Tobacco Marketing and Youth: The Evidence is Clear

Tobacco Marketing and Youth: The Evidence is Clear

On January 1st 1971 at 11:59 p.m. the last cigarette commercial aired in the United States parents were glad that their children would no longer be influenced by tobacco marketing they were wrong the evidence consistently and coherently points to the intentional marketing of tobacco products to youth as being the cause of young people's tobacco use it's easy to spot the cigarettes because like they're right behind the clerk and there's a lot of them just about the cigarettes and just do about my house is very easy just soon as you go in and turn is right there behind the cash register and like is it's a whole bunch of them in white packs there's like many rows and they're all lined up and there's like different kinds and rows and their cigars and cigarettes and tobacco when I walk up to the counter I see magazines and I see candy and lighters and I see cigarettes well there's on the comment was like a big picture and it says there's like three six and then it says like the brand of the cigarette it kind of shifts like gum candy then BAM it hits you cigarette packs like galore and once we're paying I just keep on staring at him like it's I can't I just don't know why publicly tobacco companies have always said they didn't want young people using their products privately they've said something different young adult smokers have been the critical factor in the growth and decline of every major brand and company over the past 50 years the tobacco industry markets to youth which means those under 18 years of age over the years thanks to pressure from health organizations parental groups and concerned citizens tobacco advertising has been curtailed but tobacco products and marketing are still highly visible in our community and our kids are seeing them today more than 90 percent of tobacco marketing dollars goes into one tactic tobacco marketing and stores signs posters displays and promotions are all known to impact youth smoking just how much money to tobacco companies spent on all marketing more than eight point five billion dollars every year in New York alone the tobacco industry spends two hundred and thirteen point five million dollars annually on marketing over half a million dollars per day and almost all of that goes to pay for tobacco marketing in stores for one simple reason it works as a marketer you want to have your product where it's going to get the most frequency the the most number of people seeing that product color and design are ways that you would engage a person and something a marketer would do and also a campaign so maybe you're doing a promotion and you're having an offer to that consumer so they're going to remember it and having a location such as an endcap or a register is going to get a lot of visibility in a retail store haven't noticed tobacco marketing at your local stores that's because you're not the target you want your product seen as much as possible in the store and that's why being in a register is a perfect opportunity because people are standing there checking out you not only want in front of them you want to ilvl and tobacco is a great example of this it's not only ilvl for adults it's lower I love over the children you really have to ask yourself why are they doing that almost two-thirds of adolescents in United States reports seeing tobacco advertising all or most of the time when they visit convenience stores young people are almost twice as likely to recall tobacco marketing research shows that kids who visit convenience stores with tobacco marketing more than twice a week are more likely to start smoking and the more stores that sell tobacco near schools the more likely kids are to smoke nearly two hundred thousand high school youth currently used cigarettes and other tobacco products and one-third of them will die prematurely from diseases caused by smoking the good news there are solutions in stores across Canada tobacco products must remain out of sight the city of San Francisco as well as Boston and other Massachusetts communities have banned the sale of tobacco products in drugstores and other stores with pharmacy departments California limits the number of tobacco retailers in a given area which reduces the number of displays the kids are exposed to in New York State Rochester has taken action to limit tobacco retailers near schools New York City and Providence Rhode Island have enacted restrictions that limit or ban tobacco promotions and couponing these communities have taken steps to protect their children it's time we do the same how can we protect our kids learn more at tobacco free NYS org


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  • In caCanada we have blind folds and it actually fucked up cause you don't know what they have, they might be out of your favorites snd then your like fuck what do i get

  • When i was a kid my uncle smoked Lucky Strikes. Everytime he would buy himself a pack of Luckys he would buy me a pack of candy cigarettes with the Lucky logo on it. I also remember cigar shaped bubble gum

  • Ralph Bartlett says:

    of course they always needs new kids! who's the wanker that starts smoking at 25? every smoking adult has been a smoking kid.

  • Devin Petersen says:

    Ridiculous its a convenience store they are meant to be in the open. There is absolutely no marketing to children if their parents smoke they think its cool so they want to duplicate them.

  • Help step up & ban these sick, demented, destructive videos on Youtube the glamorize smoking!

    This is about the millions of people these videos reach & influence to think smoking is a good idea! Instead of thinking about yourself all the time, try to think of how this might affect someones life who decides to try smoking then discovers they are hopelessly hooked. Poor health & finances for the rest of their life that will end up with cancer & a early death. Kids born to these addicts are forced to breath toxic, carcinogenic air for the first 20 years of their life. Underdeveloped babies with mental health issues that go on to become homeless druggies are common. The list goes on & on…….

    Have some respect for society and do something positive for it. You don't even realize how skewed your thinking is. Addictive substances target the part of the brain capable of rational thought & addicts will defend their habits to an early death. People who make these videos have a serious mental illness & to glorify this disgusting, addictive, filthy, deadly shit takes mental illness to whole other level! Whats next, are you going to make videos of pregnant mothers smoking & killing their babies? Even if you never stop yourself, show some respect to others & stop feeding their dysfunction.

  • Armani Calderwood says:

    ban alcohol too. very harmful. ban everything. smokers (cigarette smokers) are well aware that smoking is bad for their health.

