Top 10 Things You Missed in Ralph Breaks the Internet

Top 10 Things You Missed in Ralph Breaks the Internet

and you thought ready player one was the ultimate Easter egg hunt welcome to Ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 things you missed in wreck-it ralph to video games before we begin we published new content every day so be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're taking a look at cameos in jokes and little details that you might have overlooked and Ralph breaks the Internet well try to keep any spoilers to a minimum but keep in mind we'll be touching upon a few plot points number 10 looking for answers in a particular steering wheel our heroes consult a search engine named knows more who shares the same voice actor as the first film's King candy Alan Tudyk with an aggressive autocomplete function knows more jumps to the conclusion that Ralph and vanellope must be looking for Steve Urkel who was played by Jaleel White on Family Matters airing its first eight seasons on the disney-owned ABC television network umbrella umbrage ooh mommy no Noah's Ark no doubt Nordstrom ergonomics Urban Outfitters or Coon funnily enough white actually voiced a legendary video game character Sonic the Hedgehog on occasion in the 90s yeah awesome like somebody I just there and though the blue blur actually does make an on-screen appearance in wreck-it Ralph tube voiced by his voice actor of several years Roger Craig Smith he can't help but wonder if this was the filmmakers way of tipping the hat to Sonic's og voice actor it's actually pronounced life ralphe number nine youtube voice actors the filmmakers clearly did their homework on internet culture as they actually enlisted real life YouTube personalities to lend their voices glozell green also known as glozell innate Simon has accumulated over four million subscribers through a rapping stand-up and interviews in Ralph's breaks the internet she can briefly be heard as Little Debbie a member of shanks crew in slaughter race colleen ballinger who rose to popularity with her character Miranda sings also makes a cameo as herself just when you thought Ballinger couldn't possibly be more animated she becomes a literal cartoon character who loses access to her Internet what the film additionally includes appearances from Tiffany Herrera also known as I has cup quake Danny Fernandes and Flula Borg as yesses assistant may be number eight the anti princess song whereas the other Disney Princesses dream of living happily ever after in a magical kingdom vanellope wishes to spend the rest of her days in slaughter race a game overrun with fast cars explosions and sharks deadlier than the ones from Amity Island vanellope expresses her desires through a tune entitled a place called slaughter race which is anything but a traditional Disney Princess song what makes this especially hilarious is that the songs music was composed by Alan Menken the same man who gave us part of your world a whole new world and others on top of that Sarah Silverman sings this song with gal gadot who's known for playing another unconventional princess where I'm from that's called slavery number seven hey young man even when he's given the most minor of roles actor Jason Mantzoukas never fails to produce comedic gold during the oh my Disney sequence from Ralph breaks the internet Mantzoukas voice is an obnoxious fan at a Q&A session who has a bone to pick with baby Groot the scene has only made funnier when you consider that Mantzoukas character is named Han Hong man for those who don't know hey dong man is a rather niche reference to comedy bang bang which started as a podcast that inspired a TV series of the same name Mantzoukas has frequently appeared on the podcast where he coined this catchphrase which derived from mispronouncing the phrase hang on man oh I like it Gharib hang on man hang on man hey young man young man shirt number six fortnight references although it's still a relatively new game fortnight has exploded into a cultural phenomenon that's dominated pop culture ever since its launch in 2017 several references to the Battle Royale game can even be found in this Disney movie in one of the subtler instances a fortnight as in a period of two weeks is cleverly mentioned as yes explains how videogame characters tend to rake in lots of likes you can spot a familiar battle bus on her tablet the most ingenious Easter egg of all comes when rouse performs the floss dance which initially stemmed from rustle backpack kid Horning and reached another level of popularity when it popped up in fortnight number 5 can't understand Merida she turned down a peg B emoji didn't know a side don't know where vanellope isn't the only Disney princess who's something of an outsider once again voiced by Kelly Macdonald Merida from brave tells vanellope how she turned her mother into a bear after feeding her cursed cake well at least that's what we think she was trying to get across Merida is kind of hard to understand which is because quote she's from the other studio according to Anna Merida was the first Pixar character to be featured among Disney's official princess line so it's not surprising that her words got lost in translation and considering the brave beat the original wreckit-ralph for the Best Animated Feature Oscar this could also be seen as a playful jab towards the competition sorry I don't speak beer number 4 Stanley the oh my Disney sequence packs in one cameo after another although none was more poignant than Stanley's while making her way through the haven of Disney properties vanellope almost bumps into one of Marvel's most influential artists this isn't the first time Lee has appeared in a Disney movie as he lent his voice and likeness to Fred's dad in big hero 6 what stands out about Lee's cameo in Ralph breaks the Internet however is that he passed away at age 95 just over a week before the film's release we sadly didn't get to see the film released before his death but this cameo further demonstrates why his legacy will last forever number three Disney characters everywhere do animals talk to you know who are you Paul is no cursed no kidnap to enslave no are you guys okay as mentioned before vanellope strip – oh my Disney is overrun with icons under the mouse houses umbrella but you'd need a keen eye to catch them all upon arriving vanellope not only crosses paths with a or but also spots the likes of Dumbo Ironman Kermit the Frog Eve r2d2 and Mickey Mouse just to name a few one area features attractions dedicated to baymax and Buzz Lightyear with a user who looks an awful lot like Darth Maul passing by on the run from stormtroopers Penelope even encounters Nick Wilde grumpy hey hey the rooster Tinkerbell and Peter Pan's shadow she this place almost makes the Kingdom Hearts games look under populated by comparison number two the Batman theme it's no secret that Disney owns Marvel which is DC's biggest rival on the superhero front likewise for decades Disney has competed with Warner Brothers DC entertainments parent company so naturally we never expected a DC character like Batman to be referenced in anything Disney related when the Disney Princesses transition into their casual clothing though the music you played sounds just like Neil Hefty's iconic composition from the 1960s Batman show the Adam West series notably wasn't produced by Warner Brothers but 20th Century Fox which Disney is expected to officially acquire in 2019 it may not be a full-on cameo from the Caped Crusader but it's probably the closest Disney will ever get number 1 after credits despite being heavily advertised the scene involving a pancake eating Bunny and a traumatized baby Moana was excluded from the film's plot the clip did surface in the credits however discussing this scene animator Michelle Robinson stated quote it was meant to be part of the whole montage where Ralph and vanellope explored the Internet and then when the story shifted it didn't really make sense anymore but we just loved it so much that we wanted to make sure it was still shared the credits also featured a sneak peek of frozen – but instead of Elsa singing let it go Ralph trolled us with never gonna give you up we've heard of Rick rollin but Ralph's rolling do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from ms mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos


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