And I’m Nermeen Shaikh. Welcome to our listeners and viewers around
the country and around the world.


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  • Duwomaiish Gabrielle says:

    This President is burning the White House Down….; he definitely will be the last President.., no one will ever TRUST another New Yorker and Floridian for as long as they exist, which won't be long with the Oceans Rising… ; this is what Greed, Narcissism and Stupidity can do when combined.

  • Did they really think the lead laced water was just going to stay in Flint and not effect Detroit? They should be testing the water lead levels in all the cities within and all the states surrounding Michigan

  • Impeach Twitler says:

    Trumptards → You don't even have to read, just do as trump does, watch the videos!

    Fox hasn't even aired any of this yet.
    We'll have to wait for oral normality to step up →Shep Smith✓

  • Trump said Kim's people "sit up at attention" when he speaks, and Trump wants "my people to do the same… Republican Democrat independent we are not special we will be treated accordingly like his family his friends and his business partners and we will get the shaft

  • Lawrence Taylor says:

    I can't trust the UN since they are in bed with the Neo-Cia organisations that foment violence around the the world, and especially Latin America. The US has the School of America and exports SS Goon Squads, and Cuba exports doctors and nurses. Which one is a terrorist state? Which one has been living under crippling sanctions? Be careful Amy about sources of information.
    On a side note, I have heard that Saudi Arabia wants to do a double tap at John McCain's funeral. He would have wanted that.

  • Traitor Trump is a liar with no memory … Most hatefull Prez in 150 yrs and must go to jail for his many major felonies …

  • Voldemort keeps flapping his lips and only spews lies… he and his disgusting administration's crimes against humanity in Puerto Rico and the southern boarder should carry them all to the bowels of hell where they all belong

  • Democrats pass Trump’s judges so they can start their vacation. Only one Senator needed to say “no.” Not one did. so please tell me why I need to vote blue ahgain/

  • Democrats pass Trump’s judges so they can start their vacation. Only one Senator needed to say “no.” Not one did.- why should we vote blue again?

  • This year over $740,000,000,000.00 went to the Military Industrial Complex… taxpayer dollars. Last year, they received nearly $650,000,000,000.00 – and the year before that, it was around $580,000,000,000.00 Taxpayer Dollars. Why do they not have any Oversight or Accountability on their spending habits? Why do they "need" that much money in the first place? Why does the USA GIVE the MIC more money than All Other Country's Total Military Spending Worldwide, COMBINED?

  • Aurelius Leslie says:

    WHAT!!! That dirty race soldier only got 15 years for MURDER!! White Supremacy win even when they lose, this shit is sickening!

  • Funny, a right wing Brazilian President would suddenly welcome refugees coming from a foreign country. Did he get calls from the US government who has been planning to create a region change in Venezuela for years to help manufacture a crisis? Lol, i can smell rats from miles away.

  • Bundle of Perceptions says:

    The Masters of Mankind put dangerous levels of lead in their children's drinking water, and the parents don't give a shit. Humans are disgusting sacks of shit. You all deserve to go extinct.

  • Can I ask the commenters something? Forgive my ignorance, but how should have the president reacted to the hurricane? I mean I know he fucked it up, but Im not sure what he was supposed to do. Does it come down to hiring better people, pressuring congress, ordering the agency in charge of this? Im not american so I just want to know where he fucked up?
    I want to make it clear I am not defending him, I just want to know where it was his negligence and imconpetence shone

  • Many Mexican heritage born American citizens are not being permitted to renew passports as the Trump/Pence regime accused them of not being real citizens. If they happen to live near the border that's All it takes for this evil empire to call them illegals.

  • US: We will destroy the Pink Tide by controlling the narrative (TeleSur ban) and employing economic hitmen, sanctions and trade war. Latin America belongs to us.

  • Fight the Russian-funded NRA. They are blocking all gun safety regulations making the US the most gun-violent country in the world( that is not at war) The NRA lobbyists have a chokehold on your Congresspeople. Canada has no lobbyists in its government.

  • NRA pushes for campus- carry. Animal House drunken Frat boys with guns–lets see how that works out for your daughters.

  • Trump knows a lot of people believe what he says and he completely takes advantage of that…He is also someone who knows how to truly manifest things, so if he lies to himself and everyone else over and over again eventually it becomes true…It's quite dumbfounding…but don't get me wrong, it does still tend to backfire on him from time to time but not enough to make him stop being such a pathological liar and narcissistic asshole…

  • It's amazing how Detroit has become a center of death and destruction since Clinton's deindustrialization of our country,.
    Detroit was once one of the most affluent wealthiest cities in the United States now look at it the banks are selling it off for gentrification they've been poisoning the children for Generations through the schools Water Systems it's really almost science fiction. How could a ruling Elite sell off the working people's livelihood throughout this country only to reveal the poisonous underbelly of the most basic infrastructure, what nightmare. Generations Futures destroyed families destroyed, child's brains destroyed for the profits of the elite through privatization to French companies to run their water system in Detroit, and the banks when will the Revolution take place tell me when will the mass murder by military or poisonous infrastructure stop in this world when will the poor stop being slaughtered for profits of the rich tell me when.

  • Love you Amy, Juan and Normeen. Sorry to see DN lose its 9am hour on KPFK. Hope that's temporary as DN is the news feed of the west coast wing of the Pacifica network.

