Top FREE Social Media Monitoring Tools in 2019

Top FREE Social Media Monitoring Tools in 2019

Want to know the top 10 paid and free
versions of social media monitoring tools and resources out in the market
today if so stay tuned because I’m gonna cover
them in this video welcome back everybody and thank you for joining me
my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel
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everything else that we do here at my channel so social media monitoring tools
are important for collecting research on what topics you should be creating
content about but also for monitoring the competition and seeing what it is
that they’re doing that’s maybe making their campaigns successful or hurting
their campaigns and so a lot of people like to use these tools to not only
watch their competitors but to listen in on their own you know internal data that
they’re collecting and the way that people are communicating and responding
to their products and services and their brand so that’s important why because as
business owners as marketers we know that the most important thing you can do
is make sure that you pay attention to what customers are saying about those
products and services and responding with some urgency and actually caring
about what you’re trying to resolve for that customer so let’s go ahead and jump
into these top 10 tools I’m gonna jump over to the screen share really quickly
Before we jump into the screen share make sure you stay tuned to the end
because this obviously is dealing with creating content and monitoring that
content so at the end of this video we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on
how to create a content marketing calendar make sure you stay tuned to the
end so guys the first social media monitoring tool I want to talk to you
guys about that a lot of people don’t even know exists is called Google Alerts
and what this tool allows you to do is create an alert about a specific topic
so let’s say you’re dealing with a real estate agent in your area so for me it
would be like real estate in Atlanta Georgia right so we can put real estate
Atlanta and we could put create alert and what this will do is it’s going to
find topics related to real estate in Atlanta so Georgia
football legends Champ Bailey Hines Ward have Atlanta houses for sale during
Superbowl okay and if l legend ug8 alum Champ Bailey yet me the same stuff let’s
see what else Knight had funding arranges 36 million dollars loan for
Atlanta’s Kimpton Overland so this is probably some sort of project that
they’re doing in downtown Atlanta but this is information that I can get about
the real estate industry that if I’m creating content for a realtor or
somebody in the real estate niche it’s going to be super useful for them so you
can create different alerts you could even create different accounts per niche
so you could create a real estate email account right you could create an
attorney email account and then just put alerts related to those account
because that’s how it basically works Google attaches all of those alerts to a
specific gmail account right and so all you’re going to do is create different
accounts for each different niche or industry that you’re working in and then
have alerts start sending out to that email address okay so the next tool
we’re going to go into number two is HootSuite and this is what we actually
used to kind of monitor a lot of our comments that are published to our pages
it’s something we can use to look at our scheduled posts and look at the comments
on any of the other areas where we might miss it so if we get like messages in
stream or comments that come on post sometimes YouTube comments don’t always
show up in this stream over here but it gives us a way to look at all of the
videos on the comments look at the actual video itself make sure that it’s
coming out right we get likely spam for YouTube and then you can see it’s
different for every platform we have Facebook and that’s gonna show
everything happening on Facebook what we’re posting who our messages are if
people are mentioning us which again that’s what we’re talking about social
media monitoring rights people mentioning your brand you want to
monitor that and respond so this platform gives us a way to have all of
these people in here and say hey thanks for I can do it literally right now
thanks for sharing and then just leave that comment right there for that person
and boom now it’s posted to their page and they can you know see it and we can
show that we’re engaging as business that’s what people want to ultimately
see if you’re not doing this then you need to be on HootSuite it also gives
you reports it gives you all kinds of stuff that you can load and
get about your business you have an inbox you have different streams there’s
all kinds of things that are great about this tool and for monitoring things that
are going on in your business or in the industries you’re monitoring
now number three is ninja lytx and I want to show you guys this tool because
it’s great for monitoring Instagram growth and engagement over time now keep
in mind guys that these are all third party platforms meaning it’s not coming
directly from Instagram like the data could be a little skewed most of the
time it’s very close but it might be a little different than what instagrams
data would pull but let’s look at this it shows all kinds of state you know
data upfront this is stuff that you can put into maybe an audit that you’re
creating for a potential client or it’s something that again you can use to do
some reporting and analysis to show your potential customer to show your
customers so you can see you have your follower counts you have your post count
average comments per per post average likes their engagement rate which guys
don’t necessarily pay attention to this engagement rate metric because yes you
do want an engagement rate of 3 percent upwards of 10 percent which is amazing
if you’re getting 10 percent but look at the amount of followers that they have
84 million 261,000 855 followers so having an
engagement rate of 2% is very unlikely that’s a lot of people to keep engaged
in a clothing and apparel brand right on a regular basis but either way I mean it
is something you want to look at this is this is telling you you know what if you
can make improvements to getting your community more engaged or not then you
can see it shows your follower growth over time it shows your daily growth
over time by followers whether you’re losing followers or gaining followers
that day it shows weekly and monthly stats average growth it’ll show your
best posting times like right here it’ll show which best put which posts were
your best and what the times were roughly on a time calendar right here
like you can see you can see your hashtags which ones are performing best
so just do it is obviously going to be performing the best for Nike right tons
of people are going to use that that’s their calling tag it shows your data
your detailed ninja analysis which is basically just the date the follower
basically the follower status if you’re gaining or losing
how many following new following that day and media and new media so I’m
