Top Star NOT Going To WWE! Major IMPACT Wrestling News! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

Top Star NOT Going To WWE! Major IMPACT Wrestling News! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I’m Oli Davis. The SWAFT Nation asked for shorter videos. OH YOU’RE GETTING THEM, because there’s
been a huge title change at IMPACT Wrestling’s latest set of TV tapings. Following their biggest show of the year Bound
For Glory last Sunday – where IMPACT World Champion Brian Cage retained against Sami
Callihan in a No DQ match – the company are now filming their TV tapings for their new
era – where they’ll be moving from the low-rated Pursuit channel to New Japan’s TV station
AXS. Last night had a rematch of the Bound For
Glory main event between Cage and Callihan for the top title, which will air on the debut
AXS episode on Tuesday, but this time in a steel cage,. Which sadly was neither red, and had an actual
finish. This is of course is a spoiler for IMPACT’s
next episode, and you really shouldn’t be watching this video if you care about that
anyway, but Sami Callihan defeated Cage to become the new IMPACT World Champion. Congratulations from us all here at WrestleTalk. Now go and crush Simon Miller. What’s more interesting, however, is the
angle that went down after Callihan won. Tessa Blanchard, with whom Sami has been feuding
throughout this year, beating her at Slammiversary back in July, came down to potentially set
herself up as the new challenger. As this video from @joseph42287 shows: This implies Sami vs Tessa will be the main
event storyline on IMPACT as it debuts on AXS TV, with Callihan kind of foreshadowing
that in an interview earlier this month saying ”I don’t see it as intergender wrestling. I see it as pro wrestling” “I think it’s something that would really
help Impact Wrestling stand out from everyone else that much more. Jessicka Havok, Jordynne Grace, Taya, the
majority of the Knockouts roster could go in there with the guys and tell amazing stories” Ryan McKinnell of Busted Open Radio reported
this week that Blanchard’s contract is now up and she could be on her way to WWE or AEW,
as she’s arguably one of the best wrestlers in America right now. “Tessa Blanchard’s contract with IMPACT
is apparently up. Does she stay or does she go? I’m certainly not one to say. However, I can’t help but feel like the
AEW’s women’s division could use a kick. And let’s not forget, that’s where Tully
is. Seems like a natural fit, no?” Her father, Tully, is currently Shawn Spears’
manager in AEW, so that seems like the most obvious move. But then the very reliable Fightful claim
her IMPACT deal expires next Summer, and then McKinnell deleted his original tweet, so Blanchard
is almost definitely with IMPACT for a while. Some backstage in WWE think Seth Rollins is
cracking under pressure! Find out more by clicking the video on the
right! And I had ROH’s Dalton Castle and Matt Taven
on yesterday’s WrestleTalk Live… and it was mad. Enjoy the craziness by clicking the video
below that. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.


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  • OLI: What do you all want to see from IMPACT Wrestling when it moves to AXS TV from Tuesday? I'll be replying FROM OUTTA NOWHERE in the comments.

  • Anthony Stafford says:

    Intergender tripe…. Woken rubbish…
    Ruining wrestling to push pc agenda…mark this she will be impact mens champion guaranteed. Ah well….

  • United_World's Finest says:

    So they’re really going for it aren’t they? They’re really pushing Tessa to be the first ever Impact World Champion. I’m a little torn about that. On the one hand, I think that could be cool. It’s been a good year for particularly Tessa Blanchard. I think she’s knocking it out of the park. But at the same time though this feud with Tessa Blanchard and the oVe has been going on for 4 months since June. Tessa had a fun little feud with Sami don’t get me wrong. I thought it was a little different. We don’t see too many intergender wrestling on TV that often so I thought it was great. But then it just kept going and going and going to the point now where you would think they would’ve moved on but now Impact Wrestling has become a little too comfortable with this whole equality thing a little too seriously up to the point now where Tessa has been pushed WAY too far off into the men’s division when it wasn’t even necessary. There is no reason for this to continue. I kinda get that they want to stand out but again, this has been 4 months. We’re in October and about to enter November and this is still going on. Sami needs a newer opponent that’s not Tessa Blanchard. I’m not against it. I’m just saying we need a fresh new feud. Tessa has had a good run wrestling with the guys for a while but it’s time to get her out of the men’s division and back to wrestling with the women again. Like I said I’m torn on this whole thing. I’m fine if Tessa is going after the World Championship and winning it. It might work out for her but it might not work well for Sami at the end. It’s too early for him to be losing the title like that quickly just to make him look like a bitch later on. But if Tessa doesn’t win the title which I hope she doesn’t, this feud needs to be put to rest. Move on.

  • Chillin Charlie says:

    Bound for Glory biggest ppv tna has and it was held in a 500 seat building….damb that is about as terrible as the intergender matches that are not remotely entertaining or believable ….they are going down hard. Only moronic libtard NPC people like that sort of pathetic puke.

  • Intergender matches suck and they make wrestling look even more fake, a 120 pound woman can not match up with a 250 pound man. Stop it

  • Funny enough is recently I thought pro wrestling could use more intergender matches but at the same time thought for a wrestling company to introduce gender specific and gender neutral title's in the brand.

    Ex: Entertainment Worldwide Wrestling( Not a real company) has the EWW women's championship, EWW Heavyweight championship(Men's title), and EWW championship(male or female can hold this title) thus having 3 top title's for the promotion.

