This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped

This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped

The Lithium ion battery has made our modern
phones, laptops, and electric cars possible. The secret is its ability to cram a lot of
power into a tiny package, but for its inventor John B Goodenough, that wasn’t good enough. Nearly 40 years after he helped create a battery
that would change the world, Goodenough and researchers at the University of Texas at
Austin have announced they’ve invented a new battery that sounds too good to be true. Goodenough has a few issues with his old lithium
ion battery. It’s still too weak, too expensive, and
has the pesky habit of exploding from time to time. If a battery is charged too quickly, lithium
tends to slowly build up through the liquid electrolyte in long thin whiskers called dendrites. If the dendrites get long enough to connect
the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, they can cause a short and you’ve
got a surprise fireworks show in your pants. So for the last few years Goodenough has wanted
to make a battery with a solid electrolyte instead of a liquid one. Two years ago he found the research of Portuguese
physicist Maria Helena Braga. Braga and a colleague had invented a glass
electrolyte, which means no dendrites, no shorts, no pants on fire. Braga and Goodenough have been working together
in Austin ever since and the new battery they’ve come up with is unlike anything anyone’s
seen before. Along with the new glass electrolyte, the
electrodes -that is the positive and negative ends of the battery- are something entirely
different. In a lithium ion battery the positive electrode
is made of a lithium metal oxide and the negative side is made of a porous carbon. When you charge it, lithium ions grab electrons
and move through the electrolyte to the carbon. When you discharge it, the lithium ions shuffle
back, but the electrons they had don’t make the return trip. They flow through your device instead, providing
power. But this new battery doesn’t rely on storing
ions in a lattice on one side, instead the metal from the negative side travels across
the electrolyte and coats the positive side, creating a thin layer on top. And that’s got some people scratching their
heads. According to our understanding of conventional
batteries, it’s important that the two electrodes are different materials, that’s where the
voltage comes from. Remember the old potato batteries you made
as a kid? Stick a piece of copper in one side, and zinc
in the other, and you’ve got a battery because electrons flow from the zinc to the copper
through your clock or GLaDOS or whatever. If you stuck zinc and zinc, or copper and
copper, nothing would happen. Likewise with this new battery, once the positive
side is coated with metal from the negative side, the voltage should drop to zero. So the fact that this battery even works is
confusing other top battery experts. It seems to be generating something from nothing,
which is a big no no according to the laws of thermodynamics. But according to Goodenough, it doesn’t
just work, it works spectacularly well. Compared to current batteries it can hold
3 to 10 times the charge, can be recharged in minutes instead of hours, has a lifespan
of over a thousand cycles, and doesn’t go boom in your back pocket. It can be cheaper to make since it works with
low cost sodium as well as lithium, and can operate in temperatures from -20 degrees celsius
up to 60 degrees. This is exactly the sort of battery that would
make an electric car a true replacement for a gasoline powered one. It’s the sort of thing that would be hailed
as a monumental achievement. Or a hoax. But it’s hard to argue with Goodenough’s
credibility, I mean, this is the guy who helped invent the modern lithium ion battery powered
world, he’s effectively the Li-ion King. His colleagues don’t believe he and Braga
are pulling a fast one, heck they’ve even applied for a patent. And I checked and the paper wasn’t published
on April 1st. So maybe this crazy battery works for some
other reason we have yet to figure out. Or maybe Goodenough’s explanation that the
plating is too thin to drop the voltage is correct. For something this promising with this kind
of name behind it, more research is definitely needed. So do you think the new battery is the real
deal or Goodenough is having one over on us? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget
to subscribe. All I know is a battery that lasts 3 times
longer and takes minutes to charge sounds amazing, but if I had practical wireless charging
I wouldn’t actually need it. Trace covers Disney’s latest crack at it
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100 thoughts on “This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped”

  • A better battery is not going to make electric cars out due internal combustion engines. There are a lot of other variables that this is not A dressing. A 1000 battery cycles is not very much. That could be as little as one year

  • Whats the update on this battery? any further explanation? Is it going to manufactured commercially any time soon?

