Thursday, October 31

Thursday, October 31

It’s a haunted Happy Halloween live on the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feeling ♪ ♪ Feeling, feeling, feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (upbeat music) (cheering) Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo hoo! (cheering) Well! I always say we’re a circus, so let me give you the ring master. (cheering) Happy Halloween! Say hello to my co hosts, my weirdo studio audience. (cheering) (laughing) How you booing? How you booing? Let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) I love it. I love it, I love it. Whoo hoo! (cheering) So I am the ringmaster to a circus called The Wendy Show for 11 years. (cheering) My brilliant show runner, David Perler, actually came up with this outfit. David, you were spot on. And then Willy and Chanel in wardrobe, they put it all together. And I had some thigh high boots to wear with it, but ’cause of the lymphedema, my feet weren’t able to squeeze in, so I found this pair of Anna Wintour Jordans, and we put them on. Yeah, no, she did a collabo. (cheering)
Look, look at the back. (cheering) Look at the back, yeah. Yeah, they’re good. Suzanne, you might need to shave. I’m the bearded lady in your circus. Okay, okay. (laughing) I thought you were going to wear that blow up thing again, which was so brilliant. No, but you know who has it on, Boof’s wearing it. (laughing) Aw, aw, aw.
(clapping) (laughing) Okay, Marco. What is going on with you? Ooh yeah, I’m Macho Man Randy Savage. (cheering) Well now look. I, oh wow, do you have a lighter and some hot sauce? (laughing) Okay, in commercial break we’re going to have some snacks. (laughing) So this is my first Halloween as a almost single woman. (cheering) Hi boys. (cheering) And so I live in an apartment building and I’ve never dinged or donged in an apartment building in my life. (laughing) Like when I used to be single, I was not a part, you know, I was a younger Wendy. That 25 years ago, but now as a grown woman, and I understand the kids are in the building and stuff like that, so I’m like, “Am I answering the door?” No. First of all, I have a Halloween party to go to. Oh. You best a believe. (laughing) You best a believe. And I’ve got an escort. (cheering) Somewhere in this room opposite Norman. (laughing) (whooping) Boof, we agreed we were going to go, right? (cheering) Anyway, but what I’m going to do, because apparently when you grow up in an apartment and you’re a kid, there’s like a list that you put your name on if you want to be one of those ding dong families. And then they know to ding and the dong. Now we’ve got a lot of candy here at Wendy, plus I eat candy all the time. I love it, I don’t need Halloween for that. I just don’t like candy corns, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to put a bowl of candy outside my door, with a do not ding or dong or knock. (laughing) And then if the kids choose to take the whole– like I don’t care. I’m going to participate, I just don’t want to be involved, do you know what I mean? (cheering) Yeah. (cheering) So J. Woww’s ex-husband, you know Roger Matthews? Yeah. I thought they were pretty good as a couple. I’m a little disappointed that they’re not together anymore. But they’re not. Things happen in relationships. He’s getting slammed for his kids’ Halloween costumes. Now Roger dressed them up.
(groaning) Now hold on, hold on. They are Danny and Sandy from Grease. Now if you remember, that’s all they did was smoke in Grease and wear tight clothing. I think that this is, she looks adorable except for the cigarette. Like, they’re three and five years old. And I just feel like, yeah. She looks like a pro right there in the diner. (laughing) Like right? Right? My thought is is that, the thing about cigarettes is that they imply maybe a bad habit that the kids might pick up. Like I know I smoke with you, but when I smoke with you, I’m only doing that because it elevates things to the next level. You know when I go like this. (inhaling) I’ve been doing it for years. You know what I’m saying? But there’s not a candy cigarette in there. I’m implying. I wish that Roger would have gotten these kids like a Blow Pop or something like that. (audience agreeing) So they could, you know something a little bit more innocent than a ciggie. But other than that Roger, I think your kids look really cute. (cheering) Yeah. (cheering) Who are you? Don’t even, don’t even. Last minute costume? (laughing) You just like stuck it on? Practically. I’m the popcorn vendor at the circus! (clapping)
Oh yes, yes, yes, Norman, yes! (laughing) Oh God, we’re the circus. (laughing) So funny. Like I got the costume and the whole show is set around– Oh my gosh, when Wayne comes out, he’s coming out to that? Yeah. This is really– Michael Lee did that, Suzanne? Yes, he did the whole thing in 26 minutes. (clapping) Oh my gosh. And we’ve got mums. Yes, it’s the fall! Okay, wait. I know you love flowers. Yes I do. You take half, I’ll take half. How long are they going to last? Well, it’s towards the end of the season, so they’re only got a couple weeks left. And then they’ll be dead.