  • Ads never caused me to start dipping, I wonder why they think ads are the reason attributed to people starting cigarette smoking. I don’t understand this video seriously there is nothing unhealthy or sinful or inhumane about the use of tobacco, it is perfectly safe and an ideal use of money.

  • Kristian Brandt says:

    You know what else is right in front of children? Rows and rows of sweets and processed food all of which, if consumed habitually, leads to heart disease and obesity, both of which kill more people than smoking. And unlike cigarettes children can actually buy it. The fact that the cigarettes a visible to children, isn't the same as marketing to children. Also using children to push your agenda is fucking pathetic, not to mention immoral.

  • I am a non-smoker. I am also a conservative AMERICAN who believes in a free and CAPITALIST marketplace. It is YOUR job as a Parent to tell your children about the dangers of smoking! Cigarettes are a LEGAL product. As such, the tobacco companies promote the sale of cigarettes. The same government who condemns smoking taxes the HELL out of them. It's all about the money, kids.

  • China Plate Productions says:

    Yanks still have it? Aus banned it in the early to mid 1990's. American government can't regulate their own asses. You get a free Glock with every carton of Cowboy Killers. Come to where the action is.

  • Chris Newhouse says:

    The tobacco industry still should have the freedom of press thus from constitution. Yes it is wrong in the subconscious thoughts of most what they are doing although these laws were in place which has assisted many united state americans throughout history. In My opinion.

  • This is scripted as fuck lmao. That kid said galore, which is on the complex side of grammar, you don't typically see that in kids his age. But lets say he's just a really smart kid, and with that aside, Having the cigs behind the counter doesn't mean they're marketing to kids. That's like saying that a kid seeing some random individual kill another person is them being taught to kill. The stores have to show that the cigs are for sale someway, even if it is with flashy signs. No. The real fault lies with the parental side. Kids generally look up to parents and relatives, so if they see their mum smoking a nice Black n Mild guess what happens? You guess? No? Ok. Well the kids run it through their head "If mummy smoking, then it must be ok.". But lets say that you're some goody goody "Perfect" parent. The kid in question still idolizes the celebrities, who have videos of them smoking and whatnot. therefore it still lies with the parent to assume a kind of police position on that and teach their children that it's bad. That is, if the parents find it bad. Now back to the cigs behind the counter. What're they supposed to do? Put them in the aisles where the kids can freely grab them and steal them? Smh. This entire video contradicts itself anyhow. It talks about kids and how they're exposed to the cigarettes, yet they're having children talk about cigarettes, thus increasing their exposure tenfold. Education is key. Why don't schools spend time teaching it? Yeah, they have those petty days where the kids wear a ribbon and shit, but that doesn't teach them anything. Educate, don't procrastinate.

  • I don't think it's marketing that's influencing kids to smoke later in life. Sure it's the cause of it, but like all things, kids and our youth need to be educated. I remember growing up, my dad ordered magazines and in those magazines, there were tons of marketing from big tobacco. I also saw them in big displays at the grocery store. I remember being really confused and thought it was glamorous at one point. However, I soon learned in school through d.a.r.e, that smoking was very bad and I came home and talked to my parents about it. It got the conversation started and I soon learned how bad they were.

    Education is still the key to prevention.

  • oh no, they saw cigarettes… how horrible. why arent the UN stepping in to solve this catastrophe, jeez what a world we live in

  • I've been cigarette free for 37 days now. I'm to the point I don't get anymore cravings throughout my routine and day to day life. I just read somewhere that Big Tobacco spends around 9 billion dollars a year on marketing.

    When I first read that I couldn't believe it because they can't use TV ads anymore, and the only place I'd ever seen direct marketing is at a convenience store… I mean all convenience stores are just COVERED with cig ads, but still, that's just printing on paper. 9 billion?

    When I thought hard about it, it occurred to me that it totally makes sense. They have come up with very clever marketing tactics (some even illegal). I made the stupid decision to sign up with Marlboro to get monthly coupons a long long time ago. I forgot most of the time to even claim my coupons. After being signed up for 3 years they sent me a present for my birthday.

    It was a pair of headphones with no logo or name on package or product. Came with a card too! They were actually pretty high quality headphones and I was a bit confused. But of course happy! I smoked marbs my whole life.

    This year the sent me one of those electric coil lighters. very nice as well. So now I get the marketing thing. Big Tobacco is bigger than you think. if you've ever signed up on a website you have to confirm your identity. They asked me a security question which really gave me chills. It was so weird. They asked which of these names are you associated with and it was one of my aunt's to which I have no tie to, I simply know her name. Her last name has changed 5 times and they had the current one.

    I just feel a lot better that I quit because I wonder if Big Tobacco IS the FBI. They would have enough money to do that! Oh and I followed instructions to be removed from their list and I still get mail and emails. In fact, I think they are sending me more than they used to.

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  • Tobacco is a product that kills it's users. Therefore, the tobacco companies target youth to replace the users they have killed.Banning tobacco would end up with a situation much like we had during prohibition. The bad guys would profit and the problem would not go away.  Addictive substances always create a difficult situation.

  • Blah, blah, blah…everyone knows that smoking is addictive and very bad for your health. So, why has the government not banned cigarettes yet?! You see those packages of Marlboros selling for "$8.58 plus tax?" Well, out of the $8.58, at least $5-$6 is tax. The government is as addicted to the tax revenue as smokers are addicted to their cigarettes.

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