“Threat from Russia paled in comparison to China”  – BBC News

“Threat from Russia paled in comparison to China” – BBC News

how worried are you about Chinese espionage
in the United States? well I think from a perspective of threat against the United
States national security in our interest a China is number one by far and I think
espionage is a part of that but from a perspective of countering the
intelligence threat of foreign nations China is our biggest concern across a
wide range of issues espionage is one of our larger ones. from where you sit you
see China is a greater threat than Russia? yes! I think Russia has its own
skill sets with respect to threat to our national security but it pales in
comparison the national security threat posed by China and I would say not only
here in the US from an economic security perspective from a military elation
perspective as well as globally when you look at China and what their strategic
plan is and Xi Jinping plan is to be the global superpower geopolitically
militarily and from an economic perspective and they will achieve that
with any means necessary that becomes a global issue not just the u.s. issue. and what is China trying to do then what’s it doing when it comes to stealing
secrets in America? a lot of success has been predicated upon the theft globally
and a lot of it here in the US of A provide carry data and trade secrets if
you just looked back this year from June or July till now Department of Justice
has indicted or charged 20 Chinese individuals or businesses for economic
espionage just since July that is a lot and those are just the ones we know
about those are just the ones that have been charged through the criminal court
system now but I can tell you there’s more coming and there’s more out there
so if you just look at that just a moment in time the amount of data and
then when we like to do is say okay that’s great we’ve arrested Chinese
students scientists businessmen stealing on behalf of the Communist Party of
China wonderful but what we like to look at is what’s the damage that’s done what
is the long-term cost to the American taxpayer to the research and development
organizations to universities to the businesses and how many jobs are lost
with the theft of this proprietary data and trade secrets that’s the long-term
impact of another country stealing my proprietary data and trade secrets. they’ve been a number of cases recently particularly on aerospace and
aviation do you think that shows a particular interest from China in that
field? I think it does and I think it lays out again perfectly to their
strategic plan elements of what they’re interested in and I would say for any
foreign intelligence service is the ability to identify an engineer
scientist or someone of value in the u.s. offer them free travel to China to
do a presentation in university or when they get they get there
cultivate them and identify some of the product and get them to be coerced to
provide that technology that provides your data or a trade secret to them and
I think that’s tried-and-true and they will continue to do that and because
people are vulnerable to that and don’t understand into ferrous activities when
they’re asked to do so. there been reports that the Chinese use social
media platforms like LinkedIn to approach people and to try and get them
to spy effectively. that’s correct and I think their use of the social media
sites like LinkedIn is prolific and their ability to do so my target of
perspective and be able to scan and search around the globe on these sites
for individuals that have a particular technology is used every day and then
they could target those also if you look at it from a perspective of the
intelligence service there it’s a low-risk high-yield ability to send out
30,000 emails 40,000 emails and get 20 30 40 50 will respond and say I had that
technology I can come over and give that presentation. How far are universities a
target and how far are they the kind of battleground over secrets when it comes
to to espionage into China? that’s a great question universities are a big
part of this whole mosaic and we look at you know where a lot of the research and
development is done throughout the world it’s in the universities and colleges
and research centers that are globalized right and and our adversaries around the
world know that the Chinese know that so they will put people on those positions
to identify not only emerging technologies but now technologies I
think colleges universities and research centers are constantly victimized by the
Chinese about this just in the u.s. we grant probably 350,000 students from
China alone access here the majority of those are really hard working students
to learning better educated around in their own
families and their mindsets but provides an amazing opportunity for the Chinese
intelligence services to utilize those individuals to steal that research and
development when you look at the funding that comes with those 350,000 I
think their current estimate is forty five billion dollars a year that US
universities and colleges are getting from China to have their students come
here that’s wonderful it’s great for the economy but also the university is now
starting to understand not only the US but around the globe
the activities and then Affairs activities of intelligence services
oftentimes happen on college university campuses. you’re seeing in the UK you
think. that’s correct. Chinese economic power in terms of is
clearly growing companies want access to the Chinese market does that create any
concerns over the leverages that that might give China? it certainly does and I
spend a lot of my time the private sector talking just about this because
if you are a Western market a Western business of Western entity who has
developed something in order to be that successful down the road you need to
engage in the Chinese market right which is a huge part of the global economy but
when you do so you need to go there fully understanding that there are risks
