Top 10 Gaming Marketing Lies

Top 10 Gaming Marketing Lies

well if it's on the internet it must be true right welcome to ARCA ting lies before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're looking at times when the truth was stretched just a little bit too far in the effort to promote a game or brand prepare to feel utterly cheated all over again i'm todd haberkorn and I'll believe anything on the Internet as long as it has a good trailer allows me to enjoy 40 pages of clickbait and links me to at least a dozen pop-up ads oh wait it's opposite day oh let's get ready to mow Joe oh you will decide the heroes and you'll decide the villains look this is a whole new world for all of us here number 10 misleading trailer Dead Island now while we all expect a little embellishment on game trailers to heighten expectations and enhance sales a line is crossed when a trailer starts dishing out misleading claims gamers first glimpse of the Dead Island franchise back in 2011 came via an emotional intense trailer depicting the game as a tale of survival and tragedy but in reality Dead Island's gameplay was light on story and heavy on action leading to little emotion and lots of zombie bashing chaos when gamers complained that they felt misled by the first trailer the games publisher Deep Silver rejected such claims but to anyone who's played the game and seen the trailer it's hard not to feel like the necrotic zombie butt of a bad joke number nine Connect is the future Xbox one here's how not to market an unnecessary gadget for a home console system claim it's not an option and it costs more say it always has to be connected to even use the system and then try to push it as the future of gaming yeah folks that was the genius strategy behind the now defunct Xbox Kinect it turns out that none of these claims were true accepted costing more but Microsoft only admitted such after it was pummeled in sales by the ps4 turns out the Kinect wasn't that necessary after all seeing as the Xbox 1's launched without the port to even connect the damn thing back in 2016 with adapters for the Kinect being discontinued a year later number 8 visual downgrade watchdogs that first trailer for watchdogs back at e3 2012 caused a lot of jaws to collectively hit the floor and subsequently a lot of anger when the game finally released two years later it was clear that it just didn't look as good on ps4 and Xbox one as it did in that initial trailer that's because the game lauded at e3 was running on a super-powerful PC even by today's standards and existed before time when developers really knew how powerful the upcoming next generation of hardware would be let alone how to actively get the most out of it sure Ubisoft showed off the best version of the game they could the problem was it wasn't based in reality wakey-wakey you much like this shitshow of the art who nuance and subtlety and it really irritates the shit out of me sometimes number seven power of the cloud crackdown three Microsoft's marketing campaign surrounding the so-called power of the cloud made some incredible claims in 2013 including being able to quadruple the power of the Xbox one but six years later it hasn't lived up to the hype so why the demo for crackdown 3 chose to once again start pushing the cloud hype is beyond us yes that demo looked amazing but the final version of it bears little resemblance to what was initially shown oddly it's just one case of false advertising after another surrounding this game as to raise hype before its release its star Terry Crews described it as a Terry Crews simulator and well sure the main characters played by Terry Crews but he's playing the character of commander Jackson not himself number 6 16 times the detail fallout 76 it allows us to have 16 times the detail and even view distant weather systems across the map it's pretty safe to say that fallout 76 was an epic letdown and didn't live up to any of the hype that Bethesda's Todd Howard heaped upon it at e3 months before its release these claims were many but the most misleading was that how new technology allowed it to run at 16 times the detail of past bethesda games really was he looking at the red game fallout 76 can look okay at the best of times but overall it's actually a step back in the graphics department for Bethesda perhaps if Howard had said 1 or 2 times the detail we'd not feel so cheated but 16 come on man take your shoes off use your hands and count to 16 you got 20 digits and that sometimes it doesn't just work number 5 blast proccesing Sega Genesis sowhat's blast proccesing do back in the Sega vs. Nintendo days of the early 90s both companies pulled out all the stops to get the advantage on their competitor including outright lies the Sega Genesis boasted blast proccesing supposedly an exclusive Hardware feature that was supposed to give an edge over the Super Nintendo but didn't actually exist it was a total buzzword and it became a PR scheme to make people think the genesis was more powerful granted the Genesis did have a faster CPU speed than the SNES but to claim it had some secret weapon technology was totally bogus shame on you Sega what if you don't have blast proccesing number 4 fake footage Killzone 2 there was a lot of speculation on just how powerful the ps3 would be back in the mid-2000s and when the first trailer for Killzone 2 dropped at e3 2005 it's jaw-dropping footage confirmed our highest hopes of what the next-gen console could do except it didn't it turns out the trailer wasn't using actual gameplay footage oops a high-ranking member within guerrilla games mistakenly boasted that the trailer was running on ps3 Hardware during a time when most devs didn't even have access to ps3 Hardware yet or barely just started testing it chalk this went up to a bit of misleading marketing folks but also poor communication within guerrilla at the time but hey all was forgiven when they made horizon zero dawn right well I'm glad you're thinking straight at least number three youtubers paid to like Xbox one while we fully expect huge companies like Microsoft to manipulate marketing strategies in their favor it's still enraging to see the details of such campaigns laid bare for all to see such was the case when Microsoft paid youtubers more for including more than 30 seconds of Xbox one footage in their videos mentioning the console directly and of course not making any critical comments about the system or its games juror youtubers rely on sponsored ads all the time so how was this different well the videos in question we're not marked as paid advertisements or advertisements at all once the story came to light Microsoft forced creators to mark these videos as paid advertisements but only after the story leaked online Microsoft collusion number two everything Peter Milano says what is godess imagine a world full of people that you have nurtured full of people who worship you as a god remember the story of the boy who cried wolf well Peter Mullan whose career is kind of like that here's the lesson if you keep making false statements about your games some bordering on outright ridiculous people will just stop believing you and more often to not stop listening regardless of your past history of creating important titles sure he's apologized after making such false claims such as promising that you could have your children in fable and launching crowdfunding initiatives that didn't deliver but what does an apology mean when it's constantly followed by more apologies each apology cheapens the last and finally your word is as good as dirt and that's an insult to dirt that couldn't recognize us he can recognize our faces he can recognize our voices he can recognize emotions in us before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions Sega Genesis is 16-bits 3do was 32 bit the atari jaguar in 64-bit so you want me to create another daikatana no that's not necessary how could we take a genre that we know and love so well the first-person shooter and turn it on its head again and our answer is destiny number one so many things no man's sky there's no doubt that Shaun Murray was very excited about no man's sky to the point where he ended up making promises she just couldn't keep it's been almost three years since no man's skies uber controversial launched with a lot of the original promises being delivered since then all to Murray and hello games is credit instead of running away from their over-ambitious marketing mistakes before the game's launch they got right back to work to deliver on what they set out to make sure they angered a lot of people in the process and left something of a stigma upon their product but hopefully the lesson behind no man's sky will be one of redemption and not one of hate in the years to come 18 quintillion planets 18 quintillion planets


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