not sure what’s going on with this new following tab this might be something I
haven’t actually seen this before so ninja latex might be making an update
here and it’s just not working but new following I’m not quite sure what that
is but Media how many things you have posted and then you know if you uploaded
new media that day or not and it’ll show like the last 12 posts and then it gives
you some engagement metrics right below so how many likes how many comments how
many like something comments for each post which is really great it’s an easy
way to look at you know what is happening on a page and even take this
stuff and screenshot it and put it into a potential maybe audit or proposal use
this to show your clients reports on their Instagram campaigns in a more
visual type of way but also again this is showing you which hashtags are
performing great what posting times and types of posts are performing great so
it’s again showing you how to monitor it’s a tool that allows you really to
monitor your Instagram progress om PS if you’re trying to grow your Instagram
account you can check out this video in the top right hand corner that we put
together on growing to your first 10,000 Instagram followers alright tool number
five is going to be social blade and I love this tool because you know me I’m
on YouTube and that’s what this tool I think was originally made for was
youtubers but it allows you to look at things like twitch Facebook Instagram
Twitter dailymotion not sure what that is and mixer alright so we can put in
like for example my name I like to monitor my YouTube channel stuff from
here as well as comparing it to my analytics on YouTube but you can see
right here gives you all kinds of breakdowns on the channel you can see
future projections of the channel so like this is what we use to gauge how
our channel is going to perform where we’ll be at in a specific period of time
so like if I click future it’ll show me where I’m supposed to be at in the next
two months in the next 12 months and the next five years it’s saying I’ll be
close to reaching a million subscribers on YouTube if I keep at the same growth
rate right only if I keep it the same growth rate that’s why you have to you
you have to look at this stuff but also keep in mind that it’s only data that is
either projected or it’s data that’s working right now you can’t use this for
forever right and then it shows down here your subscriber rank video rank and
social blood rank those aren’t as important obviously they’re more of a
general judgment of the you can see your view count and how many
views are getting were up 42% just in the last 30 days subscribers for the
last 30 days we’re at thirty five percent our estimated earnings which
these are always off these are like literally never right so don’t look at
the earnings but the views for the last 30 days and the subscriber count is
usually pretty accurate then you can see like a daily breakdown of how many
subscribers of the channel is gaining how many views the channel is getting
how what the estimated earnings were right the amount of minutes watched
right here that’s what that would be and the total amount of subscribers what day
it is you guys can see that pretty clearly you have your monthly views and
monthly subs which is also helpful information that you can use to analyze
a channel and again this allows you to more than that you can look at twitch
Facebook Instagram Twitter dailymotion and mixer and you can use this platform
to you know pull together data on all of those different platforms number six is
buzzsumo Academy so let’s say I wanted to do something on I don’t know let’s
say working out because we want to create topic for a gym or somebody like
that so once you get your account set up because you do have to create at least
an account for their free access you can start to type in keywords related to
your customers or whatever it is that you’re trying to find content for so or
even find just information about or see if you have mentions about but what we
want to do is we’ll type in something like working out right say we want to do
something on working out that said working out with makeup I guess that’s a
big search for women that would make sense but that actually might be
something like if you’re trying to find something for working out working out
with makeup that would be something that you could easily create a piece of
content on and that’s gonna be interesting too especially women if you
target that to women in your local area right so but this what it shows you is
it shows you how many engagements content received on Facebook Twitter
shares Pinterest reddit a number of links that had its evergreen score and
then the total count of engagements and then here you have your topic over here
letting you know what it’s out so Republican tax cuts not working out so
you have to be specific you can see why you’ll actually want to be more specific
than even what I did but you will find some results obviously we’re gas so how
to start working out when you’re unfit that’s a top top article so people who
are currently not in shape they don’t usually want to start working out
because it’s so much to get back to where they originally
work right so this is you know an article for that geared towards people
who don’t necessarily want to work out when they’re not in the best shape
teaching them the best ways to get back in shape easily and smoothly right so a
grew a really really good tool to start analyzing content finding new ideas you
can see over here it’s even you can do last 24 hours past week past month and
this is important you will want to know when was that content relevant because
that’s gonna help you figure out when it’s going to be relevant for you to
post and just so you guys know on the home page of buzzsumo so if you go back
and log out of this and go back to the home page they do have an academy that
you can click so let me just show you guys how to get there we’ll do that so
all you guys want to do if you’re trying to find buzzsumo they actually have an
academy all you have to do is come in and click this resources thing and click
academy and that’s gonna pop up this page over here for academy and you can
see there’s 49 lessons two lessons in one lesson four essentials here’s your
certification exam it’s not really a certification you know that’s something
special or anything this is a free course why would the sort of you get
what I’m saying and then they have an advanced tactics course with one lesson
in it but it’s about 50 lessons right here that are gonna be free that are
related to finding content probably something related to creating strategy
and keywords and all kinds of stuff related to content creation so buzzsumo
really cool tool check out this free exam all you have to do is go to their
site or type in Academy.buzzsumo com and you can start checking those things out
there alright guys so number seven is going to be likealyzer and this is
something that we use to help us or that we’re using currently to help us with
our Facebook page so you guys know that I started off on YouTube we spent a lot
of time mastering this channel and really we’re still trying to make sure
