hello everyone and welcome to another geometry dash video and in this video we'll be talking about the most shocking moments and events in the GED community this was actually suggested by a guy on my discord server who calls himself allegiance so thanks for suggesting that idea also as always channels have made the gameplay will be in the description anyways let's get started because we have a lot to cover number 10 crazy deleting low-def about two years ago crazy man 50 announced that he was gonna make a level called low death which was an extremely buffed and cancerous version of highlight by mig word now this level was buffed to the point where it could be an extreme demon and placed really high on the list not too much now but that's beside the point and when low death was a thing crazy actually made decent progress making it to 40% and people freaked out about it too much everyone in the community kept begging crazy to play this horrible level and complain on his profile he called spam based little children in tired and irving level just so he could get it over with finally he deleted the level which shocked everyone this really shows how toxic the community can be if you pester a great player like crazy they will feel like geometry dash and playing extreme demons will be like a chore because they're forced to do it and it generally des motivates them if you beg people to play certain levels afterwards he just said they went to the level to die and if anyone does verify low death it'll be unrated but surprisingly crazy actually announced on riot stream that he would be playing low death again he told everyone not to get their hopes up but I'm really hoping this will be verified soon if he can be black Blizzard then he can beat this number 9 exotics virus if you guys weren't around an early 1.9 exotic was a star player who somehow beat 40 demons per day and by a long shot had the most stars out of anyone who played the game now of course the demon count on his profile was suspicious so there's a huge debate to whether he was a hacker or not we never actually got any confirmation that exotic with a hacker but it's pretty obvious that he hacked but on October 2016 exotic posted a message on his Twitter saying that this was his last tweet and there's a virus on his body and this would be his last day and after we saw that there was no confirmation that we saw any more of exotics there were few post on his Twitter saying that exotic has returned but that was probably hacked and afterwards there's some people that actually claimed that they were exotic but those who turn out to be faked as well there's a lot of mystery involving exotic and whether he died or not and this shocked the community number 8 hackers taking over now I don't really know much of this topic and there aren't many videos there to research on but basically what happened was there was a her and I don't know the name – and he act a bunch of creators accounts their levels were still there and everything and I don't know if the passwords are changed but this completely shocked the community and made people like myself think that the game was under attack Rob thought really nice up his security with the game nothing else to really say about this so let's move on number 7 Murphy we dying at sonic wave sonic wave is currently the hardest level in the game right now and was created by cyclic it was actually rated for a while in 1.9 and then unrated when people found out site was was a hacker so over a course of 18 months NOAA beat sonic wave there were some people that made decent progress within these 18 months that is right who made some good runs on sonic wave but 7 months before this a player named Buffy we came super close to being this level dying at 98% because of a small buff at the end and I mean just went into his reaction this was the biggest fail in Gd history at the time sonic wave would have been by a longshot the hardest level in the game but things didn't stop from there Buffy we got funny game answer plunge to make a rebirth of sonic wave sonic wave rebirth which unfortunately is a dead level now ever since whoopee we lost motivation to play Gd and quit the game later on riot kept playing sonic wave and got 96 percent which is the second closest failed finally in November 2015 Sonic's finally beat sonic wave and the race to being a sonic wave was over the thing is a lot of this could have been avoided if we we didn't buff the end or which is able to follow through beating sonic wave number 6 Andromeda's confession Andromeda was a skilled player back in 1.9 and also in 2.0 a few of the most notable achievements were Cataclysm bloodbath necropolis and some of his own levels poltergeists and the ultimate phase he also made this video top 10 hardest demons and GED that currently has 1.4 million views but all that changed in August 2015 when he posted his confession video he made a proper apology saying which levels he hacked and also he'd be streaming later this shocked the community but for the most part the community was actually on Andrew side I really wish the community was this team today but in 2.0 he legitimately completed every single man achievement they hacked in 1.9 legitimately this being his ultimate apology this event shocked the community as Andromeda was recognized as both a Video Creator and an excellent player number 5 trusted nerfing and beating Attica Ross these two events were so close to each other that I had to put them in