This ONE Difference Could Make or Break Their Date | Tell My Story

This ONE Difference Could Make or Break Their Date | Tell My Story

I tend to want somebody that’s as crazy as I am when it comes to having goals I’m attracted to goofy down-to-earth strong women with someone I can trust with my life I’m looking for my partner to be career driven financially stable has manners and just it’s a good person if you have a beard it’s like a plus [Music] your name is Darius and this is your story you are 29 years old for work you are a manager you grew up in Maryland your culture or ethnic background as an african-american my name is Andrew I am 32 years old I’m a construction worker I grew up in New York and I’m Jamaican your name is Ashley and this is your story you’re 25 years old your waitress grew up in New York and your black American my name is Rebecca I’m 28 I’m a production manager I grew up in New York and my cultural background is I’m Jamaican where yep didn’t hear two accent else okay I was born in Jamaica no accent eating yes English second language yeah yeah they put you in that class mm-hmm they had to teach me how to pronounce the letter H one tool tree and then everybody in the class at la famosa I mean three I’m I said no tree well your English is perfect man oh yeah yeah why did you think that I was a waitress oh you got the whole waitress look like what does that mean hey how you doing can I take you out it yeah the price is right I could take that as a negative because pleasantry I think be anything I could be a teacher but more like a waitress cuz you got that smile and you’re not really winning me over right now I’m sorry I didn’t think waitress was a bad bad thing it’s just not my profession I’ll fill you i’ll fill you growing up it was a lot of struggle coming from a dysfunctional family a Caribbean family from Jamaica we had to move around a lot I came here when I was six years old my mom and dad were both chefs we were homeless at a point and then we kind of worked our way back up it made me more adaptable to every situation I ever faced and I guess if I feel like something’s gonna work out it’s gonna work out I was adopted at fifteen it was of course a real struggle but it was the best thing that ever happened to me I love my family both my biological and my adopted family our Caribbean I grew up with my sister and lots of brothers the house is loud there were people coming in and out it’s on top of kids and just love and I hope to have that one day your mom cooked most of the meals when you were growing up you call your mom at least one time a day the most challenging thing about bringing a partner to meet your family would be introducing and the overall first impression well you’re right about first one yeah my mom she does a lot of cooking I call my mom three times a day yes the most challenging thing about bringing partner to meet my family is looks believe it or not yeah because they’re so picky on how the person looks your mom does most of the cooking you call your mom say five times a day the most challenging thing about bringing a partner to meet your family would be professional my dad cooked most of the meals when I was growing up I called my mom twice a day we text all day though the most challenging thing about bringing a partner to meet my family would be the interview yeah what does the anything my family definitely interviews my partners so that means what your job is where’s your family comes from down to what kind of sneakers you like it it would be a hundred and one questions or yep and what do you mean by looks what does that mean yeah I’m not really too crazy about a house the person I’m dating looks you know but my family they’re always like my dad would just do this they’re like yeah you’re good mark I got so how you think I was doing an interview um half of my family would like you half of them wouldn’t okay they wouldn’t like your job to be honest okay what about me yeah they’ll love you plus your Jamaican as well so it was definitely not cooking for you nope I grew up where the man did all they could see in my house so you’re lucky I’m a good cook I could teach you some things as well oh I know how to cook I don’t want him okay I have a lot of thoughts on my culture it’s a very old-school and traditional I just want to take the good parts in make it more modern selfishly I want him to make more money than me but I’m not going to be quiet and let him make all the decisions it needs to be like 60/40 which of course me succeed in him 40 the last time I fell in love was seven years ago it was like what you watching the movies a fairy tale we held hands when we were driving years went by not one fight like I was happy I found out the hard way that when you’re in love and you do something stupid you’re gonna end up regretting it for the rest of your life [Music] you’ll feel most Phil working as CEO of a big company an appropriate number of hours to spend working per week is 40 hours in 10 years you’ll want to have a big family and of your own business of course traveling the world Wow looks like you’re getting to know me I would feel most fulfilled working as an activist in a socialite an appropriate number of hours that’s been working is 50 nosis things too many hours work harder in ten years I hope to be married four kids pop out three adopt one in a brownstone in Manhattan in Harlem dual citizenship in another country where we fly back and forth sweet your turn you would feel most fulfilled when you’re working and making money an appropriate number of hours of spend working for you is 45 in 10 years you want to be wealthy with a small to medium family married I’m happy somewhere in New York City I’ll be most fulfilled yeah not financially stable I hate being broke you know what’s that an appropriate hour to spend working would be 40 hours cuz I don’t think people should just work you need some time to live your always have work you can’t live basically you go to work and go home go to sleep in 10 years that’s life really dead on really yeah the wealthy part – yeah I like how you caught that and you miss everything else not a family thing of course you know when you grow up in a big family you tend to like that yeah family atmosphere because a bunch of little ones being yeah themselves the little individual cells run around trying to figure out life yeah I can’t imagine not having siblings or cousins like it just teaches you so much like sharing and just you know how to deal with other personalities I don’t want my kids to learn that naturally in my home sweet what kind of relationship are you looking for at this point of your life and this point in my life I’m looking for I have a open state of mind when it comes to relationship I’m sorry excuse me what is that yeah meaning like I believe in open relationships oh I want to give that person that I’m dating the option of going out there and hopefully finding somebody better than me not saying I go out looking for something better than the person I’m talking to but I always keep an open mind if I do run into someone I do talk to that person I’ve seen it work but you’re single right now recently it worked for me because I like I said I get to the point where I get mad bored okay I’m gonna stop you right there I respect that and I totally get that and that’s what you want it kind of not realistic that you’re gonna keep dating people with this open relationship and think you’re not going to get bored because even when you’re in love and you’ve been with someone forever you’re gonna get bored that’s like working through a relationship that’s where you have to like work hard because a relationship is about hard work I just can’t imagine looking for someone else while I’m with someone at all times it would break my heart and I hope that the person that I’m with would be content with just me I understand that having an open mind doesn’t mean I’m going out and I’m looking for that person I’m waiting for that person to stop me from doing that because if I’m like oh man I’m head over heels for this person I’ll stop what I’m doing and keep my full attention on that person I know it’s weird [Music] when I first saw you I said that I would teach you I like your smile it’s very beautiful and after the conversation I still said I would date you because I see that you’re very strong-minded and you know your family orientated and not that’s always a plus you know coming from a big family and that you’re smart so when I first saw you I said I would maybe date you because I liked your beard I don’t know I liked how you looked but I never go on a date with someone just because I have to get to know you a little bit and then when I did get to know you I said I would not date you and the reason why I would not date you it all goes back to our last conversation about you having open relationships everything else is great you know family for both Caribbean we’re both from New York everything was going well until you broke my heart I mean I guess I’m on to something that not a lot of people is onto because I’m not going to be insecure or worrying about what the person that I’m talking to is doing but this has opened my eyes that a lot of men may feel this way you know people in general just like keep an open mind and that the other person might be the one and you’re just looking right past them to the next one that’s true I hope you find your love thank you I hope you find yours too nice to meet you [Music]


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