49 thoughts on “Tommy Lynn Sells – The Mind of a Psychopath | Nightline | ABC News”

  • Ambient Transcendence says:

    I truly believe, if Tommy would have gone into acting before he got too far out, he never would of killed anyone. He had no passion. He would of been the greatest actor of all time.

  • Lexi Ray ray says:

    If I was the interviewer, and the guy said “you’re pressing your luck” I would have jumped up and left. Man there’s some crazy people out here🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Did this guy really strangle a pregnant women to the point she gave birth to her 7 month old child. Wooow then killed that child too. My god. I’m 36 years old n have live a relatively crazy life but I truly think that this is actually the most evil shit I’ve ever heard. Any heaven this guy or anybody like him could get in by repenting b4 they died I wouldn’t wanna get in. Disgusting

  • Two things confuse me. The first is, if he doesn't feel sympathy, then why did he say that he didn't want the children to go through what he did? The other thing that confuses me is, why was he putting so much effort into showing the police what he did? Why would he give a shit about helping them?

  • Borderlands Gaming says:

    He’s not a psychopath, he clearly shows emotions about what he’s done. He’s a sociopath. And one sick bastard. Very few serial killers are psychopaths.

  • Dat Tex Mex Boi Tats says:

    This Man Is Dead☠️ Already …The State Of 🇨🇱 Gave This Man Da Lethal Injection in 2014 Ordered By A Judge in Del Rio, Tx And It Was Carried Out By Huntsville, Tx Where He Died

  • Conor Meleady says:

    If I was the interviewer I would've layed into him.. sexual abuse? Yeah pal likely story.. How hard were you after you killed that pregnant woman and her entire family? Double dipping going back shooting her husband 3 times in the head no doubt you knocked a quick one out while you watched his "soul leave his body."

  • Sean Prescott says:

    You can see the weakness a mile away.
    And hear the desperation when he speaks.
    (Let me tell you how bad and tough I totally am, while I do everything to avoid the details of the dozen women and young children that I’ve killed.)

    Ok, sure thing, coward.

    Although lethal injections was much to good of a death, I’m happy that he’s dead.

  • Your ASMR Bar says:

    he's a fucking fake. someone who kills like that would enjoy talking about it. this guy is just fucking evil and he knows it.

  • Been killing each other for the past 10,000 years, these guys would’ve been at home in a gladiatorial arena, or the military.

  • So why the hell aren't child molesters and rapists locked away for life?? A LOT of these people have reported abuse!

  • Paul E Taylor Jr says:

    He had absolutely no emotion all those killings and the ACLU was worried about unusual pain and suffering give me a break they should have just attached each winter and let them run scum

  • Well he's in hell and now it his turn to be hated and and he's no hero down there and a superstar serial killer in hell

  • Let me say this slower for the PhD retards. CHECK….THE…..MIRROR……NUERON…..LEVELS. CHECK…FRONT LOBE….FOR…..DAMAGE.

  • Found Fortune says:

    Most of these killers had a terrible childhood allowing demonic spirits to enter them due to the very very dysfunctional childhood it's a demon he called one demon name "hatred" then theres murder rape these are demonic acts

  • see you in air. says:

    Possessed by the Devil every time you do bad things or being mean to some one the Devil make your feel good this is when you need to really pray forgiveness
    God is real and the Devil Hate you.

  • Chet youbetya says:

    Rubbish.All serial killers have the same upbringing and that is severe abuse which in itself changes the brain.For any scientist to say oh yes there brains are different would have had to see how there brains were before they were ever abused as children.Serial killers are made not born.

  • Gringo the Viking says:

    Can somebody explain to me why murderes like him have no problems bragging about what they have done but hardly ever answer to direct questions?

    For example when he gets asked about the labour part. Shouldn’t he be ”happy and proud” and enjoy re-living it? Makes me wonder about the whole no feelings part, to me it sounds like he’s ashamed.

    I understand that in some situations it’s about evidence and their cases etc but come on, dudes like this aint never getting out anyway..

  • james taggart says:

    When that fat bstard said the interviewer was going "to far", I would have pushed it! I would have again asked the question. I would have gotten him off track. He was trying to control the conversation through fear. But HE is the one who cannot face fear. He kills children and weak ones. Put his fat ass out there in general population and see how he acts. He's a punk with homosexual tendencies….

  • Robert Steele says:

    I was diagnosed as a Psychopath at 8 yrs old. Im not saying ive been a great person during my life. But its a choice to do or not to do. I am an emotionless person, but ive never even contemplate killing anyone. Its still your choice to kill. Your not born that way you turn in to that based on your environment.but you can change yourself, i did and im glad i did.

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