I don’t have a backyard anymore, not my fault. Oh yeah. (laughing) But Suzanne, you and Brendan have a backyard, put him to work. Yes, we will, thank you. Don’t waste them. No, we’re not going to waste those. Okay. We’ll take them. Okay, all right. So look, so Kenya Moore wants her husband back. Oh! Well, she spoke to People Magazine and she said, oh, stop sequins! She says, “We definitely didn’t do everything we could “have done to save our relationship.” (audience murmuring) That’s what she said, and you know what? I, what was that? Okay, James, did you and the security force vet everyone with masks on? Yes we did. And you got their ID? Yes we did. This is a very particular day. Yep, we got it. And I’m a very particular person. We got it. And I know there will be a lot of people who’d want to just slide in here and stare with hate from close. You know what I’m saying? James. Control. Trust me. No, I know you all do. Look, if anyone acts crazy, just, let’s jump ’em. (cheering)
Okay, okay. Like, sir. In the front row. I don’t know what cloud of smoke you are. Do I know you? Are you after me?
Sharknado, Sharknado. Oh, Sharknado, okay. Oh, there’s a shark at your crotch. I wasn’t even looking down there. (laughing) Oh, there it is in your hand. Okay. And then the man behind you screamed. Who are you, sir? Ian Ziering from Sharknado. Okay, perfect, can you stand up? You got a saw and everything. (cheering) (laughing) So Kenya says that she wants to try counseling, but Mark hasn’t agreed to go to counseling. In other words, Mark has checked out. Now these two have been married for about two years, two years. Here’s what I think, and correct me if I’m wrong. I think that Kenya is a beautiful woman. She’s a tortured soul whose mother never loved her. (groaning) No, we all know the story, she tells it a lot. And it makes me, it makes me have a soft spot in my heart for Kenya. You know, the idea that now she has a baby and a husband. I was really happy for her, you know what I mean? And her original face, as she says. Like, what a beautiful family. But here’s what I think Mark was into. Kenya, I think Mark was into wanting to be on reality TV to boost up his restaurant business. And you are such a delicate soul, you fell for it. And then, now that you want to repair things and make a full family, Mark’s like, “No.” Because now he’s opened several restaurants, Normy? Yep, I think– He’s opened– Yep, I think he might have like three, yeah.
Since leaving Kenya. And he lives in Brooklyn and she lives in Atlanta, which that never works. Now they have a baby. He wants her and the baby to live in New York. Well, I love Atlanta, but Kenya, why would you choose Atlanta over New York? (cheering) I’m just saying. (clapping) It’s very sad he doesn’t want to go to counseling. They make a really good looking couple. Hopefully they can be good co-parents. Mark, I guess you got what you wanted. And they haven’t seen each other since their split. That’s what they say. But Kenya will be here on Tuesday. So we will have a one-on-one, oh yes. A one-on-one with Kenya Tuesday. (cheering) So talking about People magazine, the cover girl is Lori Loughlin. Uh-huh. She’s on the cover. At Her Breaking Point is the headline. And the article talks about the family is in chaos. Now see, Billy Bush, People magazine’s telling what I believe, okay? The family is in chaos. Now, mind you, the daughter will, they are saying, be a witness in their trial. This is the daughter who’s on the ‘gram all the time who a lot of people don’t like because she’s got a very dismissive attitude about the rest of us. And Lori tried to say that she was on the crew team to get in, or rowing whatever, and she’s never rowed in her life. But she’s one of those hot girl blogger girls with a real saucy attitude. Entitled. Entitled, correct. Thank you, co host. Co host cat. Meow.
