This is not a ham radio Livestream (this time!)

This is not a ham radio Livestream (this time!)

A very good day verbally my name’s Callum
from DX Commander .. just an update this is going out on Saturday night
right now it’s that’s the morning I’ve just realized it’d be a little difficult
for me to produce a live stream tonight because we are out again with some
friends and the days of doing these live streams when I’ve had a few beers I
review back at why I’ve said everything and I just think you know I shouldn’t be
doing YouTube live when I’m well not drunk but you know what I mean in
drinking it’s kind of not right so I’ve got a skip this week but we’ll do it
will resurrect it next week anyway because Paul Karl and myself are up on
the hills at 1,500 feet we’re gonna be on heavy on 80 meters and to 80/40 into
probably so Karl and Paul drive the 2 meter station and our live stream at 11
o’clock at night UK time which is whatever that is a usual time Saturday
night Saturday ok sound just be fun I won’t be so much
talking to the camera you’ll just get my regular kind of see cueing and all that
stuff so I’m just apologizing I’m not live-streaming Saturday night tonight
and I’m gonna try and do this in one take so there’s no edits okay
because this afternoon when do you know I’ve got to get out in a minute anyway
do a bit of shopping or whatever else then I want to pop down the workshop and
I want to carry on with the tea s2000 installation I’m just worried about the
coax lines and the routes that I’ve got to take for that so that might hold me
up cuz I don’t know how to take the inside of a car apart I’ve done it
before you know and all of a sudden clips go flying and I don’t know about
that Mercedes I just don’t know you know I’ve had a look this morning I was
sitting in the traffic jam going yeah but when we’re gonna get this go acts in
happy with the control head and the speaker and the microphone cable because
the cables are really kind of little I could easy to do that but I’ve got
come in with this tiny little coax off the top of the rail bar and then it goes
to quite a thick it’s about an 8 mil what’s that it’s over quarter of an inch
6 million quarter inch so 8 no I know it’s quite think Brady to coax anyway
it’s lovely but it was really expensive and then want to start chopping it off
so anyway I just need to start that right cuz I need another video for next
Friday night then I want to get on tunes 70 immediately with the TS mm just got
some notes here so yes speed control head happy with that and worried about
the coax route the 18 metre project which is a multiband it’s like a DX
command orb and vertical but a giant version that’s what it is and I was
thinking to work out triangular plate square plates I am going round okay so
the people and how they have either two elements three elements equidistance
four elements equally spaced or six that’s what I’m gonna do and they could
dye it appropriately and I’ve worked out a way of going so it’s really easy to
put the thing up and down so I’ll get that over to the laser and the water jet
company sometime this week and I’ll probably order hello eight nine ten
systems for that I’ve got really full polls so I can build one cell three and
then for the money that comes in from that I could probably pay the deposit
for another twenty five or hundred eighty meter poles so I’m happy with the
eighty meet system the 12 volt project this off on grid thing and the reason
why I took out the power supply here and put in a couple of batteries is because
I wanted to be able to go portable and run a lot of amps with the hf linear
amplifier this tokyo high power thing which is going to go where you can’t see and that’s coming along I haven’t solved
the noise issue on HF yet I’m getting no noise on two meters off it and I’m last
night are connected both the batteries together and on 20 amps I’m just holding
you know 13 something volts probably for an hour 2 hours a demo I’ve got enough
power I think um I’m certainly with the victor on in line I don’t it just holds
it it’s just just completely holds it but that’s cause for the mains on when
the mains off I’ll get some voltage drop you see so I might look at not as so
much a super capacitor but a large capacitor for the SSB peaks I’ve got two
concerns one is I can I have to work out how to solve these the noise issue with
a big drama I’m sure I can write so I’m not worried about that right now
but the other issue it’s a bit like the will it melds video which is when I put
1600 Watts up this wire for 65 seconds when I was testing some antenna wire and it worries me I was expecting something
to go bang when I’ve got to 80 amp our batteries connected together with thick
cable everything knowing that there’s a potential for six seven thousand amps
across all of it you know I’ve effectively got between my
legs down here a bomb so I’m extremely gingerly using it at the moment I’ve
realised that the trip I’ve got is really an on/off switch
it’s only a tricks nice short circuit protector so I’ve bought a big fuse with
a big blue ceramic key looking funny plastic thing I think it’s 500 amps or
did I get 250 I got more amps and are needed for general use but on a short
circuit it’ll blow so but I’m just not sure how many do I need on every bloody
cable you hooked it goes on and on so anyway I’ll put it on the main feed
off the main battery all right and then I’ll leapfrog the backup battery onto it
without a fuse that’s where I’m going at the moment the icon 9700 I like I’m
getting used to I haven’t used it very much I want to install ham radio deluxe
version 6 cuz got a license for that although they changed all their license
server I’ve got to get up today you have a hello got to do that and then we can
get some digital and PSK remember that I used to like BSK more so than ft8
but we can play digital with it they’re not just have an under and a bit of
voice I’m still only vertical I’ve got a 17 element honor somewhere that James
and I bought years ago there’d be nice to get that up on and I’ve got a rotator
and stuff so we could do that as well but anyway that that is in the pipe and
as you’d i’ve got a few other projects on the go so next weekend I’ve already
explained we’re at 1500 feet so I got us some prep to do for that that I go to
James his house cuz he borrowed my con mm because James is the author of a comm
director the software and he’s been testing their new icon director software
on the mm to make sure that across all the different icons it all works it’s
just another job to do I might get a couple of spare days well maybe a in an
afternoon this week coming just to relook at that Delta loop project
because after we’ve been on the hills it’d be nice to resurrect that in
between the 12 old project the car project and the 18 meter pala process
because I just feel it sort of day’s work to finish that off you know um this
bunker is in a complete tip and it has been now for about well since we get
back from a holiday the band starts up again in about two weeks time so I need
to spend a day clearing this shit out it’s just another day in the my schedule
which sort of cloaks me up I’m just letting you know and I’m also a little
bit concerned because I’m getting different EQ and you know sound this
lovely microphone here when I came across this really clever idea of
going into a mixer and then coming back out the inbuilt sound card and capturing
that using like audacity or anything else it’s a really muddy sound I’ve
really had to overly Drive the EQ to get anything like what the re 20 directly
out the mains straight into the camera here actually sounds like is a fantastic
mic so I might actually go back down a route buying another sound card coming
out of the mains and manually doing this thing is last Saturday’s live stream the
audio was really muddy really annoyed about that and then the last thing I
want to cover with you is that um a lot of you noticed that I went to see this
eating disorder therapist so all’s I’m practicing at the moment and it’s
actually kind of working I think is actually eating a breakfast actually
eating a mid-morning snack that doesn’t mean a chocolate bar by the way that
means you know boiled egg or whatever having a lunch as well and then my
dinner and sure enough for about 10 days now I
haven’t had any inclination to have an after-dinner binge on chocolate and
peanuts and all that stuff so credible and I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight so
this is without any dieting by the way I don’t want to start dieting until I’ve
got the discipline of when I eat okay I want to know when I’m supposed to eat
I’m trying to get back in touch with when I’m hungry and when I’m not hungry
because for the last forty years I haven’t a clue
I just eat when I can and a lot of it so I don’t keep posted on that’s quite
interested and interesting rather so I’ll see you soon hopefully that’s one
take okay no cuts in that definitely scenic Saturday night but we’ll do an
update on the tea s2000 with the RC 2000 inside the Mercedes hopefully by Friday
night if I can get some good work done this afternoon and Sunday so enjoy your
radio I’ll enjoy mine, all the best bye for now


