This is Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen... (2017-2018 EVENTS)

This is Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen… (2017-2018 EVENTS)


25 thoughts on “This is Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen… (2017-2018 EVENTS)”

  • Kenneth Gilreath says:

    I used to work for a utility dustrict had a ticket to cutt off some peoples water. It was a normal cut off not deliquent. Small children sjtting on their furniture in the yard a truck was hooking to their home. Up the road a church was buiding a million dollar worship center and gymnasium. I was hurt confussd yhats been 12 yrs. I still wondsr what happenex to those kids why did i not do something. Why did the community do nothing. Love it seems has waxed cold. The love of many will wax cold. If any of you would pray that God will fill me up with love and a hunger to love everyone i come in contact with.

  • I follow your channel and watch all your videos. But this is one of the most ridiculous video I have ever seen. Christians are the most persecuted group in the world? What a idiotic statement. Iraq invaded by christian countries, 2 million dead and the country destroyed based on lies. Libya invaded by christian countries, hundreds of thousands dead, the country destroyed based on lies.
    Syria destroyed and hundreds of thousand dead and the country destroyed based on lies. Listen to Trump, he told everyone who founded and financed ISIS. We did. This video is delusional, and hypocritical. And yes I am a christian, I'm just not a hypocrite.

  • Alana Cartes says:

    EVEN PARENTS ARE SO self absorbed HOW can they help t9 guide this generation?? I think MAYBE they realize if they did kids would call them hypocrites..I think, NO, I know I'm giving too much credit. Hopeful thinking so I PRAY because its ALL I can do!

  • Whitney Davenport says:

    I have a legitimate question that I think about fairly often. We often hear that we are living in end times and we have proof of this thru the bible and all it says of today's generation and our current world which is wrought with pride, sex, entitlement, greed in ways never witnessed before but I can't help but think each generation has seen the world, their world, this way as these evil things have been ever increasingly apparent. How do we know that we have reached the pinnacle of what's described and the end is genuinely near? How do we not know that this is far from the worst which may be one day seen in later generations?

  • "Islam has declared war on Christianity." That's because our Christian nation is siding with the atrocities of the Jews against the Muslims. When the Zionists used the chemical weapon, white phosphorus on the Palestinian people, not a word was heard from the Christian community. This is because the Zionist owed US media has brainwashed Americans into believing that the Muslims caused 9-11 when it was really the Zionist Jews and their minions in the CIA who caused 9-11. Why? For the "Greater Israel Project." To go to war against 7 Muslim nations, to break them down into smaller nations which would be easier to manage. The Jews would then control their land by putting in US/Israeli puppets, and then stealing their rich oil reserves. Follow the money. Are Muslims angry? Damn right. You destroy their country, their infrastructure and murder 2.2 million Muslims. It's called blowback. How would you respond if Muslims came to America and did the same thing we are doing to them?

  • CHRIS Robertson says:

    No natural affection is another sign of these end times. The bible literally gives us a check list of signs to look out for. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE ,LOOK UP TO THE SKY AND SEE

  • CHRIS Robertson says:

    Jehovah told us as his people would be persecuted. Satans trying to do his part to temp us away from serving Jehovah by any means necessary.

  • Todd Wolf Child says:

    I think everyone wants to see the end times, I have been the only one in my family to believe in Jesus Christ, as my Lord and saviour. But today I've been captured by sin and have back slide so for. My whole life is filled with pain, and if I die what do I have to look forward to. Hell. I'm so lost, I'm not looking for pity but just a connection.

  • Janet Strohbeck says:

    The church uses the latest media tools to run the church for evangelism. We all buy into the need of the the latest gadget. I remember how when I was young the tv was evil tool of Satan if not self censored. Same applies with iPhones. I use it for emergencies. My ipad for education. It is all about bringing about awareness to the young and all of us to use it with great wisdom. Plus we have all become a slave of the internet. We have lost over the counter experience of interacting with humans for the sake of saving time. It takes away family time, because it allows us to pack more activities into our lives. Time saving tool ??????? Not for all.

  • SuperBking1340 says:

    The real problem is the lying perverted media.
    They could not lie straight in bed.
    And because these bastards pervade every aspect of life they spread their cancer every where.
    They have to be destroyed.

  • Kenneth Brooks says:

    Jesus said to watch for the signs of his coming. The signs of the times are multiplying in the natural, political, economic, social & religious worlds.

  • I will pray for my Holy Family To Stay Strong on this generation and to have those who still have a chance to be molded inn their Hearts….
    "Are You Ready To Go Home"?

  • That homeless guy is so right! Nobody will hardly ever stop to help somebody or anything it's crazy where did empathy go?

  • This is crazy I just posted on a comment that it says men will become lovers of themselves then it appeared and said it on here. Praise the Lord.

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