  • Desmond Bagley says:

    …….lithium been around for forty years? but first lithium weren't rechargeable , right?..I don't recall rechargeable back to forty years but then they would have been hugely expensive therefore rare.

  • Desmond Bagley says:

    ………once the +ive side is coated with metal from the – ive side the voltage should drop to zero? Didn't you say the -ive side is lithium oxide, that's not lithium metal ( you made analogy about potato cell with two coppers or two zincs)..Our lead acid batteries are lead oxide and lead metal also and works cos of multiple valencies of lead ( or is it a covalent arrangement cos lead is border line as an ionic element). But yes it's different in sense that in lead batteries it's the sulphate radicle that travels across , here it's the lithium traveling. and leaving it's attached radical behind,, therefore the lithium is displaying a double valency wherein Li²O must transform to LiO otherwise a lot of oxygen gas would be evolved, .I haven't heard of a double valency for lithium before but I have for sodium and the conditions have to be right, what 'right' is can never be known until it's stumbled upon…. iron, copper, nickel ,vanadium and more are well-known to have multiple valencies in the ionic sense; the difference betwixt CO and CO2 is a covalent arrangement for example..Stated that capacity of cell increases with repeated recharge……. naturally.

  • "maybe this battery does something we don't understand"? or "maybe it's a hoax"? Lol… that is brilliant… how people always use their ignorance as a measuring stick to evaluate what they have no idea what they are assessing and judging… what makes humanity so pathetic at times… vacuous

  • How's about the Military Batteries that just need an injection of distilled water seal it up Shake it up and wait a few minutes before lights go from red to green full charge last 14 days ob average.

  • All I heard was, blah blah blah, were going to war with a poor country to collect their resources, Just to keep your car running. Good for you.

  • Do you really think the petroleum industry will let him sell these new batteries to the people like Tesla and Ford?


    Using sodium to store energy is nothing new. Even solar farms use sodium towers to store heat. It's almost come full circle.

  • Jerry Bender says:

    Elon drops the big hammer on Maxwell (dry batteries n Super caps) purchase May 15ish 2019 instead of just purchasing dry lines from Maxtek like TESLA normally do (means the dry batteries do work and are potentially capable of Scaling up to full production– Elons like yea we gonna need this company or we gonna drop our investment here n take a walk-mean but needed cuz Maxwell was dicken around – To be fair this is after Maxwell got cold feet on the share price about 3 times claiming investors needs blah blah – But deal is fini! Now Tesla can absorb All its tech from 1965 on plus dry batteries with crazy specs meets Musk genius n massive RnD wallet yikes….. we lookin at near term 1 million miles per car frame n drive systems and only 1 change of batteries over 1 million miles of driving folks whoa but we dont get to drive those next million miles AI will do it for us wcgw lol

  • Martin Whiteley says:

    A thousand cycles would be like only 3 years for a car battery before you had to replace the whole thing?

  • DudeDuderino Duderino says:

    ANY ONE remember a Japanese Pro who invented a charging system in minutes when everyone including Electrical generators said WE MUST suck on a power outlet for 12-15 hours for a full charge?…THEN his invention and he himself disappeared and nothing else was heard about his invention? There are invention's out there would blow our minds IF THEY WERE ALLOWED to come to the open market?

  • Davison Family says:

    With the growing power demand on family cell phone and laptop use, Brigham Young University funded this project to help save the time used by a man and his 12 wives charging their devices so they could spend more time praying and making more babies. Praise Jesus!

  • Big Auto will find ways to suppress the tech, probably by purchasing it then burying it. Its just Too innovative. They can't have that, it's a No No. Big Auto always embraces the Trickle Down method of innovation. This new battery tech is too much at any one time, especially when companies are investing in other promising energy storage tech. This improbable battery could make other storage tech obsolete before development, then all their R&D infrastructure and money goes out the window. The price you have to pay for true innovation.

  • Mark Haseley says:

    I've heard about it's development for years now. waiting for it to be verified and mass produced to I can get my solar or battery back up for my house. Agree with the person who
    wrote that's supposed to be more of a capacitor… which is true, but it's still power on demand. Awesome.