Meow. (laughing) We said it together. (laughing) (clapping) All right. So Lori’s Full House co-star, who I adore, Bob Saget. He’s been on my radio show back in the day. He’s been here on the couch. Bob Saget is filthy in his standup jokes. You would never know that he was on a family-friendly show, okay? He is like one of the worst who ever did it. In a good way. Anyway, he just spoke out about how he feels about his friend Lori Loughlin. Take a look. I love the people I love, and I– People go through life and stuff happens. It’s all Googleable, just Google it (laughs). For awhile I was saying, “No comment.” And so what I would say is, I love the people I love, and I have empathy for people that are in my life for 35 years. I don’t cut people out. (audience murmuring) Well. (clapping) You know, it was a big discussion in our Hot Topics meeting. And the discussion was if your friend does something really, really foul, do you dismiss that person from your life? Because once you are seen in public with them coming out of the 7-eleven or driving up to the McDonald’s or what, then people associate you with that friend. So if the friend is not workable, which, I don’t think she’ll ever work again, but she doesn’t need to. Between she and Mossimo they got plenty of money. What the Jam Master Jay is going on? (laughing) Okay, honestly that’s not even a costume, that’s every day wear, okay? (laughing) Nice, welcome. Okay. But do you dismiss that person? And I say, well it depends on how much you have to lose as their friend. Do you know what I’m saying? And I must tell you, 90% of my Hot Topics meeting said, including Norman, “I’m out.” Yeah, I mean, those are the breaks. (laughing) Yeah. She and her husband, they’re both equally guilty. And I do believe that they’re on their way to divorce. And I do believe that the daughters who are old enough to curse their mom out and all like that. I bet you there is parental disrespect in the house, I bet you they don’t sleep in the same room. They probably don’t even sleep in the same house. They might have two houses all in one, ’cause you know they’re very wealthy. Wah, wah, wah. (laughing) Anyway, okay, let’s talk about R. Kelly. (groaning) And by the way, in our Hot Topics meeting, all of us agreed she’s going to do at least one year in jail. And the idea that his name doesn’t come up other than being the husband who makes the good leggings is shameful. (laughing) It’s shameful. Like, he threw his wife all the way under the bus, allowed her to be backed up and rolled over Shuga Knight-style. (laughing)
That’s all. (clapping) No, what do you really do with this? No, I’m sitting here, it’s Halloween. Tame the lions. Right, tame the lions. Yes, yes, yes, yes, whip it! All right lion. Whip it, yes, whip it! (laughing) I’m going to go home like this and surprise my cats. (laughing) Chit Chat, she’s home. She’s got something, oh. (laughing) Look. (laughing) Oh the circus. I’m not scared of clowns, are you scared of clowns? No. That’s like a weird phobia. I think Puffy was the first person I ever heard of in life who was frightened of clowns. Clap if you’re frightened of clowns. (laughing) We got a clown here, his name is Harold. I think he’s still backstage, but he was perfectly lovely. I mean you have to squint and look past the makeup, but I’m just saying, everybody’s got a job to do. He’s– (clapping) What the hell was that? What was that? What was that? Where is that person? No, now that was a scary one. I don’t know. (laughing) (yelling) Who is that, for real? Oh my god, you’re back there, good. If he tries to do something, let’s jump him. (laughing) Uh-uh. Like it’s scary like that to me. You know what I mean? It’s scary like that. Like what are you up to? But Harold was dressed up in full clownery, so he wasn’t scary to me. Right. Are you opening your door? Well, I’m going trick or treating. I’m going out with my kids trick or treating, yeah. (clapping) I love it, I love Halloween! (clapping) Kevin and I used to go to like five houses. He’d be worn out. ‘Cause the houses are spread apart, you know what I’m saying? You ding dong, you get stuff. Ding dong, get stuff. He’s like, “Mom, let’s just go over to–” And then, you know, friends in the neighborhood where I used to live but don’t anymore. Not my fault. (laughing) Look, look, we would make the last ding dong at one of the neighbor’s houses, you know what I mean? I remember when Eric Boulder, you know the newscaster? We used to, that used to be one of our last stops, ’cause I like him, I like his wife, you know, the kids all played and stuff like that. That would be like five houses and ding dong to the Boulder’s. That’s it, done. Too much candy. Anyway, oh gosh. I’m sorry, I was thinking about licorice. (laughing) So, R. Kelly has a new excuse for why he didn’t show up in court. Now look, he says his toe hurts. (laughing) Excuse me in the name of foot situations? I’m riding with Robert with this one. Robert was supposed to be in court yesterday. He was not able to attend because he had a toe infection. (groaning) You know the green pus? (groaning) Look, look, look, look (laughs). Robert said that he needed his toenail removed. Now see, nothing like that has ever happened to me, but you understand foot issues if you have foot issues. But the green pus and the removal of a nail. And he didn’t want to go to court because he was afraid someone would step on it. Like step in the name of toe. (laughing)
(clapping) And then, you don’t understand, you don’t understand. Robert’s got a bunch of health calamities. (laughing) Well, prior to yesterday with the toe infection and the pus, he previously complained that he couldn’t go to court ’cause he had a numb hand. (groaning) Well now, things happen. No, no, no, no, no. And then prior to that he said he can’t go to court ’cause he has a hernia. (groaning) Robert, stop prolonging the inevitable. You’re going to jail.