  • Who knows . Maybe they want to build the wall to one day stop the stampede of Americans leaving for Mexico after Trump and Co have turned this “beacon on the hill” into dystopia.

  • Crippling US sanctions are responsible in part for Venezuela's horrible financial and economic problems? Could be, I'll have to further investigate.

  • Mexicans for Trump thought the illegals issue was about citizenship…. this was always about birthright and heritage. Regardless of how you got here and what your current status is … bottom line, there is a sizeable population that DOES NOT WANT YOU HERE, PERIOD.

  • Serán exterminados la población en estados unidos y serán exterminados la población en puertorico y serán exterminados la población en latinoamerica y serán exterminados la población en la unión europea y sus aliados. att. ASSOCIACIÓN UNIVERSAL

  • Cuomo replied: as soon as you do! He actually admitted to lying in his response, listen again! Texas creeps me out! I’d say about 70 % of some of the worst things I’ve heard that happen in our nation seem to happen there! Love & Blessings


    The PR governor ask the President to have Puerto Rico as the 51st. He then ask, how many senators are gonna be republicans. Cheeto at his best

  • WE NEED TO PHASE OUT CARS!!!!!!!!!Has anyone been to a city lately? I do live in NYC so am biased but driving is not practical anymore. It's painful, physically. It's mentally abusive. The act of stewing in invisible smoke (Made that way by putting chemicals in gas) and being assaulted by morons all day is no longer viable. Then you hear about SELF DRIVING CARS? LOLOLOLOLOL No, NO. NO. No more cars. No more. Self driving is another stall attempt. EMISSIONS FREE is the only car that should exist and cars are no longer practical.

  • He's done almost as good of a job with Puerto Rico as the politicians have with California. San Francisco has to have a whole crew of people just to clean human feces off the sidewalks. Communists love living in filth.

  • Amy Goodman is jewish. I wonder why she doesn't talk about the murder of Palestinians or he sterilization of African migrants by the Israeli government.

  • 45 nearly drowns us with his vocabulary of grade school level adjectives: "fantastic, excellent, tough, tremendous, important"

  • In reality, the Donald, was socialized by the Mob in the 1970's. Queens mob connections in the building trade. He operated within union syndicalists who had mob control of certain trades and ties to city government officials and lawyers, as corrupt the real estate and construction industry of Manhattan can be, it was under Mayor Abraham Beam that city land was open to commercial speculation, he sold cheap city owned property, and officials devised schemes to sell land to developers, Trump being one, to accommodate the gentrification process of NY which came in late 1980-1990's decade.

    Between Ivanka Trump and Marla Maples, it was the first time the public heard a gag order is a condition of divorce and settlement agreement.
    Trump was then the only casino owner next Bally's, Four Seasons, etc., that went under because of his excess and overproduction. The return on the sale of his properties came short of paying off the principal on the loans owed before interest is applied.

    Americans are weak spectators not engaged participants in the life of their society; because of this you get what you pay for in what they think are leaders because they look and act the part.

  • Wow! Your report "Four days in Western Sahara" was riveting. I was glued to it. It showed the courage of the protesters and of the reporters.

  • Peter J. Donnelly says:

    betsy de voss another one of trumps inept unqualified swamp creatures ! what happened to separation of church and state !

  • That inconsiderate, detached from reality dope, lacks all compassion. The idiot even had to be told not to throw the cans of soup, so they gave him paper towels. Pos

  • Democracy in the US is so corrupted by money that it is no longer recognizable as a democracy. You can kick individual politicians out of office, but what do you do when the entire structure of politics is corrupt?

  • It’s financial sabotage. It’s likely the same kind of thing the rich did in Latin America – get a sovereignty into debt use your contractors and give them no way to pay back their debts then use the debt as a way to incite war or violence and extreme poverty. Or use it as leverage to take power in the region.

    It’s all spelled out in the shock doctrine by Naomi Klein.

  • Another top headline could be:
    There is legal action starting about the 9-11 conspiracy.
    Go to or Corbett Report ("Lawyers Petition for 9/11 Grand Jury") for the story.

  • So its Trump economic sanctions that's primarily responsible for Venezuela failed state. Trump solutions create chaos around the world and human misery is his tool too create a alt right agenda for a facist world…

  • Taurean Spaniard says:

    I would love to give him Airlift & drop him in isis territory so they parade his ass in media before they behead Orange shit without Empathy !

  • Isn't that the mayor who's under investigation for misappropriation of FEMA funds that were sent to help the Puerto Ricans?
    And yes Puerto Rico has power partial power that only goes to the wealthy and the friends of the politicians there. The whole island hasn't had full power since the last hurricane went through.

  • Wow, real news…….no Russia, Russia, Russia. Cuomo is the quintessential grease-ball corporate politician.Go Cynthia!!!!!! Trump throwing paper towels in Puerto Rico. Great job Donald. Probably the generic less absorbent ones.

  • bonjour itsizzy says:

    wow Juan the army veteran has done more for the US and still gets treated like shit, yet Trump has done jack shit.

  • Architect Talha Islam says:

    If world don't do Justice and do not stop Indians to kill Muslims in Kashmir, then Get ready for WW4. Start between India And Pakistan. In coming months ..

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