  • Marcus Hanson says:

    Thunderf00t made you look like shit though. The shilling is strong here. You and linus oughta get a room.

  • User Protection says:

    This guy's humble jokes make me interested in what he's saying. And these are PRETTY damn good! GoodEnough thought the model wasn't GOODENOUGH*? The *Li-Ion king?


  • We understand a lot about classic physics but the area of zero space energy, string theory and Quantum field study have a long, long, long way to go. Goodenough may have come to understand some of this better. We have to some more minds look at this work.

  • No use for lazy people None. says:

    What scientist need to do is think outside the Dusty Old Books they learned from,,That information is STATIC and does not keep up to the latest information and findings. This inventor needs to be followed and not demeaned as the GOOD OLD BOYS of Science seem to be doing.

  • putheflamesou says:

    cars oil ethanol batteries killing maiming orphaning wasting time for a NASCAR advertisement bet and winner. Oh the dust in the museum of this are.

  • This documentary came out a few years ago and this guy has already invented a lithium battery with a solid electrolyte, instead of liquid. You can puncture it and even cut huge pieces off it and it will still work. It's pretty neat. (Search for the Super Battery)

    (Jump straight to 30:25, if you don't want to watch the whole thing.)

  • Odilo von Steinitz says:

    So, why do we still – 2 years later – have to suffer lithium ion batteries with components made from rare cobalt and an expensive and very finite form of nickel?

  • Keith Fernandes says:

    Technology stolen from Canadian Scientist John Hutchion, they are using crystal energy combination , he gave us the recipe many years back which is used in the S-300, 400, 500 & 800, but the 1800 is and will not be disclose. So kindly people make your own battery and power your house for ever, kindly pay a good attention to John Hutchion and anti gravity is possible with frequency/vibration indian can levitate stones by simply chanting the word OM, at the right pitch from their mouth.

  • Goodenough has outlived 90% of his peers, quite likely more. He more than anyone realizes he is not long for this world. BTW let's be clear, this is a highly intelligent and driven human being of sound mind. What benefit could a dedicated inventor possibly gain from pulling a fast one? This guy is the real deal, make no mistake.

  • talking about dissimilar metals…copper and magnesium make a better potato battery

    it has to do with atomic weight and where they are at on the periodic table…I wont go into it more…just study some quantum physics and you'll understand

  • A new invention that does not impinge on an existing established money-making technology is always welcome in the world. When small Lithium-ion batteries were invented it was a boon to mankind; but to upgrade the technology to be so affordable that it would replace gasoline engines, will be seen as a threat to the status quo. So, as usual, our paranoid Govt will see this as another threat to their ability to control the masses and will not get produced.

  • Billder Inbaja says:

    Goodenough is getting lot's of press on this because (1) His name is too cool, and (2) He is in his 90's, and we all aspire to that. However…. (there is always a however)… there is a huge focus on solid state battery development right now all over the world… all the major car and electronic companies are involved, and petroleum companies are invested. A variety of solutions will be on the market before 2025. (PS: My money is on Dyson and/or Tesla… they have the best-of-best scientists, and they have a big head start)

  • Student Accidentally Created Rechargeable Battery That Lasts for 400 Years

  • Patrick McLeod says:

    *It sounds like he's referring to the guy as "GoodEnough". It's a mystery to me, as to why an inventor with a name like that wouldn't have just decided to stick with modern Li ion batteries(or even NiCad's). After all, they are "GoodEnough", right?*

  • "All I know" is that anything that last 3x longer is 3x the loss in funds to the rich who feed off the poor.
    This tech will never make it. The rich will keep all of us in this perpetual state.

  • If this is storing electrons on the surface then it's not a battery but a capacitor. There the plates can be the same. Somehow the electrons are disolved in the material instead of chemically reacting.

  • Gregory Lambrihgt says:

    Yes battery is real, well see it in about 10 to 15 years. Called supercapacitor as soon as it is cheap why will make it same as graphine battery

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