Time for a Photo Shoot – The Smoke Break – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

Time for a Photo Shoot – The Smoke Break – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

Look at this guy, this guy is bootlegging
and you guys is filming. He’s filming the filming. This is going on
the cover of Worst Angle
for a Fat Guy’s Profile Weekly. ♪♪ Hey, give me low and real chiney. Take it now. There you go. Try to get a good angle. ♪ They got to be.
They’ve got to be. ♪♪ Now do me. Come high, dude. I mean, come crazy, high. You want me to hold it? Yeah. Dan.
Can Dan hold it for a second? Dan, do me a favor.
Get up there and hold it. Yeah, dude. Oh my God.
Work it. Work it.
Oh, looks like a drone. We’re shooting
a 90s music video. ♪ You got to come original,
you got to come original. ♪♪ Quick, we did the whole
“Smoke Break” from the most flattering
angle of all time. Jace. We gotta get clo– come
really down on us like we’re– Yeah, dude. Dan. I love doing “Smoke Break”
with you, dude. You too. It’s the only thing I do
when I come back from– I assume my bottle is like
a skateboarder now. That’s usually what I do when I
come back from the skate park. You can take my shirt off. No, give the real angle. Up high, high,
high, high. I’m so sexy. Damn, dude. Look out.
Look at my chin. Look how tight my chin is
to my to my neck. Steven Spielberg has no idea
what you’re doing. By the way,
now you just like it. This used to mean something. And now everyone thinks
you’re just on Instagram. Here are the chicks that
we just saw outside the bank. Oh, see? Damn, they were so sexy up here. Am I old dick right now? I am. Looking at you
model like that. You got your double thumbs
in your jeans, double thumbs in your jeans. They’re so natural
from that angle. (laughter) God, dude,
what a dreamboat. Oh. Wow. I didn’t know that I was
co-hosting a show with a model, A bad boy.
Misunderstood. Time to go to work. What’s going on?
Rock the devil. Rock the devil. Do it, do your shoot
now, dude. Dude, no, I’m good. Backpack life. I’m– no.
I’m– I’m a stage mom. I’m here
for your modeling career. I’m here for your
modeling career. You’re being… you’re being modest. You know, you have
a face made for this. (laughter) That’s where I go. You f—ing b—h. Ohh. Jacob, get back to me. Are we ever gonna take (inaudible) shots ever, or we were gonna take Manhattan
the way we said we would. (Christine)
We got to look, I got to see
your schedule for May and June. Try to schedule it
for that. May-June? Yeah, I wouldn’t
mind glamor shots. Black Lou. (Christine)
Two sessions with me, Black Lou turns 35
this Saturday, sir. Birthday weekend. Just know by statistics
this might be the last year
you could see him. So let’s start off strong. I did for real.
That’s real big. S===’s real out there
in the streets. Yo, give me high, dude. Yo, s—‘s real out here
in the streets. Check out my stomach tattoo. I’m a weird kind of– You guys put a
stomach tattoo on me. I’m an odd kind of European that
you don’t know where from. Look at this, no–
look at this, no line between my belt and my belly. Whoa, what, what. Who’s this hawk? Can you believe he said
that tattoo on my dick? Have fun with that. Put whatever on my dick. Did you pull your pants? Yeah, I pull my– You want me to sing
(inaudible) to talk about it? No, my buff dick tattoo. Bridge tat? You think I’ll
pull out my dick on camera? I don’t know, man. What do you think’s in that
weave you brought home? PCP? (laughter) (cross talking) You get wet. Jake got naked on
“Smoke Break.” God, you’re so– You’re so skinny
and all dick. Just to be around you
is a sexual experience. I know, right? What’s it like? Get in my life, fatso. OK. I just wanna be
the funny fat friend. This jolly motherfucker
over here, you know what
I’m talking about, know what I mean, you know
what I’m saying, though. Hang on. I’m gonna do skinny guy,
I think. What’s this all about? What is this?
What is this all about? Sexy, skinny J. Damn, let it go. Well– Stretch that f—ing lens,
dude. What is it all about? Look out, Roman.
Look out Roman Polumbo. It’s crazy how much
Christine’s into this. My sexy looks? She’s on her phone
and you’re like. I pose all sexy. Yeah, that’s home. I pose all sexy. You’re just a goddess. Oblivious. I’m a goddess. I’m a god damn goddess. (inaudible) we’re gonna
go out. All right, We definitely have
a lot of funny stuff already. Skinny Jay is like three weeks
of material. Skinny hot Jay. I mean, I’m sorry, guys. Why, because I’m so fat
I stretch across your videos. God damn it.
You walk me into that. I didn’t tell you to say things. (Man)
I love the show! Oh, thanks, man. Which one do you think he meant? Billions. It’s a dad. No, we got the–
the cool hot chicks that you like Bonfire. Right? Just like you.
You’re a cool, hot boy. Hell, yeah.
I know I am. Yo. You were about to
get out of here. God, you smell terrific. We’re about to get out
of here, I guess. If I go back to the crib
with some f—ing b—es. (inaudible) Not me.
I look like a f—ing idiot. You don’t know that, dude. This is our f—ing promo, dude. Yo. Bonf—, coming at you,
boo boo. Isn’t that,
was like a… Wasn’t that a
“Drop Dead Fred” poster? Mm-hmm. (laughter)


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