Tokyo Street Food Market Experience | Ameyoko ★ ONLY in JAPAN


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  • I visit Ameyoko every time I go to Tokyo. Normally because I bought too many souvenirs and need another bag to lug it all home. This is probably the best place to get cheap luggage among other things. The food is also an excellent value and very delicious. An often ignored Asian / international market is located underground, below the center building. This underground market is one of a few places in Tokyo known to stock halal foods.

  • That sake shot is called a shot for a reason. You drink it in one go 😀
    Anyway, great video, made me really hungry.

  • Hideki Nakajima says:

    Is safe, and is beautiful, and a person is kind, and there is nature, and there are a temple and a Shinto shrine a lot, and there is a robot, and there are an animated cartoon and comics, and there is Nintendo, and there is a the yellowtail, and there is Disneyland, too, and there is KIMONO, and there is KOSUPURE, and there is the history, and there is a city, and there is not the discrimination, and English does not know it; and from the thing which is cheap from the thing which is high as for the food even as for what there is a hot spring without there being a delicious thing, and there being sushi, and there being tempura, and there being ramen, and there being COCO ICHIBAN curry, and there being okonomiyaki, and there being takoyaki, and there being the meals of the world, and there not being obsessiveness, and the tip being able to drink liquor in downtown in a restaurant and a hotel from the day, and there being a ski in winter, and being able to swim in the summer in a beach, and there being Harajuku, and there being nightlife, and there being sake, and there being a mountain, and there being the sea, and a restroom being automatic, and there being an inn, and there being capsule hotel, and being exotic, and the pickpocket being, and there is the street of a deer and a monkey and a rabbit and the fox, and there are an art museum and a gallery a lot, and muss is fun baseball, and a ninja is in old days, and there is an old castle, and a samurai is in old days, and there is a train a lot, and there is the Shinkansen, and is polite, and time is correct, and there is a karaoke, and there is sumo, and there is Kabuki, and there is a festival a lot, and there is a fireworks display in the summer, and there are a cat, a cafe and an owl cafe and a hedgehog cafe, and SARARI-MAN sleeps on a way on the night of Saturday, and such a country is Japan. It is a country totally different from Korea and China.

  • I have given up attempting to tech "Gaijin" how to pronounce the 9th letter of the English alphabet when saying the Romanji transcription of a Japanese word.
    In English there are three possible pronunciations of this letter. In Japanese, there is only one "eeeee" as in

  • Arnold Winters says:

    I will be traveling to Japan via a cruise and stop in Kyoto 2 days, Mt. Fuli, Kobe and end in Tokyo and stay there for 3 to 5 days.. This will be next year in early April. I understand that the cherry blossoms will be in bloom. I love your YouTubes and will try to visit as many places in Tokyo as possible. Thank you for "Only in Japan" and "Only in Japan *Go"!

  • Robert Loades says:

    I've visited this market a few times, but until now didn't know where the name came from… thanks for this video and the history….

  • There's big difference between "DON" and SUSHI. DON, short for DONBURI is plain steamed rice bowl, topped with various food items; sushi is rice seasoned with vinegar and sweetener. It's a minor sign of ignorance to call something"SUSHI" just because it's topped with uncooked fresh fish.

  • Tumi Raphiri says:

    The effort you put into making your videos is top notch! Well done I have thoroughly enjoyed all your vids

  • Quantumese Boy says:

    I've lived in Korea for 9 years and am totally unaware of deep fried cheese on a stick in coconut sugar, in fact the last part sounds seriously unKorean.

  • Oh makes me hungry. Oishi ne'. Please visit Jakarta, Indonesia also to experience the tasty local street food🌹

  • Haha I made the same mistake with my first time eating takoyaki. Burned my tongue and ruined the whole experience.

  • Sahar B.A senpai :3 says:

    Hello I want to ask you : how to make business in japan? how mush is to buy a piece of land and how mush are the building expenses?

  • Frida Pacheco says:

    I saw kebab and I confused them with tacos al pastor and I was very excited cuz I'm a mexican whose dream is to travel to japan (sorry for my bad english I don't speak very well and i'm learning))

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