(clapping) He’s going to jail and that’s all that is. Look, so now the judge has postponed everything. By the way, that’s a good drippy nose, witch. Witch! Yep, that’s a good one. (clapping) So the judge shows sympathy on all this health calamity, and so Robert doesn’t go back to court until February. In the meantime, we’ll still be here barking at you, Robert. (cheering)
And we got more great show for you everybody! Up next, the one and only Wayne Brady is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat circus music) (upbeat circus music) Okay, so our first guest is an actor, he’s a comedian, he’s also a singer. He’s been hosting “Let’s Make a Deal” on CBS for the last 10 seasons. Take a look. Why’d you go with the passport instead? Well, it’s bigger. (laughing) You know, that doesn’t always mean it’s better. (laughing)
I know, it’s true, it’s true. I’m married. I know, it’s true. (laughing) Please welcome back Wayne Brady. (upbeat circus music) Hey! (clapping) How you doing Miss Wendy? How you doing my dear? Happy Halloween. Always fun to see you. Hey y’all. (cheering) (clapping) Hey Wayney. Hey. Hi Wayney Brady. All right, I would say some shoe cam. It’s Halloween. I don’t know whether those are joke shoes or real shoes. Just uncross and put them down. These are not my shoes. These are shoes given to me by your wardrobe department. So I don’t even-
Did you come here barefoot? No, I came dressed in my clothes, but I had to get a costume. So I said I wanted to be like a fortune teller. So the costume department, your wonderful scenic designer, put this together, but either I look like–
Madame Marie is on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. And I used to love to go to Madame Marie. And she wore something like that. One of those things, yeah. Like Zoltar. So either I look like Zoltar or I look like the wise men that found Jesus. So, take your pick. It’s either the wise men or it’s Zoltar. I like the turban though. Are you going to keep it, or give it to me or send it to Nick Cannon?
Nick Cannon, yeah. (laughing) Yeah, Nick gave this to me. Of course he did. So I understand you, like me, aren’t a big fan of Halloween. Let’s talk about it. I mean we’re dressed festive, but let’s talk about it. It’s creepy. No, two things about Halloween. One is as a kid, my mom didn’t let me trick or treat much. Growing up where? In Orlando. Okay, go ahead. So she didn’t let me go out in the neighborhood, so I–
Why? Because she, this was during the New Jack Swing period of time, the new, so she thought that I was going to get shot. Right. Because kids were getting shot. So love to my mom. So thank you for being super protective, but also damn, why were you so protective. Did you open the door for trick or treaters? Yeah, but how humiliating is it to be the one kid in school and they all know it’s you ’cause you’re the one kid. And all I wore was the Thing mask from the Fantastic Four and not the costume. So it was my clothes and the Thing mask. That’s even creepier. So I was a broke-ass Thing. (laughing) And then they’d be like, “You’re not the Thing, you’re Wayne.” “I’m the Thing.” “Shut up Wayne.” (laughing) Aw. So I hate Halloween for that. And every single day on my show is Halloween. Right? Yeah, ’cause folks dress up.
By the way, I saw that particular episode and I was gagging. ‘Cause I watch you. She is hilarious. Oh my gosh.
Her husband, her husband, I’m sure.