that it’s 100% and as best as they’re as really as good as we can possibly make
it next on our list is our Facebook and Instagram accounts and you can see we’re
starting to add different styles of content change up styles of content this
is a tool that we use to make those adjustments and determine what we need
to do to improve right because it is a building process you can’t just go out
and you’re killing it from the gate a lot of the times it is a building
process so you have to understand where your week at and where you need to
improve so this tool shows you an overview of your page shows you your
front about information whether it’s filled
out or not which is why I don’t know why it’s at 89% cuz I have all the
information in the head that you’ll need a activity and that’s why I want you
guys understand this is not 100% accurate all the time you have activity
of 54 percent response rate of 67 percent which we are at a 100 percent
response rate we even have the little badge so again I don’t know why this is
happening and then our overall engagement is at 73% this is something
we definitely are trying to increase because we aren’t spending ad budget on
a lot of our posts that we do on our page
we’re just relying on organic which means we’re actually doing pretty good
because for not having that much organic engagement with Facebook and Instagram
platforms anymore to have 73 percent doing alright but then it shows your
front page growth it shows your About section and the information there it
shows the activity on the page it shows the response time it shows your
engagement and who’s engaging our engagement rate is about 7% 1,700 likes
123 people talking about this so overall our engagements looking really really
good and then it says similar pages just because these are all consulting
agencies and that’s what I have my page listed as is a consulting agency so I
might need to actually change that now that I see that because they’ve made
some adjustments to their pages but a really cool tool for optimizing and
analyzing your Facebook page and seeing where you can make improvements and
where people are really responding to things on your pages
number eight is gonna be twitonomy and twitonomy is all about monitoring
Twitter pages obviously right the cool thing is you
can add in your competitors and see what it is that they’re posting about very
very quickly so you can see right here obviously Tai Lopez is a competitor of
mine so I can set up a stream of just his posts see what kind of engagement he
got what type of favorites or likes he got as far as retweets and actual likes
I could probably actually click and go indirectly to the post then and then see
what the comments and engagement are like from that perspective on that
specific topic to see if it’s a topic that I want to maybe spin something off
and do something myself on another cool feature of twitonomy is it actually
allows you to analyze a profile on Twitter so if you’re looking to analyze
the profile but all I have to do is click analyze or enter in the name and
analyze that profile and it’s gonna bring up all kinds of data about the
profile itself now as you all know Twitter is not as
relevant as it used to be but in this in certain circumstances it can be a
platform that you want to take into consideration like with ours in the
future we do plan to grow our Twitter page just because I run a personal brand
and we know that those are important for personal brands number nine is going to
be sprout social and this is because it gives you a ton of reporting options
that I don’t think HootSuite necessarily has on their platform and that’s why we
kind of use a combination of sprout social and HootSuite or we have in the
past now we’re moving to a different platform because we’re scaling our
business we don’t want to rely on things like sprout social we’re gonna use more
Google Analytics and third-party tools for data and tracking but in the very
beginning this is a great tool for small businesses for small agencies to use
because look you can see facebook pages your competitors you can see engagement
rates Twitter comparisons groups Twitter keywords tasks performance trends
Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn sent message all kinds of stuff Google
Analytics you can even tag into here right and so it’ll pull all of that
information this just makes the reports pretty and makes them look nice right
but it’s also a tool for managing feeds made receiving and sending messages
updating tasks and making sure that you’re able to find new content a lot of
people love this discovery tab because it allows you to search for keywords and
find conversations and posts and mentions of that keyword on all of the
different social platforms so a really great tool for starting out they do not
have a free platform I believe they have a free trial but their basic platform is
$99 per month and I believe that includes five users so just know that if
you’re going to use social sprout or sprout social sorry if you’re going to
use sprout social that it is going to be a little more expensive of these tools
but it’s very very useful also know that buzzsumo is more of a paid version tool
a lot of the other tools that we just previously mentioned like ninjalytics
like Google Alerts likealyzer what is it twitonomy all of those are free and
have free versions that are pretty useful and you won’t necessarily need to
upgrade now tool number 10 that we’re going to talk to you guys about is a
newer tool that I found called keyhole and it actually allows you to
track specific hashtags and keywords so Instagram and Twitter it allows you to
track different accounts and then you can also track different news blog and
forum pages or websites where people are releasing new content every single day
so it’s a really really cool tool for you to just add in a link or add in a
word or an account and be able to track that account and everything that’s going
on with that competitor with that account including your own accounts so a
quick question you guys which one of these tools if it’s on here if it’s been
mentioned is your favorite social media monitoring tool and if one wasn’t
mentioned on here please leave them in the comments below because I love
finding new monitoring tools if you have one that I didn’t mention that you love
to use please again leave it in the comments below but that’s it on the 10
tools that you’re going to want to use at least that we use for social media
monitoring that doesn’t mean those are all the tools there are others out there
so feel free to go to google and type in that search in the search bar and find
some other social media monitoring tools for you also since you guys stay until
the end I’m gonna show you guys how to get access to the step-by-step guide to
creating a content marketing calendar all you need to do is click this link
right here in the top right hand corner of this video and it will take you right
over there to watch that video but that’s it for me everybody I’m gonna hop
off until next time Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the
six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our
free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see in the course
in Cereal Entrepreneur out