to that there are laws that provide China the ability to take your data your
trade secrets proprietary data, your information everything that your code
for your sources code that comes with anything you’re gonna put there China
then owns that and that is not reciprocal here in the US Great Britain
or Australia so when you look at that capability when you go to China and the
global market to invest to be part of that economy you have to go in there
with your eyes wide open that is a significant challenge. do you think
companies are aware of that challenge because some technology companies have
gone into China some are debating going into China is the Google issue whether
they’re gonna you know put a search engine into China I mean do you think
companies are aware of the risks now of what might be involved when it comes to
free expression for instance? I would say most of them are not I think there are
companies that have a specific organizational ties have a particular
product understand that and they go their eyes
open but I think it’s a risk based assessment you have to have going to
China and I think we had to do a better job in the Western civilization to say
hey when you go to China in this market you were going to give this up
just as much as you were aware of that and I think that’s all we can really ask
for when you’ve talked about Google Google CEO alphabet CEO pretty much said
hey listen you have to sell part of your soul when you go to China you have to
make that part of your equation when you decide to do so. and you think people who
are aware of those risks but not still enough? and I think we’re getting there I don’t
think they’re there fully and I think when you talk about the business end of
things that are not national security-related it’s the the dream of
it’s the American dream it’s the the dream of Great Britain to be able to
produce X and sell it globally and I think that is the sign of a very healthy
capitalist society our goal is to throw a layer on that of national security
what does that mean in US and Great Britain and Australia in Canada how is
that impacting our national security my perspective is our economic security is
our national security so they are intertwined all we want companies and
businesses to know is there is a risk factor when you go into China to operate. and your messages think twice? think twice because your data is going to be
available to the Chinese government and to intelligence services for whatever
they deem possible. does it worry you though that companies do seem to be
willing to censor what they do to get access to the Chinese market because
we’re seeing more more cases where people perhaps are not talking about
Tibet or Taiwan or some of these issues because they want to sell their goods in
China they want to open hotels in China they want to make films in China will
sell them to China? it’s definitely a slippery slope and I think it’s
problematic from me and I look at it this says is this something we want to
have going forward as a global society where we have a major retailer here in
the US have to apologize to the government of China because they left
Taiwan off a map of China on the shirt when we have a major airline have to
apologize to the Chinese government because there’s so many markets for the
airline because of tweet and and if you look at a major
hotel brand us have to apologize to China because of mundane activity I
don’t think that is where we want to go as a global society when we have to
apologize to countries again if you look at Hollywood you know – China just ban
Winnie the pooh well now if you look at that if we have screenwriters now in the
US and across the world in any capacity whether it’s Hollywood or in the new
streaming video world have to write their screenplays with the long term
vision of selling this in China that’s the that’s the perfect metric for
success by the government of China that we have self-censorship going on with
the ability for people with the long term idea that we’re going to sell this
in the global market to include China we cannot have anything anti China and our
documentary or a movie or a screenplay is very problematic. you think that’s a security risk? I think the influence part of that is a security risk I don’t think
that’s a national security but again it’s part of the slippery slope where
you will have self-censorship in a free society to be able to work and play in
the global economy or in China it’s very problematic to the morals the values
that we build and are built and we live by our democratic societies in the West. so it’s a sense in which Chinese influence is extending into
self-censorship or into limiting free speech you think? yes and I think they
already have an influence campaign where they censor everything on their own but
when they have a democratic country like the US or Great Britain self censoring
early on in a business process that is a that is a model of success for China. because they’ve exported it without even having to pressure a company that will
tell them what to do? absolutely we look at the last ten years the amount of
movies that are no longer being able to be marketed in China because they either
have an issue with China or the predication of the show is maybe
negative and it’s China based that’s problematic so when you have
screenwriters now writing in a script thinking about well I better not say
this or that or do it this way because I don’t believe it I sell my video in
China that’s an amazing success for censorship. do you think now in the US there is more awareness of this because it’s certainly
been the case in the last six months we’ve seen a lot of indictments a lot of
activity is is there a coordinated campaign going on from from from this
administration to to put pressure on China? this is not an anti China issue
this is a protect America protect a free world from all these nefarious
activities and the economic aggression by China not only here in the US but on
the globe.


