Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion

Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We’re the Slow Mo Guys. And this week on
the “Super Slow Show,” it’s all about speed. You could say
it’s FPS versus FPS. Feet per second versus
frames per second. – Genius! If not
a little confusing.
– Yeah. We’ve got Shaolin Monk throwing
a needle through glass. We’ve got
a quick-draw champion. And we’re even
splitting some bullets. ( theme music playing ) I always appreciate it
when someone has an incredibly unique talent
at one specific task. Mmm, yeah. Like my ability to take
a football to the face. You’re so good at it. I’m quite proud of it, yes. Have you heard about
the Shaolin Monk skill of throwing a needle
through a pane of glass? It sounds
absolutely impossible. How would that even work?
It’s just incredible. It must be like the
correct transfer of energy,
the speed, the angle. Everything must have
to be perfect. I mean, if I was to try it,
it would take years. I don’t think
we’ve got that time. But, luckily, we’ve got
three Shaolin Masters with us. We’ve got Master Bruce, Master Feng Fei
and Master Lil. So, Master Bruce,
how does it work? So what we’re gonna be
performing for you later is what we call
a needle through glass. It is one of the 72
arts of Shaolin. One of the highest,
takes of course, at least 10 or
more years to train. – Wow!
– A decade. What Master Feng Fei is gonna
do is basically he’s gonna concentrate
his energy to his hand holding a piece of needle. He’s gonna throw it as
if you are throwing dart and it’s gonna go
through the glass, and to show you that it
actually goes through the glass, I’m gonna blow up the balloon. I’m gonna put it on
the opposite side. So when the needle goes
through the glass, it actually pops the balloon. We’re gonna use
the V2511 on this one, because it involves glass. Glass breaks very fast. And, hopefully,
we’ll see the needle just popping right through. Now he’s bringing
the energy to the diaphragm, to the homeland. Of course, this
takes tremendous– many years of practice. Anybody could do that. But he’s breathing
in the real energy. – Dan, are you nervous?
– Yeah. About to be a needle
go through this. Whoa! Oh, wow! Look at that! Oh, wow. Oh, my God! Did you see the glass move
as the needle hit the glass? Like it bowed slightly. – Oh, did it?
– Yeah, I think so. Wow. Dan:
So it’s all the fragments of
the glass on the other side that are popping the balloon. Gav: It’s crazy that something
so light can do that. So we’ve repositioned the V2511
behind the glass to, hopefully, get the needle coming towards
without the balloon this time. – Okay!
– That did it. Wow. That is without the balloon. Yep. So powerful. It just like sticks into the
glass for a minute, doesn’t it? Gav: And even at 28,000
frames a second, that crack is like
one frame probably. Dan: It’s really pretty,
isn’t it? All the glass shattering,
some really fine. Now we have our host,
Dan the man, trying to throw the needle
through glass! Let’s see if he can do it. Why am I holding the glass? What you mean, why are
you holding the glass? What do you mean,
what do I mean? It don’t take any skill
to hold the glass. Well, because you look good. I don’t look good, and
I don’t feel good. And I’m gonna get a
needle through the thumb. – Ready?
– Oh, God. Try not to get my thumbs
or temple. Trying putting
the balloon a bit lower. There you go.
All right. Aw, bollocks. Oh, Dan did a good job!
You looked good! Look. I just didn’t throw it… You nicked it! You made a little mark.
That’s pretty good. How about that?
You see that? It’s right there. I just didn’t have
the right amount of energy. Needed more energy to do it. Gav: That is a face
of pure fear. Oh, look at that.
He got nervous
and started shaking. It’s scary. Dan: You know, I reckon
it’s your fault for holding
the glass wrong. Look, you’re moving it
all over the place. It was terrifying. I was never near your hand. I appreciate you not getting
that anywhere near my hands. Yeah. I was ready to pull one
out of my thumbnail. We really appreciate that. I’ve wanted to see that
in slow mo for a long time. Well, hope you
guys enjoyed it. Hopefully, you enjoyed
that video. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys. And we’ll see you
in the next episode of
the “Super Slow Show.” Well, Dan, it’s begun. How often do
we usually upload? Once every three weeks? If that. Say once
a month maybe. Why don’t we try
16 a month? So 16 times as much work? Pretty much. Seems reasonable. Make sure you subscribe if
you don’t want to miss it. That is a lot of work. That’s a lot of work.


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