They might be divorced by now. I know that “Let’s Make a Deal” is responsible for a lot of marriages and even more breakups. Me too! We got that in common. Yes ma’am. Yes! Daytime TV. (laughing) Bringing the family together or rendering asunder. Rip, rip, ripping ’em apart. All right, so the Masked Singer, which I love. (laughing) I watch that show. And it’s being said that you’re one of those two characters that we’re showing right now. Oh! It’s been said. You know what’s funny to me is so, I’m either the whatever that green thing is or I’m the fox. Last season, I was– Folks just knew that I was the monster. Turned out to be T-Pain. So last season online, I was like, “No, you know it’s not me.” Like the thing I’ve learned is you can’t yell into the internet. That is just a losing prospect. So instead, to them last year and to what I say to you and anyone else now is, if you want to know if that’s me go to iTunes and buy my last record. Then you can listen. Then you can listen. Because I’m not going to go, because I’m a pretty damn good singer. So go and listen.
You have a beautiful singing voice. Grammy nominated, Broadway star, you know all that. So you can go ahead and listen online and then you decide. I’m not going to fight anymore, because the more I fight, the more the internet conspiracy is, “I told you, his left leg was moving, “it’s him, he’s the fox.” (laughing) So I’m not going to fight. So go listen to my music. Okay. Fair enough, right? Now, we talked about you here on Hot Topics ’cause I couldn’t believe that you were on The Bold and The Beautiful. Only because you were so, like you keep a job. And it seems like soap opera work is a lot of work going to the set and so on and so forth. Yes. You really had a job at The Bold and– Are you working at the Bold and The Beautiful, why? Well, see– Oh, no disrespect, I’m just saying, it’s Wayne. No, like you said something to the effect of, “Wayne’s too old to be running around doing all those jobs” or something. Oh, excuse me. The older you get, you work smart, not hard. See but you work smart, not hard. But if you’re an artist, you do what makes your heart happy. Okay. I don’t have to do– That’s a lot of work though. That’s the difference between somebody that grabs a mic and just does whatever they do and somebody that grabs a mic and does it because it’s instilled in them. Now I’m an actor, so it isn’t– So beyond hosting or doing whatever that stuff is, I saw an opportunity not just to do a character, but how many people can say that they’ve gotten a chance to be on a soap and I did it because my grandma– So I love my grandma. And your daughter! She made me watch soaps. And my daughter got a role on the soap, so I said, “Huh, wouldn’t this be cool for a little “chunk, a little chunk of time to jump on the show.” Is that your daughter, you’re in the same scene? That’s my daughter. That’s why I did it. That’s why I did it. That’s why I did it.
(clapping) And she’s all 16 and everything. She’s 16.
I’ve known you for a long time. I remember when she was a little girl.
That’s my chick. That’s my girl and now she’s 16, she’s acting. And giving you a headache. Multiple headaches, but any headache that she– Boyfriends? No boyfriend yet, that I’ve been told about, but I’m cool dad now. So I’m not like the freak out, “Don’t tell me nothing.” Because I’ve learned that dad doesn’t get any information, and so when you scream at your daughter, then at some point your daughter ends up with a baby. You’re like, “How’d that happen?” “Well, if you’d have listened, I would have told you.” So I am not the screaming dad, I want her to talk to me. And her mom is an amazing mom, so she talks to her. And I guess, you know what? I forgot about this part. You know, when you host a game show, you’re working hard for like only three months out of the year, and then you got the rest of the year off to work. Like, game show, it’s hard while you’re doing it, like a lot of work, but you’re not working every single day. Well, we work like five days a week and I shoot it for about five months. And I do it that way because while I’m doing Deal, it takes a lot. Because that show unlike, not to diss anyone else’s game shows ’cause I love their shows, but my show has no script. So what you guys see at home when the folks come down to deals and I’m doing songs, I’m doing sketches, I’m doing improv, we’re doing the thing, that’s all off the top of my head. So that show is hard.
Do they ever reject people because they come in not dressed correctly.
Yes, absolutely, absolutely. Because we reject people because some people, especially ladies, will show up going, “I’ll catch Wayne’s attention, I’ll be the sexy nurse.” Well, the nurse at least has a top on in a hospital, not just red cross pasties. So no, you’re not going to make it on TV. You’ll end up by the ice machine camera left. (laughing)
(clapping) And so just come dressed with something on. Why Wayne? How’s your love life? My love life. I don’t have a love life. Aw. Oh no, not aw. I know myself enough to know that I like to sleep alone. Oh! I like to be in my house by my own. I have a beautiful house that I love to enjoy. Okay. And, but I do want some companionship, but I’ve screwed it up so much that my daughter has decided that she’s going to find me someone.