100 thoughts on ““Threat from Russia paled in comparison to China” – BBC News”

  • If i were Trump, from this moment on, i would immediately ban the entry of any chinese students and academics to the US, they are literally spies coming over with an aim to steal american high tech, period !

  • Most of the comments here are posted by agents on behalf of Chinese government, they are mostly students and free lance who get paid for their works on internet propaganda

  • People to people normally peacefull, only when politicians forced fed them lies and scare mongering that make people between countries distrust of each others.
    Australia as an example, pommies generally are very friendly to other cultures, only a selected group of people like the bbc popaganda machine intentionally and deliberately making up fake news stories to demonised china. To all Chines, bbc is Chinese public enemy number one.

  • dear?
    i do believe there are 200 nuclear bombs coming our way
    – o dear
    yes , indeed, well i gather this would be it then.
    – deary my
    i just wanted you to know i have always loved you. im quite fond of you
    – o, me too dear

  • Fake news and propaganda. The world biggest arms dealer and one who invaded the most countries has someone else is the problem.

  • China is developing in all sectors, progressing and being successful and hence China is a threat? China or any country trying to be successful and geopolitically on top just like the US does not make it an enemy. After all other countries are following the same dream a precedence left by the US. Its so obvious that these people dony want to see any other nation be independent and successful and they will do anything to keep them under their feet.

  • Have you read the latest news in the New York Times Mr Evanina SIR….? Former National Security advisor Susan Rice said, "….Mr Trump today does more to undermine the American national security than any foreign adversary."

  • Hundred Year Marathon – China's plan to replace America as the global superpower – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-QRVYVg50g

  • No US president is more anti China than President Trump. To suddenly go from its best trading partner to enemy no. 1 is inexplicable. US wants to be the dominant power in the world at all costs, not China. China is trying to build up developing countries infrastructure through the Belt and Road initiative when the Western world pays little attention to developing countries’ plight or economic development. China knows that it is a developing country, so to move ahead in economic development, it has to learn from Western technologies, otherwise it will forever be stuck as a 3rd world country. There is not much choice.

  • It is amazing that the West invented all these excuse e.g. spying, IPR theft, Unfair trade, etc to give themselves handicaps against their competitors.
    The truth is West esp. USA are losing the technological edges. ??

  • China is trying to steal secrets from Russia as well. A professor of aerospace engineering from Bauman University in Moscow was arrested for sharing secrets with the Chinese. Putin keeps Xi close so he can keep an eye on him. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  • trading strategies as says:

    advice to all the migrant,america dont need your skill anymore because you are stealing the american job. look at trump migrant policy you will be deport whoever you are unless your grand parents live in US during 1800. india and china student and scientist should go back to their country become fully develop to bring glory to your ancestor and country instead become 3rd citizen

  • They're better than us = they're a threat = we need an excuse to nuke them before they nuke us. Try patting them on the back and saying "well done".

  • lol americans are so narcisistic. Just cos they have threats, they think it's very important for everyone to know and care. Nah mate, they are your threats, your enemies, you deal with them. It's not important to others, IDGAF. For me a story about a threat to the US is as important as a threat to Sri Lanka.

  • See who is talking???
    Who have 800 foreign military bases, who owns nuclear stockpiles, who invades and bombs Arab and Afghanistan, who spies on security head of Nations, who colonizes Guam and Hawaii, who sits colonizing on Navajo's land, who bullies for pay protection fee, who steals gulf Oil calls some other a threat.
    Yeah China is a threat but not for others, it's only for those decendents off devils who colonized From Africa to Asia, who colonized 2/3 of world population, who bombed and nuked innocent souls.

  • ? The journalist directly said “How China steal” even when this guy hadn’t mentioned this word yet. That’s way too obvious, could you guys hired a better actor…

  • It's Totally Nothing Wrong for China to be No.1. America hss been No.1 for so long. In a race game sometimes you'll lead & sometimes you'll be no.2. It's totally normal !!

  • Not China in Iraq
    Not China in Afghanistan
    Not China in Syria
    Not China with hundreds of military bases around the world.
    China build bridges not bomb them.
    China invest not invade
    China respect and not enslaves

  • Look up BRICS….(Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)…they are developing their own central bank bypassing the U.S $$$. No wonder the two leading countries of this movement are on the hit list of the U.S and its lackeys…and their mainstream (fakestream) media…Like the BBC…

  • Abdelbagi Abdelraouf says:

    I know that BBC is FOX news operating in a different name in the UK but even if china is stealing US technology US destroyed Germany killed the people stale their technology an took their scientist by force so it should not be a problem if China steal US technology

  • Kuldeep Singh Saini says:

    Nobody cares,and why bbc always shows news about the U.S.? there are other important things happening in the world, show them!

  • It’s so funny how he’s describing everything America has already done.

    Espionage? Check
    Becoming powerful by any means necessary? Check

    Buddy, China has never purposefully deposed democratically elected leaders to install pro-American dictators. Who interfered in China, Iran, Congo, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria? Give me a break!