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  • Carter Turcios says:

    You mentioned tai lopez, i have his SMMA program and its not what its SOLD to be. He actually doesn't teach the courses and it's not organized at all. I always find myself watching your videos and that's when i realized i invested in the wrong education. They teach "go get your first client and freelance the work" but you aren't learning any skills, acquiring creditable reviews, nor is your agency or that business going to prosper. Pretty much we are being taught to be salesmen and thrown into a facebook group that NONE of the teachers reply to we sit and ask eachother questions. Its a group of blindmice! Your videos and TEACHING skills are top notch and you will rise to the top very soon #CerealEntreprenuer

    P.S-i dont have your academy yet but once my finances get situated ill be your top student!

  • have you done a video on how to give analytic reports to clients? would you recommend any white label services? how do you give detailed but easy to understand reports for your clients? Such as leads, engagements, as performance etc… hope this made sense. This is my biggest hurdle at the moment.

  • Miracle Ifeakachi says:

    Hello Jordan, what do u recommend for an agency to use for Social media posting and monitoring, Vendasta's Social Media Marketing platform or Hootsuite and his brothers

  • Parental Control App Reviewer says:

    In my company, I like to use iKeyMonitor to monitor my employee's cellphone. It actually works very well.
    iKeyMonitor monitors text message, passwords, site pages, screenshots and then transfers the logs to you through Email.


  • Stanko Prvanović says:

    I love your video! 😀

    Maybe you should give eClincher a try too, they are one of the best tools out there today. You can either check out their website, or google them. They rank pretty high, in more than some cases – better than the ones mentioned. g2 has a lot of insightful scores about them, you should definitely check it out and give your professional opinion about them too. 😀

  • Jakub Rogalski says:

    Hey Jordan, it was a pleasure listening to you talking about all those social media monitoring tools, such a cool toolkit! Personally, I find TweetDeck really helpful when it comes to Twitter, and especially scheduling tweets. Speaking of other tools that were not included in your video, have you tried Brand24 by any chance? 🙂

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