You’re foul in relationships? I don’t think I’m great in relationships. Why? ‘Cause you work too much. Well I work too much and this is something that I’ll probably talk about in this show that I’m producing and this book I’m writing called, “Young, Gifted and Whack” about growing up. Is my grandmother did an amazing job of raising me. But my father, he took care of me and provided, but he wasn’t around. So I truly believe that it’s important to have some modeling of a healthy relationship. And you didn’t have one? I didn’t have a healthy modeling. So I’m not saying, “Woe is me.” But then I grew up and was like, “Oh this is how I have relationship.” Bam, bam, bam, oh, thank you, bye. No, that’s not how you have a relationship. You have a relationship with understanding, trust, you build that and you give that to someone. But you sound like you have all the tools. I have a lot of tools, but I just never use them correctly. Do you ever want to get married? I want to keep the other half of my stuff. I’ve been married twice. (laughing) (clapping) Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so I’m going to keep it. Yeah, I’m going to keep it, I’m going to keep it. You don’t want to live together or anything like that? I would love to find someone who’d love to come and cuddle and we can watch Netflix. Do you want to have more children? I would love to have another child, but then they’d go home to their place. (laughing) And so we’d have dual places. Sounds delightful. Because then we would not– I love having my own space. I sleep like this. Like a starfish. I sleep, boom. Like a starfish immediately. Yes. So I don’t want to poke you in the eye, you know. Right. Well, he might be selfish, but at least he’s being honest. (clapping) No, you’re supposed to be. I’ve worked, so let me tell you about selfish. I’ve worked 25 years in this business, on TV. I’ve worked a long, hard time to be selfish in a good way. Selfish doesn’t denote a negative. Selfish means you are taking care of self. And I’m a business, like you are, so I take care of self, so I can take care of others. I didn’t take care of myself so I can take care of Tom, Dick, Harry and Janice. Okay, okay. (clapping) Really quick, ’cause they’re wrapping me up. (grunting) Broadway. You’re back! Freestyle Love Supreme, baby, Freestyle Love Supreme. (cheering) I want to play with you. Let’s do it. Tell us quickly about it. Oh, we can’t do the, we don’t have time for– Aw, I was going to play a game with you. (whining) Oh, well that was the game! (whining) (cheering) Really quick, what’s it about? Freestyle Love Supreme is Lin-Manuel, you know him from Hamilton and Tommy Kail and it’s some of the most amazing musical freestyle improvisational, it’s hip-hop comedy, that you’ve ever seen. And Wayne does know how to freestyle. He’s been here before.
Killing it. He really does do it.
Killing it. (cheering) So we’re going to say goodbye to Wayne. You know what? Can you beat box us into, or no, no, just freestyle us into, read that right there. Well I’ll do it, hey, hey, hey, where’s my man Shockwave really quick? Shockwave, run!
Run down here Shockwave, run down here. Run! Hit it.
(beat boxing) Ready, here we go. Fast, fast, fast. ♪ Now hold on for him and to her ♪ ♪ We can see at the Booth theater ♪ ♪ Every single night of the week ♪ ♪ Pay nominally for a brother to speak ♪ ♪ Because you knew when I do this I do this well ♪ ♪ A show produced by Lin-Manuel ♪ ♪ You got to do that, this beat will never hurt us ♪ ♪ Coming up next it’s an amazing circus ♪ ♪ Freestyle love supreme ♪ (cheering) Up next, an amazing circus performance. Keep it here. Yes! (upbeat circus music) (upbeat circus music) (cheering) Welcome back to the circus. Happy Halloween. The circus is nothing without amazing performances. And here from Circo Hermanos Vazquez, give it up for a brother and a sister duo. It’s John and Carolina. (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (suspenseful music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (suspenseful music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) (suspenseful music) (cheering) Wow! Oh my gosh, fantastic. You’re so strong. Thank you so much for being here. Everybody these two brother and sisters, along with other people are currently at City Field and everyone in our studio audience is going home with a pair of tickets! (cheering) Up next, we’ve got our crazy Halloween costume contest. Keep it here. Nice job. (upbeat circus music) (upbeat music) Welcome back. It is time for our How You Booin’ Halloween contest. Do you remember last time on Halloween when I stood at the podium what happened? (audience murmuring) Okay now. In the meantime, we got three contestants and we’ve got