  • robert alexander ho says:

    What a pile of BS! It is the US that has invaded and is empire. China has been the victim of colonialisation and invasion historically and so had Russia.

    So the mentality of this American is classical aggression and paranoia!

  • robert alexander ho says:

    BBC is also British empire Broadcasting Corporation of war and wR and war. This time hiding behind its American stooges ……

  • As a Chinese. I agreed with him in some points. You want to do business in China. You have to sacrifice something. You don't have freedom of speech if you have got influence in tons of people. And the Great Firewall, which blocked most Chinese from accessing Google Facebook etc. These measures are intended to maintain China social stability. Our government is like a babysitter. Trying to prevent us from seeing those inciting speeches, and truths that might cause national security problems. In my opinion, these measures are necessary when our country are still developing, it's boosting our domestic economy by blocking competitors from outside. And it's the reason why our companies are developing so fast. Of course, it's causing a lot monopoly problems. But it will change eventually. To a sustainable economy, where competition exists, it has to change.

  • China is stupid because they steal US technology.
    By this logic, US is more stupid for being stolen for over 30 years, and yet still whining "unfair" and play "victim" without solving it.
    The rest of the world who claim China is stealing US technology, especially developing countries, are even worse, more and more stupid, because they watch China stealing US technology for over 30 years and yet they do not how and can not even "copy" that trick…

  • Never fail these brain dead morons never talk about the number one threat to the world is and always will be the evil USA, the day USA is above the law is coming to an end.

  • People in the comments keep talking as if the US is our enemy; yes, like all nations in History, the US has made mistakes, but China is fundamentally opposed to our very way of life and represents a form of authoritarianism we in the west struggle to comprehend. The US is our ally and we must stay by their side if we are to protect democracy.

  • Racism is ramping against the Chinese. This is not going to end well for anyone. 6 billion Chinese are not going to go down without a huge fight

  • For the world who sees USA as a threat, think about who fought for the freedom of Europeans to end the nazi imperialism.
    2. Freed the Asian-Pacific countries who would still be under Japanese rule if it weren’t for the USA
    3. Russian and surrounding Balkan countries who fled the US for safety from USSR
    4. There is a huge number is asylum seekers from Middle East entering the US
    5. Community of Vietnamese who are doing well in the US who fled from Vietnam’s communism

    Why doesn’t China accept these citizens in seeking asylum?

    Why did China built those naval bases with nuclear capacity so close to the southeast countries?

    China hacked the US social security 5 years ago.

    China have limited and censored free speech in Hong Kong.

    If you’re in China right now and say anything negative in the mainland, guess where you’ll end up.

    In contrast, the US have citizens freely speaking negatively against its president and people are Abel to freely practice their religious freedom.

    Overall, and I speak on behalf of what the real world has to say, and not trolls, the world would rather have democracy.

  • All these ideology bullshit is nonsense. Anyone nonwhite (e.g. Asians, blacks, Mexicans, Slavs), however hard they work just to improve their lives, is a THREAT as long as white men feel that white supremacy is challenged.

  • All the commentators here who think its a wonderful thing that china moves into top position are very naive. Do you really believe thats going to happen peacefully? Have you actually ever lived in a country that watches your every move and locks you up if you speak out? Nah..didn't think so.

  • Mihai Ciubotaru says:

    I quite admire you Americans that you do your best to become the number one cretin nation on the planet!…I'm 143% with you!…keep up the good work….your're almost there..

  • The problem is actually the Chinese Communist Party not China on the whole that is the greatest threat to our modern civilization. The Chinese party must be extinguished!

  • My comments were made specifically vis a vis the scope and scale of the PRC’s strategy towards the concept of democracy as we know it in the West ( where the term originated). I ‘m not saying for one moment that the USA in its history is squeaky clean as I am sure that both you and myself could site enough examples of aggression or neo-colonial attitudes towards various countries around the world. The same could be said of the U.K. and several other European countries with a less than pleasant colonial legacy…

    The difference here with the PRC is that it is a dictatorship with ( in my opinion) not a snowball’s chance in hell of reforming and becoming more transparent… any dissent is immediately quashed with ruthless efficiency.

    The problem for the West is that over the past 40 years greedy Western capitalists have used cheap labour in the PRC to produce goods at a tenth of the price it would cost in the West. You don’t need to look into a crystal ball to predict the consequences…. The cadres in the PRC got v quick technology transfers for little investment or R&D and started playing the West at its own game.