one spot Yaser garasu was one of the most hyped extreme demons to ever come out first being started by a riot in early 2.0 the good goal being to make the hearts level ever and overshadow bloodbath but after the huge process of yatta Carrasco being built right couldn't verify level because of his finger pains he had repetitive strain injury or RSI in his index finger this led to right to pass a level on this serve and he actually made some decent progress after rage creating the level and temporarily quitting GD this was when the level was passed on the trust and actually looked like he was about to do it about four months after he first started trying to beat it he got 95% this was actually quite ironic because he was using circa esters icons and circa Esther died at 95 percent on its own level hatred this was when he nerf Michigan and funny games part which was the most difficult this made the level a bit easier it was only about a few days until he finally beat you ought to kurosu with the nerves but the thing is was slightly easier than tonic wave not making it to number one so of course the community hated the fact that he nerf to the level and people make comparison videos of the nerve and unnerved Yatagarasu and people said that I ruined the level trust and nerfing and then beating you got across it was a meme at this point and people are saying that he used a nerf gun to kill the otter kurosu number four two point ones release shortly after trust have verified the otter kurosu robtop finally released two point one after exactly 17 months after 2.0 way too long for an update I chose to point one out of any other update because it took the longest and it was most anticipated robtop kept lying to everyone involving to put in one's release saying was gonna come out 12 months before the update actually came out and he actually said a lot of these lies leaving the community and outrage before 2.1 was released we actually had some early previews on the vehicle the new level and new app called geometry dash world which was like a 2.1 light pretty much everything about 2.1 was anticipated at this point and we knew exactly what the update was gonna look like in january 16th the update was finally out with lots of new stuff and everything we hope for now let's wait for two point two number three novel boy dies at bloodlust remember when I said that sonic wave was the biggest fail for its time well this is now the biggest for sure bloodless is a super buff an extended remake of bloodbath and will certainly be the hardest level by a longshot melvoy was both an extremely talented player and creator and later became the verifier bloodlust in September 2016 he made some slow progress and also do some creating stuff along the way with God Eater but the biggest fail happened back in June when novel boy died at 98 now after this he raged a lot more and even cried on stream but the level isn't dead yet he also died at 97 percent a few times and spent a hundred thousand total attempts on the level so I really hope you verifies it soon number two riot beats bloodbath even though bloodbath is currently the 24th hardest even behind a lot of other levels currently this level was at number one for a really long time the goal for this level was to have the greatest creator to make it level those more difficult than anything at the time this level was going to be verified by riot the best player at the time who beat Cataclysm ID Scarman Diablo X and deadly clubs death during the verification process of bloodbath Reich at 94% and Dallas when Robb cops had this in his stream riot I bless you with robtop power verify and he actually did in August 2015 bloodbath was without a doubt the hardest level at the time and remained unbeaten for months a year after the verification of bloodbath trust to verify the cupen held by Anubis and finally surpassed bloodbath has she even made history in the community and made write one of the most popular players in the game he's currently at one hundred ninety three thousand subscribers oh my god number one cyclic confession so idlies head riot was a best player in late 1.9 in an early 2.0 but at the time that was debatable the other godlike player at the time was cyclic cyclic was the first player ever to complete Cataclysm and also be ice carbon Diablo X the ultimate phase and acropolis when ridin cyclic we're at the top of the rivalry cyclic made sonic wave which I discussed earlier after he verified this in 1.9 he just quit he deleted his youtube his levels pretty much everything but then he came back he verified team mentu's mega collab a bizarre phantasm and a remake of Sons old levelled the hell zone but there was one problem in the hell's own video there was evidence of a cut he has if you look at the video real closely the icon disappears for one frame and this was when cyclic shocked the entire community sonic wave in the hell zone were both hacked the hell zone they have four cuts in it and it was verify hacked but that wasn't all the next day cyclic told riot that he hacked every single demon level on his channel and that all of the streams were pre-recorded the community was completely shocked by this because all this time we found out that riot was rivaling a hacker anyway so I hope you guys enjoy this top 10 if you have to make sure to leave a like and leave your opinion in the comments and as always this is GD flow Roni signing out bye guys



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