33 thoughts on “Top 10 ICONIC Things You Didn’t Know Were Designed for ADVERTISING”

  • Phillip Mcintyre says:

    In ancient times red was associated with men (blood heat power) and blue with women (water, cold, passiveness). Boys would end up wearing pink clothing because the red dye would fade in the sun. The colors were reversed for some reason in the 20th century

  • Julie Ann Myers says:

    Sweetest Day? Where is this a holiday? Not in the US… doesn't exist. This is the 1st I've ever heard of it in over 6 decades of life in America. Where do you get this bs, Simon? Guarantee you, virtually no other Americans have ever heard of this "tradition" of ours, either.
    (I've lived in Illinois, Georgia, North Dakota & Maryland… no one in any state but northern Ohio seems to have heard of it.)

  • Patrick Deschênes says:

    "At the timing, people were unaware of the Red Bull logo being plastered all over…". Mostly blind people. Evryone else noticed.

  • Appreciate the info regarding Hollywood, the traditional American breakfast, & all the rest. Thanks! 😁

  • Chris Jacobsen says:

    Nobody celebrates sweetest day thanks to FB every day is something stupid today is NATIONAL brownie day stupid

  • Chris Miller says:

    "Trash food" being black I have noticed that the "poor" black man's meal is now more expensive than what my grandma would have paid for.
    Exploitation at it's best in America

  • Late to the party, but WRONG. There was body acceptance movement long before Dove made its advertisement. The movement towards body acceptance is what inspired the commercial.

  • Fayanora Ahnabahn says:

    I have lived in the US my entire life, and I have never before heard of Sweetest Day. Are you sure that's not a British thing?

  • Lived in the US for 52 years and never heard of or seen Sweetest day advertised
    It goes straight to Halloween
    Maybe they blended it?

  • Kristyn Hoffner says:

    Sweetest Day is not a thing in America. Never heard of it. Never seen a greeting card for it. Not even a Facebook post like how you see all those “National (fill in the blank) Day” posts. And I’ve been all over and have family all over. None of them celebrate this.

  • From the States here- Never heard of Sweetest day, never heard anyone mention it. I thought he must be talking about something from the UK.

  • I live here and I feel I should mention that we have several cities and neighborhoods with "Hollywood" in them.

    Not to mention streets.

    West Hollywood
    North Hollywood
    Hollywood Hills

  • Uhhh, It's bacon, doesn't need much promotion AND out here in the wild west it was always a priority because it was a meat that was preserved with salt, sugar, smoke and could be taken on pack trips, cattle drives, line camps…and let me reiterate IT'S BACON.

  • It should be noted that bacon and eggs is really based on the Full English. Yes, it was manipulated by a bacon add campaign, but it is alder than that. Sweetest Day?

    This is the first time in 48 years I have heard of it. Must not be a big deal.

  • Andrew Ellington says:

    As an American, I admit we don't always have the best ideas but I have never in my life heard of sweetest day. I like this channel but have noticed some poorly researched items on a fair number of the lists the more I see.

  • Björn-Erik Borg says:

    In Sweden we don't have engagement rings with diamonds (unless it has changed among the younger ones in recent years). We just have a (often) plain gold ring. Same for both man and wife.

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