  • "You have to sell part of your soul when you move to China", and western companies sold willingly in exchange for cheap labor.

  • U.S.A blaming another country of being a threat to global security??? And not only that but even blaming a country that is actually building bridges between Africa, Asia and the world? is this supposed to be a joke??? 😀

  • AIRBORNE U.S. ARMY says:

    So many Chinese Regime 50 cents Army… trying very hard to contradict what the media showing. What they fail to realize is that even they, most of the Chinese Regime’s high ranking officials don’t know what they r doing. They have been brainwashed all of their lives. Prime example, watch this n u will know what I am talking about: enjoy watching… https://youtu.be/8ErIeAhubAU

  • I can vouch for what this man is saying, because I am doing research in American university and I have seen what the Chinese do

  • Ah yes, the BRITISH are talking about threats. Right. I wonder what they thought about China when they invaded them and took Hong Kong for 100 years. GTFO.

  • Again and again from the U. S. The evil empire of the month. We are not buying it. 5G cellphones are not weapons of mass destruction.

  • to all the people who are whining about China not being an issue and the US just being a sore loser, take a look at how China's Authoritarian government (with it's national AI-based biometric CCTV system) operates vs how the US is run and decide for yourself which country you want to lead global influence and define the 21st century

  • Why is becoming a global power economically and militarily a threat? Isn’t US a super power and therefore a threat. Chinese army tiny compared to that of the US and compared to its geographical snd population size.

  • Come on, American, your country is the most powerful in the world, you guys are the smartest. No way China, toothless paper tiger going to be a threat to you. Just ignore them and continue live in your America centric world, no one can match you.

  • Yes..yes..treat..treat..oh no..where is my Mommy ?! All my life I have been told what to do, what to say and what to believed. Now the Chinese gonna make us think on our own…Ah..we can't..Mommy !??????☠️. You Dumb White Trash ..Tell the American people the truth.

  • Boo hoo… no espionage charge . You are barking . How can they steal something when you don't have it ?!? Why are you exposing yourself…

  • Whatever US call world can't live without China product…thing is US making China great because US talking about only China, China,China?

  • Patrick Quinlan says:

    Why do our Western governments let China sell their junk to us if they can't play fair? China makes it difficult for Western companies to do business on their turf, so why not return the favor by severely limiting their access to our economies. We in the West are but beggars to our demise.

  • Perwira Neutral says:

    Threat? Fuck off you guys are paranoid! Why? After worldwide killings and bombings and threatening use of nuke… Insane

  • Robbie Southern says:

    China are are biggest threat western world they have undermined the rest of world such as dog trade market, also they are seeking military action to take claims to land for natural resources such as South China Sea and they have chronic trade practices that benefits chinease business and force western country’s to submit intellectual property theft, stop trading because you will be working for 00.35p hour like the rest of 1.4billion people in China ( say No COMMUNISM ) also they have ambitions such as MADE CHINA 2025 and 1 belt 1 road initiative…………less trade more tarrifs= more joys and higher wages stand up not down

  • If you've ever had chinese flatmates or worked closely with chinese people, you will understand what this man is saying. Chinese people are greedy and shameless beyond limits. Add overpopulation, huge hunger for natural resources, and authoritarian traditions, and the world is ready to be screwed by its own naiveness.

  • When we were the Sick Man of Asia, we were called The Yellow Peril.
    When we are billed to be the next superpower, we are called The Threat.
    When we closed our doors, you smuggled drugs to open markets.
    When we embrace Free Trade, You blame us for taking away your jobs.
    When we were falling apart, You marched in your troops and wanted your fair share.
    When we tried to put the broken pieces back together again, Free Tibet you screamed, It Was an Invasion!
    When tried Communism, you hated us for being Communist.
    When we embrace Capitalism, you hate us, for being Capitalist.
    When we have a billion people, you said we were destroying the planet.
    When we tried limiting our numbers, you said we abused human rights.
    When we were poor, you thought we were dogs.
    When we loan you cash, you blame us for your national debts.
    When we build our industries, you call polluters.
    When we sell your goods, you blame us for global warming.
    When we buy oil, you call it exploitation and genocide.
    When you go to war for oil, you call it liberation.
    When we were lost in chaos and rampage, you demanded rules of law.
    When we uphold law and order against violence, you call it violating human rights.
    When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech.
    When we are silent no more, you say we are brainwashed-xenophobes.
    “Why do you hate us so much?” we asked.
    “No,” you answered, “we don't hate you.”

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