  • Hope Tessa stays at Impact, regardless. Impact is the real alternative…AEW only has more money but let's face it…after a month of TV, there are only 2 storylines. lol

  • seriously THANKS for spoiling it!! I wanted to watch the video for the Who is not going to WWE part. but here you went on.. to spoil impact for us. ffs

  • Randomstuffonline says:

    guys, dont listen to ppl who only want content without caring for the creators hardwork. u guys need money and this video today i have not received any ads. i dont u guys to fold just because the fans want shorter videos. please make longer video if it mean u guys can pay the bills. heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji

  • Glad yall listen to the fans!!! I saw tessa wrestle cage and she was able to hold her own. Tessa 2 belts was the chant of the night

  • So now IMPACT wants to be Lucha Underground? I mean, they have most of the talent from there…sad. Just adds another reason as to why I can't watch their product anymore.

  • I mean…didn't AEW have an intergender match, with the trans-woman facing Riho for the Women's Championship. Though tbh I was worried for Riho in that match.

  • I have a feeling Tessa will be the first female to win a male world title. Impact is really pushing it. If they see no gender, why have a knock outs title?

  • Dear WrestleTalk,
    how about you just take a poll and have the viewers vote on if they want longer news episodes or not.

  • Tessa Blanchard not going to WWE or AEW..but tittle Top Star NOT Going To WWE..try only focs on Anti-WWE fans ..good choice for quick boost.

  • More videos that are shorter ?

    Man this is awful


    No clickbait is great
    No storylines w/ wrestletalk crew
    Good stuff

  • i figured Tessa wouldn't leave. she seems like she's legitly on the cusp on making history, there's no way she'd give that up so soon. i really like the attitude of the women in Impact i think imma start watching it

  • WTDS Channel 13 says:

    Yes to show the video format is cool up to 10 minutes is fine like I said I'm loving the pace that y'all are taking this week so yes keep up the good work really enjoying it and like I said video on Raw SmackDown impact deserves a 4 minute segment NXT please be outside doing mlw and can you please start doing NjPw okay and the reason just like with impact the fact that you talk about it makes us go look for it so that's why I've been asking for the impact because since y'all talked about him I now know where to watch him njpw and wow if you do reviews on those two for four minutes each y'all are helping their ratings and y'all help us find more wrestling so the more of these that y'all spend 4 minutes on the more of these we get to go fine and your videos aren't long and you got a lot of content cuz I love it when y'all talk about the UK wrestling that us an American know nothing about because we don't get y'all television networks

  • WTDS Channel 13 says:

    For the record if Tessa Blanchard becomes the first ever female world champion that will be the dopest shitt ever in the history of professional wrestling and Tully Blanchard daughter gets to do it I'm for that

  • Omg they r gonna put the title on tessa that's why sami beat cage cause nobody would believe tessa beating cage but her beating sami is more believable.

  • Just curious as to why the title of this video is "Top Star NOT going to WWE" just seems like another subtle (and unnecessary) shot taken at WWE and further makes me suspicious that you guys truly do have a bias toward AEW.

  • Real ThaMaskRapper says:

    Tessa is leaving TNA … And that's good for sami , TNA is like all tha indies wrapped in one , impact wrestling can't even get there own stars lol

  • I wanna see all the good people from impact, leave impact and go to AEW. I can't watch all these damn wrestling shows …shit….I got kids

  • What a way to spoil next week’s impact wrestletalk 😡😡😡😡😡 no wonder people often think wrestletalk is anti impact, especially after the Tessa Blanchard stunt you pulled claiming she’s done with impact earlier this weekend when she’s actually contracted till 2020

  • I don’t know who the fuck any of these Impact Stars are don’t know who the fuck Tully is and thought it was a girl But I’m not a fan of Tye Dillinger.

  • Guys you do know that +10 minute video = another ad spot which = money to fund the channel? Do you want short news or no news?

  • I am not a fan of intergender wrestling. Many people I know are not either but to those who like it, cool and I am glad they have that available to them. I am happy for Tessa Blanchard and I do hope she decides to go to AEW or NXT/WWE someday. P.S. On a personal note, I love that you were listening to fans, but I did not see anything wrong with the way you were doing things. I love longer videos & I enjoy the long podcasts. But just as I don't like intergender wrestling, there are many that don't like the longer videos, so I am happy that you have something for everyone.

  • Impact Wrestling needs to cut Tessa lose. She's cares more about her ego than the business itself. AEW's ratings are at RECORD LOW proving that SJW narratives DONT DRAW and the internet is a TINY BUBBLE

  • I hate Impact now, I was the biggest TNA fan but they went full feminism you never go full feminism.
    They fired Eli Drake who was awesome because he refused to job for a woman. I don't know how any man with even a shred of testosterone in their Dna can support a company like that. It does make sense for the British to like it tho.

  • Hi Oli,
    I saw an interview recently with Tessa Blanchard where she said that she is or probably(a strong probably) staying with Impact. Because she likes how they operate there.

  • Well,AEW has a fat guy pretending to be a woman wrestling in the women's division and now you have a biological woman wanting to wrestle with men in Impact.
    Seems to me like both AEW and Impact wants to get their freak on in order to compete against WWE.

  • WWE wrecks just about everyone they get that's already over Vinny Mac can't stand or have that so the change happens he doesn't care if they get over or not his pays the same and the compatition don't have them anymore he wins and if WWE went under I promise Vinny Mac will still be a multimillionaire

  • That would be cool but I also think Tessa needs to defeat Jordynne at some point since Jordynne is on a dominant streak and Tessa always gave the rub to her.

  • If every video is titled huge or major how in the world are we gonna believe you when something huge actually happens. Short term booking boys (hotshotting)

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