30 thoughts on “This is not a ham radio Livestream (this time!)”

  • Shame 😉 I like your streams , we’re all only human 🙂 if you like a small sweet sherry before a live stream then have a sherry who are we to judge 🙂

  • Nothing wrong with one or two beverages, as long as it stops there. Actually Cal you are still civel after a few compared to others i have witnessed.

  • Now I don't know what to expect. Will it be the mild-mannered, silken voiced presenter of the project videos or, the bellowing, guffawing, loveable Lord Commander of MMANA fame?

  • Well, you certainly have a lot on your plate (pun intended). Maybe take a note from your eating therapist about spreading the tasks out in small groups. Do a little after breakfast, a lite task for around lunch time, and finish the day with a pleasant, full-on job to give all around satisfaction. We don't want you going through another burn-out phase. This video was calm and informative without being animated as some of your videos have been. Keep them coming.

  • I’d get rid of the charger and use a real power supply. A number of friends and I have used Astrons to handle that. Power supplies are clean and don’t generate noise. Use a high current isolation diode between the battery and the power supply and you should be all set. Most supplies output 13.8, but the diode will drop it to about 13.2. Car alternators typically run between 14.5-15 volts. Most supplies are adjustable, just set the voltage to where you’re only drawing about 2.5 amps when at the fully charged voltage level as measured on the battery and worry none. If the battery is not sealed, you should have them in containers so you don’t have a corrosive mist permeating the shack. I believe the AGM’s are all sealed, so you should be good.

  • With the hf noise problem, you could try an Aerial Phasing Noise Canceller. The operation of the circuit involves the cancellation of local interfering signals, that are picked up on a relatively inefficient 'noise antenna' and are made 180 degrees out of phase with the signal on the main antenna, which also contains the interfering signal plus the wanted signal. After the mixing of the two interfering signals, the main wanted signal remains. as the unit cancels out the unwanted signal. they work great .hope it helps .M7ENP.

  • Hi Cal,I used my DX Commander up Clee Hill on Friday with fantastic results on the 17m band,I hope the weather is kind to you next Saturday night…

    Enjoy the radio

    Mick 2e0wmp/p

  • Hi Calum Iv sent you a email with a idea to stop/reduce the vitron noise ( unable to post pics on youtube)if you are still having problems no need to reply to email
    just a idea hope it helps

  • Be careful when transmitting in a merc as in the manual says its a max of 50w. ECU issues can transpire as you have about six ECU's in the whole car also body control unit is lightly to play up as well. Please be careful Regards Mick (M0MPI)

  • I think the best thing to do on your fusing is to think about how your house is wired. Put the fuses as close to the source (batteries) as possible to protect the wires. Fuses do not protect a device that has malfunctioned but protects the wires and source (batteries) from too much current and possible fire.

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