a big prize. Announcer, tell them what they’re competing for. You and a guest are going to Las Vegas to see world-renowned magician Criss Angel. We’ll fly you round trip to Vegas, where you’ll stay for two nights in an all new room at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. And then enjoy two tickets to see Criss’ amazing show, Mindfreak, live at the Criss Angel Theater. And that’s not all. You’ll also win an exclusive meet and greet with Criss after the show. Happy Halloween. (cheering) Okay, that’s big. Let’s start the contest. What’s your name, where you from, what do you do and who are you? How are you doing, Wendy? I’m Woodley as the genie. This is Nadia, the Princess Jasmine. Okay. She did my makeup and we flew here today on our magic carpet. From where? From Brooklyn. From Brooklyn. Okay, contestant number two. Hi Sally. Now who are you? Tell me about your, what’s going on? Hi Wendy, how you booin? How you booin? (laughing) I’m Mary from San Francisco. I came here all by myself and I’m Sally Jessy Raphael. (cheering) Oh wow. (laughing) Contestant number three, you are way into your costume. Who are you, where you from, what do you do and who, what’s going on? How you booin, Wendy? (laughing)
How you booin? My name is Ejanah and today I went to this retro Edward Scissorhands look, just to bring a little bit of the old school back. Yes, okay.
(cheering) So, audience, you’re going to choose by applause who wins, okay? Not me. So who likes number one? (cheering) Who likes number two? (cheering) Uh-oh. Okay, who likes number three? (cheering) Hate to tell you, the winner is number three. Congratulations, have fun in Vegas. We’ll be right back.
(cheering) Look, look– (spooky music) (spooky circus music) (cheering) Welcome back to the circus. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Ooh, how you doing? I’m not sure. What you mean, you fabulous. Oh who are you? I am a wild sunflower, yes!
(cheering) Okay. What’s your name, where you from? I’m Tammy. I’m from Maryland. Okay, how can I help you Tammy? Oh my goodness. Okay. Okay, are you ready for this? Yeah.
All right. It’s good you’re in disguise ’cause something’s about to go down. (laughing) Go ahead Tammy. I been friends with this couple for several years. Here we go, here we go. Okay, here we go. I love hanging out with them. And he did what? He keeps calling me. (groaning) Recently, Wendy, why did he call me? I said, “Look dude, what do you want?” He said, “I want you boo.” (audience exclaiming) I said click. So now, I’m single. I have not given this man any signals. How long have they been together? They’ve been together for 10 years. Do they live together? Yes they do, they married!
Do they have children? Oh they’re married. They are married. Oh, okay. Yes, and they do have two young ones. Okay, so what’s your question, ’cause I’ve got the answer.
My question is, she keeps calling me wondering why I’m not hanging out with her anymore. Wendy, I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do.
Well, you have to be prepared, listen to me and listen very carefully. And co-hosts, you can judge, you always do. Look, she can’t be your friend anymore. Because if you tell her about him, she’s still going to stay with him and accuse you of trying to poach. Okay. Even if she believes you, he will never accept you in her life. So, therefore in the name of being adults, move on with your life. Thank you. You’re very welcome. Wow, ew. Oh, we’ll be right back! (spooky circus music) (upbeat circus music) (clapping) Welcome back to the circus. You all are going to stop trying me with this clear podium. You know what happened last time. (laughing) Okay, everybody have a seat, by the way. Okay, co-hosts, I’ve got something for you. You’re all going home with three bags of candy from our friends at Hersheys. (cheering)
Thank you. Over 250 pieces of candy, including Hersheys bars and Kit Kats and Reese’s. I got the– (choking) Jolly Ranchers, my personal favorite. (cheering) Thank you, Happy Halloween. Thank you Hersheys. We’ll be right back. (circus music) (upbeat music) (cheering) Does it get any messier than this? Here at Wendy, messy is always good. I want to thank my guests and my co-hosts, my wonderful, one of a kind studio audience. (cheering) So tomorrow, we’re back in action. We’ve got the Jersey Housewives, Dolores and Margaret, on the couch. Plus we got all the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today. Have a very safe Halloween and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. (cheering) (upbeat music) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! ♪ How you doing ♪ Whoo hoo! (cheering) Nice. (intense music)


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