TNW News-Flash brought to you by The

TNW News-Flash brought to you by The

tmw s new news flash product is designed to accommodate our clients who prefer the most affordable multimedia augmentation that the newswire dot CA offers created in a flash format rather than video and readily viewable to the end-user from either a desktop or handheld mobile device these productions are extremely effective in explaining the details of a particular press release the pertinents of a certain corporate development or for explaining in layman's terms technical details that otherwise might be difficult to understand just by reading whereas video is the optimum internet medium in some cases the client may be unavailable to be in studio due to low cal such as the geologist working in the field however so long as a client can provide appropriate photos and graphics and if the client spokesman is available via telephone problem solved this new product news flash is available at an industry best rate as for the newswire dot ca's mandate of best quality to fair price and once produced can be incorporated into a press release for distribution via the newswire ca's entire North American and international distribution networks as well as being available for the client to post at their own website email blast to existing and potential shareholders as well as to post to all appropriate social medias for details give us a call or email us the number to call 40 3 2 4 5 6 7 11 or email us and news at the newswire CA you


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