This Season On ’68 Whiskey’ | Paramount Network

This Season On ’68 Whiskey’ | Paramount Network

– What is that? – Someone’s been paying
a lot of money get SECO to clearance secure this entire area for whatever it is
they’re doin’ down there. – I think some sort of
UFO crashed down there. – You both need to cool
it on the comic books. – [Announcer] This season on 68 Whiskey. – Let’s try and move this fast. Need the cash bad. – I’m in love with Sasquatch. Trust me, this is never
gonna happen again. – We’re great together, trust me! – I get deported back to Mexico. – What’s happening to you is just wrong. – [Unknown Speaker] We’re
gonna figured this one out. – [Unknown Speaker]
How about you give back what you took from us? – You have any idea where we going? – Heading northwest is all I need to know. (explosion banging)
(screaming) (car crashes on ground) – You’re messing with things way above your pay grade, Roback. – Surrender your weapons. You’re under arrest. Sargent Davis, you’re free to go. – Thanks. For once it’s not the
brother getting arrested. – What happened to the
young man in that bed? – I need a favor. – I can find him, and bring him back. – Looks like an ISIS tunnel. – Whatever you did got
people who matter demanding I take action against you. Your whole crew is grounded,
effective immediately. – Didn’t have to bring in the
LeBron James of medic crews just to rub it in. – Bad things might come up from back home. Nobody knows I did it. – I didn’t think that
you were this into me. – Is it a problem? – I believe you still care
about what happens to me. – [Bearded Man] I’m your guy. (dramatic beats) – Private Petrocelli, step
away from the goat bomb. – It’s not a bomb! (dramatic music) – Three, two, one, move! – [Announcer] 68 Whiskey. New episodes Wednesdays at
10 on Paramount Network.


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