Top 10 Cursed Tik Toks – Part 2

Top 10 Cursed Tik Toks – Part 2

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. So remember how i told you guys to please
not send me any links to cursed tik toks in the last video? Well you dont have to now since im back with
part 2 o the video so i had to find a bunch more myself and therefore torture myself by
watching these videos that were made with 0 filming expertise and clearly no budget. But im just being overly critical and a hater
so enough of my negative vibes, these are the Top 10 Cursed Tik Toks – Part 2. Starting us off with number 10 is The Faceless
Man. And i wanted to give credit where its due
but for some reason the video i watched this tik tok in didnt have the persons username
attached to it so i guess faceless man will stay faceless man. In the video the person is wearing a white
morph suit with a suit on top. Hes counting from 1 to 10 while Freddy Kruegars
song is playing in the background. If you dont know who Freddy Kreugar is hes
the spirit of a serial killer. The words are so eerie it goes like, 1 2 daddys
coming for you 3 4 better lock your door and so on. A little girl is singing it in a high pitched
voice so that mixed with the faceless morph suit dude is giving me really really bad vibes. Coming in at number 9 is The Camel From Hell. uploaded by guyundermegay, i honestly thought
this was some sort of dinosaur that had been resurrected in this tik tok on god. The noises it was making, i thought it was
like a zombie animal but then i was like wait its lips sort of look camel like. And then i googled a camels mouth, cus i had
no idea their teeth looked like that, and growing up in Dubai i really shouldve known
that. Either way the video shows this camel at night
with red glare eyes deeply moaning and making all around aggressive sounds. I feel like this camel literally came from
hell to shit on all of us and make us repent for our sins. Either that or hes getting poked at and harmed
by the people taking this video and i mean he seems like the daddy of camels so i have
no doubt that he could probably take this dude. Especially with a username as immature as
guyundermegay. At number 8 we have His Girlfriend. Uploaded by godsprodigy2.0 the video is of
the user walking into what looks like his living room, drinking a beer, with the song
next contestant by nickelback playing in the background. He looks to the side pretending to talk to
someone about his girlfriend following the song and then turns into a demon sort of person
with full black eyes as the camera colours start glitching. First off if nickelback is playing in the
background of this video then its already cursed a), b) the guy is creepy himself but
its his living room thats just not right. If you pause it before he walks in, he has
5 masks hung on the wall and a puppet past on the side as well. And regardless of the masks he even has a
bloody white sheet hanging like a curtain next to the puppets head. Now im all for people expressing themselves
artistically and decorating their house however they want but this is pushing it. Why is your house decorated like youre bringing
people back there to kill them. I am worried. Filling our number 7 slot is Your Highness. Uploaded by urmomma69420, it actually took
me a while to figure out what animal was in the video. I initially thought it was a hamster but i
usually think hamsters are quite cute and this one definitely wasnt so i was like what
is it. Then i was like is it a rat but there was
no tail but from looking at the replies its definitely a hamster. Either way the video has Sand storm by Apashe
playing in the background as the video pans around this dead hamster thats been stood
up and is wearing a pearl necklace, a red robe made out of paper and a plastic crown. Its eyes are painted over blue and its legs
look glued to the floor or broken but either way i just dont understand what came into
this persons mind to make this in the first place. Was this hamster dead beforehand? Did they kill it? If it was dead beforehand why did they keep
it? Its just giving me creepy vibes and you know
what they say, people who kill and abuse animals as children usually grow up to become serial
killers so thats lovely. Now at number 6 is the Finger Eater. This one just creeped me the hell out, it
was uploaded by lilbitties and the girl is using that mirror feature on webcam so its
her face with this really creepy narrative in the background. The track is of an older woman speaking in
a rhyme but it echoes in a really scary way and of course the video itself is of the girl
eating whats meant to be someone elses fingers. She picks it up, pops it in there, picks up
another one, elongates it and then eats it too. It took me a little bit to figure out how
she was eating the finger cus it didnt look like she was using her other hand but of course
she was and i tried it myself to confirm. Either way this cannibalistic hoe is someone
im not here for and neither am i here for her creepy ass backing vocal. Coming in at number 5 is Peppa from Hell. Uploaded by jameswrightt, the video starts
with james opening up the fridge and zooming into some maple syrup pork sausages. Before he can get them out his family calls
him asking James what is this and when he turns around everything goes dark and a candle
jar goes on. his family salute and then ask in a possessed
voice in unison “Peppa what are you doing” and then zoomed in in front of the candle
is a picture of demon Peppa Pig. now having done a scary peppa pig theories video i know
how messed up that show can get and how screwed up Peppa really is. So for her to possess this whole family because
James is tryna eat a bit of pork is completely believable. At number 4 are Lucid Drugs. Now with this one i personally put it on the
list because it freaked me out, theres nothing extraordinary going on in the clip but for
some reason it just really creeped me out. Uploaded by silvillious, the video itself
has a blueish filter and focuses on someone with white blonde hair, red eyes and blood
coming out of their eyes as the camera glitches on them causing them to appear and reappear
and then they put their finger on their lips in the very end. The music in the background is what creeped
me out the most like it automatically made me think that if i got kidnapped one day and
the kidnappers or killer put me on some sort of drugs this video is exactly what id see
if i opened my eyes. Probably drugged up closing and opening my
eyes, looking at this crazy person wanting to kill me., the soundtrack of my death in
the background. Filling our number 3 slot is The World on
Fire. Uploaded by undeadlover11, the video is of
a demon unhuman person, their eyes are icey grey, their black lipstick comes out at the
sides, kind of like the joker and they had a black bullseye on their nose. Their teeth have been cut to be pointy sort
of like that lizard man who did it to look more repitilian, i guess this person did it
to look more freaky and it worked. Theyre lipsyncing to the song i dont want
to set the world on fire by the ink spots while smiling looking all creepy. Like dont smile at me like that of course
you wanna light the world on fire look at you! Now at number 2 is The Cage. uploaded by i_am_malyce, the video shows you
a little cove that youre locked in and a blue masked figure with gaping bleeding black holes
for eyes comes and gets you, puts a bag over your head and then when the camera point of
view comes back, the masked figure is locking you into a cage. The music in the video is like the eerie twinkly
sounding track where a child is singing, shes saying things like i can see you from behind,
you can hear me in your mind. It reminds me of number 1 in part 1, why are
people always getting kidnapped on tiktok by actual lunatics. This is worrying guys. And finally at number 1 is The Masked Heart
Eater. Uploaded by skylar_stripes, this video is
a lot to digest. Skylar goes between 2 forms, one being them
in white facepaint, a black eye and black liquid oozing from that eye as well as a red
wig. Sort of like the knock off version of Michael
Myers from Halloween. And the other version is them with a blue
mask with black tears coming out of the eye. It switches between both personas so fast
its almost hard to keep up and in the background the track says we have special work to do.
and of course the teeth are as pointy as can be, because within this special work you may
need a razor or something scissor like which skylar could most definitely help out with. After that the frame keeps going back and
forth from masked skylar to michael myers skylar and then they have a heart in one frame,
then a knife, then other weapons before biting into the heart. And thats it for todays video guys! After watching at least 100 tik toks i wanna
say some are actually not bad, some are so atrocious its hilarious but the people who
actually put in effort like good on you. Either way let me know below which one freaked
you out the most and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time. Byeee.


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