Toilet Paper = Free, Soap = Free, Why Not Tampons? BBC Stories

Toilet Paper = Free, Soap = Free, Why Not Tampons? BBC Stories

Every person that has a period will
find themselves in a position that they are caught short
at some point. Social interaction is so important for people and you need to be able to do that without having those barriers of “I can’t go here, because I’m on my period and I don’t know if my tampon will last.” Or: “What if they don’t have a machine?” It’s just that: “What if?” For us it was so important that people aren’t missing out on other things. If you are caught short or an
accident happens, your experience – you’ve paid for your football ticket or you’ve paid to go to your gig and then the next minute you’re having to cut your night short. It has such an effect and it’s such a small thing to fix it as well. We met at this coffee shop and it was the first time we had properly met each other. Yeah, but we had been talking on WhatsApp like a 100 messages a minute, it was constant on WhatsApp. I had this idea, I was like: Could we get free period products
into football grounds? At the start there was quite a bit of resistance. Their guard was up because
this hadn’t been done before. It was like the crossing
of two worlds. Comparing a necessary hygenic need for anyone that takes a period to a luxury of a beer, or whatever it is that they’re wanting, you don’t go to public spaces, especially
not the football, and carry your own toilet roll and soap in your back pocket. We shouldn’t need to bring these things. Because toilet roll and soap are
just as necessary to everyone as period products are. Whether you’re really struggling to
make ends meet or whether you’ve got plenty of money to buy
as many boxes of tampons as you want, we should have equal access to it. We wanted to start with Celtic because that’s our club. And they agreed to do it. Celtic there. Then fans from other clubs started asking us: Liverpool, Rangers. It was like: “Why not give those fans a bit of ownership over this?” So we encourage them to get
the clubs that they support to provide free tampons at their
football grounds. We’ve got a few different clubs
in different countries, we’ve got LA Galaxy, we’ve
got Worcester Smiles. We’ve got a team in Brazil, we’ve
got a team in Germany. We’ve also had contact from
people in Sweden as well, better chase that up actually. I’d love for it just to keep going. There is every chance it could end
up anywhere really. We just wanted to start with one, I can remember when it got
to 10, 20, 30, and now it’s going to be 100. I’m like: “Wow”. Mikaela was: “We need to
be more organised.” I’m terrible for that. Not that I project manage my
pals or anything. We would say otherwise!
(Laughs) Workplaces, everywhere really. Everyday life. It’s not the fact that not everywhere
provides them, but some places do provide them and it’s
a lot of money, not just a lot of money but you can
only use certain coins in the machines. Or the machines are out of date
or things like that. So we’ve had a few pubs, cafes,
different places. There’s a pub nearby here, they said, “We want to do this,
what do we do?” “It’s a great idea.” They liked
it and just put it in place. I don’t really see why it should
inconvenience people on a night out. It makes life easier for our own staff,
a lot of female staff in the workplace. It gets more people making it a lot more
acceptable subject to talk about. Often machines in bars can be empty, maybe the service provider who fills
it up is only out once a month, or once every couple of weeks. People are quite surprised when they get
in touch and say, “How do we do this?” “What do we need to do to get on the ball?” Just buy the products, put them
in your toilet, and make sure that they are stocked up. It’s that simple. Even my mum, she’s put a couple
in her toilets. That’s nice. Wee cherub. It’s so overwhelming the amount of
guys who’ve come up to us and been: Guys are just chatting about it. Who you probably thought would
have been maybe a bit embarassed. Other people come up to us and are like:
“This is amazing.” “You should be so proud.”
“You’re inspirational.” All this stuff, and to us we’re just three girls
that had an idea and kind of went with it. I just don’t know how to
take that sometimes.


16 thoughts on “Toilet Paper = Free, Soap = Free, Why Not Tampons? BBC Stories”

  • I heard tampons were too bad for health. I don't use them anyway, but many doctors are against them…
    Why not free hygienics (tampons and towels)

  • Girls, I'm from Algeria and it's in North Africa. Feminine sanitary products are seen as such a luxury that the first thing that the inflation is hitting here is exactly that.
    Your campaign is really worth it. It's a fight against misogyny… 💪👍❤

  • Easy answer:

    Soap and toilet paper are used by everyone. Why not make diapers free as well? Where do you draw the line?

  • Wenchede Wenchede says:

    If you hawe money to go to a bar , you can pay you own tampong . Its more important that poor parent Get dipers to their children . begging for comfort is rude when there are children starving.

  • What about razors, diapers and other hygiene products? Imo the reason paper and soap is free in public bathrooms is because everyone uses it. Not everyone uses tampons

  • Lilith Scyther says:

    Personally, we should be instilling the idea of reusable pads and menstrual cups. It's much cheaper in the long run to combine the two. I know it's not always pheasable to avoid disposable product, but a menstrual cup lasts ten years. I haven't bought a tampon or pad in over two years. I'm not giving them my money every month like life's shittiest mandatory subcription.

  • I think every woman of the age, should have Menstrual Cups for free under NHS, but tampons?

    Can guys also have condoms for free
    Can children have diapers for free
    Toothpaste for free?
    Showers are necessary for cleaning, can we have those for free too?

    These are all necessities in life, but not even water is free ok, so just deal with it, you live in the west, there are people starving in africa and its not free for businesses to do that, that takes a cut out of their profits which would rake prices up of their products for every citizen, complain about tampon prices but happy to pay for top of the range makeup products ladies? its money management!

  • For me, I would prefer to focus on helping homeless women get free sanitary products. When I was struggling financially there were times when I couldn't afford anything at all, but tried to make due; I've also met homeless women who were in need. Sometimes organizations don't have them to give. I've thought about trying to get donations to distribute to organizations that have homeless outreach services.

  • Tracey M {Madgirltt} says:

    Don’t understand why there is dislike. Some people always want to go against something that aids women. Weirdos

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to just make sanitary products cheaper and/or tax free in the first place? Isn't it more important that EVERYONE can get/afford sanitary products? If you can afford a sports ticket or to go to the pub then surely you can afford a $1 sanitary product if you've been caught short. I'd much rather see free products (or extremely cheap) for the homeless and people financially struggling. No teenage girl should have to miss school because she has her period, whereas I'm sorry but missing a footy game etc isn't my idea of necessity.

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